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Coscraft has been moved out of our flat into its own rented office! This means we get the master bedroom back. We've decided to stay in the smaller bedroom and use the master for bookcases and things like that. There has been a lot of moving things around (Coscraft was moved out with help from some wonderful friends) and now the flat is in chaos. But it'll be sorted... eventually... when that's done, it'll be time to look at getting (yet another) wardrobe. A fitted one, hopefully, although that seems to cost a freakish amount of money. We'll see.

The Fire Emblem: Awakening fandom has been very kind to me, I got really nice messages from people and OMG FANART and useful concrit. My fic is being severely overrated and I don't know why (jesus, it's pretty much mediocre compared to other things I've written in other fandoms). I'm still in a HOLY-SHITTO kind of state, more so because I'm literally a n00b so I'm just waiting for the day when I commit some faux pas or they discover I'm an imposter, and then be completely disowned.

My birthday had been celebrated last week! Saw friends and got lovely gifts, including Secret Codes & Battleships and We Are Smug. I prefer the former much more, I think, though I've only listened to the latter once so far so the jury's still out really. Storme is getting me Xenoblade Chronicles and the limited collector's edition of Drakengard 3. I also got a Monobear (D:), chocolates, baking equipment and things.

Lastly, I leave you with this: Bakumatsu Rock, a rhythm game with historical Japanese figures but set in modern Japan. In which Tokugawa Yoshinobu (and those who work for him, including the Shinsengumi) can sing the Heaven's Song, which brainwashes people, and that is how the Tokugawa government rules the country. Listening to music that is not Heaven's Song is punishable by death. Along comes Sakamoto Ryoma and his mates, who decide they will use rock music to free people's souls and revolutionise Japan. And so it becomes the Freedom Rockers (Sakamoto Ryoma, Katsura Kogoro and Takasugi Shinsaku) vs the Top Idols Shinsengumi (Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Souji) in battles of songs.

I shit you not.

And I'm so coplaying the hell out of this.
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We're looking for an office/storage space to move Coscraft into. I have very mixed feelings about this, since we have two shopfronts which makes stock level control a real chore. If I can't just pop into the stock room easily to check, it might cause problems. But I don't think we can just close the eBay store since that still does bring in a third of the sales. Anyway, we need space, so it's either move Coscraft out or move house altogether, and I don't think we can afford the latter.

Been reading a lot of SnK fan stuff from the Asian side. There is a general consensus on the crack side of fandom that:

1) the world of adults is scary (from poor, poor Eren's pov)
2) Hanji's sex is Hanji
3) Hanji will merrily cause shit
4) Levi will fuck your shit up
5) Erwin will occasionally do 3) and 4) as he pleases, and with him having the biggest authority, Levi will just have to suffer
6) Levi Squad ship themselves with Levi
7) But they also ship him with Erwin
8) Hanji knows far more than is appropriate
9) And will traumatise Eren with the info
10) Have I mentioned poor Eren?

The crack fandom is quite wonderful.

The non-crack... I'm not sure if it's the people who buy and scanlate the stuff, or if it's the fandom in general, but it seems to have a fixation on certain aspects of Levi's past. I'm guessing it's just the people who supply the scans having particular fetishes. >_> But apart from that, I like black-Erwin a lot. And I like how Levi's portrayed in general. And I'm very happy whenever Mike gets some attention. This (Chinese, very NSFW) remains the funniest blog post on a fangirl's journey into finding various male pairings in the series. I still have yet to poke at the yuri side of the fandom but, although I do like most of the female characters (this is a rare thing!) I have a suspicion I'm not going to enjoy the actual fandom... though I do like how everyone, from every corner of the fandom, addresses Mikasa with a nickname that basically salutes her as the boss.

There's tidying to do. But I don't want to do it. :(
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My immediate plans for day to day life in general appear to be categorised under "before Ayacon" and "after Ayacon", which is terribly strange considering I'm only an attendee and occasional helper.

