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I've been so absorbed playing Fire Emblem: Awakening that I forgot to post fics. XD But such a good game, oh god. 3 hours in and I knew and loved the (dozens of) characters far more than I did after 15 hours of Drakengard 2 (which I still haven't finished). Fortunately Storme is finding it all very amusing; I keep trying to talk to her about it but she hasn't played it yet (it's on the 3DS which I'm hogging atm).

On Thursday we went with two friends to see Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason, which was excellent. I have to say that cosmology and astronomy aren't my thing, so I actually nearly fell asleep during Brian Cox's bit. (Shut up. His voice was soothing.) But that was only a small part of the evening - the whole thing was 3+ hour celebration of nerdity (with comedy attached), which Storme has talked about on her LJ already so I won't repeat. I laughed far too hard and learned a bit, and also surprised myself by being able to understand a man who spoke roughly 20 words per second.

Started an exercise routine yesterday. Was dizzy and seeing stars at the end, but repeating the same exercises today and I didn't feel nearly as bad at the end. Not sure if sheer luck or actual progress, because surely progress doesn't happen this fast?

And with that, I'm going to go back to playing FE:A. I could finish the game right now but oh no, gotta trigger more dialogues because funny. [ profile] evaporate, you're so right about Henry!Gerome. Also, Frederick wants Ravioli to help him with his gag reflex. Oh god did I die. And after the emblem got snatched, because Ravioli (my male MU) is married to Lucina, the conversation there was kind of sweet. And then he told her he loved her as much as he loved Chrom. AND I DIED AGAIN. Because headcanon. It's all over my facebook, Ravioli has such serious pining for Chrom, and I swear, Ravioli has fans now, some of my FB friends look forward to my updates of his adventures. Anyway I'm going back to the game now bye.
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Anti-inflammatories are working! \o/ It's showing me though, now that the pain isn't just ALL OVER EVERYWHERE, that it's my right side this time, instead of the usual left side. Not sure if I should say "well at least now I'm symmetrical" or "well shit, now the other side's gone too."

So, I have this habit of writing at night and then reading through it the next day see if it was actually coherent or not. Today I find myself laughing at my own jokes...

Don't suppose anyone here wants to/can take a look at some SnK Eruri stuff I'm in the middle of writing? >_> You need to be caught up with the manga though, or not mind spoilers.
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My back (and hips, yay transferred pain) hurt really bad. Seen the doctor and got anti-inflammatories*, but they don't seem to be working just yet. This means I've spent a lot of today being immobile, apart from going to the doctor and to the post office, because that needs to be done regardless of the situation. I spent some time writing a bit of SnK, just to see if I can get a feel for the voices. It's... okay so far, nothing to sing about though.

Going to watch Meganebu after Great British Bake Off.

*hot water bottle is helping, so it can't be that inflammed. Maybe I'm just being a wimp.
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My immediate plans for day to day life in general appear to be categorised under "before Ayacon" and "after Ayacon", which is terribly strange considering I'm only an attendee and occasional helper.

Before Ayacon:
  • Finish extra costume for Pete

  • Finish Yurick's bum bag, which I would've done already if I hadn't damaged both my hands cutting worbla and punching holes in leather (I've managed to hurt my hands, yes. Specifically, I haven't been able to grip things properly without pain because of the base of my thumbs and the muscles that go up the arm from there are refusing to cooperate. It's been in this semi-RSI state for nearly a week now and after much resting they seem to be returning to normal. Still, punching holes in fabric, using pliers or lifting our big bench sellotape holder by grabbing it from the top? No.)

  • Do some cleaning before we leave because oh my god the state of this place

After Ayacon:

  • Finish cleaning the flat

  • Hermitise and play all the games that have piled up (a quick look at the pile reveals Assassin's Creed series, Mass Effect series, Nier, The Last Story, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia, amongst others)

  • Retake a lot of wig photos for Coscraft, since the old ones really aren't up to scratch. Order more stock.

  • Do VAT return, and maybe even gather up all the accounts information so that the accountant can get things done for us

Lately I feel as though I'm all socialised-out. The need to hermitise is strong. I think for at least 3 weeks, preferably longer, I'd like to just be at home or go out and do things without friends. The sort of meetups where everyone sits around watching TV is fine, but there's been quite a lot of... intensive friendship days and it's time for me to recharge.

