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Coscraft has been moved out of our flat into its own rented office! This means we get the master bedroom back. We've decided to stay in the smaller bedroom and use the master for bookcases and things like that. There has been a lot of moving things around (Coscraft was moved out with help from some wonderful friends) and now the flat is in chaos. But it'll be sorted... eventually... when that's done, it'll be time to look at getting (yet another) wardrobe. A fitted one, hopefully, although that seems to cost a freakish amount of money. We'll see.

The Fire Emblem: Awakening fandom has been very kind to me, I got really nice messages from people and OMG FANART and useful concrit. My fic is being severely overrated and I don't know why (jesus, it's pretty much mediocre compared to other things I've written in other fandoms). I'm still in a HOLY-SHITTO kind of state, more so because I'm literally a n00b so I'm just waiting for the day when I commit some faux pas or they discover I'm an imposter, and then be completely disowned.

My birthday had been celebrated last week! Saw friends and got lovely gifts, including Secret Codes & Battleships and We Are Smug. I prefer the former much more, I think, though I've only listened to the latter once so far so the jury's still out really. Storme is getting me Xenoblade Chronicles and the limited collector's edition of Drakengard 3. I also got a Monobear (D:), chocolates, baking equipment and things.

Lastly, I leave you with this: Bakumatsu Rock, a rhythm game with historical Japanese figures but set in modern Japan. In which Tokugawa Yoshinobu (and those who work for him, including the Shinsengumi) can sing the Heaven's Song, which brainwashes people, and that is how the Tokugawa government rules the country. Listening to music that is not Heaven's Song is punishable by death. Along comes Sakamoto Ryoma and his mates, who decide they will use rock music to free people's souls and revolutionise Japan. And so it becomes the Freedom Rockers (Sakamoto Ryoma, Katsura Kogoro and Takasugi Shinsaku) vs the Top Idols Shinsengumi (Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Souji) in battles of songs.

I shit you not.

And I'm so coplaying the hell out of this.


Feb. 3rd, 2014 11:44 pm
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Storme found translations for Grimoire Nier (info book accompanying the game Nier) and holyfuck is it an eye-opener. Drakengard (1, not 2) and Nier are both spectacular games, and the world creation is just... I have no words. There is a lot of stuff that hasn't made it into the games, but it's not in a JK Rowling "oh btw Dumbledore's gay" way, there are good reasons why they didn't include those things in the game and they put them into short stories and fit them into other formats. The games is just one part (the main part, yes, but just one part) of the whole thing.

It's just... the world view, how politics affected it all, people's fears, the things they do and sacrifice for what they loved, the fact that there are multiple endings but all of them are ultimately doom. I wouldn't even call it "dark", I think "despair" would be the word to describe it all. The story is so unapologetic and fearless and relentless and I have so much admiration for the creators. I liked what they did on the subject of sexualities too, but even without that, it's just a great piece of work. know, maybe I just like really doom-y things. >_>"

I think I need to restart Drakengard 2 and have it on easy mode and just quickly run through it. Or find a let's play. It'd been dull (the story was too slow) and I hadn't finished it, but it's still a Cavia game so I should give it another go.
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I've been so absorbed playing Fire Emblem: Awakening that I forgot to post fics. XD But such a good game, oh god. 3 hours in and I knew and loved the (dozens of) characters far more than I did after 15 hours of Drakengard 2 (which I still haven't finished). Fortunately Storme is finding it all very amusing; I keep trying to talk to her about it but she hasn't played it yet (it's on the 3DS which I'm hogging atm).

On Thursday we went with two friends to see Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason, which was excellent. I have to say that cosmology and astronomy aren't my thing, so I actually nearly fell asleep during Brian Cox's bit. (Shut up. His voice was soothing.) But that was only a small part of the evening - the whole thing was 3+ hour celebration of nerdity (with comedy attached), which Storme has talked about on her LJ already so I won't repeat. I laughed far too hard and learned a bit, and also surprised myself by being able to understand a man who spoke roughly 20 words per second.