Before Ayacon:
  • Finish extra costume for Pete

  • Finish Yurick's bum bag, which I would've done already if I hadn't damaged both my hands cutting worbla and punching holes in leather (I've managed to hurt my hands, yes. Specifically, I haven't been able to grip things properly without pain because of the base of my thumbs and the muscles that go up the arm from there are refusing to cooperate. It's been in this semi-RSI state for nearly a week now and after much resting they seem to be returning to normal. Still, punching holes in fabric, using pliers or lifting our big bench sellotape holder by grabbing it from the top? No.)

  • Do some cleaning before we leave because oh my god the state of this place

After Ayacon:

  • Finish cleaning the flat

  • Hermitise and play all the games that have piled up (a quick look at the pile reveals Assassin's Creed series, Mass Effect series, Nier, The Last Story, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia, amongst others)

  • Retake a lot of wig photos for Coscraft, since the old ones really aren't up to scratch. Order more stock.

  • Do VAT return, and maybe even gather up all the accounts information so that the accountant can get things done for us

Lately I feel as though I'm all socialised-out. The need to hermitise is strong. I think for at least 3 weeks, preferably longer, I'd like to just be at home or go out and do things without friends. The sort of meetups where everyone sits around watching TV is fine, but there's been quite a lot of... intensive friendship days and it's time for me to recharge.

At the shop we ran a week of sales, which ended on Saturday. Monday are usually our busiest day in terms of processing the orders and getting them sent, because it includes Friday afternoon and all of Saturday and Sunday's orders. Today, because of the sales, we must have taken our biggest load ever to the post office. I still don't know how we managed it.

Randomly, a wig shipment from Shanghai, China seemed to have travelled to Memphis, Tennessee before arriving at Stansted, Essex, if the tracking information is to be believed.
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A couple of friends dropped by today to help us move furniture, then we went out for late lunch/early dinner. Just before that, we did a quick stop at Sainsbury's where the girl at the checkout spotted [ profile] storme's Perfect Crime Party t-shirt, and we all enthused about Bakuman for a while. Then somehow we mentioned SnK and I said "oh yeah, we watched last night's episode just before coming here!" and the cashier girl was all "OMG don't tell me don't tell me I'm waiting to see it!" which is the exactly sort of thing SnK does to people.

About the furniture movement, the giant laser + table has now been moved into the office/stock room, and replaced by a little bookcase. The living room feels bigger, whee! Cleaning will be required since moving furniture always lead to dust bunnies being uncovered, but the situation isn't too bad.

Oh yeah, Kanesaki Kentaro is in a Phoenix Wright stage play, playing... Phoenix. My head is failing to process this.
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We went to HK in May! Had a great time, ate and bought too much. The most important thing was that Storme enjoyed herself, so future (and hopefully more frequent) visits are on the cards.

I'm making several cosplays at the moment. I think there are six ongoing?! It's fun and all but I'm probably going slightly mad. At least the ones I'm working on right this moment - Legend of Galatic Heroes stage play - are all sewing-only, which means they can be finished pretty quickly. After these I need to go back and finish Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Luckily there are only the shoes left which should take just a day or two given I have all the right materials. And then after that, moving back to Shingeki no Kyojin. Lots to do, including the harness system and the 3D maneuvre gear.

Speaking of SnK, I'm still totally obsessed with it at the moment, and I think I will be for a long time. I seriously encourage everyone to go read the manga, so that I can fangirl it with you. It's a great story with sensible characters, ie they don't do the shounen cliche of "I know nothing but I'll rush into everything and not consider other people's feelings". Where can you go to find a series like that these days?

The best part though, I think, is THE FANDOM. It feels like the very best of the PoT fandom has moved onto SnK, by that I mean it's got the best, best crack ever. This sort of thing is just the tip of the iceberg. It's a very serious series that makes people really, really want to make fun of the characters (plus you can never go wrong with alpacas). And it's got some gorgeous, gorgeous fanart.

The anime's ongoing and there are 11 episodes so far. It's really well done. People die in practically every episode. "So that's why you like this show," I hear you say...

Should go make myself some icons...

