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*insert Irish accent*

5:20 am. Pez has been asleep in the bedroom for 4 hours and 37 minutes.

*phone rings at an unholy volume, blaring "Come on, let's go!"*

Pez: *wakes* *picks up phone* ........hello?

Sheep: Hey I'm in Animate right now want anything?

Pez: ..........@_@ IdunnoI'mnotawake.

Sheep: Goods? Photobooks?

Pez: could find 中河内雅貴's "First Live Stand-Up!" DVD for me and see what the price is.

Sheep: *writes down* Just in case, how do you spell his name?

Pez: ................

Seriously. Try spelling "Nakagauchi Masataka" when you're not awake. It is actually not possible. Too. Many. Bloody. A's. And as it turned out, Animate's price isn't much cheaper than YesAsia's (although Animate might give a freebie photo or postcard), so I told Sheep I'llget it online and she should save the money to buy something for herself. But she did get me a Yogurti cushion thing. \o/ Tarundoru de gozaru!
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Looked at Masa first live video clip on Nicovideo. Verdict is: I'll be buying this DVD.

(This looks soooooooooo much better than Kazuki's first gig. Probably because Masa has done back dancing on stage and TV before and so he doesn't look like a really frightened kid.)
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Masa's (new) blog is finally un-comment-able. Not surprised.

Might be seeing the mythical Syl today.

I slept around 10 hours last night. It feels like I needed that.

In preparation for possibly not having internet for a while after moving house, I've caught up with downloading Bleach (I'm eat ep 150?), Soul Eater (not started), Vampire Knight (ep 3), Code Geass R2 (ep 6?). I also have all of Gintama and Reborn (up to ep43, don't know where to get the rest now) to watch.

There's really nothing I want to do except get this move over and done with.

Oh oops I think I broke something by having too many torrents running XD;
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The random things I write, let me show you it. 347-words of [The City] side fic sitting around - with spoilers for main fic )

And the beginning of some KiteRin:Gouya )

I have many, many more such things sitting around.

NakaMasa taught me a new word: tenimyucation. I feel like headdesking.
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Masa's so sweet. XD The comments are way awesome, too. It's nice to see something sent from fangirls on LJ getting there and being appreciated (by him as well as the other fans).

Back home early. Renji's torturing Gen-chan again. I'm in bed, doing nothing in particular.


[edit] *is killed by Gen-chan's foot-in-mouth disease*
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I'll have to find a suitable picture to show and compare.


My head has exploded. I think I'm going to die now. Goodbye.
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Who did Masa go out drinking with?


O子 = wordplay on Ouji.

*tries to guess the rest*

Seigaku's T-san should be Watanabe (everyone calls him Taka-san)
Seigaku's K-chan = Kei-chan = Minami
Rikkai's K-chan is probably Kanesaki. The other Ks I can think of aren't at legal drinking age (?). And I read somewhere that Kanesaki gets called Kane-chan...
Rokkaku's I would be IRE, hm?

.......I need better things to do.
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Yagami Ren really is omnipresent. Masa said he bumped into Yagami on his way home. O_O

I can't write Troika without imagining Kanesaki, Yagami and Ono in the scenes. たわけがああああああああ?!?!?

This probably means I should stop having the myu DVD on all the time.

Slept at 11pm and woke at 7am, how healthy of me.

*goes read Vampire Knight*


Feb. 20th, 2007 08:37 pm
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He's got more than this, he said. There are some in the car!

(I'm uber proud of owning Stitch pajamas and dressing gown even before finding out they're obsessed with Stitch.)
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To anyone who is more familiar with non-anime torrenting than I am - I'm looking for today's (20 Feb) "NHK Kayo Concert" (or NHK Kayo Konsato). Kan-Johnnys (can't spell) have been in the show in the past, so surely people do watch it and seed it? Please tell me where to download? T_T


Feb. 1st, 2007 09:59 pm
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It couldn't happen in VLP, but it can happen here! XD
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But I just realised I left the blu-tac at work, so I can't stick these up. (if I do, I can only stick them on the wardrobe anyway... can't mark the walls)

These should tie me over until I get him printed poster-size

ticky time

Oct. 16th, 2006 09:51 am
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[Poll #845805]

Haven't slept well recently. Doing my best not to emowangst everywhere. And my stomach hurts.

Yamato's got a Yuki icon XD Figured it actually makes more sense than having icons of himself because hey, I almost have no icons of myself but have tonnes on Tez (aka the love of my life). Mwahahaha. Go Yuudai go!

NG just talked to me in a way which made me want to reply very loudly DUDE?! WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE? -_-"


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