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The Puchi Puchi (fake bubblewrap toy) has even made it to BBC Breakfast. O_O I've got one in Japan after my sister recommended it, without knowing that it would become famous over here. Yamato needs to make a post about it...

Crap, I need to go post for Fusion!
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[ profile] solaas you evil bitch! You posted that Yagayuu Abuse Year entry so that I'd visit your LJ and catch your cold! And I cough at night, on top of that. You're so fucking evil! >EEEEE

[ profile] exothermal LJ is almost ready. He just needs more icons. I have an idea what sort of icons to get him. Might upgrade to Plus account so that he can have more icon space and custom mood theme, but will decide later, after I find out how often his LJ gets used.

I will start posting at [ profile] 40point5 this weekend. I WILL.
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SO MUCH TO DO. *death by spreadsheet*

But still, I found time to reread old logs and I MISS WIBBLY!TEZ. T_T


Sep. 6th, 2006 10:49 am
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[edit] I posted at [ profile] die_tezuka! Look!

Got to work late because the train track is screwed up (again). And I'm leaving early because we're go-karting at Milton Keynes. Apparently I'm getting a free ride there with someone from upstairs - was originally told I could get a ride from someone on this floor, but one person decided he isn't going to take his car afterall and now we have too large a group and after those people had their little chat, they decided to bum me out, haha XD I'm amused because I actually would prefer to ride in another car anyway. And it isn't like I'm not used to this sort of thing.

[ profile] tez_plush wanted to go too, but I told him he wouldn't satisfy the minimum height requirement. The poor boy.

Don't think I'll get back home until prolly, 10pm? =_= At 2:30am I'm going to have a telephone interview. I don't think I'll be very awake tomorrow.

Ooooh Bleach 95 torrent! Why must I be home late today T___T BYAKUYA vs KARIYA OMG I WANNA WATCH. (I like the "next episode" commentary from ep 94. I'd totally sell a kidney to get official goods and a front row seat for such a battle XD)

Still trying to come up with a workable RP premise. I fail at such things. If you ask me to write a fic with a similar AU premise I can get it to totally make sense. For an RP? It's so much harder. Can someone else please do it? >_> *fails* (btw, are we going to have problems attracting good players if we set it in UK? We all know how some people fail when they deliberately try to write anything British... *cringe*)
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I read something today and wanted to leave a comment saying I think the chapter was rather weak... but I don't want to be lynched by other people, it's more trouble than it's worth, so I keep my trap shut.

Sad, isn't it?

[edit] Right. Bleach RP. DISCUSS.
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Okay. I ship Byakuya/Rukia.


There needs to be a Bleach RP omggggggg I wanna be Rukia so that I can fangirl nii-sama and beat up Ichigo and yell at Renji and abuse Kon!!!

[edit] ko-hiiiiiiii *hearts coworker*

[edit 2] Tez ♥ Akaya. It's a parental thing.


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