Back to the real world, we've switched our rooms around, so now the larger room is Coscraft's work area, and we sleep in the smaller one. It works quite well and I don't feel like we've sacrificed too much sleep space... perhaps because I don't spend much time in the bedroom apart from sleeping anyway. The aftermath of the move is still everywhere though, because once that was done I resumed the cosplay making and haven't finished tidying up yet. We've also picked out a huge bag of things to give away/sell, but god knows when we'll get around to doing it. Other grown-up things we did includes buying a new mattress, which should get delivered early next month.

Oh yeah, that fic I've been writing since last August? 54 chapters and counting. orz
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FedEx tracking system: There was an attempted delivery of Parcel A! And Parcel B has left customs clearance and it's on its way!

Pez calls local FedEx depot.

Pez: That's a lie. There was no delivery of A. And where is B?
FedEx Depot Man: Yeah sorry, I think that was a lie too. I'll arrange A to be delivered tomorrow. But no idea about B, we haven't got it here yet.
Pez: .........


FedEx tracking system: Saying exactly the same thing!

Pez calls local FedEx depot.

Pez: Where is my stuff?
FedEx Depot Man: I don't have the authority to look at international deliveries, could you call international services?

Pez calls FedEx international customer services.

Pez: Help!
FedEx Intl: Huh, that's weird. Give me your tracking numbers and I'll arrange a call back once I find out what's going on.


Pez receives phonecall.

FedEx Intl: Good news! One of your parcels is in the van now and you'll have it in an hour!

Two hours later, Pez calls FedEx Intl.

Pez: WTF.
FedEx Intl: Just double checked, Parcel A is being delivered today. You'll get it this afternoon.
Pez: And where is Parcel B?
FedEx Intl: It cleared customs so it should be with you within 24-28 hours.
FedEx Intl: I don't know. D:

A bit later, Pez calls FedEx local depot.

FedEx Depot Man: ...............I can see we rearranged delivery of Parcel A on Tuesday but somehow it hadn't left our depot. Can I get it sent to you tomorrow?
FedEx Depot Man: I don't know. D:
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So, I haven't been writing Rikkai. *ducks* Instead I'm working on a Resonance of Fate/The Last Remnant crossover (yes, I know) and in Zephyr's words, "I don't know what this is, but I likes it." It has a fair amount of back story which is quite heavy, and then the "current" timeline which is about people coping with life but also generally just moving on and having fun - a rather different sort of thing for me to write, you might notice. I'm writing at such a pace that if I was doing Nanowrimo I would've done quite well.

I keep meaning to do a big update post about what's happened in the past couple of months, but the photos are still on the camera - I'm just that lazy and distracted. But here are a few of the things that's happened/I can remember right now:

The second bedroom of the flat, which had been shop storage/office + cosplay storage + [ profile] storme's office, is now all of those things minus being Storme's office. I'm working on expanding the shop with Storme, now that we're both on it full time. We've also been building/shifting furniture, and generally moving stuff around. It's getting there, I think.

There's a tooth that's been giving me problems for years, and this week it's finally given up. The half of the tooth that's inside the gum is still there, but there is no longer any tooth at all outside the gum. Today I went to a dental technician, where they will make me some sort of a stub to put on there to make it look like I do have a tooth (because crowns won't work when there's no exposed tooth to crown over). The technician's place looks like it comes from a survival horror game, without the blood. It was dingy, there were sparse shelves on the wall full of thin boxes that aren't shut properly. There was a single old desk near the front door with a desk lamp and some mouth moulds and a few loose teeth. And then this man came out wearing a white coat, his gloved hands holding a set of teeth, and asked if he could help me. It was so comical I almost laughed. XD; (Fortunately I'm very unsqueamish about teeth and dentists.) This is my last resort, if it doesn't work then I'll need to pay two grand for an implant if I want to look like I have a tooth there.

We've been shopping/making things for [ profile] yukimannequin et al.'s Christmas exchange, it's all ready now, we just need to write the card. There's still plenty of time before Christmas postal cut-off so it should all be okay! Storme had too much fun making the gifts, but I'm sure she'll talk about that in due course.

