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I told RM to redeliver the Special Delivery letter on Saturday, and of course they tried to do it Friday instead (although they did do the other parcel on Saturday). So now the letter is at the other side of town which is apparently my local-est sorting office and there's no way I can get to it unless I go at 7am. God knows what that letter is. A summon for jury service or something?

I feel so bloated since a few days ago that I can say, right now, I don't want to eat anything for the rest of my life apart from fruits and yoghurts. And maybe cake.

On the train, I was trying to come up with a "TLR in pre-, during or post-apocalyptic situation fic". And the first thing that came to mind? "TLR/Trinity Blood crossover".

Emmy: This is... *squirms*
David: It's in the rules, Emmy.
Torgal: But Father David! To force to Miss Emmy to wear a white spandex nun outfit...
David: I know. There is nothing I can do, I'm sorry. *tries to pace around, trips on the long hem of his priest outfit, falls on his pretty face*

..................somehow I think that crossover is just not going to happen. But. Torgal. Gunslinger. Oh yes.
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Isaak: Oh, Father Iqus! It's been three years since we last met. How do you do?

Tres: Class A terrorist identified. Enter annihilation mode. *shoots Isaak in the facey*

Isaak: How could you do that to someone in the middle of a greeting? Have you no sensibilities? :( How could you shoot me in the face? My beautiful face!

Yes, still reading ROM VI because I only read it on the train to and from work. Weirdly, I don't get sick reading it on the train. Either because the journey is short or reading Chinese requires less concentration from me...

Not attempting to do anything in particular for Niou's birthday. Have written plenty of him this year.

Something made me lol but I'm not supposed to talk about it in public. >D

[edit] fsdjkfhskafhasd OH HI, FIC IDEA! NICE TO MEET YOU TOO. :D
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Me, reading Trinity Blood ROM VI...

Things: *happen!*

Pez: :O!

Bad Things: *happen!*


Death: *imminent!!!*

Pez: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Voice: 0.49 seconds too slow.

Pez: !!!!!!

Tres: *saves the day*


The story is so exciting. Far more exciting and complicated than the anime. But VI is the last of the ROM books. :((( And definitely still missing ROM IV and RAM V. YesAsia doesn't have them. Gonna go try Might have to suffer expensive shipping. :(

By the way, anyone who wanted but couldn't get hold of Fabrica Theologiae, an official Chinese version has been released. The quality should be good since it's printed by Taiwan's Kadokawa Shouten, who also released the official novels to a very high quality.

Using a Yamato icon because Yamato is a bit Abel. XDDDDDD
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Some more pics of the court room and prosecutor's office. Include screencaps with Nick and Edgey!

I am now finishing the lot with:
! The Detention Centre
! The Criminal Affairs Department
! The Wright & Co. Offices
! The Court Room Lobby.

The Detention Centre is right behind the Court Room, Wright & Co. is above the Detention Centre, which is next to Criminal Affairs, which is opposite the Prosecutor's Office. And the Lobby is in front of the Court Room. It's all very badly planned out, with the whole lot extending to the walkway outside and all that, because I never intended to do this much in the first place - only thought I'd build the court room! And then it got bigger and I couldn't be bothered to move things because that meant having to rebuild. But anyway, now everything is on the same lot so it's easier to make picture stories and such.

The building work is not finished yet... I need to download the right double doors for the lobby, for example. It seems like not many people make custom double doors, and those who do make really fancy ones, not just plain wood ones.

But heh, I've discovered a way to show ceiling tiles but not ceiling lights! Now everything can be lit nicely without the lights getting in the way of the pictures.

[ profile] switching_it_up very very soon! Ahhhhhhhh~

Currently reading Trinity Blood: ROM V. I haven't got ROM IV. >> And as usual, I'm rather x_x with all the names; I've never been good with foreign names made into Chinese. My eyes always just skim over them and I recognise them as a bunch of characters (sort of like a picture) instead of a name, so that by the end of the book, I know what's happened to who but if you ask me to say the name of the character, I go blank. Also, the translation is not bad, but it's probably following the Japanese too faithfully. The sentence order for some bits could be swapped around to make it easier to understand. Or maybe it's just the style? In any case, it's throwing me off a bit. Still, I like the stories, so I'll keep reading.


