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Yesterday I walked from Wandsworth Town to Trafalgar Square. It was about 6 miles but with lots of stopping to take notes and photos etc, so the whole thing took 5.5 hours including lunch break. My back and my right foot did not appreciate the exercise.

This is for my own reference, in case I ever need screen beans. XD

AND. Listening to Within Temptation, and noticed one of their songs can be a very appropriate, but also the cheesiest Dave/Rush song EVER and should have a place in any fanmix. So I've uploaded both versions I have, because I like this song.

Somewhere [Feat Anneke Van Giersbergen] - Live In Eindhoven 2008
Somewhere [album version]

Within Temptation is one of the rare groups/bands who sound brilliant in live recordings. Personally I find that most other bands can sound great live, but not if live recorded.

and lyrics here )

...I'll go away and wibble now. ;;
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Yesterday I had rage against my family. Today I have rage against my manager. Buldy has offered to cull the management for me (he has fantasies of picking them off one by one with a long-range rifle), but until he does that I still have to deal with the stuff that my manager is supposed to have done TWO YEARS AGO.

Eminem ft Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie. I do realise that my taste in music runs in several weird directions. But Eminem, I like. Rihanna, I also like. And so to me this song = major love. (No this isn't my upload, but it works.)

I found a on my MF account and I have no idea what it is. >> Maybe I'll download it at home to find out.

I said to Storme the other day that if we knew how to make fursuits we should do two of these... and then I found it on CI last night. Someone else also has the same idea lol.
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[ profile] dualdragonfly, [ profile] t0k0... video links here.

0 - Intro (the short film you see if you leave the game at the start screen for too long)
1 - Opening (Rush looking for Irina and then seeing huge battle of doom)
2 - Nagapur (near end of Disc 1, Remnant Gwayn doing its thing)
3 - Ending (when Journey's End starts to play, but not the bits before ;;)

Squished them each to just under 100MB so that I could upload them to mediafire. XD The sound's still all weird. Uh I suppose you'd see it twice since I also posted to the comm, but just in case anyone else on the friends list also wants them...

[edit] Two days before I go on leave, the world blows up and I can't sort it all out right now. After I come back next Monday, I only have 3.5 days until I fly away again, which isn't nearly enough to sort the rest of it out. On top of that, a Client is being a pain in the arse and trying to move meeting dates. My non-existent minions, oh, why are you so non-existent?

But at least I got something to wear for the wedding. Y2 can now stop saying he's never seen me in a dress. ALL FOR YOU, MAN. Otherwise I might have gone in shirt and tie and waistcoat. >E

ALSO. Unni is lovely and sent me a bunch of music. Weird enough, so far I keep listening to "Hand of Sorrow" which was a Within Temptation song I found off the internet partly because I saw a fan video made of it and partly because it's about the story of a book which I've read so I know what the woman's singing about. XD (Though, I think I need to read books 2 and 3...)
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A couple of people at [ profile] gyakuten_saiban have asked for the download for my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Sims 2 set, so here it is!

Pics, explanation and download link )
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Been busy all week but finally found time to watch my Rikkai 2nd Service DVD. Guess what? There is Rokkaku and ad-lib footage at the end of the main DVD, and I think they haven't been shared yet!

Download: MU | SS | MF (sorry, file too large and I'm too lazy to split)

Attempt at translation = complete fail )

Mystery box

Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:17 pm
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Glay - Sorry Love (mp3)

Weekend weekend weekend.

From [ profile] tokyostory: Roger has become Arthur. (article here) OH HAI, ARTHUR! ♥

I wrote a 700-words snapshot in yakuza-verse last night. It's sappy and wibbly and cute. Go me. Maybe I'll post it some day. Cute yakuza for the win.

A HUGE box arrived for me at work today. I suspect it's my Abel 1:8 figure. Maybe they wrapped it huge because of all the padding. Will open at lunch time.

Someone just said on a comm "don't write the arigatou in kanji, hardly anyone can recognize it" - er, not true. So not true. It's written with kanji on plenty of signs in Japan and the average Japanese student would learn what it looks like with kanji or just figure it out.

Not that I agree with writing in Japanese in a primarily English community, in the first place. Even if translation is provided. What's the point?
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Author/circle: 69+36
Rating: C for complete crack
Characters: A lot of schools involved

Only scanned the first story. Translation provided - it's not very accurate, but should be good enough for the story!

