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I've watched a couple of End-of-Year TV shows and overall had the reaction of "Really? That happened in 2010, not the year before?" I think my concept of time is a little warped, so my recalling of events is going to suffer as a result.

I think this would be more interesting if I wrote it in proper paragraphs, but it's my first day back to work and I've slept four hours, so I'll just do what I can.

2010 review )

All in all, it had been a strange and eventful year. Mostly excellent despite the occasional clusterfucks.

I wonder if this year is going to all blur together like last year.
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I'm going to try to explain the work situation. Hope this will be somewhat coherent. )

(btw, thanks for the replies on the previous entry. I'm just not sure what to reply with, really. I'll keep you guys updated on what's happening.)
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Huh. It snowed.

It just occurred to me that the copy of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence I bought from eBay never arrived. Just contacted the seller about it. Meh.

According to the time on my FF7 save file, it took me over 10 hours to get out of Midgar. Though I guess some of those hours were when I just left the game and went to cook or do stuff. Finally on the world map. I want to play some more, actually, but sleep also seems like a good idea.

Back in 2007 I did the "year in fic" meme, but hadn't done it since. I think 2007's fics were ones that were worth talking about (although nobody read the post, bah, which put me off doing it again for 2008). I wish I could still write the way I did then. In the past few months I haven't even opened Google Docs (where I store my writing). These days all my words are flat and meaningless. But overall, I think 2009 had been a year where I indulged in cheesyness. It had also been a year where I uploaded fics to and had them added as favourites by a bajillion people but hardly ever received any feedback. Overall I wrote only a few stories, but they were long, and all TLR, and they made me happy although the fandom is tiny and has too many lurkers for its tiny size and makes me feel lonely. Anyway, I noticed that my TLR writing is very different from my PoT writing. The TLR ones seem a lot more... shallow? Maybe it's more to do with my state of mind, though. 2009 had been very strange and nasty, perhaps I didn't want to tackle difficult issues in my stories the way I used to.

I wonder what 2010 will be like. Maybe I'll finish a D1 fic, but more likely I'll write more Dave/Rush. Ah, delirium. In fact, let me go check that thing I started a few months ago...

2009 had been a year of clusterfuck and huge disappointments, though it went up a lot towards the end thanks to one person. You know who you are. Thank you.
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It's scary what the media can do, really. Tabloids used to print headlines like "Jacko Wacko" and "Jacko Paedo" back when the trials happened - who cares about "innocent until proven guilty"? Now that the tabloids realised just how much the public liked him, they change their headlines to "Best Funeral for the Best Person Evar", something like that. Unfortunately for people who never took a real interest in MJ, it's hard for them to see what else was there beyond the plastic surgery and the trials.

I don't agree with what the rev said at the memorial service. I think MJ was Strange. He had Problems. There were things he did wrong because of those Problems. But I believe he was that way because of how he was treated. There was nothing wrong with him to begin with. I think lots of people are hypocrites in one way. I like Japanese rock bands, they get their eyebrows done and put on make up and nail polish, and that's fine. Others like JE, which to some people is a completely bizarre world of young guys who dress up funny and mock-kiss and feel each other up on TV, and that's fine too. And it's totally discriminating if we treated someone different because they choose to tattoo skin and dye hair and give themselves a million piercings. It is also very acceptable for women to change their chest sizes and get liposuction purely because of fashion.

But god forbid if Michael Jackson wore a mask when he went shopping, if he decided to do something to his own face!

He was a man who had done an immeasurable amount of good, but rather than remembering that and giving him the space he needed, he became the target of ridicule. Imagine being in a car accident, going home shaken up and injured, and then being yelled at for wrecking the car. And for all the years to come, you only get referred to as the one who wrecked the car.

I'm one of those who grew up with Earth Song, Heal the World and Black or White. And honestly, although my mum was the first person to tell me that there are people with different colours in the world but we're all the same, it was MJ who cemented the idea for me. He made caring cool. I'm sure lots of people have tried, but he was the one who really succeeded.

