Aug. 2nd, 2010 12:09 pm
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Half of my office is being made redundant. We're going into collective consultation.
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I have spent so much time being told what I need to do that I don't even have time to work on it.

I have so much work that I don't even have time to delegate it.
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There is a company-wide staff survey going on. My "additional comments" were coherent and polite, but means more or less the same thing as the coworker who'd used the term "managerial meatbag" several times, or so he told me. I've also ticked the yes box for "are you seriously considering leaving the company within the next twelve months?"

I'm trying very hard to get interesting work for my team, but people keep getting in the way. They giveth me the cheapest staff in the whole office, then taketh them away when they have work because my team's the cheapest and their authority is greater than mine/their projects are apparently more important than mine. Who the heck am I supposed to use then? At my chargeout rate, I can kill these projects if I do them all myself because they are so small and the fees are so tight. The junior staff look at me with that "help, management wants me to do fucking data entry" face and I'm like, "I know, I've got this neat little design thing for you to do BUT THEY WON'T LET ME USE YOU." T_T

So. I've picked the flat I want to buy. The next step is to make an offer, but I can't do it until Thursday because the place is offplan and the sales office is closed Tues/Weds. Which means I'm making an offer after today's budget announcement. It might be a good thing.
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First Scrabble game in about 15 years.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding.

(And this was after drawing something like X, Y, E, E, A, A, I to start with.)
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On Thursday I went Londonwards and stayed with family. Friday morning saw me getting to site at 7am (well, more like 7:20 because transport let me down) to be briefed about site supervision work. Saturday was helping my sister move house. Sunday was (more) unpacking and then going out to meet Syl and Storme and ending up sitting in Wagamama for 5+ hours!

Today was a day of epic train delays because thieves stole lineside equipment again. Tonight I'm down to London to stay the night so that I can get to site at 6:30am. Have to stay there until 7pm. I shall be armed with painkillers because I know my back won't like standing/walking around for that long. And I've got my period. Site work + period, oh God.

I really don't want to do this site work. T_T Arghhhhh why boss whyyyyyyyyyy.
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...............MICHAEL JACKSON. NO. IT CAN'T BE.

I really really really really really want to write some TLR. I just don't have a good enough idea. There's one general concept I'd been toying with but someone's already writing it - and writing it really well - so I'm just sitting here waiting for the next chapter. It was only a concept anyway, it wasn't like I had a plot, so all's good. But I want to be writing something, dammit.

Dear Self,

Apr. 29th, 2009 11:19 am
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There is nothing cheesy about holding hands. Just because you're used to writing about people (eg D1) who don't do that sort of thing, it doesn't mean it's cheesy. Therefore, if Rush and David want to do that, let them. And stop cringing.


[edit] SHIT. Furutsuji Kikka closed down Maybism!
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So, bittorrent has always worked well... until recently. None of the settings have been changed as far as I remember, but now, when BT is on, the net connection grinds to a halt even if there is no NAT/firewall problem and the download/upload there is barely anything.

My ISP doesn't block port or traffic shape or do that sort of fishy business. I've fiddled with the port forwards, tried UPnP, looked up the problem... no good.

What the hell? T_T


Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:30 pm
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I lost the auction. Should've bid higher because I'm totally happy to go higher, don't know why I didn't. And with Celga I can't raise my maximum easily, so that's that. (Fucking last minute bidders. "Oh I'll bid 4300! No good... I'll wait a bit until it's less than 5 minutes before the auction ends, then decide to bid 4600 so that the auction get automatically extended, for nobody's good! I'm so $mart!" - looks like a Japamart user too, dammit. It is only SMJ that's honest enough to list themselves as deputy service?)

So upset. I want that book so badly, it's so beautiful!

But there's the other auction for something else on Sunday. I'm totally putting everything behind that one!
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3 days until end of auction and the seller cancelled my bid, and changed the auction to disallow deputy services! WTF. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
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So, my washing machine broke down on the midnight of 20th February. Contacted the letting agent, who are managing the property because the landlord lives in Australia. It turns out the guy I contacted was the most incompetent person in the world and it wasn't until early April that the company finally got rid of him and put someone else on my case. They were ever so apologetic and promised to get things sorted asap.

