Jan. 6th, 2015 03:09 am
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I keep trying to think about the things that happened in 2014, but only come up with a handful of events.

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LJ direct messaging is so confusing. So privacy options can be set so that one person can send another a message, but the recipient can't reply unless they add the sender as a friend. This is too bloody confusing.

Fortunately I only get LJ messages once or twice a year. But yeah if anyone wants to contact me for whatever here, please just send it as a comment on one of my entries instead, it's much easier for me to reply!
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We've decided to shut the shop from mid-December to mid-January. Lately I'm starting to realise that I've been kidding myself over how much work running the shop is, because day-to-day we don't seem to do that much - process orders, pack them, etc. That usually takes two to three hours including actual travel to the office and back (except for October. October = London Comic Con + Halloween = busiest time of year). But on top of those hours I have to do bookkeeping, answering queries, website maintenance, ordering new stock etc etc. I also manage 2 shopfronts because there's eBay to worry about. What this boils down to is that I'm always working, from when I wake up to when I go to bed. Thunderbird is always open for work emails, and I'm at least thinking about things I need to do even if I'm not doing them yet. And skype-calling delivery companies, answering customer emails while holiday became normal.

And god, I'm tired. Recently I can't seem to write anything I'm happy with. There are lots of anime downloaded that I haven't watched. Lots of games I haven't played. Not because I can't slot in an hour here and there, but because I don't want to play an RPG one hour at a time, and I'm just not motivated to even give myself entertainment. There are so many things I say I want to do that I never start doing.

The one-month break will be over the quietest time of the year, when there are no conventions etc. Still, I'm glad that we're able to afford a break like that. I do need to upgrade the shop's backend and we need to sort out the office and order new stock and take photos etc, which will take however long it'll take, but hopefully we can carve out two, or even three weeks of actual NO WORK ALL PLAY. Well maybe no work, some play and some rest.

In a sense I'm even more excited about this than the upcoming trip to Tokyo - we're going at the end of this month for about 10 days. The month-long break is something I need, whereas the trip is something I want. So yeah.

Hmm, Tokyo. We'll be dragging [livejournal.com profile] kahochan into cafes. Cat cafes. Owl cafes. Falcon cafes. Bunny cafes. Reptile cafes. And of course butler cafes. Yay!

(There's also a penguin bar.)
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] cairistiona7 at Signal boost: Warning: someone is fishing in LJ waters...
This site nabbed at least one of my stories; I logged a complaint so hopefully it won't happen again. This person does at least seem willing to take down stories when asked. And now to go change my tags. *sigh*

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] dreamflower02 at Warning: someone is fishing in LJ waters...
I got this warning through [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants. Apparently a website has cropped up that is trawling through LJ, looking for anything tagged fanfic, and then reposting it WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Here is a link: http://www.donotlink.com/framed?561309

The link diverts you from the original. It takes you to a separate page that will not show up on search engines, in order to defeat the thief's purpose of attracting search engines. (The site is full of advertising.) But as you can see, a lot of people have been complaining.

I don't know if any of my friends may have been victimized, but there's a Complaint Page, which you can go to and make him take your stuff down.

I don't have time right now to see if he's lifted any of my stories, but I will be checking as soon as I can.

(And I'm using my fanfic tag so if he steals this entry he won't be getting any real fanfic, LOL!)


Edited to add this photo, which perfectly illustrates my feelings toward this sort of thing:

 photo tumblr_ndbjqbik3G1qb4ckgo1_500_zps8a3355b2.jpg
(photo credit x)


Jun. 7th, 2014 03:01 pm
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Anyone else using Semagic also finding that they can no longer use it to post to other journals/communities? The drop down list on mine now only has this LJ in it, and I can't seem to add other accounts. I wonder if something went wrong or if LJ's recent updates has messed things up.

No, LJ.

May. 24th, 2014 01:25 am
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I don't care much about LJ's recent layout change, except that the font is really crap for reading, with weird thickness in some letters that look like it's a picture of some text, enlarged by 33.3% or something. I mean, just look at this.

So now I have to add some style tags and change it back to a more reasonable font like arial, like this.

