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Which is better, Wordpress or Blogger, for a blog that will be integrated into a website, and has occasional posts with just text and photos?

Played Chapter 11 of Resonance of Fate yesterday. What the................... XD;

I've been trying to avoid the news, but then my dad decided he needed to make sure I know about the Manila hostage tragedy by sending me an email with an image of the dead gunman hanging out from the tour bus. orz I guess my family has no idea how angry and upset I am about that whole thing already. And then Sheep sent me links where HK media, as reposted on on forums, has found the Filipino people and their police standing in front of the tour bus and taking pictures, smiling like they were taking holiday snaps. I kid you not. I don't doubt that lots of local people there feel terrible about the whole thing, but the actions of a few can be JUST. SO. INFURIATING.

GRRRRR. I need to find things to do to take my mind off this. Work, maybe, if I can find the people to help me with the work!
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Scrapping EEDA. Attacking public campaigns on better foods and the school food campaign because they create a "nanny state". The new government is very keen on attacking the stuff the old one did, which isn't unusual. But they're picking on the wrong stuff.
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It's much easier writing now that I've decided on the approach. At the risk of (once again) being rather holier-than-thou, I'm going to go fuck-it and not worry about catering for the "general audience".

A giant delivery of humongous massiveness (~100kg of Stuff) came today but I wasn't at home to sign for it. I'll have to arrange to stay home tomorrow. Once it gets here I'll take photo to show you what I've been up to.

The other thing I've been up to is this. Apparently the people are amused. Fun will be had with [ profile] storme/Nick this Sunday. XD

[ profile] dystopiarcadia helped me dye my hair green, so I came to work with green hair this morning. Apparently I "brighten up the office". XD There's a photo on Facebook. I'll remember to upload one here later, I can't get onto FB right now. I love the green! Unlike the blonde, there are certain colours I can't wear now without resulting in HorribleClashOfDoom, but whatever, I still love it!
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[ profile] storme: Post a picture of Davina and say that you got bored of Storme so you replaced her.

[ profile] yuki_scorpio: Okay.

[edit] Channel Five is shipping Dave/Nick at 22:00! I'm already way too amused by the programme's summary.
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Would anyone have a Conservative rosette they don't want that they can give me?
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The Beeb:

"The press conference is like a wedding ceremony." "It's just like a political civil partnership."
"They are agreeing with each other, laughing at each other's jokes and finishing each other's sentences."
"They've gone from 'I disagree with him' to 'I agree with pretty much everything he's saying'."

...........okay, where is dave_x_nick and how do I join?

I wonder if that's how a Celapaleis & Athlum union would be reported.
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*considers moving to Scotland*
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Mostly paraphrased because I don't remember every word.

[knock on the front door]

Pez: *answers* Hello?

Guy: Hi there. [insert self introduction as someone working for the Conservatives] *hands over a leaflet with the face of the local candidate on*

Leaflet: *shows Local Candidate smiling and doing stuff. Such as painting a garden fence. Maybe if I vote for him I can get him to come round to do my garden?*

Local Candidate: *somewhere 20 feet away talking on a mobile*

Guy: Do you mind if I ask if you are planning to vote?

Pez: Yes I've registered to vote.

Guy: Could I ask if we can count on your support? *points at his shiny Tory badge*

Pez: I'm afraid I'll be voting for the Lib Dems. (you didn't ask if it's for local or general but it's the same answer anyway)

Guy: *pulls a face* Are you happy with Gordon Brown at the moment? Because if you vote for the lib dems you're likely to end up with Gordon Brown again.

Pez: (I'll end up with Gordon? You mean personally?) *smiles* I'm not much for tactical voting, I'm just voting for the party I want.

Guy: Oh. *looking as distraught as Gillian Duffy did when she sulked in an intervew about not going to vote anymore. Maybe because voting makes her a bigot? And because someone likely misheard her saying "fucking immigrants" when she said "flocking immigrants", her feelings are terribly hurt and she needs to protest by giving up her right to vote. It's just a vote. People only died for it.*

Pez: But thanks anyway. Bye!


Pez: I hate it when people do all this scaremongering stuff. I'll vote for whoever I want to vote for.

Storme: Totally.

Pez: Damn, should've named a less popular party. Should've said I'm voting for the Greens. (Which is a very nice party, but not my choice this time.)

Storme: What'd he say then! XD

Pez: And he didn't even ask me about the local election. (Although the candidate was right there. Talking on the phone whilst his people knocked on doors.)

Storme: Says a lot about them.
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It's scary how I can't remember if there is a single thing Cameron said that I agreed with.

