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I am not being tempted by the Prince Series D-Boys Collection Araki DVD. I am also not being tempted by the Araki photobook.


I hope they release ones for Shirota soon.

I also hope more places will stock the Yagami Ren photobook. So far the only way I can get it is through the seller who sold me the DL4 goods. I wouldn't mind getting it from her again except I have to send her HKD cash. *sigh*

Would like to go home now.
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Shirota, without that horrible, horrible hair.

Sorry, but that pic just says "DO ME".

Gonna go back to my old place to collect the calendar now. [edit: ok not right now, in an hour's time.]

I'm thinking about dyeing my hair back to black, now that Cain cosplay isn't gonna happen and I'm bored with the blonde. But I'm not sure. Maybe a very light brown? What do you think?

And I do need a haircut. [edit again: ....they only have a slot at 5pm. Beh. And I'm going to the old place at 3pm. This means I get to fic a bit more for now~]
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By way of [ profile] moonrainty:

Kato Kazuki 2007 calendar


Yamamoto Yusuke

Mizushima Hiro

And then... Asahi Sonorama is putting out another book/mook called GOOD★COME (wtf XD):


Kazuki, Takuya, D-Boys, KenKen, Aiba, Kotani, Mizushima Hiro, Sato Yuki. OMG?

Okay, I don't have that many places for calendars. Bleach, Death Note, PoT, Hiro and Kazuki? No way. BUTBUTBUTBUT. WHAT AM I GONNA DO?????

off to bed

Sep. 17th, 2006 01:17 am
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I think I played too much L2 today.

Too much L2? There is no such thing as too much L2...

Anyway, today's (unrelated) message:

YamaPi ♥ U-kun.

It's official. Kazuki, Aiba, step aside.
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[ profile] ina~ happy birthday!!!!!!!

Adachi Osamu was in a Glay PV.

That is one weird discovery. >_>"""

(See, he's a lot better in the video. BECAUSE HE SMILES.)


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