But really, LJ, I know looking pretty is important, but this is a journal site, don't fancy up your font and make things hard to read, ffs.

(Wonder if I can change this in the settings, but my theme is an ancient theme, so maybe not...)

(Oh wait there's a feedback button for the new site layout, I should tell them what I think...)
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..........my FE:A fic has a page on tvtropes.
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According to the start/new tab page on Chrome, my 8 most visited pages are:

  • Coscraft

  • Tumblr

  • LJ

  • Gmail

  • AO3

  • Paypal

  • Google Drive

  • Thesaurus.com

Yes, thesaurus.com. Recently I've had a lot of "that word. The word that means that thing. I can't remember it. I can only remember another word that kind of means that thing but not exactly it." Then I go there and put in the word I DO remember, hoping that the one I actually do want will come up in the synonyms.

I've been doing this all month. And forgetting things. And remembering things wrong. And doing things wrong. This is not good.

Had coffee with [livejournal.com profile] thephoenixboy today. It was a gathering of all of the Yamato/Yukimura shippers in the world. XD
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Now that there are more Chinese people in my town, two mini-marts have opened up (though another old one closed down), and there's a new noodle express place too. Today I managed to eat roast duck noodles, obtain bubble tea and even get tea eggs in town. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.
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.......have I misread or does that say 5100+ hits?!?!?!
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If AO3 stats are anything to go by, there are at least 200 people following my fic, though only around 5 of them ever bother to comment.
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Coscraft has been moved out of our flat into its own rented office! This means we get the master bedroom back. We've decided to stay in the smaller bedroom and use the master for bookcases and things like that. There has been a lot of moving things around (Coscraft was moved out with help from some wonderful friends) and now the flat is in chaos. But it'll be sorted... eventually... when that's done, it'll be time to look at getting (yet another) wardrobe. A fitted one, hopefully, although that seems to cost a freakish amount of money. We'll see.

The Fire Emblem: Awakening fandom has been very kind to me, I got really nice messages from people and OMG FANART and useful concrit. My fic is being severely overrated and I don't know why (jesus, it's pretty much mediocre compared to other things I've written in other fandoms). I'm still in a HOLY-SHITTO kind of state, more so because I'm literally a n00b so I'm just waiting for the day when I commit some faux pas or they discover I'm an imposter, and then be completely disowned.

My birthday had been celebrated last week! Saw friends and got lovely gifts, including Secret Codes & Battleships and We Are Smug. I prefer the former much more, I think, though I've only listened to the latter once so far so the jury's still out really. Storme is getting me Xenoblade Chronicles and the limited collector's edition of Drakengard 3. I also got a Monobear (D:), chocolates, baking equipment and things.

Lastly, I leave you with this: Bakumatsu Rock, a rhythm game with historical Japanese figures but set in modern Japan. In which Tokugawa Yoshinobu (and those who work for him, including the Shinsengumi) can sing the Heaven's Song, which brainwashes people, and that is how the Tokugawa government rules the country. Listening to music that is not Heaven's Song is punishable by death. Along comes Sakamoto Ryoma and his mates, who decide they will use rock music to free people's souls and revolutionise Japan. And so it becomes the Freedom Rockers (Sakamoto Ryoma, Katsura Kogoro and Takasugi Shinsaku) vs the Top Idols Shinsengumi (Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Souji) in battles of songs.

I shit you not.

And I'm so coplaying the hell out of this.
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One of the really good artists in FE:A fandom sent me a PM telling me that they like my fic and apparently there is a bunch of them (ie artists, including others whose work I follow) on twitter who wait for my fic updates and then read and flail together every chapter and then I replied like OMG BUT YOUR ART CHROM AND LUCINA AND MU AND WHAT IS THIS I NEVER GET FEEDBACK and they're like YOU KNOW MY ART WHAT IS LIFE FLAIL OH WE'RE ALL JUST REALLY SHY PEOPLE and I was like YES I KNOW YOUR ART SO MUCH AND I'M TOO SHY TO COMMENT TOO AND CAN'T REBLOG BECAUSE SPOILERS AHHHHHH TELL BLUE I LOVE THEIR STUFF TOO OHSHITFLAIL.

