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LJ direct messaging is so confusing. So privacy options can be set so that one person can send another a message, but the recipient can't reply unless they add the sender as a friend. This is too bloody confusing.

Fortunately I only get LJ messages once or twice a year. But yeah if anyone wants to contact me for whatever here, please just send it as a comment on one of my entries instead, it's much easier for me to reply!


Jun. 7th, 2014 03:01 pm
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Anyone else using Semagic also finding that they can no longer use it to post to other journals/communities? The drop down list on mine now only has this LJ in it, and I can't seem to add other accounts. I wonder if something went wrong or if LJ's recent updates has messed things up.

Dot dot dot

Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:25 am
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  1. Passing on the information: LJ QUIETLY asks you to vote in a poll regarding the latest changes that allows locked posts to appear in potentially public places.

    You'd think they'd at least create their own poll and not rely on one posted at a community that's not specifically targeted at LJ usage. (And they really need a poll to decide on what to do next...?)

    Then again, you'd think that after all the mistakes they've made in the past, they'd remember to test something extensively before implementing it, and do a comprehensive poll before, not after, a feature is implemented.

    Mind you, I think privacy on the internet is mostly an illusion. But there's no need to make it easier to shatter that illusion.

  2. After a lot of persuasion, my mum has agreed not to fly over for my nephew's birthday. Phew.

  3. I have three big packages with UK customs. Apparently it can take a day or a month to get them to clear it, depending on how busy they are, if it wasn't sent with expensive priority "next-day" postage. Well at least it's not Christmas, hope it won't take too long.

  4. Someone has brought her children to work. DX *puts on headphones*


Oct. 16th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I stayed home today because I couldn't face staring at the computer, which is why I hadn't posted all day (wow!) Did go out to town to buy stuff, came back, crashed, slept off the headache, woke up to eat and am now finishing the Soldier Blue costume. I wonder if the wig will arrive in time or if it'll get stuck in the upcoming post strike. Want to make his headphones, actually, rather than use my sprayed-white ones because his 'phones are really special in shape. But I'm not sure how to do it.

LJ Support said that the disappearing comment problem is being looked at and once it's fixed there should be an announcement on [ profile] lj_releases.

Using eBay is getting annoying. The deluge of emails they send you for your purchases, even if you used buy-it-now so there's no "you've made a bid" or "you've been outbidded" emails already!

"You bought this item on eBay" from eBay
"Receipt for your payment" from PayPal
"Thank you for your payment" auto email from eBay set by seller
"Congratulations on your purchase" auto email from eBay set by seller
"Your item has been despatched" auto email from eBay set by seller
And maybe in a week's time, I'll get an auto email asking me to leave feedback!


It's curious that a few of the people commenting on [Siege/Surrender] said they felt a bit thrown off by the mention of trains and telephones. Is it really that hard to imagine? They have teleporters and visistones, I thought it's not too weird for them to have ways to travel and communicate. Trains and phones really aren't such modern inventions, we'd had steam trains and phones since the 1800s, and even in an alternate universe like TLR, is it really so strange for them to have harnessed the power of the steam engine and invented ways of remote voice communication? It wasn't like I said they rode on the bullet train and used 3G mobile phones. =/ Huh, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm stretching people's imagination a bit too far.

Ah well.
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1 - I could not finish breakfast this morning. When I can't finish my food, it's a sure sign of something big going down. Although, it could also be due to reason no. 2...

2 - I haven't slept enough. Was playing Sims 2 and exploring all the new features of the expansion packs. I installed a lot of them in one go and haven't actually play any apart from University. Too busy building sets etc. But now I'm exploring farming! My sim has the silver gardening badge. This means, however, that I got carried away and didn't sleep until 2am. That was not a good thing to do on a Sunday night.

(This sim - Larry Butz - was going to buy the Tres Bien restaurant I built. He probably still will. But I got carried away when using cheat to get money for his house, and now he has too much money. I wanted to just give him a nice house but no extra cash, and make him work his way up... bah. Wonder if there's a cheat to make money disappear. Maybe take him to a shop and make him repeatedly buy lots of groceries?)

