Oh, crap

Apr. 4th, 2009 10:06 pm
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I need to come up with four character histories for Fusion.

.......Maybe I should just kill some of them. XD

Shiny computer continues to be shiny, even though I have to play using the keyboard for now. BTW, anyone getting screen tearings during cutscenes, if you have a control programme for your graphics card then just go and turn vsync on. Problem solved.

[edit] A few PC version impressions:
- when enemies are killed, the camera doesn't do that wild turn/swing effect anymore. I suppose it's better that it remains steady, but I liked that effect. ;;
- Turbo mode is... TURBO. Tried it once and turned it off since I only have 2 unions right now, it's not like each turn takes forever. But I wonder how you'd do the critical triggers with turbo on.
- After Gaslin Cave/Robelia Ruins, when Dave sends the Generals to go to Dillmore with Rush, and Rush said "Don't sweat it Dave, we're the good guys, we'll definitely get Irina back," the way he did that arm-pump + hip-thrust and the mildly-amused-look + head-tilt on David's face still make me laugh.
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Yagami Ren's new nickname is 大波蓮 (Ren of the Big Tits).

Being pwned hard by stage 2 of Yakitate!Japan on NDS.

There will be a PENGIN MOVIE NIGHT at TF!

Plan of tonight is to, after going to my sister's for a shower and catching up with a few people, either update the doujinshi wiki with my new purchases, or watch all of Moyashimon in one sitting. But chances are I'll just be playing more Yakitate!Japan...

I smell of Chinese medicine. Luckily this medicine does not smell bad, just quite herbal and kind of sweet.
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I've got a 20% discount coupon for full-priced products at Borders and Books etc for use between 2nd-5th Nov! (UK only, duh) Anyone who wants one, comment and I'll forward it to your email! Maybe good for Christmas shopping?

Having thoughts about the running of Tenipuri Fusion - participation rate is so low I just wonder if it's worth it anymore. The players are either too busy or just don't remember.

I'm working on the lyrics of Fuurinkazan! (Well, when I'm not working on work.) Should be ready by lunch time.

Oh, can anyone please tell me what Maberaji W is? I know it's a radio show, but... >_> And how the hell do people listen to Japanese radio shows anyway (those not on the net)? Somehow overseas people seem to be able to find a way to listen & capture them as comp files.......... >_>


Oct. 19th, 2007 01:09 am
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Made: gi, hakama, pink scarf

In the making: insignia, obi, necklace

In the post office ready for collection: bokken

Somewhere in postal backlog: hair, sandals, socks

... orz

The hakama I made is pretty good, I must say. And made it in one single night, too. Need to hem the bottom tomorrow, when Liz is awake and upright for me take some measurements.

The white hair has arrived, I suppose I'll go ahead and put it into Hitsugaya's style tomorrow. And pray that Matsumoto's hair arrive before Sunday.

In Fusion, Yagyuu has sensed Niou's growing distress and finally gave up and dropped him a lifeline hint. It's not difficult, Niou. If you fail even this, Yagyuu might have to rethink this whole "together" thing.
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Of course I am going to preorder the PB photobook. :D *goes*

Wrote a bit more fic over the weekend, but am not optimistic about it being ready to post on Yagyuu's birthday. (Royal Mail will have to deliver my things Very Quickly and I to make things Very Quickly if I'm to have any cosplay ready for this weekend........!!!!)

Delta (not work safe) really needs scanlating.

Was stupid about my downloads and so have smashed my monthly bandwidth limit. Ouch for fees. No more downloading at home for the rest of the month.

[livejournal.com profile] elusive_lens is evil.

Forgot about putting stuff on eBay.

Level-grinding on FF12 is frustrating. All chars are about lvl66 atm. How many bats do I have to kill in Hennes Mines before I am good enough to take on Yiazmat? And am I bothered with the rare game hunt? Or should I go on the Bahamut now, be done with it and start my Wii games?
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1. OMG WHY ARE WE ON THE FRONT PAGE, [livejournal.com profile] lina_lau AND [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground?????????? ARE WE REALLY THAT AWESOME?

