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I thought about posting "Stand My Ground" by Within Temptation, but this one fits better.

Faye Wong - A Love Letter to Myself

Hey I even translated it for you, though bear in mind in Chinese it's a lot more poetic )

30 days of music meme question list )
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Hate is a pretty strong word; I don't have a band that I hate, and I struggle to come up with a band I dislike as well. There are bands I don't particularly like, but I don't spend energy disliking them, my time's too precious for that. So here's me skipping day 12.

Day 13 is a guilty pleasure song. Hm, I don't know. Here, have a random one.

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I was 13 when this song became really popular.

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Natsuoto. Beautiful MV, great song.

30 days of music meme question list )

Just spotted the DVD of Hamlet (animated Shakespeare). I wonder if it's the DVD version of this. Because I watched the latter many years ago and always wanted a DVD copy of it...
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I am frantically trying to write fic. I hate not being able to write.

Tomorrow is the third, and hopefully final, day on site. I pulled my back last weekend and being on site is not helping. I wasn't even meant to be there for three days, but two.

Um. So, music meme. I am skipping days 8 & 9, which are "a song that you can dance to" and "a song that makes you fall asleep" because I don't dance and I can't listen to music as I go to sleep or have it on when I'm about to wake up; it affects my dreams, usually in a bad way even if it's upbeat music. I'll do day 10 tomorrow.
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There are many sons I know all the words to, although I do catch Cantonese lyrics a lot better than I do English ones.

So, I guess it's "post a few random songs" time. All rather old ones...

許志安 - 灰飛煙滅 which I probably should've included in the "song that makes you sad" post.

黃耀明 + 彭羚 - 漩渦 - Anthony Wong has the sort of voice that sends shivers down my spine. I don't mind Cass Pang's voice either.

黃耀明 - 這麼遠那麼近 - speaking of the guy, I must post this one because I approve of the gay although they avoided it with the MV.

張國榮 - 左右手 and (dammit I want something with better sound quality than this) because his voice is so smoooooth and these are the most epic songs ever. And why not have 玻璃之情 too. Sadly this video was just a series of footage and other videos mashed together, because by the time this song was released he had already died.

謝霆鋒 - 玉蝴蝶... a friend from uni hated this song, but I think it has very beautiful lyrics.

In general, I think 林夕 is a genius when it comes to lyrics. 林振強 was another of my favourite, and he didn't only write great lyrics, he was also amazing at comedy and satire.

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Glay - Blue Jean

Another Japan-related experience. I went to the Glay Expo 2004 at Universal Studios Japan, Oosaka with a friend. The day before the live we went to the expo bit, with absolutely no idea what we were going to find. It was basically Glay EVERYTHING from the moment we stepped out of the USJ train station. Merchandise, music, cosplayers everywhere. It was amazing.

After a long day we decided to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe there and after a while all these other people started filling up the restaurant, with people wanting to get in but couldn't - it turned out there was a live radio broadcast from Hard Rock, and naturally it was Glay songs only. We were a whole restaurant full of Glay fans. We voted on what songs should be played, there were games, and people just forgot about their dinner and got up and danced. Remember, this was Japan! This sort of thing should never happen! It was the strangest and most fannish and wonderful experience.

One of the hosts did the funniest Teru impression during the intro to "Stay Tuned". He was really good at it too. The other host said "Teru'd get angry if he finds out" and we all lol'd.

As for the song, Blue Jean was released when the expo started, and so it was played everywhere at USJ. It's not even a great song but I'm very fond of it.

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This is a bit of a weird one: Tenimyu 3rd cast - Do Your Best. Not the whole song though, just the tiny little bit where Date Kouji does the "Do Your Best: Nagabuchi!" part (3:30), which reminds me of Nihon Seinenkan, the time when I had a panic attack for no apparent reason. I ended up just sitting there for half a day, complaining about being cold in midsummer in Japan. The staff there gave me a blanket from the hotel and wanted to send me to hospital! (Then again, people there do go to the hospital for very minor things.) There was another fangirl out waiting for the audience to come out; she had an extra ticket to sell for a performance outside Tokyo. We got chatting although my Japanese was shit and she didn't speak a word of English. She told me she didn't want to sell her ticket on auction sites because it'd go for a high price and she wanted to sell it at face value to another fan. At one point we were singing to ourselves and "do your best: Nagabuchi!" came up a lot. XD I don't even like Date Kouji.