There are 2 Christmas celebrations that we are going to next month, and maybe there'll be some impromptu ones, like a pizza/movie night with a few friends? But personally my hope is for the rest of this year to be generally uneventful. There are shows to watch, games to play, costumes to make, cakes to bake, things to write. I'm happy to stay at home all day long. Hmm, must be getting old.

My laptop of 5 years has become quite impossible to work with (the hinges are dying, I risk pulling the screen out every time I try to move them. And it's so, so slow) so finally I bought myself a new one! The old one's keyboard didn't have a backward slash so I usually only did this for a raised-arms emoticon: /o/ but now I'm capable of raising my arms this way: \o/! Happy days! \o/

Aaaaand I go back to writing. And sleep.
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Scans are being reuploaded to [ profile] devil_mode. Not everything is working yet, I'll upload the rest and fix some links tomorrow. But it should all be up and working by Sanada's birthday. 8D

Today I got my hair cut shorter. The skin around my ears, especially the area just in front of them, has been dry and flaky for ages now. (Last year it was the place just behind my ears being flaky and eventually weepy and sore) Saw the doctor who thinks it's because of my hair dye. Battled with it for a long time using eczema creams etc, but finally I got the hair around there chopped off today, which should help get rid of the itching. If I let this go on it might eventually scar and I really don't want that. =/

Wigs are selling well at the shop. I'm quite pleased with my business's progress! Sales are slower than last month though, mostly because I was starting to sell out on styles/colours and was waiting for new stock to come in. Lesson learned. Now that I have more cash I can place orders sooner though so things should be better.

I've been poking at old, unfinished fics and trying to get them finished! Maybe one day I'll finally succeed in writing a troika OT3. First of all I want to tackle [Lullaby] - growing-up stories are not my forte but I do like that one. Chapter 9 was started years ago but I'm starting afresh. The way I'd written it might be why the fic never got finished... =_=

Another thing I've been doing is designing wedding invitation. It is a grand, 8-page affair of beautiful, beautiful geekness. Most of our family and friends won't get it but we're pleased regardless.
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April Fools Day came and gone without incidents. /o/ Rejoice!

Been doing a big costume for a commission. It's this guy. Some photos in this album here. (The wig is my Back to the Future wig, it's not what the customer will be wearing. XD) It's not completely done yet but it's almost there. Can't wait to see the end of this. >_> So many different components! And sewing chains onto trousers is probably the most annoying and tedious thing I have ever done for a costume.

Sales at the shop has picked up quite significantly over the last two months! If this continues then I won't have to take commissions anymore, my time will be worth more money working harder on the shop. Commission payments had been useful during this time though since I spent a lot of money getting new stock.

A couple of weeks ago Storme and I went to a con and pranced around in Princess Tutu costumes. I still haven't had time to download the pics from my own camera yet, but there is a photo of us in [ profile] redkun_arc's album here. And yes, that Doc and Marty were also us.

I have been poking at a fic on and off for the past year or two but it hasn't really gone anywhere. Lately I got some good ideas for it, but this writing thing? It's really hard.

Last but not least, Renji is zen. :D
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Celebrated my birthday last weekend! [ profile] storme has reported on it all so I won't bother repeating but in summary, a marvelous weekend was had with a bunch of wonderful people. I used to think my social skills are terrible but maybe they've improved? XD

I've finished the first two books of 1Q84. Strangely, although I'm generally a Murakami fan, whatever other people are feeling about these books, I'm not feeling it. The story is interesting but the writing hasn't drawn me in. Though, for both books I felt that the translation was very weird. Although it was done long before the English translation, the choice of words and sentence structures sometimes makes it feel like it was translated into English and then into Chinese. And what's with the excessive use of commas? COMMAS EVERYWHERE. I wonder if the original Japanese text is like that. I reserved the third book in English at the library, so maybe that'll give me some answers on the style once I get to read it.

Sales are on the increase at Coscraft! Planning to get wigs from a new supplier, now waiting for samples to arrive to check on the quality first.

