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Did you know that PARTNERSHIP is just a longer way of spelling PARSNIP?
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Storme: And Dave goes down the list as he makes the booty calls and eventually he gets to the end of the list and it's the bartender.
Pez: It's so wrong but the sex is so good!
Storme: The down side is that the bartender will tell everyone.
Pez: But nobody will believe him. :D

Pez: Actually Dave is shagging the Pleasant Young Man.
Storme: He is very pleasant.
Pez: And very young.
Storme: And very man.

Storme: And Jager'd say, "you can't kill him, he's the goddamn h0 of Athlum!"

Pez: Gabriel was alright but then Dave decided he really couldn't stand that accent.

Pez: And Dave makes an emergency call to Royotia. "Paris, how long will it take you to get here?!"
Storme: "About six months?" "Dammit I need someone closer!"
Pez: How about Qubine?
Storme: Erm.
Pez: ...
Storme: It'll have to be phone sex with Ghor again won't it.

Storme: And Rush is also shagging the Pleasant Young Man. He really is very pleasant and is in fact the h0 of Athlum.

Storme: We still haven't solved the problem of who Dave can go to when he realises he needs to get laid.
Pez: I'm sure he can solve the problem himself?
Storme: How about Torgal?
Pez: "Torgal, would you lend me a hand?"

..........the above is our idea of pillow talk.

Lion King

Oct. 28th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Although Rush could be Simba and Dave's more suited to be Nala but hey. Can you resist the image of MiniDave singing "Oh I just can't WAIT! to be king"?

Simba - Dave
Zazu - Pagus
Pumbaa - Blocter
Timon - Rush Torgal
Nala - Rush
Rafiki - Emma *shot*
Shenzi - Roeas
Banzai - Hermeien
Ed - Wyngale
Scar - Wagram

Or swap Torgal and Pagus around!

And this was after Unni and I decided that in a cute animal doujinshi, Dave would be a lion cub and Torgal would be a black panther and Rush would be a puppy that can't stop wagging his tail and playing with Torgal's big paw and so he picks up the puppy with his mouth and brings him home and the puppy licks Dave's nose and Dave and Torgal are both weak against the cute.

(Trying to stay awake at work, that's all.)

Liz says,

Sep. 10th, 2009 03:20 pm
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"I know! The answer is boobs."
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Most people have probably seen this before?

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We begin by recapping what we learned last time. Below, Caedmon demonstrates how to convey two bits of information at the same time.

Now we will learn some new body languages. )
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You need to have watched Learn To Speak Body to get this.

I find the fact that Allan's ears are split at the ends incredibly cute.
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I've never watched EastEnders properly but if I did, maybe I'd find it to be as cheesy as my fic. Wow. I mean, WOW. The only thing left to happen would be for someone to get pregnant and two (or more) men claiming to be the father!

David: I-- I... *wibble*

Rush: Don't worry Dave, I'll take responsibility! LET'S GET MARRIED.

Torgal: Wrong, Rush. I am the father. Step aside, I will take care of Lord David.

Someone: *walks in, complete with own theme music*

Everyone: *looks*

Emma: Shut up, whelps! I AM THE FATHER.

David: Emmaaaaa! *dives towards Emma's bosom* ;;

Tomorrow, in Pez's Cheesy Fic:

[Clip showing David going into labour. Dr John Sykes is at the end of the bed, peering between David's legs and shouting for him to push. Beside the bed, Emma clutches David's hand.]

[Clip showing Allan verbally abusing Torgal...

Eminem Allan: At first, I'm like all right
You wanna throw me out? That's fine!
But not for him to take my place, are you out you're mind?
This couch, this TV, this whole house is mine!
How could you let him sleep in our bed?

Caedmon: *chokes, his throat already slit by Allan*

Allan: You really fucked me Torgal
You really did a number on me
Never knew me cheating on you would come back to haunt me
But we was kids then Torgal, I was only 180
That was years ago
I thought we wiped the slate clean!

There's a forty year old sovani lyin' dead with a slit throat
In your living room, ha-ha
What you think I'm kiddin' you?
You loved him didn't you?

Torgal: No.

Allen: Bullshit you bitch don't fucking lie to me
You think I'm ugly don't you!