And his music and performances are really truly awesome.

And that's how I'll always remember him.
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A bit of work rant, let's try to keep this short. )

*snips the rest* I feel abused.

On a happier note, <sparkle>THERE IS CAKE</sparkle>. One of the secretaries here bakes the most amazing cakes. Literally, the best homemade cake I have ever eaten. How can it be this soft and moist? I need to ask her for the recipes.

[Siege/Surrender] ch.15 and ch.16 are up.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 09:22 am
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My life's motto, possibly. It looks so much like a keysmash when typed out.

I made a bunch of TLR icons. They make me happy. The one I'm using is a particular favourite. Still need to make one of David/Rush, because the current one is ugly and was supposed to be temporary until I find a better pic.

Still can't stop 15-word-drabbling.

Man, I wish I get a business trip to Hong Kong...

Need to do some lunch time shopping but it's raining.

*stares at completed report, one that started in Aug 07* ........about time.

Obssessively listening to this song. Wow, even I can get half of the lyrics without reaching for the dictionary.
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THIS. I wouldn't say I hate architects, having only worked with them on limited occasions, lived with a few, friends with some and also having them in the family, but yes. This. Not necesarily about them being failed people, but valid points have been made. It's once again back to the "people who have big ideas but little clue on how to make it real", except these people have client backing and are far too self-important, they force their designs onto other people to make real, and rarely listen to those people's feedbacks and suggestions. Then, if the final design works, architects get the glory. If it falls down, engineers get the shit. We've heard of "architectural value" and how a building may represent a certain type of architecture and therefore mustn't be pulled down. Ever heard of the equivalent for engineering?

And don't get me started on their lack of sustainability awareness. Sure, loads of them are going for exams and qualifications now, but it's merely a decoration on their business cards. Too many of them actually care fuck-all about sustainability. Or cost, for that matter (surely it's down to the engineers to minimise the cost!) Or physics (most architecture students, particularly those from UCL, would know what I'm talking about.)

...........................Wow, that got me started, didn't it.

In TLR, I finished the War of the Nest of Eagles last night, which means I can start writeup of part 6. Will be making the third [ profile] warriors_honor post tonight. I'm losing a bit of steam with it, tbh since although I know there are only two posts so far and people are busy etc, of all 11 people who registered interest only 2 bothered to comment to show that they're following. That's really rather sad. Should have known not to make a poll; the ticky boxes are just too attractive to ignore. Whether they actually meant it by clicking an option is a completely different matter. I will keep posting and finish the story, but I think I've learned my lesson.

In other news, I've started read The Lies of Locke Lamora this morning. So far it's very interesting.

Moving out

Jan. 9th, 2009 10:20 am
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Spammity spam, because my desk has been cleared apart from the computer. They're planning to disconnect the comms at midday. Wonder if I'll be allowed to go home early since there is no way I can help pack even any leftover files etc. Pez avoids heavy things or strenuous activities where possible, especially since my foot hurts today.

I wrote up the first part of TLR, "first part" as in up to where all the main characters get introduced. It's barely anywhere into the game but it's already very long, so I've decided to set up a comm for it to keep all the posts together, and not spam uninterested friends with post after post after post with the write-ups. It also means that anyone wanting to pimp the write-up can just link to the comm rather than my personal journal. Further announcements on that later. I think I won't be starting it until I have at least several more parts written and ready.

At lunch I'm going to go to Crumbs to say goodbye to the lovely couple who have sold me lunch for the last four years, who asked after me if I didn't visit for a while, didn't mind if I forgot my wallet, and always gave me more salad than could fit in the box and jacket potatoes filled beyond their maximum limit. That's the thing I love about this town; the people are always so kind and helpful. The office is moving to "greener pastures", so to speak, but all around the new place, which is within the London commuter belt, are big, chain shops that will likely not have this personal touch of friendliness.

