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April Fools Day came and gone without incidents. /o/ Rejoice!

Been doing a big costume for a commission. It's this guy. Some photos in this album here. (The wig is my Back to the Future wig, it's not what the customer will be wearing. XD) It's not completely done yet but it's almost there. Can't wait to see the end of this. >_> So many different components! And sewing chains onto trousers is probably the most annoying and tedious thing I have ever done for a costume.

Sales at the shop has picked up quite significantly over the last two months! If this continues then I won't have to take commissions anymore, my time will be worth more money working harder on the shop. Commission payments had been useful during this time though since I spent a lot of money getting new stock.

A couple of weeks ago Storme and I went to a con and pranced around in Princess Tutu costumes. I still haven't had time to download the pics from my own camera yet, but there is a photo of us in [ profile] redkun_arc's album here. And yes, that Doc and Marty were also us.

I have been poking at a fic on and off for the past year or two but it hasn't really gone anywhere. Lately I got some good ideas for it, but this writing thing? It's really hard.

Last but not least, Renji is zen. :D

2 things.

May. 30th, 2011 10:48 pm
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  1. Saitou Takumi has been cast as Miles Edgeworth in the new Phoenix Wright movie.




Apr. 5th, 2011 05:43 pm
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Con report later. Kitacon III summary:
  • Food from the "food court" was piss poor and horribly overpriced. Hotel restaurant (Millers) was 5000x better and not much more expensive

  • Very limited number of double beds, and we didn't get one. Probably because it's an airport hotel

  • Pool + jacuzzi + sauna = :D

  • Dealer's table wasn't too boring. Instead of going to find people, they come to find me! But hope next time they'll know not to let dealers block the air conditioning vents...

  • Panels. Some good, some bad. Makes me want to run my own

  • Made some money

  • Met new people, had fun, learned some interesting things

  • "Oh tits!" "Okay ngl I just wanna marry Alucard." "You're very attractive you know?" "Bish, I love bish." "I thought you'd be the girl!" "I thought herpes was hepatitis."

Spent 6 hours in a car yesterday and I got a bit of conflu on top of that so I'm quite miserable atm. I did go to town to mail stuff and buy food. Other than that it's mostly staying in bed with the laptop, looking up stuff and buying things for Coscraft, restocking and getting stationery etc. Still looking for a place that wholesales Pros-aide. Thought I found a place, rang them up and they said they don't do it anymore. =/
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Me as Sigmund and Storme as Edward from Infinite Undiscovery.

a couple more here )
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Holy Carpet Right Lord Sigmund!

Minami + my long weekend in general )

That's it I think. Bring on Kitacon! We've booked hotel, got leave from work and got train tickets sorted. But costumes are not ready yet, oops. And need to pack for the dealer's table too. PANICMODE.
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They say a picture is a thousand words.
Sometimes I think it's just a way to say "I have no words".

Back from Minami. It was fun, relaxed, totally WTF in places, and interesting in a rather surprising way.

We also took Sigmund and Edward cosplays with us. I've sworn off armour fhsdjfhsklfhks hatehatehate. There shall be photos later.
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If [ profile] storme says anything to the effect of "this photo sums up our relationship", she is lying.

Damn, I don't have a Sigmund icon?
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  1. eBay. After an auction is over, buyer/seller get emails from eBay to contact each other. In the email it says that you can either reply in your own email programme or click a link that'd take you to eBay site to send your reply. I don't know about other emails providers, but this doesn't work in Gmail. If you click "reply" in gmail and do it that way, the other side doesn't get your message and you don't know that they haven't got it.


  2. Rub 'n Buff. I love the stuff. But look at this picture.

    Both are the Rub 'n Buff produced by Amaco. But the one on the left looks like it was produced in the last millennium, right?

    I need this in "antique white", and everywhere I try to buy this, both online and offline, only has this in the old packaging. It'd be okay if the stuff works, but it doesn't. What comes out of the tube is all grainy and doesn't spread right.