Started an exercise routine yesterday. Was dizzy and seeing stars at the end, but repeating the same exercises today and I didn't feel nearly as bad at the end. Not sure if sheer luck or actual progress, because surely progress doesn't happen this fast?

And with that, I'm going to go back to playing FE:A. I could finish the game right now but oh no, gotta trigger more dialogues because funny. [ profile] evaporate, you're so right about Henry!Gerome. Also, Frederick wants Ravioli to help him with his gag reflex. Oh god did I die. And after the emblem got snatched, because Ravioli (my male MU) is married to Lucina, the conversation there was kind of sweet. And then he told her he loved her as much as he loved Chrom. AND I DIED AGAIN. Because headcanon. It's all over my facebook, Ravioli has such serious pining for Chrom, and I swear, Ravioli has fans now, some of my FB friends look forward to my updates of his adventures. Anyway I'm going back to the game now bye.
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And maybe I want to cosplay Lucina. Or Marth. Or Cherche. Or Virion. (I'd love to be Chrom except my arms need to be 3x their size) THE POSSIBILITIES.
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I've just finished Drakengard, a game in which nobody is good and the story gets increasingly twisted with each ending that is unlocked (there are five). Some bits were proper insane. For example, this happens towards the 4th ending.

(The background to that video is that Arioch, the elf woman, had her children taken from her by the Empire and thrown into the sea along with all the other elf children. She went mad, made a pact with some spirits in order to gain great power, and gave up her womb in exchange. Since then she always talked about fire and death and destruction and laughs manically and screams about her missing children. At the end of the game when all these babies appeared in the air to destroy the world... well. Her death did buy time for the rest of them to escape but who knows if that was her intention or if she was just proper mad and had no idea what was going on anymore.)

This game has children issues. Possessed children, child soldiers, grotesque giant babies floating in the sky. The story starts off basic enough and then you realise everybody's a bit (or very) twisted, with Seere being the only exception. Even the damsel in distress has skeletons in the closet, and eventually kills herself because of it. There isn't much character development per say, but each character has enough personality and background for it to all hold together.

I didn't play through the last bit because it was just so hard and yes I could, with persistence, win it but I couldn't be bothered, it wasn't the most riveting level to play. So I watched the final ending on youtube instead and I'm glad I didn't spend the time - the ending is pretty short. But it's also really full of WHATTTTT? I think the fact that we've played Nier and therefore know what the creator of Drakengard is like kind of helped, but still. Wow. That was sad and funny and brave of them to end it like that.

Just started the sequel, Drakengard 2. The game controls have drastically improved but the voices of two of the main characters are awfully bland and personality-less, and the story itself so far is pretty generic. But it's supposed to be better than the first game, and at one point there was a glimpse of Caim in his current location looking pretty psychotic, so there is hope yet. It's supposed to have some links to Nier too.

(Drakengard 3 is coming out in 2014 - it wasn't going to get an English release but the publisher changed their mind - and I'm going to need a PS3 to play it. Guess I'll need it to play the FFX/X2 HD remaster anyway.)


Storme wrote Dave/Qubine. Everybody go read Dave/Qubine.

It might shock many to read this but I want to write cheerful fic. [Some of Us], although it has a few moments, is decidedly sad. The SnK one I'm writing is dreary, and the other Dave/Qubine one I have is also full of woe. It seems like I just have the tendency to set things in very dire times (SnK: titans won, humanity lost. TLR: the war goes on, Hermeien has Irina and all the remnants). Why can't I have some cheerful highschool banter or people going shopping, stuff like that?
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Got to the end of my fic. Wrote the ending, hate it - not the ending itself, but how I wrote it. Gave up, gone back to chapter 1 and began editing. By the time I've gone through 60 chapters maybe I can write actual readable paragraphs for the ending.