...and now I am watching the Catherine & Daniel bit. XDDDDD

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This is pretty hard. I have a lot of character songs, but songs that remind me of real people? I can't really think of one.

Of course, I could always say that whenever I listen to Flight of the Conchords (especially the robot song) I think of [ profile] storme by default. :P

But no, I really can't think of one.

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Oh this can get long. I like my sad songs.

梅艷芳- 似水流年 (Time Flies(?)) This video is particularly poignant in that both Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung have passed away now. This woman had the most magnificent voice and admirable attitude to life.

Leslie Cheung had also sung this beautiful song solo.

Also, 梅艷芳's 孤身走我路 (Walk My Own Way) is a very brave and frank song. Haven't found translations yet and I'm not good at that...

Journey's End from The Last Remnant's soundtrack is saddening by default.

Adagio from the 2046 soundtrack. I guess it's part of a piece of classical music but this version on Youtube is the one I'm used to so I'm linking to it. This music gives me that OHGOD feeling. If you've seen the films you'd understand.

黎明's 今生不再 (Once in a Lifetime) from the City of Glass soundtrack is about fleeting moments of life. I haven't watched the film, but oh do I love the song.

楊千嬅 - 小城大事 is beautiful beautiful beautiful. I mean the song, though I'm also partial to the video. I actually prefer it's "original" version better - went to a Leon Lai concert last year, and he explained the origin of the song was background music for a film (which I still haven't watched, damn!), but Paco Wong heard it and begged him and Mark Lau to let them use it, and so they ended up with this song. Leon Lai has his "original" version here, which I think isn't recorded on a CD. The music starts at around 6:20. The 6 minutes before that is the part of the concert where he explained where the music came from. And it's just as he said - it's not a song for a man to sing. XD; But somehow his voice made the song sound... clumsy and that's endearing to me.

I also loved how Mark said he had a brain block for the music for the film until Leon took him to Shanghai.

Wow, this is an interesting version of that song. I didn't know she had a collab with Atsushi from EXILE. Okay, so this song isn't one for a man to sing unless the man is Atsushi. Or, thinking about it, Tamaki Kouji could sing this as well.

[edit] LMF's (Debt). The first time I heard this song I cried. The lyrics just got me RIGHT THERE, even though it's not all applicable to me. I think a lot of Asian kids must feel the same.

This list can go on... holler if you want more...

(Crap, now I want to write Dave/Rush. Why doesn't all this music inspire me to do some D1?)

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Keeping in mind that the questions "a song that reminds you of..." are coming up and so I should save some songs for those, this is a pretty hard question.

One would be Glay's Shutter Speeds no Tee-ma, and in particular, the Live in Big Egg version from 1999. Shutter Speeds is Jiro's song. Jiro is the bassist of Glay and my favourite man in the world. Live in Big Egg 99 was the first time I watched a (recorded) live of Glay's and I will never forget how Jiro waddled after Teru in his ridiculous outfit, and how he liked to kick his left foot to the music - which he still does. XD

Of course, Hisashi playing Pachelbel's Canon on guitar was pretty awesome too.

And just to make sure this is just an excuse to post Glay songs, Soul Love does have a really cute video that makes me smile. And there's the Jiro's Angle version as well.

Anddd I was just about to mention another song but I'll save that for Day 7.

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John Lennon's Imagine.

30 days of music meme question list )

In other news, I'm making a cape. It's looking interesting.
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Hard to pick, of course. I think Glay's Zutto futari de... from their 1995 album Speed Pop is probably an all-time favourite. If I remember correctly, this song was written for Teru's sister's wedding. It's cheesy as hell, but also very heartfelt. Zutto futari de... lyrics )

Another favourite might be Glay's White Road. White Road lyrics )

Listening to these songs too much can make me cry. Especially White Road. It's because of this song that this fic exists.

(Ended up using dailymotion rather than youtube because Glay's official PVs get removed from youtube quite efficiently.)

30 days of music meme question list )
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Head being done in by work and headache.

If you're bored, comment and I'll tell you a random fact. It might be a fact about anything at all.
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*watches you people go: oh, where to start?*
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Lifted from Val!

