Jun. 24th, 2012 12:04 pm
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The whole NatWest thing is making me rethink my banking arrangements - all my accounts are with the same bank and that's pretty dangerous. I want to open another account somewhere and have a little bit of money in there which I wouldn't touch unless it's an emergency.

So, has anyone got banking recommendations? Anywhere except HSBC since that's who I'm with at the moment.
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For the purposes of [ profile] storme's continual PoT development, where can I find:

  • Negahyst (and other) doujinshi translations

  • Shitenhouji myu backstage (since I have the main musical)

  • DL5

  • DL6

  • National Hyouteimyu

Wonder where the fuck my copy of DL5 is.

Recently we came to the conclusion that Daisuke!Tezuka is how Tezuka would be in a old-fashioned shoujo manga.
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Ages and ages ago there was a translation of an interview, which had a few yaoi seiyuu talking about how they recorded drama CDs, and one of them said that the director (?) often brought a prop in and told them to include it in the story or something along those lines?


[edit] nvm I think I've just found it.
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*Gives Qubine pointlessly large amount of word count/coverage* ♥

Random call for help - does anyone know of printing companies who'd be willing to print leaflets/flyers/posters for free in aid of charity events?

Nico video!

Oct. 4th, 2010 10:29 am
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I don't suppose anyone's got a premium account at Nico Video that I can borrow...?
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I want to have a gallery for photos. Some of these photos will be shown on a Wordpress blog. The blog entry will have a link to the relevant album at the gallery for more photos. I'd like a gallery that allows me to have albums, and allows me to add dates/descriptions to photos. If it can generate its own medium-sized pic, so that I can show that on the blog and link it to the bigger one at the gallery page, that would be perfect. A search function would also be nice. I don't mind if it needs a database as long as I don't have to fiddle with it.

There are separate php softwares such as Tinywebgallery, Coppermine, Piwigo, Zen Album etc. There are also Wordpress plugins.

Any recommendation and advice on what I should use?
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Which is better, Wordpress or Blogger, for a blog that will be integrated into a website, and has occasional posts with just text and photos?

Played Chapter 11 of Resonance of Fate yesterday. What the................... XD;

I've been trying to avoid the news, but then my dad decided he needed to make sure I know about the Manila hostage tragedy by sending me an email with an image of the dead gunman hanging out from the tour bus. orz I guess my family has no idea how angry and upset I am about that whole thing already. And then Sheep sent me links where HK media, as reposted on on forums, has found the Filipino people and their police standing in front of the tour bus and taking pictures, smiling like they were taking holiday snaps. I kid you not. I don't doubt that lots of local people there feel terrible about the whole thing, but the actions of a few can be JUST. SO. INFURIATING.

GRRRRR. I need to find things to do to take my mind off this. Work, maybe, if I can find the people to help me with the work!
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Is anyone in the US able to help me bid on some auctions, receive the parcels and then send them to me?

It's nothing huge - packs of Scrabble tiles, mostly.
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Looking around for a web host, preferably based in the UK and - though I'm not sure since the tech stuff is all jargon to me - running Windows rather than Linux. It's impossible to tell which hosts are good though, given that most online reviews can't be trusted. What I need is really good uptime (99.9%+) and support (fast response, 24/7 preferred). There doesn't need to be a huge bandwidth allowance. And I'd rather pay more for a good host than have a dirt cheap one that drives me nuts. Would anyone be able to make some recommendations?

Sending out some technical notes I've written because of a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents have my name and work contact details on them. Eep. I hope there won't be members of the public ringing me up.

Seems like it's hayfever season again. Either that or my nose hates me.
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I've made Faize's shorts, with elastic at the top and bottom, all hemmed and lined already. Because his shorts are puffy I allowed some extra material, but I can't get them to stay puffed up when I'm wearing them, so they don't look very Faize-y and the decorations on the sides don't look as good as they should!

So, I'm thinking about those puffy skirts with tulle (?) fabric on the underside. I've never made one of those, have no idea how to make it and have no idea if that technique can work here to make each trouser stay puffed. Anyone got any ideas?

