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May. 24th, 2014 01:25 am
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I don't care much about LJ's recent layout change, except that the font is really crap for reading, with weird thickness in some letters that look like it's a picture of some text, enlarged by 33.3% or something. I mean, just look at this.

So now I have to add some style tags and change it back to a more reasonable font like arial, like this.

But really, LJ, I know looking pretty is important, but this is a journal site, don't fancy up your font and make things hard to read, ffs.

(Wonder if I can change this in the settings, but my theme is an ancient theme, so maybe not...)

(Oh wait there's a feedback button for the new site layout, I should tell them what I think...)
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Oh yeah. We were supposed to have a courier delivery yesterday, but the idiot took it to the wrong place at a different street, found that nobody was at home, and gave the package to a neighbour. I only found out after tracking the thing online. They said they'd collect it from that "neighbour" today and take it to me, but by the end of the day, no sign of it. Then a sweet old man rang our doorbell, carrying our package - turns out he's the "neighbour" and he'd been waiting for the courier to take the package away too, but since nobody turned up he looked up our address and took it to us.

Courier fail, but humanity prevails.
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Yesterday I spent around 4 hours sanding down a sword by hand. Was pretty tired afterwards, and then it started getting worse and by bedtime my whole shoulder-to-wrist was a limb of burning pain and I couldn't even hold a cup of water. RSI by sword sanding! Way to go, me. Took anti-inflammatories and painkillers, still took forever for me to get to sleep. But it's pretty much okay now.

I've been on a Shingeki no Kyojin* high lately and decided to make the cosplay, despite not even knowing what the character's name should be translated to since every scanlation and dub group do their own thing for Rivaille/Levi/Levy. In any case, for the costume, since I've been wanting to make a bodice block for myself anyway, I thought this was the time to do it. Silly me to not read the instructions properly, the block doesn't contain seam allowances. So I ended up wasting fabric. Used the block to draft a new set of pattern with seam allowances now. Luckily the jacket I need to make is very short and I think there's stil plenty of fabric left for making two of them.

Should make myself some icons...

Writing has slowed because events are just slow. Managed to give two characters mental problems (they have very legitimate reasons to be that way) and then everyone around them are going WAH WHAT DO. Progress is slow because nobody knows what to do. Oh dear. I really need to stop writing myself into a corner.

*Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan. 44 chapters of manga is out, and 4 episodes of anime so far. If you haven't read/watched it, go now. I promise you it's good.
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30k words in and I suddenly have second thoughts about one of the character's speaking style.

Last night there was a discussion on stuff on FB, the issues it touched on was quite wide, but it once again highlighted one thing about some people which I hate: entitlement. I'm not talking about how people think they're entitled to own things, have rights, etc (which is also grating), but the sort where someone says "yeah but I did this for free, bent over backwards so that you can enjoy the fruits of my labour, Y U NO RESPECT?"

Er. If I think you're doing it wrong, or if I don't enjoy what you offer, then I don't have any gratitude. If I think you're ultimately only doing it for yourself anyway, but just felt like showing everyone, then I'll thank you if I enjoyed your work, but only then. If I sewed a dress for myself and showed it to everyone, do I throw a fit if they don't like it and say they ought to thank me for the visual pleasure?

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No, the liquid latex I sell 1) cannot be a base for chewing gum - it's got ammonia in it, 2) cannot be used to fix your car's bumper, 3) cannot be used to fix the paint that your bird chipped off from its cage, 4) cannot be used to make dildos. Unless you want your dildo really floppy.

Anyway. Yesterday [ profile] storme and I went to the London Zombie Walk. There are photos somewhere on somebody's camera. Did some amateur filming with a few friends. After that we got changed and then went to [ profile] kahochan and Amy's birthday thing, where we also saw [ profile] nert and loads of other cool people.

Today we went to Westfield Stratford City, where we found a Lego shop and a Twinnings tea tasting place. Plus a Kiko cosmestics shop. *___* We might find a weekday to go there again, when the crowds aren't that crazy.

Off I go to post some fic...
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Holy Carpet Right Lord Sigmund!

Minami + my long weekend in general )

That's it I think. Bring on Kitacon! We've booked hotel, got leave from work and got train tickets sorted. But costumes are not ready yet, oops. And need to pack for the dealer's table too. PANICMODE.
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This is how Paypal works:

You: *go to their website*
PP: *detects that you've been to their site before and logged into a business account* *cleverly redirects you to which sells their business services - WHICH YOU ALREADY BLOODY USE - but doesn't contain login box*
You: .......... *clicks the login link to get to a screen where you can do so*

They could, of course, put a login box on that page or stop redirecting, but that would be TOO SENSIBLE wouldn't it.
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Photo taken at a watch shop (Casio I think) at Brick Lane.