So it's goodbye to the little town of charity shops, funeral directors, estate agents, family-run sandwich shops, single mothers, OAPs and the slow-motion ladies at Boots. I'll probably not miss it once I'm out of here, but on this last day, I'm very nostalgic.
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Reading an article about a woman who got stuck up a tree trying to rescue a cat because the branch she was standing on broke. It says that firefighters used a triple extension ladder to get to her... this is when I get reminded how different some things are here. In HK, because everybody live in skyscrapers, fire engines are all fitted with ladders and hydraulic platforms that go up to 12 (or is it 15?) floors (edit: Wikipedia says 53m ladder). I suppose maybe an engine wasn't deployed in this case, but the fire engines here probably aren't that well equipped in comparison, overall. Yet, taller buildings are starting to appear around the capital... wonder if this is being addressed, or if some disaster is going to happen before someone realises equipment needs to evolve with society. Is this country proactive or reactive?

Nadal vs Murray is on. I'm backing Nadal because I want to see another Roger vs Rafa final. So very, very broke this year, so the option to buy last minute tickets to see the final probably isn't open to me. But I had such a great time with lpatobe last year! Really would love to go again. :(

I scored 20/20 in today's English test! \:D/
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  1. Newts are annoying. And they like ponds. Lots of them.

  2. Wading birds dislike tall structures. Apparently such structures make them feel intimidated and confused.

  3. American thin-wall construction gas pipes are a pain in the ass. And a very expensive one.

  4. TfL are a bunch of fucking assholes and are getting worse all the time.

  5. EA has a say about structures that are within 16m of their flood defences.

  6. Somebody went out to a meeting today with a drawing that has reverse curves. I hope he didn't get slaughtered.

  7. They're putting kassel kerbs along a stretch of road near home that clearly does not need them. Can't they spend that money on putting down some gullies on my street instead?

  8. I have an ending to my fic. Now I just have to write it.
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I have a very bad memory problem for things I'm not interested in, even if they're important. For example, trying to recall what I did for a certain project at work, or recalling the name of someone I've met or talked to on the phone... not happening.

We had a general discussion the other day about fanficcers' obsession with characters going clubbing in leather trousers like that's the only way people dress. Unless they were going to specialist clubs... nah-ah. Have these writers ever gone clubbing before, themselves? Jeans + shirt or t-shirt is what you wear.

Then again, I've read stuff where the guy puts on lube before putting on the condom.

Keep imagining 1930s D1. I blame this on [ profile] giving_ground.
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Slept and woke up extra early due to jet lag, so I used this morning to finish watching Moyashimon. Why are there so few episodes? It feels like the story has only just started but it's all over already.

My sister and I agreed that the Japanese yoghurt microbe is very Sanada...

Starting on Code Geass season 2, Vampire Knight and Bus Gamer soon. For once I can actually watch something as it gets shown rather than be told by people "btw I just watched half/all the episodes of this wonderful series and blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah you should watch it too!" Some might find it strange but I like to either watch something in my own time or be watching it when everybody else is. It's really off-putting to discover something when everybody else has discovered it a week ago and are on the next climax point of the show already. They LJ-cut their fangirl gushing so that they don't spoil others, but I'm left to feel really blah about it all because I don't know what they're talking about. Then the feeling comes that I must watch faster to know what everyone else is talking about and really, between all my obligations and interests, there isn't much time left to sit and watch lots of episodes in one go anyway. And the fun of it is taken away because it feels too much like work. I'm sure the series is great. But. Just call me weird, okay?

Finished the Yakitate Japan game. It says there is now a new, secret stage, but it seems like I have to play it all over again before I can reach that stage. >> Going back to L - the Prologue instead.

At work, they're making me finish a report on a scheme but they've made changes to the scheme that I've only just found out. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS.
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Weekends. They come and go and I don't feel time passing, anymore. Is it mid-March already?

I abused my cat this morning because I was so stressed out. Fortunately the wiki is giving me something to obsessively work on, because otherwise I'll scream.