3 - This is more FYI: LJ server move on Tuesday. Because every time it goes down, planned or unplanned, somebody will run around and scream and say they didn't know this was going to happen and the world is ending and they should be compensated for the trauma! stress! paid time! etc.

(Weird, I haven't customised my LJ Mobile view but the LJ NEWS comm doesn't appear here. Need to correct that, except I can't do it when I'm at work and once I get home I'll forget.)

Tonight I'll try to break away from gaming and catch up with anime.

NTS: check out 逆転裁判ミステリー劇場, although it'll definitely be a lol-wtf piece of crap.

On Saturday I didn't go anywhere further than the supermarket. On Sunday my foot hurt. Useless.
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I'm on the last episode of Apollo Justice. I know this episode will solve a lot of mysteries surrounding what's happened to Phoenix in the last seven years, but...

I'm not liking it that much )

[edit] So, reading the very last paragraph... what's the point of giving communities more than one icon space?


Nov. 7th, 2008 10:17 am
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I haven't been online all day yesterday. Went to Coventry for a motorway training course. It consisted of:

AM: [meeting room] This is what you need to know and do if you are going to work on a motorway and not want to be killed.
PM: [on the M6] This is a motorway. Now, do things without being killed.

Also learned "how to turn a police car into a Smart car, the quick way".

LJ's new profile page design itself doesn't bother me much. It's not pretty, but neither was the old one. And I find it an efficient way of displaying information. Also, it's quite cool that if I "close" one of the sections on a profile, then when I go look at another profile the same section would also be "closed". So in effect I can turn off the display of information I don't need to see in all the profiles, with just one click. But it's interesting to read the response. There's no denying what the owners of LJ wants to do - take on social networking sites - but I can always still do what I want as long as they keep the "write in journal", "friends list" and "commmunities" functions. That's what I'm here for. The rest are just graphics etc and although I'd be sad if I can't customise my profile page or the look of my journal, it's not really The End.

Urgh, I have writing to do. But I don't think I'll be able to write anything until I've finished playing PW. On the 4th case of the 3rd game now. I'm hoping Apollo Justice has no connections with PW, because then I wouldn't want to play it and I would finally be able to STOP. (And make Liz play the games so that she can fangirl Edgeworth/Wright with me.)

Um, so overall, hi, still here. Haven't been reading the friends list much lately, sorry.

[edit] Reconsidering the profile layout, I'd have liked the "basic info" to be where the "no. of comments" etc is, and then those statistics moved to the bottom. You know, the more important things at the top. Would also be good to have the journal title slightly larger. But hey, I didn't give them feedback during the beta testing, so I can't complain, whether they listened to the beta testers or not. It'd be like complaining about voting results when I didn't even bother to vote myself. But overall, I still like this profile layout. And my "bio" didn't break despite the amount of table codes used.
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Ah, nothing beats a good dose of IM bitching. Right now I feel like I've done some reaaaaally nice, long stretches and all my bones and muscles are going "ahhhhh~~~~~~".

(sort of) Randomly, I still think it's strange the way some people seem to know a lot about me but they've never talked to me before. As in they'd know me as Pez rather than [ profile] yuki_scorpio, they can recall the fics I've written, know my nationality, all of that. And I only know about them by their LJ names, since I've seen them around on other people's LJs and communities - and that's all. I only find out they know much about me when the topic comes up during a big chat or on someone else's journal or when their friends and I meet in RL. It somehow feels like I'm missing out on something, as if I really should try to be friends with these people - only I'm not sure if they want me to since they know that much and still never said hi to me, ever. It's on the same level of strange as being asked "hey, have you seen [someone]'s latest post? SO FUNNY." and I refresh my flist but can't see it because I've been filtered out for unknown reasons (if it's just funny, surely there's no need to keep me out of it?) BUT. It's someone else's LJ, so whatever they do is whatever they do. I'm not going to get my panties in a twist over that! It's just weird, that's all, the way the internet works. Always fills me with a sense of bewilderment.

