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I've just finished Drakengard, a game in which nobody is good and the story gets increasingly twisted with each ending that is unlocked (there are five). Some bits were proper insane. For example, this happens towards the 4th ending.

(The background to that video is that Arioch, the elf woman, had her children taken from her by the Empire and thrown into the sea along with all the other elf children. She went mad, made a pact with some spirits in order to gain great power, and gave up her womb in exchange. Since then she always talked about fire and death and destruction and laughs manically and screams about her missing children. At the end of the game when all these babies appeared in the air to destroy the world... well. Her death did buy time for the rest of them to escape but who knows if that was her intention or if she was just proper mad and had no idea what was going on anymore.)

This game has children issues. Possessed children, child soldiers, grotesque giant babies floating in the sky. The story starts off basic enough and then you realise everybody's a bit (or very) twisted, with Seere being the only exception. Even the damsel in distress has skeletons in the closet, and eventually kills herself because of it. There isn't much character development per say, but each character has enough personality and background for it to all hold together.

I didn't play through the last bit because it was just so hard and yes I could, with persistence, win it but I couldn't be bothered, it wasn't the most riveting level to play. So I watched the final ending on youtube instead and I'm glad I didn't spend the time - the ending is pretty short. But it's also really full of WHATTTTT? I think the fact that we've played Nier and therefore know what the creator of Drakengard is like kind of helped, but still. Wow. That was sad and funny and brave of them to end it like that.

Just started the sequel, Drakengard 2. The game controls have drastically improved but the voices of two of the main characters are awfully bland and personality-less, and the story itself so far is pretty generic. But it's supposed to be better than the first game, and at one point there was a glimpse of Caim in his current location looking pretty psychotic, so there is hope yet. It's supposed to have some links to Nier too.

(Drakengard 3 is coming out in 2014 - it wasn't going to get an English release but the publisher changed their mind - and I'm going to need a PS3 to play it. Guess I'll need it to play the FFX/X2 HD remaster anyway.)


Storme wrote Dave/Qubine. Everybody go read Dave/Qubine.

It might shock many to read this but I want to write cheerful fic. [Some of Us], although it has a few moments, is decidedly sad. The SnK one I'm writing is dreary, and the other Dave/Qubine one I have is also full of woe. It seems like I just have the tendency to set things in very dire times (SnK: titans won, humanity lost. TLR: the war goes on, Hermeien has Irina and all the remnants). Why can't I have some cheerful highschool banter or people going shopping, stuff like that?
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So they sit there, staring at David's crotch, talking about JP's impending child while thinking about Qubine's sex life.

Another normal day at Café Charlotte.

His face.

Dec. 20th, 2012 08:30 pm
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My face when, in the middle of writing a crossover, we leaf through the artbook of fandom 1 and find the face of a character in fandom 2, aged up as we've planned in said crossover, in the "concept art" section.

As JP says: mon dieu!
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So, I haven't been writing Rikkai. *ducks* Instead I'm working on a Resonance of Fate/The Last Remnant crossover (yes, I know) and in Zephyr's words, "I don't know what this is, but I likes it." It has a fair amount of back story which is quite heavy, and then the "current" timeline which is about people coping with life but also generally just moving on and having fun - a rather different sort of thing for me to write, you might notice. I'm writing at such a pace that if I was doing Nanowrimo I would've done quite well.

I keep meaning to do a big update post about what's happened in the past couple of months, but the photos are still on the camera - I'm just that lazy and distracted. But here are a few of the things that's happened/I can remember right now:

The second bedroom of the flat, which had been shop storage/office + cosplay storage + [ profile] storme's office, is now all of those things minus being Storme's office. I'm working on expanding the shop with Storme, now that we're both on it full time. We've also been building/shifting furniture, and generally moving stuff around. It's getting there, I think.

There's a tooth that's been giving me problems for years, and this week it's finally given up. The half of the tooth that's inside the gum is still there, but there is no longer any tooth at all outside the gum. Today I went to a dental technician, where they will make me some sort of a stub to put on there to make it look like I do have a tooth (because crowns won't work when there's no exposed tooth to crown over). The technician's place looks like it comes from a survival horror game, without the blood. It was dingy, there were sparse shelves on the wall full of thin boxes that aren't shut properly. There was a single old desk near the front door with a desk lamp and some mouth moulds and a few loose teeth. And then this man came out wearing a white coat, his gloved hands holding a set of teeth, and asked if he could help me. It was so comical I almost laughed. XD; (Fortunately I'm very unsqueamish about teeth and dentists.) This is my last resort, if it doesn't work then I'll need to pay two grand for an implant if I want to look like I have a tooth there.

We've been shopping/making things for [ profile] yukimannequin et al.'s Christmas exchange, it's all ready now, we just need to write the card. There's still plenty of time before Christmas postal cut-off so it should all be okay! Storme had too much fun making the gifts, but I'm sure she'll talk about that in due course.

There are 2 Christmas celebrations that we are going to next month, and maybe there'll be some impromptu ones, like a pizza/movie night with a few friends? But personally my hope is for the rest of this year to be generally uneventful. There are shows to watch, games to play, costumes to make, cakes to bake, things to write. I'm happy to stay at home all day long. Hmm, must be getting old.

My laptop of 5 years has become quite impossible to work with (the hinges are dying, I risk pulling the screen out every time I try to move them. And it's so, so slow) so finally I bought myself a new one! The old one's keyboard didn't have a backward slash so I usually only did this for a raised-arms emoticon: /o/ but now I'm capable of raising my arms this way: \o/! Happy days! \o/

Aaaaand I go back to writing. And sleep.