Commissions are not going well. Purple fabrics are difficult to find. Everything is difficult to source. I've dropped the massive prop weapon twice today but at least nothing got broken, guess it means it's pretty sturdy. Wish it's shorter so that it doesn't hit the ceiling light or bookcases or other thigns every time I turn it around. >_>"

We're still rewatching PoT. There are about a million episodes between semi-finals and finals of Kantou tournament. The animators really did everything they could to stretch this out. Storme is getting bored waiting for Rikkai to appear and we're already watching episodes on high speed on VLC.

Gonna need to find subbed versions of Tenimyu.
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We cleaned today although I'm recovering from cold/flu and Storme is just starting hers. XD Hoovered the floor! Scrubbed the oven! Wiped the microwave! Now we're rewarding ourselves with Gu chocolate souffles which are buy 1 get 1 free from Sainburys.

Lately I've been playing a lot of Processor Layton and The Last Specter (US version), and the bonus game London Life. It's... mundane and full of silly fetch quests and money can literally buy you happiness in that game, but it's also full of tiny pixel people and it's very endearing. Storme's ditched Skyrim for now and is playing Mass Effect. It looks far more interesting than Skyrim. Maybe I'm more a Bioware person.

Currently trying to arrange a contest to help promote my online shop, and am having problems with judges. Ideally I'd like one of the judges to be someone non-British, but finding someone suitable is proving difficult...


Aug. 4th, 2011 10:29 am
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I've been playing Dragon Age II (without haven't played the first game - I'll remedy that at some point). Just started Act III, though I've watched [ profile] storme finish her first playthrough so it feels like I'm playing it the second time.

Currently romancing Fenris - typical, I know. The best bit about this? He's so tortured and broody I want to gag and giggle at the same time. I'm going for rival romance which made the romance scene in Act II even more dramatic. XD The other good bits are when Hawke's mother and uncle comment on the relationship.

Gamlen: So you're into elves, heh? Guess I don't need to ask who is the woman here.

orz UNCLE! orz orz orz

I still need to get Fenris to be 100% rivalry with me though. He keeps hovering at around the 95% mark.

(I need a I'M SO TORTURED OMG Fenris icon.)

In other news, I haven't been an engineer for around... 2 weeks now? I've put my shop on eBay and suddenly the sales volume's jumped up a lot. Unfortunately the fees are very high. Combining the sales from the website and the shop, last month 13% of revenue went to eBay and Paypal fees. =/ Could be worse I suppose. Looking at the figures, if I could double my sales volume I will be sorted in terms of income. I think it's doable. This is compared with half a year ago when I need to increase this sixfold! So yes, eBay does help, even with its extortionate fees.

Right. Back to shop work, cosplay making and DA2 playing.
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I've started selling Coscraft things on eBay. The liquid latex is the best seller, and so far I've been sending it to places like Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Azerbaijan. Is it hard to get liquid latex rubber in those countries? O.o

Currently trying to decide on what thicknesses/hardness of EVA foam to stock.

So! Shanoa's armour. Now looking at it in detail:

The design's inconsistent but that's nothing new. XD; I'm more concerned about making it shiny. It'd be great if I could make it look like it's lacquered or shiny like... a car, for example, but things like enamel paints would just crack as soon as the foam bends, right? So I'm thinking... wax? Car wax maybe? Floor wax? Not sure if those are actually waxes or if they're just called waxes though, need to investigate. There is something called acrylic wax as well but that seems to be US-only. It doesn't seem to give a high-gloss result anyway.

So I'm looking at things along the lines of:
- sealant sprays
- wet mirror finish gloss
- car wax
- acrylic spray
- acrylic nail polish type stuff but in large quantities
- acrylic floor wax

Going to need to visit Poundland and Wilkos to buy some cheap versions of these things to test. Not going to bother asking on CI, people usually just come back with "maybe try... (things I've already thought of and more)" anyway.

Fast Drop

Jan. 18th, 2011 07:54 pm
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So the post office has this nifty service called Fast Drop. You pay for postage at home, print and stick it to your item, then you drop it at a special counter at the post office so that you don't have to queue. The difference between this and the regular service is that they will send me and my recipient notification of posting, which also serves as proof of postage. Really good for people running online businesses.

Except, post office branches that have Fast Drop counters? Not nearly enough of them. Unfortunately although the one in town centre does it, that's not the one I usually send things from. I mail stuff from the branch near work.