The middle line in Japanese says: Print the phrase "Time waits for no one" in French.

It's not just on the display plynth. It's printed as big window stickers and stuck all over the front floor-to-ceiling windows.

And is it just me or are they even missing a kanji? XD


Oct. 6th, 2010 05:19 pm
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Work is so infuriating I am amusing myself imagining Dave & co. doing the Thriller dance.

(It's working. Crotch-grabbing Dave does amuse me.)
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[ profile] damagepersecond's LJ has been blocked by my workplace's net filter, because it contains "adult material".

[ profile] mikage's LJ, I've just found out, has also been blocked, the reason being "sex".

When was the last time you guys posted anything remotely pornish, and what the difference is between their definitions of adult material and sex, I wonder. (Apparently sex is bad? Surely they should've said "pornography".) But I think one thing is clear: NORI, YOUR JOURNAL IS TEH SEX.

Work is full of so much stupidity and crap right now I want to go and throw up.

[edit] Thought it might be because of the "adults content" setting, but [ profile] impressioniste has "adult concepts" on and I can still here her LJ... maybe those who have set it to "explicit" get filtered? Hard to verify here at work though.

Oh dear

Sep. 28th, 2010 10:53 am
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  1. You'd think that after somebody gets their LJ comm application rejected, they'd understand that they got rejected and not just reapply exactly the same way. If I see this person a third time, I'll hit the "reject & ban" button.

  2. There has been some "sexism is okay when it's only a joke" thing going on. To a certain extent I can understand it - I've thrown around the occasional casual sexist and casual racist comments myself (stereotypes exist for a reason, and I do enjoy the occasional French mockery with [ profile] dystopiarcadia), but only when around people who know me and even then it highly depends on circumstances, and definitely not on the internet when nobody can hear the tone, when misunderstandings cannot be immediately corrected because you aren't in the same room to explain right away, verbally and with body language.

    It's not about taking the internet too seriously, it's about having had to put up with that sort of thing offline already, when one gets online to muck about a bit one doesn't want to have to put up with the same thing.

    It's not about being politically correct, which implies it's just being correct for the sake of it but actually nobody cares. It's about being considerate because "jokes" like that can hurt people's feelings and reinforce an idea that is bad, outdated, or both.

    And depending on the joke, it sometimes does show that the person who tells it, no matter what they say about them actually believing in equality etc, does think that one sex/race is superior to the other. They might say otherwise - they might even believe they really aren't sexist/racist - but somewhere deep in their heads they are, because they lack the basic respect that should be as natural as breathing. Things that they do to try to prove otherwise are just acts of denial to convince themselves and others.

    Not to mention that jokes are supposed to be funny, and that sort of jokes usually just end up so damn lame. Personally I don't enjoy the company of people who are so witless they need to resort to those jokes.

  3. Having adding a few young people on my Facebook friends list, I finally understand what they mean on TV when they talk about the decline of literacy and spelling skills. I never knew it before, so many of them just can't spell, or don't care enough to spell. WTFBBQ. I'm hoping that it's just the kids in my town/county, but somehow I'm guessing it's a country-wide problem.

  4. Lastly, on a forum I frequent, someone started a thread "Have you ever wanted to tell someone to just stop posting?" and I was ever so tempted to reply and say "Yes - YOU."


Sep. 27th, 2010 04:58 pm
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My dear colleague in the other office, if I gave you the coordinates of the top right and bottom left of a rectangle, surely you can work out the two remaining points yourself?

Dot dot dot

Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:25 am
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  1. Passing on the information: LJ QUIETLY asks you to vote in a poll regarding the latest changes that allows locked posts to appear in potentially public places.

    You'd think they'd at least create their own poll and not rely on one posted at a community that's not specifically targeted at LJ usage. (And they really need a poll to decide on what to do next...?)

    Then again, you'd think that after all the mistakes they've made in the past, they'd remember to test something extensively before implementing it, and do a comprehensive poll before, not after, a feature is implemented.

    Mind you, I think privacy on the internet is mostly an illusion. But there's no need to make it easier to shatter that illusion.

  2. After a lot of persuasion, my mum has agreed not to fly over for my nephew's birthday. Phew.

  3. I have three big packages with UK customs. Apparently it can take a day or a month to get them to clear it, depending on how busy they are, if it wasn't sent with expensive priority "next-day" postage. Well at least it's not Christmas, hope it won't take too long.

  4. Someone has brought her children to work. DX *puts on headphones*
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Work: the guy doing my drawings at work is so incompetent I literally felt my chest clench in a way that must be what pre-heart attacks feel like.

Writing: D1 fic is not moving. I need to look at the next course of action, either ask for an extension or leave what I've done so far and start afresh.