1.5 (and I was just entertaining the idea of going to JapanEX in Cain costume...)

2. Human foosball ftw.


Jul. 7th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Because I can't be bothered to make several posts under several filters:

  1. Wimbledon: OMG OMG I HAVE TICKETS FOR TOMORROW'S FINAL. Row ZA. That's like, the 27th row. BUT HEY I WILL BE THERE. *does Mexican wave with [livejournal.com profile] tez_plush!* It appears I have an extra ticket - anyone wanna meet me there tomorrow? It'll cost you £92 (£87 + 5 booking fee). Drop a comment!

  2. [livejournal.com profile] solaas, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground & [livejournal.com profile] elyndys: 12 August pm performance, got 3 tickets. The seller had 4, put them up in 4 auctions, and some fucker had to go and win one of them from me. We were gonna have 4 seats together! Will try to get another ticket, hopefully a nearby seat. Or we can have 4 people trying for one additional toujitsuken. On a normal day I'd guess we'd have to be extremely unlucky to not get one, but it's the first Sunday of summer break, so I won't count on it.

  3. FF12: got all Espers, killed Hell Wyrm, not sure if I'm ready for Yiazmat or whatever its name is. Should finish side quests. Except I can't be bothered to chase the cockatrice around Rabenastre.

  4. Someone should go beat Yamato up. Or beat Yukimura up.

  5. Fusion!Tez is about to participate in the Nippon League as a n00b. I'm wondering whether he should 1) do rather badly, 2) do rather well, 3) crash out due to injury, 4) win the damn thing and rock the Japanese tennis circle.

  6. The guy (whose name turned out to be Lucas not Lawrence) should be ringing me about taking the TV. I suppose he doesn't want it. *attempts to defenestrate*
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It's Fusion's 3rd birthday today. *pets it* I need a new icon. XD

Yamato "......" at the fact that Sanada and Yukimura are sharing a room next year. I don't think he's too unhappy about it, but it's a sort of mixed feeling. Also, I think it's about time him and Yuki talk about certain things.

Also, I need to figure out if Kato's going to med school with Yamato or not. XD

Tez needs to post. >D

[livejournal.com profile] sharpie, wtf is this song OMG. gfdjkgljdlgjdsklhjkh. SANADA, WHAT SORT OF THINGS DO YOU LISTEN TO.

I've finished my first Higa story on the train, it just needs to be typed up. It's all very experimental, of course. It's... fluffy.

Yes, you heard me. Higa fluff.


I amuse myself, really.

I'm clearly allergic to work. Starting to feel progressively more rotten after coming into office. Could it be the carpets? Or could it be the work?

Uh, big boss just came and said he didn't expect to see me here today. Goddamn, should've stayed home. But then again, there is work to be done.

Bags - other schools' designs would be different and need to figure out how to make it nice and stuff. Hyotei, for example, have to be part blue part white, split vertically. Need to think about that. And I don't know how a Seigaku one should be like, yet. But, will experiment. *makes loads of bags!* If they come out nice I'll take commissions? 8D?

I will not draw Rikkai members as bees. I will not draw Rikkai members as bees. I will not draw Rikkai members as bees... Yukimura will not be a queen bee...