Unrelatedly, my work takes me to the most glamorous places.

As I stood there, a woman pushing a pram was having a screaming match with the man walking with her. It felt like I walked into Eastenders.

SE London is so different from SW sometimes it feels like the transition from one US state to another.

Also unrelated: I want to wear tweed tomorrow.
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Work. )

[ profile] lelola posted a follow-up on FanExpo.

In other news, I will be helping out at the Cosplay Extravaganza at the Barbican Gallery on 6 November. Coscraft might or might not have a stand there depending on their marketing department's decision. More details nearer the date!

Good thing Volpin Props has made a record of his EVA armour making. For some time now I've been telling people to try EVA foam, and I have plans to sell it at Coscraft, but people weren't showing much interest and I thought I'd need to first put together a tutorial to show how good the stuff is. Now that big guys like Volpin Props and Evil FX have done it, I can probably start selling and worry about the tutorial later. Me though, I learned about it from cosplayers in HK. The costume I'm making, which I linked to yesterday, also has part of its armour made out of the stuff. It's so EASY, seriously.

*writes an email to get back in touch with the suppliers*

Two more things: 1) My cat is fluffy, 2) I need to stop clenching/gritting my teeth; my jaws and gums are tired.
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Work: the guy doing my drawings at work is so incompetent I literally felt my chest clench in a way that must be what pre-heart attacks feel like.

Writing: D1 fic is not moving. I need to look at the next course of action, either ask for an extension or leave what I've done so far and start afresh.

People: "it's so expensive, I can't afford to buy it anyway so it's not like they're losing my business" is not a good enough excuse to take something for free. If you can't afford manga, borrow it from the library. Swap volumes with a friend (and if you don't have friends, fucking make some). Cut your neighbour's lawn and earn some money. You not being able to afford it doesn't mean it should be made available for free like it's in your rights, especially since making it available would mean some people who would otherwise have paid for it, don't pay anymore. Sure, I download shit too, but I don't parade the fact that I take free stuff like it's morally justified.

Can people all stop saying things like "they can't make [game console/gadget/manga/stuff] so expensive that's so unfair" blah blah blah? Nobody's forcing you to buy it. Save up, or do something else with your lives. In the time you've spent whining you could've cleaned some windows and earned a fiver. And if you think that's unfair because some people can buy stuff because their family's rich and you're not so lucky? Suck it up, mate. That's life. If you're so unhappy about that, go join the communists or something. Or, for a better alternative, work for the money.


Game: I spent a long time to kill some Mad Goliath's last night, then looked them up and there turns out to be an easier way (though I don't know how much easier). Bah. Still, I'm proud that I've gone through the game so far without internet help. I think I'll continue this way.

Food: made a tasty pie the other night.

Shop: just asked for an invoice + shipping quote for a load of New Look wigs, which should make some people happy! It's not a massive order, but eventually I should be able to supply them steadily so that nobody in the UK has to suffer Cosworx again.

A connection in Thailand who has too much money to spend (ie if I won the lotto I'll still have less money than him) thinks this cosplay thing looks damn fun. He's into model-making and has connections with workshops that make props for Hollywood. And he said, "hey, give me pictures of really difficult props you want, I'll get them made for you for free!" We'll find out what can be made using con-approved materials, what shipping costs/problems there are, and test what people think with my freebies, see how much they think it's worth.

If things end up looking good, my shop might end up taking orders for such professional, custom-built things.

If I get to keep my job at my current office, I'll work here for at least another few months to help save up a small pile of money for expanding the shop. Work will be shit but it'll be worthwhile. (Not to mention keeping the dental insurance for a while longer so that I can get the fillings in my teeth changed.)

Storme: is awesome. ♥
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It hailed last Friday. Today I'm wearing a jumper to work. Is it autumn already?

On Saturday we watched Toy Story 3, which was brilliant. I really enjoyed that, didn't have a single thing to complain about. Storme wants to watch Scott Pilgrim when that comes out, so I'll be borrowing her copy of the comic.

I'm so stuck on [ profile] switching_it_up it's not funny.