Torgal: No.

Allen: No you think I'm ugly!

Torgal: ......]

[clip showing Rush below the Valeria Heart. He pulls up one sleeve and looks down on the wrist. Then camera pans to the sharp, sharp edge of the Valeria Heart.]

Don't miss tomorrow's Pez's Cheesy Fic!

♪ *dum dum dum dum - da dum dum* ♫
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This is what Liz said after reading 9 chapters of my WIP.

Liz: (Why do I have images of them travelling and travelling and then getting in sight of Athlum and dave goes ATHLUM! and Emma goes ATHLUM! and Torgal goes ATHLUM! and Allan goes's only a model...) (and then there's a song and dance routine.)

Liz: (and then dave goes, ...let's not go to Athlum. it is a silly place.)

I want to see that song & dance routine.
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While making breakfast. Paraphrased.

Pez: *butters up some toast* I've come up with Torgal and Allan's back story while in the shower! [blah blah, back story]
Liz: *butters up some rice crackers* Sovanis. Their angst is epic.
Pez: *reaches for the honey* Epic in the sense of time scale!


[ profile] yuki_scorpio: Maybe I just won't let Dave make the phonecall.
[ profile] yuki_scorpio: *locks him up in a cell* 8D
[ profile] solaas: Sorry, Dave, you're not in Kansas anymore. We're using antiterror laws on you. Get ready for Gitmo! NO CALLS!
[ profile] yuki_scorpio: Now, Mr Nassau, tell us your relationship with your general Torgal...
[ profile] solaas: Torgal's 5th appendage? YOU DON'T HAVE A FIFTH.
Torgal: I do.
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[ profile] giving_ground and [ profile] crystalusagi, heds need to be pastede here. Gay Bolt is being called upon.

Even the choker is there.

[insert caption?]

Miss the train, take the one after that and everything goes to shits. Why is it always like that?

Though, while on the train, a premise (note: not plot!) for a rather exciting action/adventure AU story surfaced in my head (TLR again, and I'm not sorry. It's not like I haven't given anyone a chance to learn about TLR. *shrugs*), thanks to the stinky old man who decided to sit down next to me.

Today I'm working on bus shelters and traffic lights. >_>....... Slacked off for half a day yesterday and now there's lots to do. And the architect hasn't sent me his drawings. How am I going to get things back to him to work on and send out by next Wednesday when it's already Friday and he's this tardy?
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Just thinking... I must've written around 80 PoT stories in the last 5 years. O.o Still haven't seen the final OVAs (haven't watched any anime for weeks) but I'm quite eager for the new manga. It's going to be ridiculous and probably rubbish but oh, I'm in it for the Sanada. ♥

Really really really really want Yagyuu fic.

In TLR writing, I want to write a good, chunky AU but David doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Given that I've written gothic, fantasy, gangster, spies, school and other sorts of settings, you'd think I can find something to fit him into. But nuuuuuuuuuu. WHY, DAVE. WHY.

(The other day I said to Liz, "let's take [Perfidia] and do a Find&Replace to change the names to Rush and Dave." She buried her face in her hands and whimpered. XDDDDDDDD My idea of good crack got rejected, I'm sad!)

HOW ABOUT THIS: RUSH IS A GHOST, DAVID IS A WEREWOLF AND TORGAL IS A VAMPIRE. (No, I haven't watched Being Human beyond the pilot episode last year.)

[edit]: I'VE LOST IT )
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Already posted to the comm, so sorry if you see this twice - but not sorry for the picture itself. :D
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The Last Remnant Drabble Fest.

Currently just Liz and I are participating. But already, oh, the angst! XD


Pez: we are NOT casting TLR into Spamalot.

Liz: aww, and I was SO looking forward to dave singing about how all alone he is

Pez: Torgal's gotta be Patsy then??

Liz: yup :D *waves the lady of the lake outfit hopefully at rush*

Pez: djkfhlkasfhasd wait, who's galahad

Liz: Emma. FOR EVEN MORE CROSSDRESSING. *feeling equal opportunities about this*

for my own ref )
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This is the scan of a coaster from [ profile] dystopiarcadia!
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In which we break each other's brains.

Don't go there, Lancelot... )


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