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Horio and Ouji went out together for food.

OH. MY. GOD. Horio you crack me up! (Japanese with rough translation) )

...........Horio is not right in the head. I like that in a person. ♥

[more edit] Accessory range "recommended" by Yagami. and erm, I prefer his hair shorter and black. x_x

[even more edit] Hidenori, I heart you

Haha XD

Nov. 8th, 2006 06:25 pm
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I passed by this road today. It's called Ha-Ha Road.

Also, watching KRK35 on YouTube because the subs are coming out too slowly. 5.5 minutes into the episode and I'm already going wtffffff XD

But oh, Kageyama ♥
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I'm gonna beg. Could someone please upload me the first, say, 12 eps of KRK? I've burned it onto DVD, which is now with Liz, but I want the eps for the weekend D: and BT is being very very slow D:


KRK ep34

Oct. 24th, 2006 01:36 pm
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Watching on YouTube (unsubbed).

...poor Kageyama ;_;


[edit] the....the cucumber......................................................... *coughs splutters dies*

[edit] the main religions in HK have come to an agreement about reducing one day of holiday in Easter but adding a day off for 孔教 (also 儒學, Confucianism). It's going to have a lot of effects (4 days off at Easter instead of 5 days = yet another reduced "long holiday", harder for people to travel. Also a day off when most other countries don't stop = financial effects, etc) and it's subject for formal government approval. I'm quite surprised that the Christian Church agreed to something like that, although, it's true that HK is a place with little religious conflicts. Muslims and the Japanese religion (can't remember the name >_>) find it harder to blend in but still, they have it a lot easier than they would in other countries. Hmmmm.
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Last night, I tried to break Liz's brain further discussed with Liz the possibility of a PoT/KRK crossover, in which all PoT characters stay as school students but are riders, or are associated with the whole rider thing, in their spare time. Some can be full riders (allied with ZECT or rouge), some can be in the Shadow team, some can be ZECT staff. The existing KRK characters can be there, too.

And then we tried to decide what insect each PoT character might be.

Yukimura is a spider. Not sure which kind.

Sanada is a fly. Just a common fly. XDDDD caught in a spider's web

Yamato is a... mantis? His glasses reminds me of those huge mantis-y eyes, but.... >_> doesn't quite fit, so I dunno. WHO'D HAVE A TRIANGULAR SHAPED HEAD?

Tezuka is the hardworking ant. *snerk*

I wonder who the roach would be.
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Another reason to watch Kamen Rider Kabuto: a lot of the actors in KRK will be in the Ouran High School Host Club Live Action. More info here.


In other news...

White Fuji? Black Fuji! 1
White Fuji? Black Fuji! 2

[edit] watching QI season 3. I'm disturbed that I can answer the 200-point question right away...
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By way of [ profile] moonrainty:

Kato Kazuki 2007 calendar


Yamamoto Yusuke

Mizushima Hiro

And then... Asahi Sonorama is putting out another book/mook called GOOD★COME (wtf XD):


Kazuki, Takuya, D-Boys, KenKen, Aiba, Kotani, Mizushima Hiro, Sato Yuki. OMG?

Okay, I don't have that many places for calendars. Bleach, Death Note, PoT, Hiro and Kazuki? No way. BUTBUTBUTBUT. WHAT AM I GONNA DO?????
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KRK30. THE CRACK o_________o
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[ profile] grandma_said, the Kamen Rider Kabuto slash fan community, is now officially open!

Pimp! Join! Have fun! 8D

(damn, forgot to upload my new KRK icon last night XD;)

[ profile] quatorze, I'll be posting scans from the Hero Vision magazines to the comm tonight. You won't need to download them coz I've included them in the DVDs I'm sending you :D [edit] *checks bag* .....WHICH I FORGOT TO BRING WITH ME TO POST TODAY. *headdesk* fshflhsafjkashfs DUH I'M SUCH AN IDJIT. Ah well I'll just stick loads of stamps on it tonight and put it in post box tomorrow morning or something. But to be on the safe side you might want to start downloading it by BT *sigh* sorry.
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Those who have requested RokkakuMyu merchandise from me, please check this list and see if I've got your request right.

Been thinking about all those different Tenimyu photosets that have been floating around. For a particular myu, is it always the same 4 photos in a set, or are there different sets for each actor? O_o Should be the former, right? Otherwise it'd get so confusing choosing which set you want if you're getting the whole school. Hm.

I made one KR Kabuto icon last night *evil grin* need to make a lot more! It means I'll have to rewatch the episodes so far and start screencapping! I'm also thinking about downloading the raws.

I'm having doubts about watching KR Kabuto - God Speed Love in Japan, because I just found out it's being shown together with another fighter movie (I think?), so that should mean the actual KRK bit is probably only 1 hour at most? =/

Tooth not hurting, haven't gone to dentist.

Beh, forgot to bring the DVDs for [ profile] quatorze again. I'll send them tomorrow instead.
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Kamen Rider Kabuto. Episode 25. Around 19:44.

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1. Co-moderator for [ profile] grandma_said HIRED! :D
Job description: Look after the community, check posts and comments for rules discompliances. Especially when Pez isn't around. Previous experience in community moderating preferred. Community is unlikely to have problems or be busy for some time. However, dedication is absolutely necessary.

2. Layout designer for [ profile] grandma_said HIRED! :D
Job description: To create S2 layout for the community. You will receive temporary moderator rights to put the design on.