Reading through, I realise that the majority of the writing isn't as exceedingly bad as I remembered, just kind of lacklusterish. And the fic lacks excitement, which is hard to correct, unfortunately, because the story is about a bunch of people trying to make the best of their shitty lives. JP is good at picking things up a bit in general, and there are about 3 chapters where there is a proper sense of urgency, but the rest of it is of characters looking at what they've been given, look at what each other has been given, and saying, "right, we're going to make this work, somehow." The whole thing is just character development and interaction. Which is fine, but 60 chapters of it...? Argh what have I done?

I've been playing Tales of Vesperia. 5 years late, I know, but hey. And I hate to say this but I'm not enjoying it very much. Some reasoning behind parts of the story/character decisions are just paper-thin, that's if they actually bothered with reasoning at all. Estelle make me want to kill things, Karol's voice acting has the same effect. The skits are very, very badly drawn, as are the occasional "anime" cutscenes, the art is so bad it makes Weiss Kreuz look artistic. As for the gameplay, I don't enjoy the battle system at all and essentially, most of the time the game plays like this:

1. Cutscene
2.You make your character move from one room to the next
3. (sometimes it tells you if other characters have parted/joined your group at this point)
4. Another cutscene

This happens so often. They might as well just ditch the part where I get to move the character, and just show them do the walking. This game is in essence a visual novel with occasional fighting bits.

I also don't buy the Rita/Estelle interaction very much, but somehow a lot of people are like, "oh how cute, they have girly feelings for each other!!11" Having Rita there doesn't make Estelle more likeable.

If you ask why I'm still playing this, well, Yuri is okay (except when the character reasoning bit fails), and Flynn, although he's inflexible as hell, at least he's consistent. Their interaction is interesting to watch. Plot-wise, there has been one slightly clever bit with Don Whitehorse.

But still, I don't understand why people rave about this game. It's so inconsistent, there's no reasoning behind parts of it so when you just stop to think for a second, you realise it actually makes no sense. Is the bar this low now with RPGs? Are people actually happy with this? As long as you get cute character designs it doesn't matter if the whole thing is stupid? Or do people not actually realise how weak the game is because it's got pretty stuff in it?

Sigh. I'll see if I can keep playing, just for Yuri and Flynn.

In other gaming news, I found out that Drakengard 3/Drag-On Dragoon 3 is being developed by a team which had worked on The Last Story and Nier. Same director/writer as Nier, same artist as The Last Story, and same music composer as Nier. This means this game is a must-play, even though unfortunately it's only getting a PS3 Japan release. No Xbox, no international release. I'll still play it, somehow. But first I suppose I should get the previous 2 games on the PS2. (It seems like Drakengard 2 is quite hard to get hold of cheaply, though.)

I've already looked at the character designs for this, and they look pretty nice. Unfortunately there aren't enough pictures out for me to start planning a cosplay. Can't make anything when you can't see what the back looks like. :(
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My immediate plans for day to day life in general appear to be categorised under "before Ayacon" and "after Ayacon", which is terribly strange considering I'm only an attendee and occasional helper.

Before Ayacon:
  • Finish extra costume for Pete

  • Finish Yurick's bum bag, which I would've done already if I hadn't damaged both my hands cutting worbla and punching holes in leather (I've managed to hurt my hands, yes. Specifically, I haven't been able to grip things properly without pain because of the base of my thumbs and the muscles that go up the arm from there are refusing to cooperate. It's been in this semi-RSI state for nearly a week now and after much resting they seem to be returning to normal. Still, punching holes in fabric, using pliers or lifting our big bench sellotape holder by grabbing it from the top? No.)

  • Do some cleaning before we leave because oh my god the state of this place

After Ayacon:

  • Finish cleaning the flat

  • Hermitise and play all the games that have piled up (a quick look at the pile reveals Assassin's Creed series, Mass Effect series, Nier, The Last Story, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia, amongst others)

  • Retake a lot of wig photos for Coscraft, since the old ones really aren't up to scratch. Order more stock.