    There seems to be only one UK importer ( and that's what it's supplying to all the shops. All the silvers and gold ones are the new packaging, I guess because those sell faster. Of the other colours, I've tried getting white and blue and both are the old packaging and grainy and unuseable.

    I'm really not pleased. Might have to resort to acrylic, but I need one that's really opaque. I much prefer Rub 'n Buff because for the same amount of money I get a lot more area coloured, it dries faster, and it's streak/brush stroke free. The finish is just smoooooth, the results are far superior. I can't achieve that with acrylic. Dammit.

Fast Drop

Jan. 18th, 2011 07:54 pm
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So the post office has this nifty service called Fast Drop. You pay for postage at home, print and stick it to your item, then you drop it at a special counter at the post office so that you don't have to queue. The difference between this and the regular service is that they will send me and my recipient notification of posting, which also serves as proof of postage. Really good for people running online businesses.

Except, post office branches that have Fast Drop counters? Not nearly enough of them. Unfortunately although the one in town centre does it, that's not the one I usually send things from. I mail stuff from the branch near work.


Unrelatedly, my work takes me to the most glamorous places.

As I stood there, a woman pushing a pram was having a screaming match with the man walking with her. It felt like I walked into Eastenders.

SE London is so different from SW sometimes it feels like the transition from one US state to another.

Also unrelated: I want to wear tweed tomorrow.
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These were taken about 2 weeks ago when [ profile] storme and I went to a cosplay-related event, although we didn't actually dress up.

Never mind that I was actually holding the weapons for Dalek Princess who I think was off to get changed. XD

Go! )
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Photo taken at a watch shop (Casio I think) at Brick Lane.

The middle line in Japanese says: Print the phrase "Time waits for no one" in French.

It's not just on the display plynth. It's printed as big window stickers and stuck all over the front floor-to-ceiling windows.

And is it just me or are they even missing a kanji? XD


Aug. 18th, 2010 10:12 pm
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Dave's favourite shoes.

Tea! But not a cream tea because the scones sold out. The items at the bottom left corner, [ profile] sinistera, are toasted tea cakes. I'm not sure if they're called the same thing where you are. 8D
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I baked blueberry & rosewater cake.

Also, [ profile] storme redyed my hair!

I love this colour. *___*

And the reason for my face in that picture is... )
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  1. opens for business this Thursday. There is a Facebook page if anybody wants to keep track of updates. :)

  2. Today I saw loads of homes and talked to mortgage people and estate agents. During one such conversation...
    Me: [via SMS] Okay being told about properties by a pretty boy who looked about eighteen and should be in the movies romancing some other petty* boy was weird.
    Storme: :D you're not supposed to start shipping your estate agent!

    *I typoed.

  3. [ profile] ontd_football makes watching the World Cup so awesome.

  4. Last night I found myself, in a sort of trainwrecked way, clicking through a "preview tour" of a cosplay porn website featuring the typical spherical breasts but with "cosplay" outfits and horribly-done computer generated backgrounds. And it wasn't even the porn or cosplay I had problems with, but THE HORRIFIC 3DS WORK. The rendering, it was bad! BAD!

  5. Photos )
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Things I meant to watch but haven't, and will therefore be hunting down on iPlayer: last week's Doctor Who and The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister. Did anyone watch that? Was it as interesting as the ads made it look?

[ profile] storme got me Carlos Ruiz Zafón's latest translated work, The Prince of Mist, which is a young adult book. Haven't started yet, but I can't wait. <3

Some photos from the Expo weekend. For more photos, try here and here!

Today I remembered to check my DW account for the first time in... months.

Today I feel like I can write fic. Something slow and quite beautiful. I wonder if I can sneak that in during work.

A bit tired today after having slept less than I should. Worked on the website some more, setting up email templates and all. I just hope nothing breaks too dramatically when it comes to testing.

Can't wait to move house. I'm already thinking about the furniture for the home office.


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