[edit] btw, remember this? The wife and daughter are refusing to take the father's body with them back to China. They're leaving it for HK government to deal with. Oh and they plan to go back to meet Andy Lau, because even though he is "scum" and "heartless", they want to satisfy their dad/husband's dying wish. [related article]

Also, the current crisis involving British soldiers in Iraq/Iran waters somehow reminds me of the Cold War. >_> Probably because of the arguement with who/what was where, and there being 2 (or 3) sets of coordinates, sort of like how there were 2 letters sent to the US and blah. But it's so different I don't know how I made the connection, really. x_x

AND, another thing... ever wondered if Konomi will throw in something like, Yuki Sana vs Zuka Fuji in D1 in the finals? XD He's been tossing in surprises left right and centre, afterall.
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I was thinking yesterday why Google hadn't made something for bookmark sharing, since they've made so many other things like Google docs, gmail, Google video etc. And then [livejournal.com profile] evaporate introduced me to del.icio.us which does exactly what I want, and you can even sort the bookmarks with tags, just like LJ. There's also a firefox plugin for it! So useful. I've just made my account, but haven't bookmarked anything yet. Will spend some time to explore what the website can do.

Didn't manage to go pick up my parcel this morning, will have to do it tomorrow, before I travel up to see [livejournal.com profile] elyndys and [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground. My "local" sorting office is one DLR stop + 20 minutes walk away. I wish I could collect parcels from a machine like they do in some countries. Anyway. The postal system here is pants. (I like using that word today) Just like the transport system. PANTS! (say it with vigour!)

People were still posting to that thing, apparently, but it seems nobody's replying anymore. It's like beating a really dead horse. And the report on f_w is even lamer. XD The OP is like, "I don't really understand, it's a bit confusing." Brilliant. Just, brilliant. (Though not as good as that thing from last night. x2 ;D)

Wait, actually, journal suspended now. Took them a while! Woe, my lovely Yamato love thread! D:

Myu!Horio said Kanesaki is sometimes called "筋肉" (kinniku, ie muscles)! I can't stop laughing! Oh ow, my sides hurt. His blog is actually rather interesting! He's got all sorts of weird photos too. Wouldn't have known about it but [livejournal.com profile] fuhjin just gave me the link. ♥ Must go stalk more blogs to find Kanesaki pictures/mentioning. He can't be THAT unlikeable can he?

[livejournal.com profile] yamete_yamato needs ideas for anniversary celebration with [livejournal.com profile] silk_over_steel, and also birthday present in March. I'm out of ideas. Suggestions?

[edit] Would this make a good birthday gift for Yukimura? XD It says it "feels like a real Tennis Ball!"
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On Saturday, we discussed the origins of pub names (if the artist drew a white horse for the sign, they'd name it The White Horse, for example. Therefore many pubs are named after animals), and also how pub names sometimes use royalty + body part (eg King's Arms, Queen's Head).

Tine: Perhaps it's not really body parts, but arms as in weapons.

Pez: I don't suppose "head" is a weapon, unless they're referring to it as a sexual weapon. *ponders*

Tine: Oh, maybe whoever named the pub wanted to show her admiration for the king's manly arms?

Pez: !!!!

Conclusion: when I grow up, I want to open a pub called The Emperor's Ass.

Seikai (Seigaku + Rikkai) are having a charity host club today. Who do you think will get the most customers? Vote! (vote is open to non-RP-participants too, just for kicks.)

[edit] for anyone curious, I'm apparently a chibi seme. And [livejournal.com profile] 20_laps is a clueless uke:
You really have no clue, do you? You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that's good, because you're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who will take advantage of you, and you probably won't even notice. But you'll be happy anyway, because ignorance is bliss.

Oh dear. What do you think, Fuji? Is this right?
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Apparently persistence works.

I have half a mind to post a doujinshi everyday. But there's someone else doing that right now I think, so I'll wait until she's done, so that nobody thinks I'm trying to challenge her or do anything equally silly.

[edit] Also, as recommended by [livejournal.com profile] sesame_seed: I Met Death and He Has Blue Eyes by [livejournal.com profile] meitachi is a Fuji/Raito fic and it's so good. I'll just use the quote that Chrissie's used, too, since it's just brilliant:

"Well, Tezuka has something you could call a love affair with his fishing boat, but that's probably the only female being unrelated to him that he loves. Echizen is too young for such things. Oishi has a boyfriend. And I," said Fuji, beaming, "am searching for someone."