At the shop we ran a week of sales, which ended on Saturday. Monday are usually our busiest day in terms of processing the orders and getting them sent, because it includes Friday afternoon and all of Saturday and Sunday's orders. Today, because of the sales, we must have taken our biggest load ever to the post office. I still don't know how we managed it.

Randomly, a wig shipment from Shanghai, China seemed to have travelled to Memphis, Tennessee before arriving at Stansted, Essex, if the tracking information is to be believed.
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Yesterday I spent around 4 hours sanding down a sword by hand. Was pretty tired afterwards, and then it started getting worse and by bedtime my whole shoulder-to-wrist was a limb of burning pain and I couldn't even hold a cup of water. RSI by sword sanding! Way to go, me. Took anti-inflammatories and painkillers, still took forever for me to get to sleep. But it's pretty much okay now.

I've been on a Shingeki no Kyojin* high lately and decided to make the cosplay, despite not even knowing what the character's name should be translated to since every scanlation and dub group do their own thing for Rivaille/Levi/Levy. In any case, for the costume, since I've been wanting to make a bodice block for myself anyway, I thought this was the time to do it. Silly me to not read the instructions properly, the block doesn't contain seam allowances. So I ended up wasting fabric. Used the block to draft a new set of pattern with seam allowances now. Luckily the jacket I need to make is very short and I think there's stil plenty of fabric left for making two of them.

Should make myself some icons...

Writing has slowed because events are just slow. Managed to give two characters mental problems (they have very legitimate reasons to be that way) and then everyone around them are going WAH WHAT DO. Progress is slow because nobody knows what to do. Oh dear. I really need to stop writing myself into a corner.

*Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan. 44 chapters of manga is out, and 4 episodes of anime so far. If you haven't read/watched it, go now. I promise you it's good.

In theory

Apr. 3rd, 2013 02:34 am
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My sleeping pattern became out of whack just before the clock moved forward, so now it's even worse than before. For no reason I don't seem to be able to sleep before 5am recently.

Today [ profile] storme and I went to our monthly cake meet with a bunch of friends. It's just something we do to make sure we don't only see each other at conventions or other events where everyone's too busy to chat. Also, we've become so reliant on Facebook these days it's too easy to think we're up to date with what's happening in our friends' lives when all we've seen are vignetted pictures of their dinners and posts about how much they all supposedly like cocks. XD;

Anyway, before we left home I was deciding on what to wear, and out of curiosity tried on a pair of shorts I bought from the motherland, size L, that had always been too small for me. They now fit!

This brings me to the topic of my diet. I'm a UK size 8/10, a pretty good size and weight for my height. Apparently I'm still too large for Chinese size L but Chinese women are typically shorter than me so hey. But anyway, I've been on a diet that's teaching my body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. At first it might seem like there is no reason for me to diet/lose weight, but there are really two.

One, and this is the shallow one, is that there's a cosplay I want to do this year that requires me to become a skinny boy.

Two, I've had a bad back since 2001 and it's only been getting worse. There had been times when I strained it and I wasn't able to walk or stand properly for days. Most recently, I did it in bending down to pick up something. I hadn't even touched anything yet and I wasn't bending very far down, but my back just went. The doctor told me before that to pick up anything at all, I should always use my knees because when you bend from your waist, the back muscles are supporting the weight of all your upper body, not just the thing you're picking up. But of course I forget about that, especially when all I wanted to do was pick up an empty plastic bag. >_>

But if I lose some weight, even if it's just a kilo or two, that's less weight my back has to carry.

So my diet involves eating a lot of vegetables and a lot of meat. Fat is also fine, because my body's learned to burn that for energy now. Loads of meat for muscle-building protein. I discovered that protein powder + instant coffee granules + water/almond milk + ice in a blender = pretty damn tasty drink. But there's practically no sugar or carbohydrates in my diet at the moment, so while I'm (hopefully) gaining muscle, I'm also losing body fat. This is a good thing.