There's Boys Love (the Takumi Kotani movie) reference at one point.

Warning: Do NOT eat or drink or do anything requiring attention when reading this. I will not be held responsible for damaged computer equipment, body parts or sanity.

Captain Tennis GO! )
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[edit] if you can't see the pictures, it's because I've uploaded them to LJ Scrapbook and they're doing a maintenance, so please come back again later. 8D

This is the Musical The Prince of Tennis - Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku - Second Service report book released by Kizaki Ayano (Siegessaule) on 18 August 2007. It obviously contains spoilers to the musical, so proceed with caution.

It was too hard to separate what was her opinion and what was mine, so I didn't bother. Poke if you really need to know what she said and what I said.

I'm a bit lazy with my descriptions and had only made a report with bullet points before, which isn't worth linking to. BUT! You might find these (spoilers-ful) reports useful/interesting:

So, here goes! )
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Because I have stupid love for this guy. And stupid love for cheesy songs.

Could have shared this before, I don't remember. And I don't even know how to translate the title into English.

如何溶結這萬年寒冰 讓信念未及麻木
微笑著說句話 隨時可得到溫馨的接觸

各有眼前那山水悠長 怎麼可以去遇上
求你也會原諒 平時仍然造夢至尚

若我情 未夠深
不必管 遠或近

若我情 未夠深
不必管 遠或近
隨傳隨見也不悔恨 不教你擔心

那一剎溫暖感 也至少沒遺憾

人生 會有牽累
彌補 只好讓我追
燃燒 我有的淚
願我的淚 可以去贖我的罪

And because even if you're out of ideas and nothing's inspiring you, there are always Cantonese songs to put endless ideas into your head. *runs to write*
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Last one, still Rikkai because Leah wanted Rikkai.

Water World 2 - I don't have the first book and you don't need the first book. Rikkai all, Kite, Mizuki, Atobe, Tachibana, Sengoku, Tezuka, Inui. Plus Banji, Saotome, Ojii, Yamato-buchou, Inoue, Kiraku (Midoriyama!) and Sakurafubuki (from Futari no Samurai).

Partial nudity! Crack! Kite in his uniform that says "kill"! Mizuki in the maid outfit - oh wait, that's like, canon.

Post 1 of 2, because there are 40 pages.

Water World 2 - PG - 1/2 )

If you want to know what Kite's R ♥ G tattoo means, look at the last page in the next post~~
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Nori sent me this a while ago. It's good Friday listening. Probably with headphones if your surroundings don't like swearing or gay.

Pansy Divison: He Whipped my Ass in Tennis - otherwise known as the song Sanada sings about Yukimura. Note the switchy-ness towards the end, heh.

BTW! Amazing Rikkai and Higa fanart here. Click banner to go in, second link on left frame, then the links below the second bold title (+庭球立海). Hottest grownup!Rikkai and hottest Chinen EVER.

[edit] New "proof" of Japan sex slaves. I thought some might be interested since we had a discussion last time.
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The last lot of WaG doujinshi! Featuring FujiZuka, OishiEiji, InuiKai, the rest of Seigaku, Yamato, Oshitari, Atobe, Hiyoshi.

I've been playing with server permissions today; let me know if you can't access the files.

Apologies for bad grammar. XDDDDD

7 books behind the cut )
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This lot features Double Impact 1-6, the series of YamatoTezuka doujinshi by WaG.

Some have been shared previously.

Behind the cut )
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I have quite a few WaG ones so will split them into three posts.

A word about West Across Gitenshido for those interested - The WaG style of doujinshi was: not everything was printed and bound properly. Sometimes a doujinshi was literally a bunch of low-quality printed paper stapled together, or just folded together and put into a sleeve. Sometimes the drawing wasn't complete, too - you'd find it all inked and screentoned nicely for most of the pages, but then there'd be two pages of the story that were completely sketches-only. XD Judging also by their stories, and how they tended to not stick to release schedules (there were a lot of "sudden releases") and sometimes not even naming their stories properly, they were probably a group of erratic, if not batshit insane, artists. But still, I love their stuff. I don't know why. XD

The artwork varies greatly because there are things from 2001 to 2004-ish.

Anyway, here goes. Some of these I've shared before, some not. Since there are loads of WaG to go through and I'm pushed for time, the summaries are short...