Randomly, Terminal 5 looks quite a lot like HK International Airport, except it's obvious T5 uses lower grade materials (I'd love to see the CBR on this one). I was surprised to find it was designed by Richard Rogers, not Normal Foster, since the two look so similar. And when Foster designed HK's airport, he reused an old design he made for some other place (which I don't remember right now) anyway, so I was assuming it was him again.

[edit] and then I break my own mind on Sanacow and Niouchicken.
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Posting has begun at [ profile] balls_it_up! I'll post something to the comms maybe in a few days, with direct links to the fics, since there are only going to be nine stories.

I had something to say on patience, tolerance and behaviour within a community (not related to yesterday), but sometimes I feel I'm not actually interested in having a discussion. On the internet there are always people trying to pick apart my wording to find something wrong with it and goddamn, I'm not going to blame it on not having English as my first language, but I'm just not particularly masterful in its usage, and I hate having to try to explain myself. It sometimes feels like I contradict myself in my explanation when in fact I just didn't say it right the first time. Discussion that are actually useful, identifying points that I've missed? Brilliant. But being picked apart because I couldn't express myself right, urgh, no thanks. I prefer face-to-face discussion, it's so much easier to talk and explain.


Wrote more Weird Fic (Crystal, it hasn't got a name yet. Naming fics is one of hardest tasks in writing T_T Just ask Liz.) It's shaping up to something slightly closer to what I had in mind, though the writing is still a bit too simplistic.
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Work's computer seems to have a better sound card than the desktop at home. Yagami sounds less mumbly when I listen to the SanaYuki song here. Or maybe it's because of the headphones? I thought the soundcard at home was pretty good already - or at least it was, compared with my previous desktop...

Had a O_O moment when I couldn't load any LJ pages earlier. Thought work blocked LJ. But it seems like it's just being very slow and unresponsive.

I forgot quality and went for quantitiy when writing last night, getting nearly 3000 words in a few hours. Um, nanowrimo approach ftw? Will probably have to rewrite a lot of it, if not the whole thing, but at least the story's there. And people got laid, too.

It's that time of year again, the ICE guy is coming to the office and I don't want to see him. Wonder if I can wriggle my way out of it this time round. Because otherwise I'll cry.

[ profile] crystalusagi made me want to watch Stephen Chow films again.

Let's see

Oct. 29th, 2007 07:56 am
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  1. My shoulders hurt (bad posture)

  2. My back hurt (bad back)

  3. My foot hurts (Liz said I probably damaged a muscle)

  4. Tezmobile needs to see a vet asap (she's losing fur, though she doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all)

  5. Things are a mess at work

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Renjiflop [ren-ji-fuu-lop]

An apparent disappearance of bones inside Renji's body, which causes Renji to collapse on top of Sanada. Symptons prior to the Renjiflop include increase in perspiration, rapid heartbeat and breathing, and moaning and wimpering in Sanada's arms.

[Origin: 2007; [ profile] solaas gmail chat with [ profile] yuki_scorpio]

Mid-autumn festival quite soon. I get mid-autumn blues. It's like a severe case of homesickness, I suppose, and missing being outside with sparklers and candles and crouching on the ground to drip wax onto ants and melt wax inside a mooncake tin. Laterns with pathetic metal claws that never hold the candle properly, or electric ones that eat batteries up like mad. Picking out the egg yolks inside the mooncakes.

I think the last time had been 14 years ago.


[edit] Oh oh! Nori has written little!Yuki and it's made of win.
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I wrote an entry, but lost it. It's probably better that way, I think it wasn't very coherent. Something about becoming a comedian and making people laugh for a living is better than poking at CAD, especially when there aren't enough CAD licences around so I can't open the programme until somebody closes theirs.

I got talked to at Ikebukuro again, and it freaked me out )

Lack of grammar, punctuation and general correct English in (work) emails make me cringe and homicidal.

In general, work makes me want to bash things, as usual. But hey, it pays me!


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