Since the start of my diet I'm now about 4kg lighter. That's far easier on my back and when I exercise I shouldn't be tired as quickly because I'm not having to carry as much. I think I can't get much lighter than this (and I wouldn't look good if I do), in fact exercising will build muscles so that my weight would go up again. But that'd be /quality/ weight. Muscles on my back will hopefully get stronger so I won't break so easily.

But yes, the cake meet tonight broke my diet because of the scones. Ah well, I can get back into it.

On the writing front, I'm 43 chapters (!) into the TLR/RoF crossover and the end is in sight. I'll be very sad when it's all over. :( There is currently a dilemma because I don't want to split up a couple, but Storme said I'm not allowed "another OT3" because "there's already an OT3 in this fic" which... is and isn't correct. But one of them really can't choose, the other, because of personality and past events, would not force anyone to choose, and the third person, well, he has many very correct reasons for doing nothing about it as well. MAYBE NONE OF YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER, MON DIEU.

Storme and I have booked flights to go to HK at the end of May, where there will be Glay concert and lots and lots of tasty food. It's quite hard for me to imagine what sorts of things a tourist would want to see/experience in HK, but we're slowly compiling a list. Still, it's going to be pretty freeform I'm sure. We just aren't the kind of travellers who must have a fixed route with a fixed list of things to do, it's too constricting.

I think I'll go back to trying to find a way out for the OT3 now...
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Today I went back to the dental technician's place. It smelled of chemicals (Storme actually checked the bunsen burners - yes, bunsen burners - to see if they weren't just leaking gas) and it was still an amazing little place that should belong in a film. I got to see the room inside and there were little wooden cabinets that must've been used for 50+ years. But! What's most important was that the technician was great at his job and produced for me what's essentially denture for a single tooth. Apparently it's not that uncommon, but I guess people don't want to tell others about it if they're wearing some. Anyway, it fits me perfectly, doesn't hurt, is the right colour, and does its job. And I didn't have to pay through my nose for it, thanks to the insurance/payment plan I've signed up with.

I've been ill lately due to a combination of neck pain, bad reaction to medication, travel sickness, second hand smoke and whatnot. It's all getting better now but I need to rest my head against something most of the time because my neck gets so tired. This means the moving of stuff at home hasn't progressed as planned, and I have... 300 wigs coming in the next two weeks. Better get the storage sorted before those arrive.
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So, I haven't been writing Rikkai. *ducks* Instead I'm working on a Resonance of Fate/The Last Remnant crossover (yes, I know) and in Zephyr's words, "I don't know what this is, but I likes it." It has a fair amount of back story which is quite heavy, and then the "current" timeline which is about people coping with life but also generally just moving on and having fun - a rather different sort of thing for me to write, you might notice. I'm writing at such a pace that if I was doing Nanowrimo I would've done quite well.

I keep meaning to do a big update post about what's happened in the past couple of months, but the photos are still on the camera - I'm just that lazy and distracted. But here are a few of the things that's happened/I can remember right now:

The second bedroom of the flat, which had been shop storage/office + cosplay storage + [ profile] storme's office, is now all of those things minus being Storme's office. I'm working on expanding the shop with Storme, now that we're both on it full time. We've also been building/shifting furniture, and generally moving stuff around. It's getting there, I think.

There's a tooth that's been giving me problems for years, and this week it's finally given up. The half of the tooth that's inside the gum is still there, but there is no longer any tooth at all outside the gum. Today I went to a dental technician, where they will make me some sort of a stub to put on there to make it look like I do have a tooth (because crowns won't work when there's no exposed tooth to crown over). The technician's place looks like it comes from a survival horror game, without the blood. It was dingy, there were sparse shelves on the wall full of thin boxes that aren't shut properly. There was a single old desk near the front door with a desk lamp and some mouth moulds and a few loose teeth. And then this man came out wearing a white coat, his gloved hands holding a set of teeth, and asked if he could help me. It was so comical I almost laughed. XD; (Fortunately I'm very unsqueamish about teeth and dentists.) This is my last resort, if it doesn't work then I'll need to pay two grand for an implant if I want to look like I have a tooth there.

