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[ profile] storme and I are married, as of last Monday!

I haven't posted since because it's been such a hectic few days of things to do and people to see, followed by sleep to catch up with. You'll find that the wedding, followed by our mini-moon in Paris, are described in Storme's LJ already. I'm unlikely to be nearly as eloquent, really. But personally, I have two main points to cover. )

And now my biggest challenge is finding an icon for this post... maybe I'll just stick with the default. :D


Sep. 17th, 2012 12:16 am
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Only just found out that Shinotani admitted to raping a girl. He must be completely off his face drunk if he left his name and number afterwards. Not that it excuses the act at all, of course. To blame alcohol just means his natural state, as soon as sense and shame etc is taken away from him, is actually a rapist.

(But has he just been arrested, or has he been arrested a month ago? Because apparently it happened on Aug 9 and the news just came out in the last few days.)

Been doing lots of wedding preparation. Lots of little things like favours and other handicrafts. We will have bouquets, and they will be the most amazing bouquets in the world.
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[ profile] storme ALMOST BURNED DOWN THE FLAT.

We left home 5 hours ago. After dinner we were at cinema waiting for The Muppets to start. Then Storme remembered she'd left the stove on. Dashed out of cinema, jumped onto taxi, rushed home. Thanks to a very small flame and an amazing Le Cruset pot, there was still plenty of liquid in the pot and the flat smelled wonderfully of soup. Mocha looked us in a "WTF is with you guys" way.
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Wedding preparations are coming along. Today Storme and I went to give Notice of Intent to form a Civil Partnership (that's quite a mouthful). We have a venue booked, and we have the date! 1st October is when we will form a civil parsnip!

To help with finances I've taken on cosplay commission work. At the moment I seem to be making the costumes for the entire cast of Sengoku Basara. Right, I exaggerate, but you get my drift. Also doing other bits and pieces. So I've been pretty busy.

Storme is being shown PoT. We're about 9 episodes in so far. It's kind of fun to rewatch actually! We've been told that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is worth watching, that it's a magical girl series that pretty unusual. Of course not like Utena but still, worth giving it a try.

Not impressed that there won't be more Sherlock on BBC for a long time.

Kind of feel like writing fic again. Now, if only I have ideas...
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Holy Carpet Right Lord Sigmund!

Minami + my long weekend in general )

That's it I think. Bring on Kitacon! We've booked hotel, got leave from work and got train tickets sorted. But costumes are not ready yet, oops. And need to pack for the dealer's table too. PANICMODE.
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[ profile] storme wrote me cute TLR fic and made pancakes. /o/

Had a session with Herr Operationz Direcktor today, one of them where he explains certain company decisions to the office. There was Q&A afterwards but it wasn't particularly useful since time ran out before I could ask all my questions.

My manager is really hoping I can stay because frankly, without me he's pretty screwed. >> After the session we were going out on site in the car and he went on and on about how the operations director knows fuckall about stuff. I hmm-ed because there wasn't much left for me to say really. He said he thought I was very restrained and eloquent with my questions for the operations director, I said I meant to bring eggs to throw at him except I can't afford to waste my money like that now that I might not have a job for much longer.

Back to fandom news, I'm writing a currently untitled fic and it's getting quite long. I started it last year, actually, but it got nowhere until now. I'm on chapter 8 atm...
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Did you know that PARTNERSHIP is just a longer way of spelling PARSNIP?
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These were taken about 2 weeks ago when [ profile] storme and I went to a cosplay-related event, although we didn't actually dress up.

Never mind that I was actually holding the weapons for Dalek Princess who I think was off to get changed. XD

Go! )
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[ profile] storme: So I'm buying the tight snakeskin top to wear under the sequined jacket...
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Work: the guy doing my drawings at work is so incompetent I literally felt my chest clench in a way that must be what pre-heart attacks feel like.

Writing: D1 fic is not moving. I need to look at the next course of action, either ask for an extension or leave what I've done so far and start afresh.