  • Do VAT return, and maybe even gather up all the accounts information so that the accountant can get things done for us

Lately I feel as though I'm all socialised-out. The need to hermitise is strong. I think for at least 3 weeks, preferably longer, I'd like to just be at home or go out and do things without friends. The sort of meetups where everyone sits around watching TV is fine, but there's been quite a lot of... intensive friendship days and it's time for me to recharge.

At the shop we ran a week of sales, which ended on Saturday. Monday are usually our busiest day in terms of processing the orders and getting them sent, because it includes Friday afternoon and all of Saturday and Sunday's orders. Today, because of the sales, we must have taken our biggest load ever to the post office. I still don't know how we managed it.

Randomly, a wig shipment from Shanghai, China seemed to have travelled to Memphis, Tennessee before arriving at Stansted, Essex, if the tracking information is to be believed.

How odd

Aug. 10th, 2013 09:17 pm
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Today's oddness: sitting in a room watching Phoenix Wright live action movie (fansub) with a guy who voiced a video game character Storme and I used to relentlessly mock.

O_o" XD;

(Nothing wrong with the voice actor - he seems nice - or his voice acting - he does a good job - but whoever wrote the script/story... seriously...)
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It's only the start of December but I have a feeling I am seriously behind with my Christmas preparation. Personally Christmas has never been that big a deal but everyone else seems hyped so I'd feel bad if I don't send some cards. Maybe I'm just in one of those weird moods.

So I'm writing a lot (not PoT), and I'm in the sort of mood that only allows me to focus on that and not much else (lots of thinking about it whenever I'm not doing anything or when I'm doing something that is not writing). It's probably not a bad thing, except it'd made me burn my hand a tiny bit with hot oil earlier because I wasn't concentrating while cooking. Bloody thing. Two timelines, need to get all the backstory straight before I can do the actual story. Am I sensible enough to do that? Of course not. Writing all over the place jumping to whichever timeline I want is the way to go, apparently. And the plot is already making Storme sad, even though she hasn't read any of it yet. I told her if she wants something different then she'll have to write the fanfic. :P

Distractions aside, we've finished remodelling the stock room! It is now a place where wigs are sorted in an easily accessible manner. These two months are really bad for sales so it's a good time to do this sort of thing.

I think I want to draw things...

Oh yeah, and Storme's been playing The Last Story. Surprisingly, I think my favourite character is Syrenne. Followed closely by Yurick Yuris and Therius Tasha.
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That's this guy: (up to 2:00) (up to 1:15)

I cannot explain my love for him. XD

And this only makes sense if you live in my or [ profile] storme's head:


(Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I don't really know what else to say except thank you!)
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Dammit, the Resonance of Fate wiki has a pitiful 30 pages. I'm still on Lost Odyssey and want to finish it before replaying RoF, but I need details otherwise I can't write this damn fic.
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I have so many fics in progress and none of them are getting anywhere.


Vashyron: So did Zephyr take you to the- OMG WTF IS THAT.
David: *brandishes the Gae Bolg* Yes he showed me the customisation shop. I guess I got a little carried away.

Anyway. Been watching a lot of Olympics stuff, arranging wedding things, and replaying Lost Odyssey. After LO I might replay Resonance of Fate again, or maybe actually get round to playing the rest of the Assassin's Creed games. Just not that motivated to play ACreed for some reason.

Shop sales had dropped for two weeks due to lack of stock, I've restocked finally and am hoping things will gradually right themselves. Also getting thermoplastics from Germany! Shiny, shiny plastics...

My left shoulder's muscles are getting increasingly painful; I can't really carry a bag on that shoulder now without going ouch, which is weird because I haven't been doing much with that arm apart from painting a Capsule Corp logo on a bit of fabric, which took a couple of hours.

