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I just imagined Sanada talking in that Shizuku voice while holding his Deme-chan over Yukimura's manhood...

(Blame [ profile] solaas.)

[edit] Also, Akaya wrote a new song for Sanada. Read more... )


Nov. 8th, 2007 06:23 pm
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is a GIP.
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Anyone got any idea where I can download Hunter x Hunter eps 53 - Greed Island OVA2 episode 3? My disc has disappeared. D:
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[ profile] tongari, happy birthday and congrats on the win! **\o/**

HxH coming back? Yayness.

Need to catch up with [ profile] rikkai_exchange reading before it gets on top of me.

Went to sleep early last night. Stuff that needs to be done are piling up, work is already on top of me, and urge to hide in the corner of emowoe is strong. If I'd talked to you on IM in the past few days and all I'd done was emo at you, I'm sorry. :(

Gotta love how sending things to Singapore is always faster than sending to Europe. Package sent at lunch time on Friday, despite the weekend and bank holiday, got to Tash on Wednesday. That beats even First Class local mail.

Speaking of Tash, have you guys seen the Yakuza-themed PoT fanart at [ profile] adayume? *_*

Ah, amusement of the day: my ex from 4 years ago is wanting to add my sister onto his Facebook friends list thing. *DED* The people on there seem to like to just add everyone they've ever known in RL. Is it a competition to see who's got the largest amount of "friends"?

[edit] Package of goodies has arrived! It contains photobooks and DVDs and lots of lovely things. Some of the things were released a while ago but some only just, and me wanting them all sent together means I'm only getting them today. Anyway, yayness. It's got the "pre first issue" and the first issue of Ambitious, Masa and Yagami and Baba and and shiny things!! My day brightens up already.
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Oh, sleep, why do you elude me. :(

I think I'm still angry with the nasty guy from this afternoon. Hate being treated like a criminal.

I would put on HunterMyu 3, but that'd probably make me even more awake. Tenimyu!Kamio was Kuroro in HunterMyu.

Kuroro: Rhythm ni noruze!


Oh. I kinda sorta want to dye my hair black.
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Oh my god holy fuck KURORO. *______* (No, I won't spend £700 on a cel. But. BUT. KUROROOOOOOO! *_______* *looks for way to sell kidney*)

But I really want to buy this. *giggles*

This Kurapica is absolutely beautiful, too.

The same seller also has big!Koenma with his pacifier.

I just realised that Kurapica would be quite nice to cosplay.


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