People: "it's so expensive, I can't afford to buy it anyway so it's not like they're losing my business" is not a good enough excuse to take something for free. If you can't afford manga, borrow it from the library. Swap volumes with a friend (and if you don't have friends, fucking make some). Cut your neighbour's lawn and earn some money. You not being able to afford it doesn't mean it should be made available for free like it's in your rights, especially since making it available would mean some people who would otherwise have paid for it, don't pay anymore. Sure, I download shit too, but I don't parade the fact that I take free stuff like it's morally justified.

Can people all stop saying things like "they can't make [game console/gadget/manga/stuff] so expensive that's so unfair" blah blah blah? Nobody's forcing you to buy it. Save up, or do something else with your lives. In the time you've spent whining you could've cleaned some windows and earned a fiver. And if you think that's unfair because some people can buy stuff because their family's rich and you're not so lucky? Suck it up, mate. That's life. If you're so unhappy about that, go join the communists or something. Or, for a better alternative, work for the money.


Game: I spent a long time to kill some Mad Goliath's last night, then looked them up and there turns out to be an easier way (though I don't know how much easier). Bah. Still, I'm proud that I've gone through the game so far without internet help. I think I'll continue this way.

Food: made a tasty pie the other night.

Shop: just asked for an invoice + shipping quote for a load of New Look wigs, which should make some people happy! It's not a massive order, but eventually I should be able to supply them steadily so that nobody in the UK has to suffer Cosworx again.

A connection in Thailand who has too much money to spend (ie if I won the lotto I'll still have less money than him) thinks this cosplay thing looks damn fun. He's into model-making and has connections with workshops that make props for Hollywood. And he said, "hey, give me pictures of really difficult props you want, I'll get them made for you for free!" We'll find out what can be made using con-approved materials, what shipping costs/problems there are, and test what people think with my freebies, see how much they think it's worth.

If things end up looking good, my shop might end up taking orders for such professional, custom-built things.

If I get to keep my job at my current office, I'll work here for at least another few months to help save up a small pile of money for expanding the shop. Work will be shit but it'll be worthwhile. (Not to mention keeping the dental insurance for a while longer so that I can get the fillings in my teeth changed.)

Storme: is awesome. ♥
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It hailed last Friday. Today I'm wearing a jumper to work. Is it autumn already?

On Saturday we watched Toy Story 3, which was brilliant. I really enjoyed that, didn't have a single thing to complain about. Storme wants to watch Scott Pilgrim when that comes out, so I'll be borrowing her copy of the comic.

I'm so stuck on [ profile] switching_it_up it's not funny.

I made good progress on the Flynn cosplay over the weekend. Will post some pictures soon. Lessons I learned were: 1) When doing tests, do it on a nice, big piece of scrap. 2) Just mix the damn latex with the acrylic. It stops paint brushes from dying too early. 3) When latex-ing several pieces, make sure they are placed well away from each other and from other porous surfaces such as paper even though they seem dry. If they accidentally touch, you will cry. 4) I need an airbrush. One has already been recommended to me and now that I have two projects which I need it for, I should go ahead and buy it.

Going to place a big order of wigs from the US soon. Will soon be poor again!

There is an ongoing heated discussion regarding the proposed new team structure at work; the team disagrees with management and HR's proposed organogram. It's approaching the TLDR stage even for me although my job's on the line.

I'm trying to follow the written instructions from Darth, who I believe has an actual problem with reading comprehension and writing. He reads out loud, very slowly, but has to go over sentences a few times and can still read words wrong. He reads them out as what he THINKS they might be saying rather than what they're saying. What he writes down also deviates from what he says out loud as he is writing. "Casulties" for "consultees", for example. And I don't even know what "inepret" is supposed to be given the context of the sentence. But I know that I'm talking to the consultees not casulties, at least...

Last but not least, Storme and I decided that the boy from Colchester Franklins is called Frank and he is very man. He therefore is in the "Super Man" group which Dave and the Pleasant Young Man also belong to. Not that Frank knows he is in such illustrious company.

Of course, Super Man ≠ Superman the hero. Although I bet Dave, PYM and Frank also dick around a lot.
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Since I was already talking about this on the cosplay forum, guess it's easiest to just paste the link here:

They should just ask Noel Edmonds.
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"Stop pressing on my nail - you are making me strobe!"

"I'm suffering from glare," said David, shielding his eyes with one hand and rubbing his temples with the other. His officers looked at each other with a knowing smirk.

"Those relaxing herbs might be a little... too relaxing. Look at him - he is totally stoned!"

(Ask [ profile] storme.)
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Could be worse. If only I could find a decent rendered picture of Capell... then there can be Dave!Capell and Dave!Sigmund doing what [ profile] storme termed "hot flute on flute action", otherwise known as "when I was in band camp, I once stuck a flute inside my flute!"


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