We've been shopping/making things for [ profile] yukimannequin et al.'s Christmas exchange, it's all ready now, we just need to write the card. There's still plenty of time before Christmas postal cut-off so it should all be okay! Storme had too much fun making the gifts, but I'm sure she'll talk about that in due course.

There are 2 Christmas celebrations that we are going to next month, and maybe there'll be some impromptu ones, like a pizza/movie night with a few friends? But personally my hope is for the rest of this year to be generally uneventful. There are shows to watch, games to play, costumes to make, cakes to bake, things to write. I'm happy to stay at home all day long. Hmm, must be getting old.

My laptop of 5 years has become quite impossible to work with (the hinges are dying, I risk pulling the screen out every time I try to move them. And it's so, so slow) so finally I bought myself a new one! The old one's keyboard didn't have a backward slash so I usually only did this for a raised-arms emoticon: /o/ but now I'm capable of raising my arms this way: \o/! Happy days! \o/

Aaaaand I go back to writing. And sleep.


Mar. 22nd, 2012 12:43 pm
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It's like squeezing a lemon and realising how many cuts you have on your hands. All it takes is a case of food poisoning for one to realise all the other aches and pains one has been blocking out before.
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The doctor thinks the skin problem behind my ear is either psoriasis or eczma, more likely the former even though it doesn't usually happen behind one's ear. Anyway it should be a minor thing, it's not like I have chunks of skin coming loose from my scalp. Got prescribed a steroid gel which should solve the problem.

I've been reading Claymore. Fighting girls, Shounen Jump style! It's kind of fun. I do prefer mindfucks when it comes to manga but once in a while shounen stuff is pretty entertaining.

Not done much else lately... making a costume for a friend. He's about 6 foot 6 I think. Next time I'm going to factor in the time for all the extra hemming and long seams I have to do just because of the size! XD; Not that I plan to take commissions often. I'm seeing this more as a sewing practice really.
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Spent the last few days coughing and sneezing a lot. The cough medicine I got helped but it also knocked me right out every time I took it. Took Thursday and Friday off work, and still wasn't very coherent on Saturday, apparently. Sunday was my dad's birthday so Storme and I went to London and baked him a cake. The rest of the weekend was spent wandering around the house feeling weird and unsettled and listless. Still coughing today, the pressure in my ears is all wonky which I hate far more than the coughing.

On the upside, I played a lot of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future while in bed. Not sure how far I am with the game, perhaps half way? The parrot minigame drives me mental sometimes but I'm enjoying it a lot nonetheless. There's something very pleasing about the Layton games, in particular I LOVE the music. A few things I've learned so far:

- I'm very good at maths puzzles but not so good with 3D stuff.

- Luke's voice in the US version > the UK version. I don't even know why they had to pick different voice actors just for him.

- Parrots bounce in funny ways.

- People's noses automatically lengthen when they get old?

- The soundtracks look ridiculously expensive on Amazon. Must find other source of getting it.

In other news, the Spending Review is coming out soon. There is a "bated breath" atmosphere at the office. My rail ticket expires tomorrow and I definitely won't be renewing it for a year.

Lastly, I learned that it's not common for people to want to know How Things Are Done and How Other People Do It. I thought watching Kaname transform himself from Ordinary Guy to FF:AC Cloud was immensely interesting, but apparently I'm the only one.


May. 12th, 2010 03:10 pm
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And then Qubine squeezes his way into the story. He'll be a lovely addition... once I start to actually write. I've done a few paragraphs so far only. But yay, I ♥ Qubine! \o/

Yesterday I was meant to have a meeting in London. The client postponed it to today after I got to London because their project manager wanted to lead the meeting but he was too busy. You'd think he should know his own schedule and not agree to a meeting on a time he could not make, right? So it was rescheduled to today, I got there and... the project manager couldn't make it again. But we went ahead with some discussion anyway. WTF, man? If you're going to reschedule at least make it a time you're sure you can make. The other consultant couldn't make it today and had to send someone in his place. We might as well have had the discussion yesterday and it would've been more productive. Apparently "all the other projects make way for this one". Well if that's the case I worry about the other projects they have. Along with all the other things they've (not) done, I'm so pissed off I can shoot someone.