Nov. 2nd, 2007 11:39 pm
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That is all I have to say about it.

I introduced Abel to the Tez(es) )

I wish the people in the area would stop with those bloody fireworks.
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Oh my GOD he's so beautiful.

I'm sure Raito and L would welcome him into their fold.

.....or maybe not? >_>
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*wishes she holds the mod stick* You need them in different time zones!

There should be a phantom account for modding, so that the mod can login to that account and delete shit without having to worry about repercussions at her own LJ.

In any case, people, you are pathetic, even if you're replying to say "not again", because you're REPLYING. I'm pathetic too because I'm talking about your patheticness. Oh woe.

Ooooh, work. The report that needs fixing is on my desk and needs to go out today. JOY!

Work/training ended early yesterday, I could've gone to get haircut but I... chickened out. Long hair isn't "me", but it's sort of... pretty. Though I prefer short and cool. Mwa. But I just spend £40+ on TB artbook yesterday, so oh well.

Considering dyeing it all pink. It'll only last a few weeks and then fade back to blonde anyway. I can chop it short and be Yachiru.

Posting bad drabbles at [ profile] word_games. There'll be another one today, when I get a chance to type it up.


And they're out of stock!!!! Even though it hasn't been released! Can't even preorder! NOOOOOO! And anyway, it's not available for overseas shipment!

I think I'm gonna pass out. *______*

[edit] Original price at 13440 yen (as oppposed to the much cheaper Esther), I think I've found English-speaking sites that still take preorders...!!!

[edit2] *buys* *flails around!!!*
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I stand at the top of making wings.

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Remember that thing about "verb + your + noun = porn sentence" (as long as the verb is a non-destructive word). Like, "water your flower" and "frost your cupcakes"? (my inner Yamato sniggers)

My Niou just said to Yukimura, "Tarundoru your Sanada". **


** I must ask, what does "tarundoru" really really translate to?

In other news, I feel kinda rotten. Might have to do with walking around in the rain on Sunday, then working till past 3am this morning on cosplay. I breathed in a lot of aerosol fumes, too.

Cosplay progress )

I'm all XD that you guys like polls so much!
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You know your love for each other is true when...


And then you spam each other with <3s.

Just, pointing that out. Like, yanno.

All your bling are belong to us. Obviously unfinished, yes, but the pendant + chain is done. The bling doesn't look as tacky yellow-gold in real life. :D; Tonight I'll finish painting those big shoulder pieces and make the two bent rectangular-ish pieces for the wrist. Sunday I'll put together the cape (plus mount all the armor onto it) and the scarf (only with gold "trim", not bothering with stitched detail). And hopefully belt. Then the rest of the week = everything on the back, if the feathers arrive in time. I finally found some feathers on ebay... hopefully they're making their way here from America... in the meantime I'll build the wheel, the big piece with the ram's head, all the tail-y things and the frame for the wings...

No L2 for another week :D;

Yay! Poll again!

[Poll #849211]
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I've realised what is wrong with my left index finger - I burned it. I sort of burned it with hot glue last night, and then I got super glue on it which burned it further (I think super glue drags water molecules from the skin, so the overall effect is more-or-less the same as a steam burn). So now it's a little bit painful, and tender. (I do have gloves, but even though they are latex, they still make it harder to work with small parts, so I don't wear them often...)

But all the cosplay things I've managed to do so far look awesome. Which says a lot because I made it XD;;; Last night I've started making the accessories. Soon I'll need to think about the belt... anyone got good suggestion on how to make a Cain belt?

Got a reply from a potential feather source, they said they can't get it sent out until 31 Oct because their office is closing for a week T____T Noooooooo~
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You suck. You fucking suck. Your online shops and your ebay suck. Your inability to ship to UK quickly sucks. Your dyed, expensive, fluffy, wrong feathers suck harder than the tennis club's resident slut connected to a vacuum machine.


