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There is a prom on Sunday night at Kitacon. On Sunday I'm wearing the Faize outfit. Do I stay in the Faize costume or do I go as formal!Dave at night? (Formal!Dave, if anyone remembers, is the white sleeveless tailcoat + Athlum-coloured cravat + gold waistcoat + his usual one-sleeve shirt + gloves + arm bondage getup. The outfit I almost have no pictures of. XD)

[Poll #1539628]

...if you pick the third option, make your suggestion in the comments. But try to pick something I've done before because I've no time to make another costume. Oh and I'm allowed to go in just smart clothes... or even casual clothes, they say. I could go in a big dress and a long wig...
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[ profile] storme told me, "killing the client is not regarded as a good move most of the time no matter how much they deserve it."

But it's just so hard to control myself...

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So, anyone know how Faize manages to wear that cloak (given to him during the game, not on character design drawings) so that although it's a cloak, it looks like a long scarf on him and it doesn't seem bulky? >_> Is it just game magic? orz Because I'm thinking about making it. 1) can keep me warm when I wear it as a cloak, 2) it's an important item to him in the game, 3) hey, a cloak! .....though it might be expensive though, all that material...

Made a start on the tidying last night but didn't get very far because tidying meant moving around a lot. XD; But did sit down and made Faize's knee rings.

Went to bed way early but couldn't sleep until 1am.

Time for a poll. When you're typing, say in MS Word or OpenOffice, after a full-stop/period, do you use the space bar once or twice?

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I have need for PVC fabric in a particular shade of blue, but don't need very much of it, probably a quarter of a metre. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in shops, and it isn't being sold by UK sellers on eBay either. But someone in Korea is selling it.

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Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:43 am
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I've always wondered.

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1 is "one".
1/2 is "a half".
1/4 is "a/one fourth" or "a quarter".
1/8 is "an eighth".
1/16 is "a sixteenth".

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I spam because I've already done the work for today yesterday and I refuse to do the work for tomorrow.

1. Every time I hear Teru sing "you're Venus" I hear "your penis" instead.

2. "Let It Be" is Glay's latest single. I don't like it nearly as much as I normally do their ballads. :(

3. If David isn't a natural blond, then what is his natural colour? DISCUSS.

4. Come play with me, TLR people!

5. M&S has decided to put a little plastic tray to cradle their mini pork pies inside the packaging. They didn't have that before. WTH, M&S? I already fucking hate all the additional packaging that comes with buying stuff, but this tops the normal excess packaging because you try so hard to tell people you're green. You fail.
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Spent last night setting up the new TV and moving furniture about. So tired now. I think I'll go to London tomorrow rather than tonight, even though that means I'll have to take the coach again. We'll see.

There has been a lack of writing recently. A result of being generally tired. The latest development in Cheese Fondue is that Khrynia has asked the all-important question: "is he [Lord David] blond everywhere?"

I wonder if it's hard for people in Spain and Portugal to get certain game controllers. *eyes people asking questions in eBay auctions* Maybe the ones they get there aren't compatible with English systems, or they're just always out of stock, something like that? Why would they want to bid on UK items otherwise? O.o

Ah, want to collapse in front of the telly and do nothing. Maybe just stats-grind on TLR or something equally mindless. *ded* Actually I think I'm feeling a bit sick.

So. Humour me.

[Poll #1385083]

Feel free to discuss/elaborate/speculate in the comments.
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This is just an idea, with a poll to gauge interest.

When I replay TLR, would anybody like to read a write-up of the story of the game, maybe in several parts, supplemented by YouTube videos of the cutscenes and any important fights (videos made by others, not by me)? I can try to make it sound interesting... >>?

The write-up won't contain explanation on how to play the game, where the secrets are, etc. Just the story.

[Poll #1327473]
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We'll do this democratically:

[Poll #1074138]
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Long time no poll!

[Poll #1058339]


Jun. 24th, 2007 09:55 am
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Generally referring to those personal LJ accounts that are solely created to sell stuff that's been popping up in Prince of Tennis-related communities lately.

[Poll #1009063]

Also, feel free to discuss in comments.
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[Poll #993831]

本來是想用radio buttons 而不是check boxes﹐不過...金庸嘛﹐很難只選一項吧? XD;;;;;

[edit] Um, oh yeah, I think 神鵰俠侶 is very good for watching, but as a story? There are so many parts of it I dislike, starting with the protagonist. 常想打那個白痴楊過﹐但那只會令他變更白痴吧? :D;;;; And that very famous scene. =_=" Your thoughts?
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Sorry for double-posting, it's LJ's fault!

[Poll #972446]
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As the French presidential election goes on, we will run our own, smaller, but possibly equally important, poll here:

[Poll #971676]

[edit] On the topic of polls: everyone go vote in Chrissie's poll right now and choose the first option for D1 in Heartless-verse because Heartless is the bestest thing EVER. (and it has SanaYuki too!)
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[Poll #970030]

Um, no Akaya-related options, sorry. ^^"""""
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I'm starting to recognise the theme song of Transformers. >_>

For rent: personal alarm clock, batteries not required, but will need daily feeding. Will be able to wake you up at midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am daily. Please enquire within.

Needless to say, I wake up feeling like I haven't slept, even though I went to bed at around 10 or 11. Fuck it. The germs are gathering around my eyes and sinuses and closing them up. With limited vision, I hope I'm still typing this right.

Things on telly screen seems very very bright. Liz said it looks fine, it's not the settings that are wrong, but that new TV > old TV. I think it might have something to do with my eyes not liking light atm, too. x_x


Family said something about going to see doctor. But 1) I'm not registered with NHS doc here and even if I do now, it'll take me weeks to see one and 2) I don't wanna pay 30-40 quid to see private doc for a friggin' cold. Though it's starting to look like it'd be money well spent if the doc can help me get rid of it. And write me a note so that I don't have to go to work.

Did you know I've had this icon since 2004?

Biker mice is on telly now. XD;;;;

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