1. Working as a team. It's always Team Me.

2. Understanding what people are saying, due to different accents. "What, sorry, what did you say?" "Can you repeat that please?" "Buh??"

3. Knowing when to fucking stop.

4. Remembering that people are not me and therefore does things differently, have different priorities, different fears, different expectations.

5. Languages.

6. Music. Can't play any, can't read any, don't understand anything, can only just about tell the difference between rock and pop, lol.

7. Being actually really really good at something.

8. Being patient.

9. Sports. DX

10. Knowing what the trend is. Books, fashion, gadgets, makeup... don't ask me.
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Already posted so many times yesterday, so didn't complete the meme. Yesterday's happy thing was being told by the coworker, who before Christmas said I was surfing too much internet, that there was nothing to do after all. And that's nothing to do because of the upcoming office move, not nothing to do because I'm about to lose my job. HA. *surfs the internet!*

A different coworker asked me if my back's still not good. Apparently I still hold myself a bit stiff/funny. Must be bad habit.

A third coworker kept selling Zelda: Ocarina of Time to me. He said it's on Wii virtual console, I'd love to play but I'd end up playing the Japanese version and that'd slow my gameplay down a lot, which is not good seeing as I want to play Infinite Undiscovery and replay FFX*. And play Tales of Vesperia when it comes out in UK. Reading the game forums, I laugh because people who have got lots of games recently including IU, ToV, Persona 4, LBP and others are all GLUED to TLR and unable to play anything else. XD Maybe I shouldn't feel bad that I plan to start the game again as soon as I've finished, the way many others seem to be doing. XDDDDDDDDDD

*FFX is possibly the best game I've ever played. Simply listening to the "To Zanarkand" theme makes me emotional.

In TLR, I went to the Final Boss last night, only to discover that my stats are too low to beat him. Should've known since I had to duck out of Falak's way. So I zoned back out to do some grinding. Been wanting to finish the game asap since I've already missed quests and such and would be playing again very soon, if only to make backseat gamer [ profile] giving_ground watch, but damn. Grinding must be done. Arghhhhh I want the ending now!

Gonna go to youtube for some cutscenes to make icons with. Yay for HQ videos.

A lolcat that actually made me lol, that's rare. It's a wonderful photo as well.

I sent my boss a text message asking him why he has a jar of 2004 coffee on his desk. His reply consisted of only one word: "Eeew". *snort*

Really want to go to the cinema recently. Are there any good films out?

Day Seven

Jan. 5th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Today's happy things:

1. THIS. He's my favourite man in the world. I cannot explain why, he just is, and has been for many years. The mook is packed full of interviews, pictures and info. I'll sit up all night just (trying) to read the interviews. (Ordered on the night of 31 Dec, arrived today. How quick was that, especially at this time of year?!)

2. I learned how to put a new fuse in a traditional fuse box.

Lights! Two bulbs blown. >> I think one of the bulb fittings is faulty since this is the third bulb that died on it now. Must be the cause of the problem.

I didn't realise how bad the weather was until watching the news just now. Guess it just reached that point where I just know it's bloody freezing but not exactly how freezing.

So it looks like the pilot of Being Human went down well! Apparently the series is coming soon on BBC Three. I really like the idea of it, though I didn't like how stereotypical their vampire was in the pilot episode. Hope he'll be different in the series.
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I managed to make breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to go food shopping. That was a Very Good Thing considering how cold it is outside.

Dave yelling "just go home!" at the monsters with a sort of frustrated voice makes me laugh. I'm quite worried he might die at the end of the story, or turn into the Final Boss, or Something Worse (if what they're hinting at is true, anything can happen).

Rush's got 21 metallic studs (after giving one to Nora). Not worn, just carrying around. Mobs keep dropping them. Apparently they're earrings. I just imagined him wearing loads of studs on both ears. >>

Emmy's turning out to be a very strong leader, although her battle cries are the second lamest thing in the world, with the first being Irina's battle cries. Farming for cosmosand is third lamest thing.

I changed the batteries on my controller about 2 days ago and it's running out again. That's how much I've been gaming. Might go get the rechargable battery pack.

This is from near the beginning of the game. The look on Dave's face is precious. )

The Japanese official site has much more interesting wallpapers.


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