I seem to be having energy level problems lately. Also, my head hurts frequently, sometimes almost as soon as I wake up. Bah.
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[ profile] storme and I laughed.

(Context: at the train station, a woman walked by us and then said "lesbians!" out loud in an "oh!" way. The sort of thing that normally goes on in people's heads when they suddenly realise something, only they don't say it out loud.)

Easter weekend saw me sick for a couple of days - well I was sick even before that anyway - and then getting better, then [ profile] storme was sick and dizzy and throwing up. I think I made her pregnant even though she's already destroyed my imaginary testicles and therefore I will never be able to father children (as if I ever was able to.) There was a lot of FF13 and some viewing of nearby show apartments. And much world-domination preparations was also done. It's probably going take another two months or so though.

FF13 is not impressing me much so far. It's got pretty graphics but that's about it. Sazh is my favourite, the rest I just don't care about. At all.

Tonight I shall look at my for-sale pile and start taking photos etc. It's not going to raise a lot of finance for world domination but it'll at least help me get a death ray. That pile really needs to go anyway, it's taking up a whole bookshelf.

Want to write fic. But I've got no neat ideas. =/
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I want to talk about how much I hate my Client, but there just aren't enough expletives to use.

My back went sdfhjkslafhlasfa again last Saturday in the morning, though it was the middle/upper back this time which was something new, and luckily it mostly went away after a day.

Need TLR fic.

World domination plan is moving along slowly, but it is moving.

I want to write something. Something that involves long suffering Torgal, butterfly livers for the Dave and Rush's amazing spoils pile.
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First of all, I must draw you guys' attention to amazing Dave fanart fdsjkfhlaksfhsla!!!!!

In fact, check out [ profile] amei's TLR fanart (she doesn't seem to tag stuff so just click through the journal!) and [ profile] wredwrat's fanart here because, oh god oh god. *___*

And now, some non-fannish stuff.

I spent last Wednesday AM wondering why my back and hips felt misaligned and walked with my top half bent 20 degrees from the vertical. By the evening I finally realised that I damaged my back *again* and it wasn't my hips and thighs that have been hurt, it was sciatica. I therefore decided that 1) I was going to sleep downstairs (old sofa thrown away, have been using Liz's mattress as temporary sofa) because I couldn't bear the thought of going upstairs for bed and 2) I wasn't going to work on Thursday. Both of which were good decisions.

So, on Thursday I became friends with diclofenac and Final Fantasy 7. Movement, especially getting up after lying down/sitting down for a while resulted in OW OW OW OWWWWWW, stuff like that.

On Friday [ profile] storme ditched work to look after my broken self. ;; I mostly just lay there on the mattress in front of the TV and made pathetic noises.

On Saturday I felt okay enough to go out for some fresh air and sunshine. We went to the noodle bar near the top of North Hill, which turned out to have 1) tasty tasty kon chow beef ho fan :D and 2) wheat/gluten free options. Wish we knew that earlier! Did some shopping. Had amazing ice-cream. Made pasta and apple strudel at night. Collapsed again due to broken tiredness.

On Sunday my "new" sofa arrived. It's a perfectly good sofabed from my sister, who's recently moved house and wanted a different sofa. So we set that up, cleared up some stuff, moved around bits of furniture (well, I directed. Storme did the moving. ♥). Now the house is looking much better, except for my Faize cosplay stuff which is still everywhere. Made soup. Baked chocolate cake.

We discovered that we never actually played TLR together! But still we didn't get around to playing it. Again. orz I made loads of progress on the Faize cosplay and also fixed the Zidane one, though, thanks to having been stuck home.

We also watched some Yakitate! Japan and Bill Bailey, though I don't even remember which nights those were.

At the moment I still can't be standing up for very long without needing to sit down. Sigh. Still drugged with diclofenac.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off to get my dental crown fixed in the morning, then to go to the FFXIII launch event at HMV Oxford Street in the afternoon. To be honest I'm more excited about there being a new JRPG to play than there being a new FF to play, if you know what I mean. I'm also looking forward to Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity, despite it being produced by Tri-Ace (Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean: TLH. Urghhhh.) I don't care, I just want JRPG.