The new-ish Scrapbook system pisses me off. What happened to the tiered structure? Now my folders don't make sense and I don't want to post pics to LJ anymore because I can't be arsed to get another host of pictures.
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Back in 2006 I picked up Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams for the PS2. I liked the other 3 games from the series so much that as soon as DoD came out I bought it. But for some reason I couldn't get into it at all. I think it's because of the way the game style changed compared with its predecessors, rather than the fact that I bought a Japanese copy, seeing that it can be changed to English in the options setting.

Anyway, recently I'd been tidying the DVD/games collection and found the Onimusha games, and decided to replay. The first game had gone AWOL but I borrowed it off a friend, and finished it in about 4 hours, about the right length for games of that time I guess. The second game I did find, and played it rather crappily (missed loads of stuff), taking about 6 hours. The 2nd one had other characters and additional scenes depending on the route you choose and your compatibility levels with people, etc, but nothing that affects the ending.

The third game is missing too. I might have accidentally sold it? No idea. Need it get a copy somehow, I'm sure I can find it at GAME second hand for £2. Jean Renoooooooooooo!

Onto (Shin-) Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. I'm 12 hours into it (2 discs game!) and I have no idea why I didn't enjoy it the first time! It did take me forever to get used to the button switch because I played the European versions first so the O and X buttons are switched around. And I do suck at combat - so many buttons to press, I just mash the [] mostly. But it's a good game, mostly because the characters are pretty cool. Soki, as the protagonist, has his cliche failing of not listening to his elders once, but he learns from it fast and generally is a cool bloke with his head screwed on right. Jubei doesn't whine, admits that she likes Soki but also admits that it's just a crush that won't go anywhere. Roberto has a tiny crush on Ohatsu but knows that she and Soki are supposed to be together and doesn't go all angsty-mode and even laughs at how shy Ohatsu is on that topic. Tenkai is just Tenkai, the voice of reason. He doesn't guilttrip anyone for not listening to him and causing him death (not finished the game yet but at this stage I believe he's un-dead), and reminds Soki of the short lives of warriors and that if Ohatsu is important to him then do something about it. Ohatsu, understandably, took a while to leave her old allegiance behind (because she was being controlled and leaving literally meant dying) but still chose her own path and it didn't take her 20 hours of gameplay to get there.

Last night I got to the scene with Yodo. Ohatsu was like, "don't hurt her she's my sister!" And Soki was like, "love ya babe, but this is a monster pretending to be Yodo!" and Ohatsu was like, "no!" but then Soki went ahead and killed fake-Yodo anyway and all was fine. Come on, if this was any other game or anime, they'd drag it out for 20 hours about how devastating this was and how much they suffered first because they couldn't bring themselves to kill the fake one just because she had Yodo's face. I like that. Clean and snappy.

And the obligatory fanservice of Ohatsu getting a new, super skimpy armour. She and Soki are supposed to be childhood friends only, but he didn't hold back. He just stared and said, "oh, honey!" which was brilliant. Long before this, he and Jubei discussed Jubei's small chest size. XD Jubei didn't even care. Apparently if she had any then it'd just get in the way while fighting. XD

And and! Roberto, the big guy with all the brawn, had been quoting Shakespeare a little bit. And there are bits of Shakespeare-related stuff in the game. Then suddenly came this conversation:

Soki: So this book you've been reading, it's got all the foreign language stuff in it. What is it?
Roberto: Oh, it's called "Romeo and Juliet".
Soki: Oh? What kind of story is that? If you're reading it, it must be about great adventures and stuff!
Roberto: Sure, we'll go with that.


Good job, Capcom. Need more games like this one.
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We cleaned today although I'm recovering from cold/flu and Storme is just starting hers. XD Hoovered the floor! Scrubbed the oven! Wiped the microwave! Now we're rewarding ourselves with Gu chocolate souffles which are buy 1 get 1 free from Sainburys.