(If there isn't a way, I suppose I will just stuff tulle netting down each trouser. XD)

Ah, I looked for "blue pvc" on eBay again, and this came up: not work safe. .........................okay...


Sep. 14th, 2009 01:40 pm
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Does anyone know someone who'd knit on commission? I need a pair of gloves but I can't find a suitable pair anywhere.


Jul. 29th, 2009 05:57 pm
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I'm looking for the white version of this. ie: long, knitted, ribbed white glove with holes for fingers and thumb. I thought it wouldn't be hard to find, but... the ones I found either aren't the right colour, aren't ribbed/knitted or don't have all the finger holes! ARGH!

If anyone sees a pair of gloves like that, please let me know. ;;
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So, is there a way to say 請自重 in English that's just as tidy and short and formal and old-fashioned?

Random: way to go, boss, for forwarding me the traffic figures AFTER I've done the pavement design making the assumption you told me to assume on traffic. ¬¬


Jun. 17th, 2009 10:55 am
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[Siege/Surrender] ch.14 here.

Question time! I need a new hairdryer. Do those "ions" and "anti-frizz" and "add shine OMG" etc hairdryers actually do anything special, or should I just get a cheap-o one from Argos?
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Trying to find Alanis Morrisette's "Surrendering" to listen to, but imeem doesn't have the full length song and is filtered by work. Can anyone help?

Reading The Angel's Game rather slowly. Did get to sit down on a bum-hurting corrugated beam for an hour to read yesterday because the trains ground to halt after someone got killed on the line, but other than that it's the usual little bits of reading to/from work. I'm not nearly as taken with David as I was with Daniel and Fermín in The Shadows of the Wind, but it doesn't seem like the author was trying to create the same mood anyway. The story has a slow start but it's picked up now and it's making me really wonder about a few things. It's interesting.

Captured by that strange, weird, dark hole named "I just finished a long fic". There are other things to do, of course, but the withdrawal, oh. I think I want to write a gothic or mafia-ish story now. Or Locke Lamora in space. Except that'd require me rereading the two novels first and I'd rather tell other people *eyes a certain housemate* to write it so that I can read.

Fic is going to be called [Siege and Surrender] (or maybe [Siege/Surrender] is more fitting) unless I can come up with anything better. I'm going to post a chapter a day, perhaps. [ profile] giving_ground did offer to beta it (bless!) but considering the length and the fact that she doesn't have that much free time, unless anyone here is really bored and really wants to beta a TLR long fic, I'll just go over it myself quickly, post and hope it's all right. I just can't make myself ask people to do this for me, especially since everything I get people to do for me, I demand speed. Efficiency rules a large part of my life, although the rest of it is about doing absolutely nothing.


May. 31st, 2009 09:47 am
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This may be a bit of a strange request. I'm looking for Haydn's piano sonata no.59, Adagio E Cantabile. Would anyone have it on mp3 to share?
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My work computer doesn't have solitaire for some reason. Everybody else has it. I could get IT to put it back for me (need administrator rights) but I don't want them to poke around and find that I've installed Firefox. >> Would anyone be kind enough to send me a copy of their sol.exe? Please? It should be either in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Games. I have (Swedish) solitaire! \o/

Hi. If anyone's bored, feel free to spam this post.

[edit] I've never tried Lady Grey tea until last week. Why didn't anyone tell me how good it is?


Mar. 10th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Coming up with European destinations that my parents can visit. They like pretty places and good food. Somewhere not too difficult to get to, ie one plane journey or one train journey, maybe up to four hours or so of travel time.

So far we've been thinking about Porto and Seville. Of course Venice is nice too...

Any recommendations please?

[edit] AWESOME IDEAS GUYS. I'm throwing them at my parents right now. ♥;;;; Keep them coming!
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Can anyone please throw me songs (can just be the lyrics, or song title and artist and I can look it up myself), poems, books, anything you can think of that's along the following themes:

- Liars/selectively telling the truth
- Stupidity (the "I know it's stupid but there is no other way to do this" sort)
- Everything one touches turns to dust (yes I've got Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron already)
- Outsiders/strangers
- Two-timers
- The ability/inability to choose
- People who'll never admit they love each other
- "I'd rather hurt myself than hurt you"



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