(I need FE:A backgrounds for my phone. And more icons for this LJ. But I'd just end up nicking fanart from everywhere.)


Feb. 3rd, 2014 11:44 pm
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Storme found translations for Grimoire Nier (info book accompanying the game Nier) and holyfuck is it an eye-opener. Drakengard (1, not 2) and Nier are both spectacular games, and the world creation is just... I have no words. There is a lot of stuff that hasn't made it into the games, but it's not in a JK Rowling "oh btw Dumbledore's gay" way, there are good reasons why they didn't include those things in the game and they put them into short stories and fit them into other formats. The games is just one part (the main part, yes, but just one part) of the whole thing.

It's just... the world view, how politics affected it all, people's fears, the things they do and sacrifice for what they loved, the fact that there are multiple endings but all of them are ultimately doom. I wouldn't even call it "dark", I think "despair" would be the word to describe it all. The story is so unapologetic and fearless and relentless and I have so much admiration for the creators. I liked what they did on the subject of sexualities too, but even without that, it's just a great piece of work.

......you know, maybe I just like really doom-y things. >_>"

I think I need to restart Drakengard 2 and have it on easy mode and just quickly run through it. Or find a let's play. It'd been dull (the story was too slow) and I hadn't finished it, but it's still a Cavia game so I should give it another go.
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I finished a fic I actually finished a fic yay yay yay.

Let's try to write one-shot next time. (Hahaha.)


Jan. 16th, 2014 05:37 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] storme is putting on a Hyoutei uniform.

Send help.


Jan. 16th, 2014 04:58 pm
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I keep wanting to talk about writing, but Tumblr isn't the place because nobody gives a shit, Facebook isn't the place because that's not where I do fandom, and LJ isn't the place because nobody is in my fandoms. 100k+ words in 3 fandoms which virtually none of my friends are in. Whee.

And before anyone says "you can still talk about it, I'll read it" well yes, but that's the same as talking to friends about stuff that only interests you. They'd smile and nod but can't share your enthusiasm, which makes you feel guilty about wasting their time and the whole exercise pretty pointless anyway.
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Switching between writing SnK and FE: Awakening is like brainfuck, not to mention I have to make sure I use the right name for the FE: Awakening one. >_>
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I've been so absorbed playing Fire Emblem: Awakening that I forgot to post fics. XD But such a good game, oh god. 3 hours in and I knew and loved the (dozens of) characters far more than I did after 15 hours of Drakengard 2 (which I still haven't finished). Fortunately Storme is finding it all very amusing; I keep trying to talk to her about it but she hasn't played it yet (it's on the 3DS which I'm hogging atm).

On Thursday we went with two friends to see Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason, which was excellent. I have to say that cosmology and astronomy aren't my thing, so I actually nearly fell asleep during Brian Cox's bit. (Shut up. His voice was soothing.) But that was only a small part of the evening - the whole thing was 3+ hour celebration of nerdity (with comedy attached), which Storme has talked about on her LJ already so I won't repeat. I laughed far too hard and learned a bit, and also surprised myself by being able to understand a man who spoke roughly 20 words per second.

Started an exercise routine yesterday. Was dizzy and seeing stars at the end, but repeating the same exercises today and I didn't feel nearly as bad at the end. Not sure if sheer luck or actual progress, because surely progress doesn't happen this fast?

And with that, I'm going to go back to playing FE:A. I could finish the game right now but oh no, gotta trigger more dialogues because funny. [livejournal.com profile] evaporate, you're so right about Henry!Gerome. Also, Frederick wants Ravioli to help him with his gag reflex. Oh god did I die. And after the emblem got snatched, because Ravioli (my male MU) is married to Lucina, the conversation there was kind of sweet. And then he told her he loved her as much as he loved Chrom. AND I DIED AGAIN. Because headcanon. It's all over my facebook, Ravioli has such serious pining for Chrom, and I swear, Ravioli has fans now, some of my FB friends look forward to my updates of his adventures. Anyway I'm going back to the game now bye.
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And maybe I want to cosplay Lucina. Or Marth. Or Cherche. Or Virion. (I'd love to be Chrom except my arms need to be 3x their size) THE POSSIBILITIES.


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