"O-oh," stammered the reporter, overwhelmed at the influx of information.

"His name is Yagami Raito, born February 28, 1986, blood type A, height 179 cm, weight 54kg, and he likes justice," Fuji added.


"Oh my god," said Raito, dropping the remote.

[edit] It has occured to me that if Yamato sang, he'd have a singing style similar to Leon's, because his tone of voice in the anime is just... so much love. Perhaps I should make him play the piano and sing during the Host Club event.

And he just told me, when he was little (littler than little!Tez was), he had violin lessons, too, because his mum made him take them. But he's forgotten it all, now.

It seems like a lot of his childhood years were made of what his mum made him do. D:

Also, uber weird question: does anyone know where I can download the Federer vs Roddick match from yesterday?
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I'm bored. Please spam me with things.

Or, ask me a question. About anything at all. I'll give you an answer (though not necessary the truth).
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I told them he's rubbish. And now the drawings can't go out today. Here's me trying not to scream. These drawings have caused me too much grief already.

Got poster tubes! Atobe and Schwarz will be going out today.

YAY fic needs a name... I meant to post it today but, although I've got it on the PezPod, I forgot to bring the cable, so I can't load it onto the comp...

Telephone guy coming tomorrow, hopefully I can get a phone line soon.

OMG it's Super Heroes Week at Fusion!!! I must make icons tonight!
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Packed what I need from the kitchen, although I think my sister would want the kettle and microwave and the Tezuka-maker. Not sure how it's all gonna fit in her kitchen, but that's her problem!

I still have too much stuff T_T WHY.

Moving house at noon on Friday. Boss is sneakily giving me a day off! >D Booked man & van, I intend to make him carry all the heavy stuff (ie almost everything) because my back is fragile. Have no male friends to help... actually I haven't asked. I can't think of anyone who'd be willing and/or who isn't at work at that time. (I complained to Freddy about Y2. I wonder what he'll have to say. IMISSFREDDYIWISHHE'DCOMEBACKT_T.)

Acupuncture FTW!

Meh, typed up no fic today. Haven't written anything exciting anyway. I'm just going ":O SENGOKU" at the moment. Maybe after this weekend I will be more creative again.

Fusion!Yamato is one horny bastard. I'm pretty sure he thinks about sex every 3 seconds. Although, he defends himself by saying he just thinks about Yukimura at 1.5 second intervals and every other time the trail of thought involves sex. Or something like that.
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You know you fail when you think 7+6 = 12 instead of 13.

Ah well.

There will be a cosplay party at Fusion! Squeeeeeeee! Yamato secretly plots and plans to surprise his YAY partner! (And Tezuka "..........."s at the idea and looks for the easiest way out possible).

Poll ftw

Nov. 22nd, 2006 11:25 am
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[Poll #873246]

Or give your suggestions in the comments!!!!1!!!!11!one!
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Watched OVA Nationals 1-7 last night. TEZZZZZZ. ♥

I think after the current plotline in Fusion, I want Tez to become stronger, emphasise that tsuyoku naritai in him. He is already simply incredible, but. He was stronger to start with but was then forced to hold back, but now he's got it back and he should just go vroom vroom VROOM and, not be invincible or indestructible, just strong, with clear, defined goals. With a sense of presence - which is everyone always talk about anyway, in the series, that Tez has a great sense of presence.

Anyway, the current Fusion things will only serve to make him stronger. People always say he looks and behaves older than he is, which is true, but there are still parts of him that need the test and this is the test for him.

Also, seriously, Tez without challenges and responsibilities? Life'd kill him dead. He'd just shrivel away and die from underuse and boredom. He is all about tsuyoku nare, tsuyoku nare. Without buchou-ship or student council this year, he's already been rolling around going jfksdjfsklfjslafjsa. Can't let him do that for much longer or he'd go crazy.

Yay for random Tez fangirling. FANGIRL TEZ HERE!!!
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Like, duh.


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