Nov. 20th, 2009 08:24 am
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In London all day today, feel free to send texts.
pez: (Default) is my DW account.

It'll be used for reading journals that are DW-only. ie if you're crossposting, there is no need to add me and I most likely won't be subscribing to you, since I don't want to be reading the same things twice. @_@ And I really don't see myself posting entries there.

If you've moved there completely (or use DW for posting entries you won't be posting to LJ) and wouldn't mind keeping in touch, please let me know either by adding me there or commenting here with the details!
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[edit] To those who have been asking for it - I've posted the NiouYuki doujinshi at [ profile] devil_mode.

Thought I'd do an introduction post, to add to the things I forgot to say in the friending meme.

First of all, very important: YAMATO IS ALSO ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. I'm sorry, Yuu-chan, for not putting you on the list. ;;

Also, my grammar skills are lamentable. I blame this on being HK Chinese, but having been in the UK since I was 11/12, it's more an excuse for my own fail, really.

I run [ profile] 40point5, a 40.5 fanbook translation comm, and co-run the PoT Doujin Wiki of Epic Doom with [ profile] nympholepsia and [ profile] sharpie.

I believe in freedom-in-defriending. If I don't interest you/you don't interest me, there's no hard feelings using the defriend function. Generally there's no need to wait to have enough numbers for a proper "friends-cut" or whatever. These are personal LJs afterall, we're all mature enough to deal.

Right now I'm flat-sharing with Liz ([ profile] giving_ground), so if you see me mentioning her a lot, that's why. I'm about 60% done with damaging her brain. Renji-plush would be able to give you a more accurate figure.

I work normal office hours and use the LJ mobile friends view at work because the proper friends page has been filtered (my workplace disapproves of you...) LJ-cuts aren't shown on the mobile view. This means if I suspect your post has NWS content or if you're known to post a lot of NWS stuff in general, I wouldn't risk clicking on it at work. The sure-fire way to get my attention to any urgent matters is to leave a message on any of my own posts. If I don't respond it means I'm working outside of the office that day.

Okay, if there's hot D1 porn you want to show me right away, I can always get on LJ on my mobile phone. \:D/

The current hot topics are: 1) D1 Exchange \o/ and 2) Moving house (possibly). Not much else has been going on with my life. Not much else ever goes on with my life, really.
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fshfskafask so much to do today but I think I've got everything done.

Off to the airport. Um anything important pls to be directing to my email. But will still be on LJ as usual I think.
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If you recently got an add request from someone whose name ends in SO, that's me. Just so you know.
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Got parcel, finally. I am now proud owner of a Froot Loops t-shirt. 8D *hearts on Hana*

btw... a general note, if anyone sends me things by EMS, do NOT send it to my home. EVER. I'll never be home to receive it and getting it from the EMS people is a lot of trouble. If you must send it EMS, give me a poke and I'll give you another address to send it to... otherwise, sending me things by ordinary airmail is the best.

And if you ever ring me, don't hang up too soon. Keep it ringing 10 or 20 times, the chance of me getting to the phone is much higher. (family just called again, they have the tendency to give up after 5 rings or so. This is just less than the amount of time I need to dig phone out from bag or climb off from bunk bed, when I used to use one last year... =_=)

All my sister rang to ask was "did you give those actors to the plushies plushies to the actors (edit: I fail at typing) and what reactions did they have?" when I already told her that it's not possible to give plushies to them in person........ =_=""""

And now I run to north London for dinner.
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To any non-flisters reading my journal hoping for an offer to buy Tenimyu goods (I know you're out there), for RikkaiMyu 2nd service I've decided to offer it to people on my flist only. It was just too much hard work carrying everything last time - carrying over US$1600 worth of pamphlets and photosets was just too much for a repeat (and there were 2 of us!) If I think I can manage, I'll just get some extra sets of everything and then sell them on when I come back.

Anyway, I think there are already other people offering to buy goods, at various prices... *cough*

BUT. I think some friends who are also going are interested in selling goods, so if you really do want to order but not through the other channels, you could still comment here and I'll point them to this post and persuade them to get stuff. XD [edit] see [ profile] giving_ground's reply to this post~ Go check out this post if you want to buy!


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