Lately I've been playing a lot of Processor Layton and The Last Specter (US version), and the bonus game London Life. It's... mundane and full of silly fetch quests and money can literally buy you happiness in that game, but it's also full of tiny pixel people and it's very endearing. Storme's ditched Skyrim for now and is playing Mass Effect. It looks far more interesting than Skyrim. Maybe I'm more a Bioware person.

Currently trying to arrange a contest to help promote my online shop, and am having problems with judges. Ideally I'd like one of the judges to be someone non-British, but finding someone suitable is proving difficult...
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People die during the cheese rolling festival every year in Orlais. That's why nobody commented on this find.

Gotta go through Mark of the Assassin a few times to get all the character stories. Normally I don't mind doing that, except I already have all the achievements from this DLC...

There's also the new Professor Layton game to play! Exciting times.


Aug. 4th, 2011 10:29 am
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I've been playing Dragon Age II (without haven't played the first game - I'll remedy that at some point). Just started Act III, though I've watched [ profile] storme finish her first playthrough so it feels like I'm playing it the second time.

Currently romancing Fenris - typical, I know. The best bit about this? He's so tortured and broody I want to gag and giggle at the same time. I'm going for rival romance which made the romance scene in Act II even more dramatic. XD The other good bits are when Hawke's mother and uncle comment on the relationship.

Gamlen: So you're into elves, heh? Guess I don't need to ask who is the woman here.

orz UNCLE! orz orz orz

I still need to get Fenris to be 100% rivalry with me though. He keeps hovering at around the 95% mark.

(I need a I'M SO TORTURED OMG Fenris icon.)

In other news, I haven't been an engineer for around... 2 weeks now? I've put my shop on eBay and suddenly the sales volume's jumped up a lot. Unfortunately the fees are very high. Combining the sales from the website and the shop, last month 13% of revenue went to eBay and Paypal fees. =/ Could be worse I suppose. Looking at the figures, if I could double my sales volume I will be sorted in terms of income. I think it's doable. This is compared with half a year ago when I need to increase this sixfold! So yes, eBay does help, even with its extortionate fees.

Right. Back to shop work, cosplay making and DA2 playing.
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Me as Sigmund and Storme as Edward from Infinite Undiscovery.

a couple more here )
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Already spazzed about this on FB but...


Stealing links from others...
Official site: (opens tomorrow)
Description: (mostly the fact that it'll be written by Takumi Shu)
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Spent the last few days coughing and sneezing a lot. The cough medicine I got helped but it also knocked me right out every time I took it. Took Thursday and Friday off work, and still wasn't very coherent on Saturday, apparently. Sunday was my dad's birthday so Storme and I went to London and baked him a cake. The rest of the weekend was spent wandering around the house feeling weird and unsettled and listless. Still coughing today, the pressure in my ears is all wonky which I hate far more than the coughing.

On the upside, I played a lot of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future while in bed. Not sure how far I am with the game, perhaps half way? The parrot minigame drives me mental sometimes but I'm enjoying it a lot nonetheless. There's something very pleasing about the Layton games, in particular I LOVE the music. A few things I've learned so far:

- I'm very good at maths puzzles but not so good with 3D stuff.

- Luke's voice in the US version > the UK version. I don't even know why they had to pick different voice actors just for him.

- Parrots bounce in funny ways.

- People's noses automatically lengthen when they get old?

- The soundtracks look ridiculously expensive on Amazon. Must find other source of getting it.

In other news, the Spending Review is coming out soon. There is a "bated breath" atmosphere at the office. My rail ticket expires tomorrow and I definitely won't be renewing it for a year.

Lastly, I learned that it's not common for people to want to know How Things Are Done and How Other People Do It. I thought watching Kaname transform himself from Ordinary Guy to FF:AC Cloud was immensely interesting, but apparently I'm the only one.


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