1 & 2 would preferably be the same person. Although, if I can't find someone to fill role no.2, I'll just make an S1 layout. Or slowly wiggle my way through S2. It just means that in the meantime there won't be pretty layout, that's all.

Check out my new LJ interests XD; I copied most of them straight from the tenimyuk comm XD;;;
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This post is for questions relating to posting on [ profile] grandma_said, the Kamen Rider Kabuto slash fan community.

Please ask your question by posting a comment. The moderator(s) will reply asap.

(no, the comm isn't ready yet. You can join but please don't post there yet!)
(the comm info layout was "inspired" by the inu_kai comm layout, but hey, I'm at work and uncreative atm...)

Good news

Aug. 1st, 2006 10:27 am
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1. People liked the fic! So much ♥! *confettis and twirls*

2. Tooth is not hurting. So far. Today. It doesn't mean it won't hurt later on though, so I'll still buy the gel that [ profile] seraphim_grace and [ profile] shiroibara recommended.

3. YorkSquee folks are mentioning Kamen Rider Kabuto on their LJs XD I need to get that comm started soon. I searched LJ and there doesn't seem to be a dedicated KR Kabuto community so far. grandma_said seems to be the comm name of choice, although I also like cast_off, zectsy_boys and _beetlejuice XD Too bad a lot of the great names have been taken. Anyway, all that needs to go on the comm info has been drafted (posting rules, useful links). All I need to do now is actually create the comm (will make it now and make it pretty tonight), and find a co-mod!

And now, OMG, I want to start a KR Kabuto RP too sdfjkljsl;fjsl;fjsda!!! And I need icons! Icons!

Oh and um btw? I watched up to ep23 last night and... Kagami might actually be teh ultimate seme...!!!

4. People at work actually like my new hair XD

5. I wish I've written for All Japan!2006. When the idea was first tossed around, I did say I'd join, but it clashed with my writing/recouping period for [The City] and... oh well. On the brighter side, yesterday I got all my note books and tore out the pages with writing that has already been typed up and finished. Not many pages are left! I feel accomplished! The stuff that's left are:

- [Girlfriend], a FujiZuka fic
- untitled D1 fic
- untitled SanaYuki fic
- Beginning of [Here With Me], sequel to [Strange Relationship]
- Random side story to [The City]
- Random products from writing exercises, including those done during the SqueeFest.

So. Yeah. Still quite a bit to write, but not as much as there used to be...
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So... I'm back from York SqueeFest, which was insanely fun. I believe the highlight of my whole 4-day weekend was:

I started a fandom.

Kamen Rider Kabuto. I put it on, let people see one episode. And then we decided to watch another. And another. And another. Then [ profile] elyndys said "just keep them coming until someone say stop", which nobody ever did. There were about... 10 people in the room? We were killed by lines such as "I'll give you a thorough examination" and "came to exchange blows again?". The show is just SO SLASHY and the guys are so good looking and it's bad to a point that it's become GOOD. We have even invented a system for pairing-names already (PurplePair ftw!). In the end, a lot of people borrowed my DVD to copy the episodes to their laptops. We are starting a LJ comm for the show.

I feel accomplished :D

Full report will be on SqueeFest comm somewhere later on, I think. But I must mention this here: an incident happened this weekend involving [ profile] lpatobe, his personal assistant, Cardiff train station and the British Transport Police. [ profile] tez_plush was secretly amused but he was polite enough to not make fun of Keigo. Because he is, naturally, a very polite boy.

Anyway. I'm back, I've checked my flist, some things happened which I don't want to think about. Am going to supermarket to buy dinner, type up fic and ignore things.

oh [ profile] fil_n I got the cheque. And the card! Thank you so much :D ♥

[ profile] trembles, get well soon ♥
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On 14/07/06, (Hong Kong) Ltd. <> wrote:

Thank you for purchasing at
Referring to your enquiry, your requested item is available on our website now. Please refer to the following link for the product details:
hi ro vuijiyon 23 ???? ?????? sonorama mutsuku ???? 62470 60
We hope you find the above information useful and we look forward to serving you soon.
Please do not reply to this email directly. Should you have any further enquiries, please refer to
Best regards,
Linda Sze

I cannot even begin to explain how hard I rock. Hero Vision vol.23 now available on YesAsia~

Damn, do I need to go ask them about Cast Prix now? ^^""""

More info on the content of the mag here.
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I will not ship Tendou/Kagami I will not ship Tendou/Kagami I will not ship Tendou/Kagami I will not ship Tendou/Kagami...

Didn't like Tendou at all in the beginning, but since episode 4 he's become more likeable~

and that Zect woman... she sure does suck at acting.
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Having [ profile] moonrainty on the flist is bad for your bank account. She just linked to Hero Vision 23 and there's Kazuki on the cover (and Mizushima Hiro \(^_^)/ I'm starting to like the guy more and more) and the description mentions Tenimyu! According to Asahi Sonorama (the publisher), it's coming out on 22nd July. Hmmmmmmmmmmm should I preorder...

*goes send the link to YesAsia XD*

*still trying to find info on Cast Purix*

And World Cup... >_> just proves that you must yuudan sezu ni ikou when playing against Italy. It's France vs Portugal tonight (right?), I hope France wins, because I *heart* Zizou Zidane XD I just love watching him play, he makes it look so effortless.


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