Randomly on top of the randomly - why do people believe so much in filters/f-locks anyway? Computers are just computers, LJ accounts are just accounts. They can be hacked into. People can also have fellow LJ users or any other friends visiting, and whatever happens to be on their computer screen will be read by other people. They can actually be living with other LJ users/people you don't want to read whatever it's been posted. And then, of course, there are the wankers who pretend to be friends with you. The chance is always there. What you absolutely cannot let the Internet see probably simply have no place on LJ. Filters just aren't nearly as absolute as people may think...
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Interview with a Director of SUP who is looking after the blogging operations. Oh, Mr. Nosik, you're so manly and forceful you remind me of Kite. ♥

(Reinforcing the stereotypical view of the Russians. Anton Nosik iz doin it right.)

Though, to be serious, when I first heard of the strike I kinda just LOL-ed. Now... I might join. And I (finally) have a back-up account on IJ and am wondering how the hell anyone is going to take this forward.

[edit] An alternative translation that is also worth reading.

Ha ha ha?

Mar. 13th, 2008 09:53 am
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Why is everybody referring to what Brad has to say on the situation? Brad's no more than a puppet emperor these days, kept only to make the LJ users feel assured, and I bet he knew it the moment he sold LJ to 6A, and now that he is an *advisory* member. I remember former LJ employees talking about how Brad ignored advice when selling, and attended to posh parties and bought a new house right away with the money. What he says isn't even worth reading anymore, and it isn't made any better by the fact that he says "I've tried but I have no power now" - well he should've thought of it before signing LJ over, hmm? To me, it'd be better if he said "don't ask me, LJ isn't mine now I'm not responsible" rather than say what he's saying now, "I tried" and all, sounding all victim-ish.

I'm glad that I have a permanent account, since the next thing they do will be up the paid users account subscription fee, and either not sell permanent accounts anymore or make them $500 each. At the same time, I'm not glad I've ever paid them any money.

This is not the sort of thing I wanted to debut this icon in. Oh well.

Ah, at least old Basic accounts, even if they were changed to Plus, can be reverted to Basic. Hmmm. I do have quite a few of those accounts standing around. Can even sacrifice one and use a rename token, and then convert it to a community. Damn, should've signed up for a few spare comm accounts when I was talking about it with Leah the other day.

Late start today. I was gonna make breakfast after this post, but Liz is doing it now. \o/ So I'll do more of that doujinshi thing instead.
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pls pls pls pls pls pls nobody outbid me nobody else bid nobody nobody LET ME WIN.

I came home to a huge Amazon UK box! Will wait till Monday, or at least weekend, before opening it.

Anyone who hasn't read today's LJ news post might want to do so. There's a new "Explore LJ" feature. All journals are included by default (won't bring up locked entries), if you want to be excluded you have to go and specifically opt out.
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Gotta love how LJ FAQ has removed references to the admin console in most answers. They used to tell you that you can set all your future posts to a minimum security setting using the admin console, regardless what level account you have. Now? You can still use the console to do the same thing, but they don't tell you about it on the FAQ anymore. They say you have to have a paid or permanent account to set the minimum security level for all future entries.

Oh, LJ, so special.

I posted a support request the other day because some functions on Scrapbook are broken. Still no reply. This is my impressed face. >:(
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And for anyone interested, LJ was the first service to come back up.

So, where are all the "In Soviet Russia..." goat macro pictures? I've seen the SUP puns already (although apparently it should be read SOUP, but hey, who cares?)

(Russia controlling blogging, 6A bit more than it could chew, Brad selling LJ to someone he said he trusted and then that place selling it on who sold it on and who sold it on and Brad ultimately becoming the puppet emperor, this being a purely business-motivated move, Russia being a country getting better at tackling online fraud and child abuse rings, blah blah, blah blah. These are all being discussed in various journals and web news sites. You won't find them here. It's not that I don't care, you just don't need more of the same thing. I continue to back up my LJ every now and then.)

I forgot to prepare something for work. Hope it won't be asked for today. Argh.

The boilers are dead. No central heating at work.

After the post last night, I wrote about 700 words which I'm rather happy with. Hope the flow continues.

Take That tonight! q(^_^q) (p^_^)p My manager is making bad "take that" puns! Send help Bane! XD


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