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So, Tres Iqus. He's called the HCIIIX, Gunslinger, but they don't read it as H-C-3-X or H-C-7. They read it as HAAR-KAY-TRES-X.

So, Trezuka. Is his name going to be HARD-GAY-TEZ-X, Ballslinger?

I'm sorry. (I laughed myself sick on the train.)
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........I could probably draw and colour that properly. *amused*

*goes to sleep*
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Don't you just hate it when you have one or two little scenes in your head, but you can't connect it into a story?

Randomly, I really want to draw Tezuka in AX outfit. But it's late now and I better not start.
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First pic. Proof that Yukimura does 吹簫. *COUGHS* *RUNS AWAY*

Was working on the armor of my cosplay again. Was going to use the "smoke" colour, spray it all over to make the armor look old and well-used, but my spray gun died O_O it was blocked. It took me over an hour to unblock it (well, I gone through 4 eps of Jigoku Shoujo during). Then of course my can of compressed air ran out - luckily I have another can. But the new can is like, WHEEE SPRAYYYYY because it's new, so it was a lot harder to control the paint >_>

Anyway, progress.

The top shoulder piece - only have the shape of it so far XD
The lower shoulder piece - done, will look fine once assembled with the top one, I think...
Cain's golden balls - only saw these in one picture, actually, they dangle from his crotch belt. But I thought they're neat so, made some. Not that I've got a belt to dangle them from, yet XD
The upper arm piece - 80% done, still need some more paint work and then needa bend it to shape, because I couldn't get the shape to hold in the beginning :( will stick something in the back to make it curve, instead. Made up all the pattern I couldn't figure out from the official pic~

Really like the smoke effect. It made the pieces look sort of worn and old. But meh, photos look bad. The real things are better.

No, haven't started on the wheel on his back yet. x_x

It's Mid-Autumn Festival? Mwa. Wanna go to China Town again. But I should be saving money now :/ butbut it's Mid-Autumn Festival, a girl should at least allow herself to have a Chinese dinner on Mid-Autumn Festival...? =|

spam - TB

Sep. 25th, 2006 12:59 pm
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[ profile] mari_yagami! There are more Trinity Blood CD downloads here!

No translation for Gunmetal Hound and the story after that T____T Only a "wiki" that has brief info on Tres. I can barely understand a fraction of the CD drama... I can't write Tres fic if I don't understand his background well!

They also have the novels typed up in Chinese. Might start reading there as I wait for the rest of the books to arrive... they've been sent now, according to YesAsia...
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I haven't played any L2 this week so far D:

Okay, I lied. I hopped on quick for 10 minutes to get my aa (because I was going to forget and might have to wait another 2 weeks!), then located the merchant and bought A Crystals. I can't believe it, I could only buy around 20! I need almost 200 for Majestic Light, not to mention A Gemstones as well D: and of course I'll need the crystals for making ss... so I suppose the crystals I got last night will be used to make ss, which will help me earn aa/sealstones quicker in the cats. In other words, Akaya shall be living in the cats next week...

Still friggin' knackered; the stressful things last night just didn't help. I was supposed to go look at some bore holes being drilled, later today, but seeing the weather, and the fact that I never had to go look at the drilling in the first place, and also that I might not be able to stand the noise at my knackered state, I think I might not go.

I was listening to HC-IIIX and on the train, and I went dsfjklsdhfkashfksda Robocop Tres ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!! This, sadly, reminded me I still haven't finished the next chapter of RoboZuka [Skin Deep]. *hangs head in shame* Woe is me.

From today on I'm going to buy Lotto tickets every week. [ profile] giving_ground, if I win anything more than £2000 before Christmas, I'm paying for yours and my plane ticket to see Rikkaimyu!

Am I ambitious, optimistic, or just plain desperate? ~_~"

Gonna go see if I can't get a cup of coffee. *snicker*
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Looking for the mp3 of Dress (blood trinity mix) by BUCK-TICK. If anyone's got it, please send it to me? Thanks.

Ooooh look what I found. A lot of TB downloads.


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