At work right now. Checking financial stuff and sending out invoices. Can I please have some engineering to do?
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Got a new crown for my tooth today. I think it's set too high, although the dentist alread filed it down quite a bit. I reckon nobody understands how deep my bite is, and how my lower jaw is pulled in quite a bit compared to the upper one. I forgot about the crown just now and bit down the way I normally did and went fdshkjfhasklfskad OW. Which is strange considering the tooth has been root canaled and the dentist didn't even need to use aneasthetic when she drilled at it.

So, either get the crown adjusted (if it's filed down more I think it'll break) or suffer enough until I learn to adjust my bite. Dammit.
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Have been informed that on there is someone who is using the made-up name I used for David's dad in her fic. *snicker*

My left shoulder has, for no reason I can think of, become a solid lump of pain.

Did as much as I could on Zidane's boots. They're very neat looking, I'm pleased with myself. Can't find the fimo clay (might have chucked it), so need a new block before I can start on the pendant again. The other clay I tried using just isn't doing the job.

I have nothing intelligent or exciting to talk about. Am hungry again after huge dinner earlier. But that's nothing new. XD

UK people

Nov. 23rd, 2009 07:20 pm
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You know how they always talk about getting dental work done in Eastern Europe? Has any of you actually done it, or know someone who has done it? What's the experience like?

Only £45?

Oct. 1st, 2009 10:45 am
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Slept badly despite falling asleep much earlier than usual. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling OMG WHY IS IT SO WARM? and "ah, I knew it's about time for another round of back pain." God knows what I've done to it this time. So today PrescriptionPills/Pez OTP. And what's with this general muscle pain?

Missed a RM Special Delivery yesterday and I've no idea what it is. Have I ordered anything that's supposed to come by Special Delivery? To my home address???

Tickets for Bill Bailey's show at the O2 from "only" £45. Guess I'll give this one a miss. :(

Last night was dinner with a bunch of cosplayers from the Essex/Suffolk area. Lots of fun. Ben said he's getting together a D-Gray Man group for Kitacon and asked if I could be Cloud Nine. Checked her out on Google Images and she seems perfectly doable. So I'm having a think about it. Would be fun to finally be able to cosplay with a group of people! And be a female character, for once!

So, my question is: Is anyone else thinking about going to Kitacon, 26-28 March 2010? It's in Northampton. Registration is £45, on-site accommodation is £65 a night for a double room, so £32.50 per person per night.

(I guess if I go to this one then I won't be going to Minamicon in April. I'm not that insane. Really.)


Aug. 20th, 2009 11:08 am
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Seems like the hand wound decided to start closing overnight. Yay. Still careful about not squishing it wide open...

Every morning the people at work ask me how I'm feeling. My answers are always along the lines of "still not good", "crap" and "urgh". The meds from the doctor aren't doing anything at all. Not pleased.

One of the bastards at head office is making me change my hours booked to his job to marketing instead because they've overspent. I clearly recall our phone conversation - which he initiated - that I'll be booking 8.5 hours to it and he agreed to that. Now he's shifting 5.5 of that to marketing. HELLO, I'VE GOT A UTILISATION TARGET TO MEET. But boss did console me by saying that my marketing hours will be considered as winning work anyway since that's what I've been doing when I'm not off sick.

Speaking of which, I hear that one of the jobs I've won recently has had the site work stopped because the Designers (not us) made some really elementary errors. That's how all our tax money is being wasted, folks - Designers not finding out thoroughly what's under the ground (including a huge shaft left over from WW2) and properly organising utility diversions etc. I think they'll be sued for compensation.

Um! Enough of stupid. Gotta think about what to wear for the cosplay picnic. Something that won't make me boil inside. I could make something for it, I've got... a week and a bit. If I could make Dave in two weeks, surely I could put together something simple in this amount of time, as long as I decide before the weekend so that I can do the shopping on Saturday. If not, I suppose I could go as Kiryuu Zero, I just need to make a few repairs to his outfit. Or Belial, mad hatter's tea party picnic lol! Otherwise... anyone got suggestions? WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ME DRESSED AS? \:D/

I'm still gleeful that Unni got me TLR doujinshi at Comiket. XD

Aaaaaand back to work.


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