I made good progress on the Flynn cosplay over the weekend. Will post some pictures soon. Lessons I learned were: 1) When doing tests, do it on a nice, big piece of scrap. 2) Just mix the damn latex with the acrylic. It stops paint brushes from dying too early. 3) When latex-ing several pieces, make sure they are placed well away from each other and from other porous surfaces such as paper even though they seem dry. If they accidentally touch, you will cry. 4) I need an airbrush. One has already been recommended to me and now that I have two projects which I need it for, I should go ahead and buy it.

Going to place a big order of wigs from the US soon. Will soon be poor again!

There is an ongoing heated discussion regarding the proposed new team structure at work; the team disagrees with management and HR's proposed organogram. It's approaching the TLDR stage even for me although my job's on the line.

I'm trying to follow the written instructions from Darth, who I believe has an actual problem with reading comprehension and writing. He reads out loud, very slowly, but has to go over sentences a few times and can still read words wrong. He reads them out as what he THINKS they might be saying rather than what they're saying. What he writes down also deviates from what he says out loud as he is writing. "Casulties" for "consultees", for example. And I don't even know what "inepret" is supposed to be given the context of the sentence. But I know that I'm talking to the consultees not casulties, at least...

Last but not least, Storme and I decided that the boy from Colchester Franklins is called Frank and he is very man. He therefore is in the "Super Man" group which Dave and the Pleasant Young Man also belong to. Not that Frank knows he is in such illustrious company.

Of course, Super Man ≠ Superman the hero. Although I bet Dave, PYM and Frank also dick around a lot.
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I agree with everything [ profile] storme said here about Resonance of Fate so far. Perhaps I just liked getting my ass kicked. XD The fights are actually hard, you know? Like how The Last Remnant was. Unlike how the last few installments of FF were. And there aren't any forced elements like how FF felt obliged to insert the eidolons although they were hardly useful.

Cosplay things are progressing. I'm trying to get Flynn ready for Hyper Japan (and then wear again to Cosplay Ball) at the end of October, which should not be a problem unless something go horribly wrong with the armour. Armour making is surprisingly easy so far, I guess Flynn's one isn't complicated, which is good for a first-timer (because Ed's automail doesn't count.) For October Expo I already have Daryan almost ready, minus some white paint on his shoes and putting his hair together - I'm putting that off because I've got no place to store a cockhead without messing the hair up, so I'll just do it nearer the time. Storme and I also intended to be Beaker & Bunsen (The Muppets) at Expo, but unless we can find a spotter, we won't be doing it. Wearing bulky stuff with obscured vision is self-harm enough, if it's Expo where the crowds are manic, it's just absolute NO without help. (Unless we wear it just for the masquerade.)

The home purchase is going well. The deposit went to the solicitors today. My dad said that if I'm without a job come October, he'll help me pay my mortgage. How lucky am I? Then I'll live off Storme's rent and income from Coscraft until I find steady work (or if the shop starts making enough sales, then screw steady work!) It's doable.

I have plans for the shop. I know what people want to buy and where to source it from, it's a matter of having the money to make the investment first.

Hm. It's weird how almond nuts taste fine and ground almond also tastes fine in cakes, but when it's almond flakes or almond puddings, I really don't like the flavour. It's so... almondy. XD
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  1. opens for business this Thursday. There is a Facebook page if anybody wants to keep track of updates. :)

  2. Today I saw loads of homes and talked to mortgage people and estate agents. During one such conversation...
    Me: [via SMS] Okay being told about properties by a pretty boy who looked about eighteen and should be in the movies romancing some other petty* boy was weird.
    Storme: :D you're not supposed to start shipping your estate agent!

    *I typoed.

  3. [ profile] ontd_football makes watching the World Cup so awesome.

  4. Last night I found myself, in a sort of trainwrecked way, clicking through a "preview tour" of a cosplay porn website featuring the typical spherical breasts but with "cosplay" outfits and horribly-done computer generated backgrounds. And it wasn't even the porn or cosplay I had problems with, but THE HORRIFIC 3DS WORK. The rendering, it was bad! BAD!

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