Behind the cut - pairings featured are OshiAto and FujiZuka )
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Direct link - right click to save

Author/circle: Katsumi Asanami/H-men
Rating: R - shota implication
Characters: Inui, Yanagi

Direct link - right click to save

Author/circle: Katsumi Asanami/H-men
Rating: G
Characters: Inui, Yanagi

Sharing policy: Share & use freely. Credit is nice but not necessary. Would be best if you point friends to this page where they can find the story summary. I'll upload this to free websites instead if traffic gets too heavy on my server.

Comments are much loved. Discussion also much loved. Translation/correction to my summary = the best!

KID S summary/explanation )

TALKING HEAD summary/explanation )

ALSO - it seems like Katsumi Asanami has also drawn a Sanada-centric doujinshi called "HERO" and a Niou-centric one called "魔少年ニオー" (Mashounen Niou) I'd LOVE to get hold of these, soft and/or hard copy, it doesn't matter. If you know where I can find them, please let me know, thanks!

for self ref: [3/200], linked here
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I win at using leftover foods to make new meals!

Erm, if you haven't seen it yet, Sanada + Atobe + Shishido - Oshitari = Valentine Kiss remix. Too bad Atobe's song had so much bass. Made it sound odd whenever he and Sanada switched over. Erm, yeah. Next time I'll have more experience and it'll sound better/smoother. :D At least I spent enough time working on it/listening to it to make me like the song but not long enough to make me be sick of it, if you know what I mean.

I have ZukaFuji fic in the works. Go me!

Liz bleached my hair! :D I no longer have dark roots! I can also cosplay Hirakoba from Higa. *amused*

Got asked to reupload some doujinshi. Let's not waste the links:

Title: Kantou Megane Club
Circle/Author: Satoumizu
Rating/Warning: G. MEGANE. Do not eat or drink while reading.
Pairing: None
Download Link: SS
Summary: Megane Zone. Super Saiyan Megane Tezuka. Megane. Just... megane.


Title: Robozuka
Circle/Author: Satoumizu
Rating/Warning: G
Pairing: FujiZuka
Download Link: SS
Summary: Because Tezuka left for Kyushuu, Inui decides to make robots to fill the buchou role temporarily. Knowledge of "Doraemon" will make this story even funnier.


Title: Tezuka-kun no Rival 2
Circle/Author: Satoumizu
Rating/Warning: G. CHOKING HAZARD.
Pairing: ......see summary. And Fuji ♥ Tezuka
Download Link: SS
Summary: They've always been rivals. So why is it that all of a sudden, Sanada ♥ Atobe, Atobe ♥ Tezuka and Tezuka ♥... chocolate cones/pastry???


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[edit 23/1/07] Removed server link, changed to public upload links. Ref for self: linked to pot_djs and pot_doujinshi.

Comment if downloading, thanks!

Round 2 - The beginning of crack

My wife is a swindler!
Download: YSI | MF | SS | MU
Author/Circle: Retrojunkie/Nitroglycerin-bomb/Ukei
Pairing: YagyuuNiou
Rating: PG

Niou's nickname is "petenshi", which translates directly to "swindler", although in the English fandom we know him as the "trickster".

This is....... pure crack. I can't be arsed to properly scanlate, so only did a version below with what I can understand typed over the dialogue. XD; It starts off with Yagyuu disrupting Niou's wedding. I believe that bit is a rip-off of a TV show (as is the title of the doujinshi itself).

My very rough and inaccurate translation under the cut... )

Next upload: more crack - Rikkai Dou and Don't Cry Baby by Kamil P J
(probably tomorrow or the day after)

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I commented on how Byakuya has his brows all knotted and [ profile] giving_ground pointed out whoever has to stand this close to Gin would have the same worried expression.

Scans from Bleach the Best CD+DVD Boxset. Fear the pretty. )

I don't actually ship these pairings (Bleach is a series where I like het pairs a lot more), but... the day Renji got caught in the act )

......*goes to get more stuff to scan*
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This is for anyone who wants to understand me better.

Liz describes my head as a "very special place". In Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu, there's a pink haired girl called Guu whose head is also in a very special place. I think by watching her, you'd come to understand me a lot better. Watch the OP and you'll see. You'll also know what a pokute is.

Here, try the first episode:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This anime is on crack.

If you search on Youtube for more, look for the "normal" Guu episodes. The "final" and "delux" are the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

I think there was a time when I said to [ profile] vicky_guu_sama that if she cosplayed as Hare, I'd go as Guu...


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