Apparently he performed well tonight? But I think nothing he said made decent sense.
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Playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the DS (have been playing it on and off since February). Currently getting really frustrated over Slippery Station. I think I need a different tactic, like rolling at different times and hugging walls more. Some people say you don't need to roll at all! And some say the spin attack is useful... guess I need to try everything. I'm being such a damn completionist with this game.

Er, guys, the MD has nothing to do with Doctor of Medicine. XD;;;; I R Managing Director! \o/

Hmmm I kind of wish I watched the Leaders Debate last night. I want to see what Nick Clegg did that caused the apparent pwnage. Though, I guess there will be "best bits" on the news all day today anyway. Or I'll look for the online version.

My boss is stuck in Belfast at the moment because of all the grounded flights. I had the chance to go to the meetings and site visits there, but I was all, "hmmmmmmm, no." I mean, I'd love to go there, but not for work. Looks like it was a good decision. Boss is now looking at the boat+train option. Gap Year Student is suggesting the megabus. XDDDDDD
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Online dating soars as temperatures plunge - a website which provides a platform for married people to conduct affairs - says it gained a record number of new members on Wednesday, with the majority coming from areas of the country worst hit by the extreme weather, including Hampshire, Berkshire, and the wider West Country.

1.! DUDE.

2. If you're stuck at home, then presumably your partner is also stuck at home. Because that's what being stuck means, you can't get out, generally there is no reason for one person to be able to go out and the other not. So how do you conduct online affairs with your partner also at home? Well, I guess you can, but...
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As the brothers Weather Condition and Driving Condition continue with their treachery, Temperature still refuses to admit to its ukeness and keeps struggling to get above Freezing, although Freezing is totally topping it in this Freezing/Temperature relationship.

How will this tale unfold? Keep your eyes peeled for the next weather forecast!
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If Barack Obama manages to save the Copenhagan conferences, I bet they'll invent a Nobel Environment Prize for him.
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Apparently my parents are arriving next week. I think they're staying for a week or so. I'm probably going to take a few days off to keep them entertained, but for this weekend maybe I won't head to London then. Urgh depends on what they want me to do.

John Lewis sells dressmakers' mannequins... if it's only the top half it's £80, but I want the one that includes the hips too which will set me back £130 (ie this one, with free guarantee & shipping. Need the hips if I make anything a bit long like Soldier Blue's inner jacket and Dave's jacket!), which is about the same price as other shops. *eyes them* Do want... *hovers pointer over the buy button*

Still haven't seen the end of the massively-massive report of massive doom, with its a million appendices. Can we please send this out soon?

I'm still having a "what was TfL thinking?" reaction regarding this (more here, essentially Westminster/TfL getting cosplayers in to help with the opening of the redesigned Oxford Circus junction). The staff at Cosplay Island and Cosplay Ball were involved and they had loads of fun, but... er, Boris? What the hell, Boris?

[edit] OH YES. Guys. [ profile] digiguy_online sent me the photos he took of me at Expo! Here!
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"Prickly Ball Hedgehog Hospital". XD;;;;;


Oct. 21st, 2009 01:44 pm
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Sanada's ass-sized headache is not reacting to paracetamol. Yesterday's windy condition probably didn't help.

Went to Boots to collect prescription. They can't find my name on the computer system or in their bits of paper. "Oh, it's probably still in the post then, since your surgery's in Colchester. You know the post isn't running very well." I THOUGHT THE STRIKE'S TOMORROW AND THE MOST RECENT SORT-OF-STRIKE WAS IN LONDON. ARE WE IN LONDON??? DOES POST BETWEEN COLCHESTER AND HERE TAKE MORE THAN A WEEK?


Oct. 18th, 2009 12:52 am
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Inside Out was brilliant.

Persuaded my Wii console to work. It has become one of those half-defective Wiis which require plugging and unplugging the power cable several times before it would read a disc (if unsuccessful, it simply switches itself off). Then, because I got it running, I suddenly wanted to play Wii Fit, so I did. Was at it for about 15 minutes and then my back told me to watch it. XD Guess I'll have to slowly build it up again.

Just read about the Stephen Gately - Jan Moir controversy (also on Wikipedia). It doesn't surprise me that Daily Fail allowed such an article through, it doesn't surprise me the reactions it caused, it doesn't surprise me that the woman plays victim. Sigh. Some people seem to take the freedom of opinion and speech as a warrant to be distasteful. What kind of world are we living in?

Just read the synopsis of the third Gentleman Bastards book. HA! What did I say about Sabetha? I am win!


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