An electrician came on 11th April and declared the machine "beyond economical repair", reported back to the agents, who liaised with the landlord about getting a new machine. All seemed well, I told them to keep me updated...

Yesterday, a new washing machine turned up, delivered by Currys. According to the agent, they were supposed to call him upon delivery, because he was waiting outside my place. Currys didn't call, agent went back to the office, Currys showed up, I wasn't home because nobody told me this was going to happen - but luckily Liz was.

Unfortunately, the space for the washing machine is too tight. They have to move the cooker before they can pull the old machine out and put the new one in. So, instead of calling the agent (like they were supposed to in the first place), they decided to leave the machine right in the middle of my flat, and instructed Liz to tell me to call the letting agent about it.

The letting agent, as of this morning, has been informed. He's pissed off that Currys never called him. I'm pissed off that I had no washing machine since late February.

So, any bets on when I'll have a working washing machine?

[Poll #1179555]

To make matters worse, it rained like fucking hell this morning and neither of the shops near work had any milk on the shelves, so I can't have any tea until I go to Tesco this lunch time. DDDDDDDDD:
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Saw this on Dokurodan's website, under "events":

ドクロ団の活動は終了いたしました。(Dokurodan's activities have ended.)
7年間ありがとうございました! (Thank you for the last seven years!)



They're still selling books (old ones) and are "supporting Ouja Kenzan where they can", so it says. I'm trying to tell myself they just mean they won't go to events anymore but will still release new books, but... I don't know. I just don't know. Maybe there'll be something about it on the back of Rikkai Giga. But I'm waiting for my copy atm.
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Behold. Renji's brain -->

The old laptop's motherboard fried today. Well, it didn't exactly fry, but it's a problem with charging circuitry within the motherboard and considering its age, it's just not worth fixing. So I've extract the harddrive and will hopefully find a case to put it in so that I can plug it into another computer via USB.

There was a really great entry on Dilbert Blog in 2006, about tennis. But all the 2006 entries have been deleted. Damn, I wish I've saved it rather than just bookmarked it.

Weird Fic is sort-of finished, needing edit. There is a sort-of title, but I'm not sure if that will really be the title...

Gonna go look up something for Allison in a moment.

There are Hyoutei bag check translations at [livejournal.com profile] 40point5.
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So, no Gmail from work anymore. Yahoo Mail also blocked. Luckily I have remembered to set mail forwarding this morning. And LJ is not blocked, probably because I'm the only person in the company who uses it whereas Facebook is Really Popular. It's either that or the IT staff themselves use LJ too.

.....oh. It appears that I can still access chat via iGoogle. Excellent. *steeples fingers* Maybe IT will find and block that later on, though.

Spent about 5 minutes reading Murakami on the train and he is such an enabler, because I grabbed my notepad and started writing and I couldn't stop. It felt so good. Oh, so much win.

I need a new phone because the current one is half broken. I lust after the LG Viewty, which does not have wifi internet access. That bothers me although it shouldn't, because why the heck would I want a mobile phone that has internet access? The Nokia (N60?) has it, but I'm not a Nokia fan and I don't get on with Motorola either. Have been using Sony Ericsson but their recent phones don't make me go I WANT ONE OF THOSE. iPhone is not a consideration because 1) it is on O2 expensive contract only and 2) a lot of its features require improvement. Although, following the death of the PezPod, I really could do with a decent music player and a lot of phone music players aren't so nifty to use and I trust Apple to have made a good, easy-to-use music-player-phone.

I suppose it really depends on what I can get on a free/cheap upgrade.

Anyway. Writing writing writing. Me very excited. L(^_^L) *arm pump* But er, before more creative writing, I need to do something about this report... >_>

[edit] They didn't even block meebo.com. That was a rather half-hearted attempt, huh?
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I'll go and cry now.

ho shit

Jan. 18th, 2008 12:06 pm
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Company is going to restrict gmail access.


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