People: "it's so expensive, I can't afford to buy it anyway so it's not like they're losing my business" is not a good enough excuse to take something for free. If you can't afford manga, borrow it from the library. Swap volumes with a friend (and if you don't have friends, fucking make some). Cut your neighbour's lawn and earn some money. You not being able to afford it doesn't mean it should be made available for free like it's in your rights, especially since making it available would mean some people who would otherwise have paid for it, don't pay anymore. Sure, I download shit too, but I don't parade the fact that I take free stuff like it's morally justified.

Can people all stop saying things like "they can't make [game console/gadget/manga/stuff] so expensive that's so unfair" blah blah blah? Nobody's forcing you to buy it. Save up, or do something else with your lives. In the time you've spent whining you could've cleaned some windows and earned a fiver. And if you think that's unfair because some people can buy stuff because their family's rich and you're not so lucky? Suck it up, mate. That's life. If you're so unhappy about that, go join the communists or something. Or, for a better alternative, work for the money.


Game: I spent a long time to kill some Mad Goliath's last night, then looked them up and there turns out to be an easier way (though I don't know how much easier). Bah. Still, I'm proud that I've gone through the game so far without internet help. I think I'll continue this way.

Food: made a tasty pie the other night.

Shop: just asked for an invoice + shipping quote for a load of New Look wigs, which should make some people happy! It's not a massive order, but eventually I should be able to supply them steadily so that nobody in the UK has to suffer Cosworx again.

A connection in Thailand who has too much money to spend (ie if I won the lotto I'll still have less money than him) thinks this cosplay thing looks damn fun. He's into model-making and has connections with workshops that make props for Hollywood. And he said, "hey, give me pictures of really difficult props you want, I'll get them made for you for free!" We'll find out what can be made using con-approved materials, what shipping costs/problems there are, and test what people think with my freebies, see how much they think it's worth.

If things end up looking good, my shop might end up taking orders for such professional, custom-built things.

If I get to keep my job at my current office, I'll work here for at least another few months to help save up a small pile of money for expanding the shop. Work will be shit but it'll be worthwhile. (Not to mention keeping the dental insurance for a while longer so that I can get the fillings in my teeth changed.)

Storme: is awesome. ♥
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"Stop pressing on my nail - you are making me strobe!"

"I'm suffering from glare," said David, shielding his eyes with one hand and rubbing his temples with the other. His officers looked at each other with a knowing smirk.

"Those relaxing herbs might be a little... too relaxing. Look at him - he is totally stoned!"

(Ask [ profile] storme.)
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Could be worse. If only I could find a decent rendered picture of Capell... then there can be Dave!Capell and Dave!Sigmund doing what [ profile] storme termed "hot flute on flute action", otherwise known as "when I was in band camp, I once stuck a flute inside my flute!"


Jun. 4th, 2010 06:45 pm
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[ profile] storme: Post a picture of Davina and say that you got bored of Storme so you replaced her.

[ profile] yuki_scorpio: Okay.

[edit] Channel Five is shipping Dave/Nick at 22:00! I'm already way too amused by the programme's summary.
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[ profile] storme and I are, for the very first time, playing TLR together.

[after a battle]
Storme: Dave's champion rapier's been strengthened~
Me: Oh, is that what they call it these days?
Storme: That's what Rush calls it.

[during another battle]
Me: Oh, Rush can use Mystic Missile!
Storme: *as Rush* *points at crotch* I got your mystic missile right here, baby!
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Capell: When I was in band camp, I stuck my flute inside my flute!
- by [ profile] storme


Apr. 26th, 2010 12:13 am
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This one looks exactly like my sister's cat in kitten form. @_@

[ profile] storme and I went to [ profile] dystopiarcadia's place after numerous... diversions (epic long trek due to engineering works and my inability to read bus maps correctly). AND THEN KITTENS HAPPENED. )

Also, because not all Dr Martens are belong to Storme, I bought these in cherry red. They're so shiny and comfortable! /o/

It took forever to get home today because it's a Sunday and Sundays/Trains ≠ OTP. Plus there were some line problems or whatever. But we saw the marathon as a result. XD;

I discovered that sometimes I can't hear a word Matt Smith says in Doctor Who because everythingisonelongsentencewithnostopsorpunctuation and that's difficult for me, it turns out. (It also doesn't help if the episode references to previous stuff which I haven't seen.) Next time I'm turning on the subtitles.
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Trufax: one million of Italy's gay population live in gondolas.


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