Sep. 20th, 2012 11:16 am
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*searches for Last Remnant things for various graphics purposes*

*finds Blocter/Rush and Torgal/Rush porn pics, as well as naked Conquerer*

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I'm just crossing TLR over with anything in my head now. The latest is the train scene in 2046. WHAT?

Other long fic still lacks title.
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The thing about TLR is that it lacks a silently ambitious, possibly-poisonous character. It also lacks a curiously-mysterious, can-I-trust-you? character. Would also be nice if it has a foul-mouthed character - Nora doesn't really fit the bill. It's like taking away some of my favourite toys.

And the thing about having written very many words is that I look at all those words and just can't be bothered to edit. orz

And the thing right now is that I have nothing to write. It is distressing. Must find new ideas. Ideas that include Qubine.
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[ profile] storme and I did some major unpacking and furniture moving over the weekend - yes we still haven't finished unpacking! But I finally got some more shelves etc. Because of the additional furniture, the office now feels a bit smaller but much much tidier and far more usable. I also went and reorganised the shop's stock and ordered new stuff to sell as well as more packaging.

We also went to get shiny new bedding! (Some of the) curtains are being delivered as well. The flats feels great now - not that it wasn't before, but now it's extra great.

Currently writing a fee estimate and imagining a PoT/TLR crossover and dying of amusement. Every time Dave returns Wilfred's finishing shot, Wilfred's gonna shout INCONCEIVABLE! Rush has a move called OMNISTRIKE. And I want to watch a match between Chinen and Torgal.
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*Gives Qubine pointlessly large amount of word count/coverage* ♥

Random call for help - does anyone know of printing companies who'd be willing to print leaflets/flyers/posters for free in aid of charity events?


Mar. 16th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Qubine likes biscuits.
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I'm doing site survey all of this week apart from Wednesday. I hope the rest of the week will be dry and all the roads will be like Vauxhall Bridge Road. At least I have a job to book my time to. These days I feel like a fraud whenever I do my timesheets because I sit there for 8 hours doing fuckall every day.

[ profile] storme's away for work for two days, and her pillow is being blobbed on by the cat (I'm suddenly the cat's Favourite Person Ever). I need to wake up early in the morning but haven't been able to sleep yet. Tried to do some writing. The same couple of stories just inching forward. They generally involve:

AU Story 1
Rush: (I have a secret I CAN'T TELL ANYONE.)
Dave: (I also have something I will not talk to anyone about.)
Rush: ...
Dave: ...
Rush: ...
Dave: ...
Rush & Dave: You.
Me: *steals the Valeria Heart and seppukus*

AU Story 2
Rush: (I have a secret I CAN'T TELL ANYONE and this is a different secret btw)
Dave: (He has a secret I MUST FIGURE IT OUT.)
Rush: (I'd rather die than to let anyone know!1!!!111)
Dave: ...
Rush: ...
Dave: ...
Rush: ...


Still unpacking. Chest of drawers have been ordered, and Habitat's failure of a delivery service has our lamp somewhere in an Ipswich depot. I'm waiting for a whole load of foam for the shop. And apparently my dad will be in the UK next week.

Oh, the other day I mocked a child in public. It felt good. :D
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The poor boy. They thought there was a monster in town, but Rush just wanted some candies...
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I laughed a little over this.

And then the artist uploaded this today and I nearly died.

To quote [ profile] storme: "See, Dave? That's why it's important that the eyepatch VANISH between gae-nesses!"
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I'm in need of some Rush/Dave porn. Or even without the porn. Where can I find some? D:

I haven't been able to write much lately. Inching forward on the TLR Space AU, but at least that's funny. D1 is basically not happening. I have a Zephyr + Pater story brewing in my head as well but I'm not writing that until I've finished the game.

Anyone coming to the Japanese Arts Festival in London this weekend? I'm there to help judge the cosplay masquerade on Saturday.

Trying to find some white jodhpurs. Why doesn't Tesco sell them in white? It means I have to get some "proper" ones that'll set me back at least £20.

Bought stuff on eBay to be sent from Thailand, but still haven't received anything after 3 weeks. I'm warning the seller that I will file a dispute soon.

Apparently going with the boss to Cambridge next Thursday to look at a slab.** I told him if we go near the city centre we must stop by the fudge kitchen.

I don't see much work being done today at the office. Even those who usually don't care about dress-down Fridays have come in wearing t-shirt and jeans. Most of us are just like, "yup, everything's gone to hell, don't care anymore."

**Yes, that's right, we're going to Cambridge to look at one reinforced concrete slab. My job, it is so glamourous. XD;
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"Stop pressing on my nail - you are making me strobe!"

"I'm suffering from glare," said David, shielding his eyes with one hand and rubbing his temples with the other. His officers looked at each other with a knowing smirk.

"Those relaxing herbs might be a little... too relaxing. Look at him - he is totally stoned!"

(Ask [ profile] storme.)
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BR81, still un-Fallen-ed. Maybe my stats are low, because I had to spent around 10 turns to defeat Heaven's Lord, wth. I think because I've taken such a long break between playing, I don't remember what I've been doing and what my unions' stats are. So, I randomly decided that I'm going to switch Rush from two-handed wielding Frostblade to dual-wielding whatever I can find for him. So far he's got one Tataraichi and one Ninja Katana. Got lucky at Robelia Castle and got Pest Toxins the first time I looked for it, so I managed to upgrade one katana to Tataraichi... tried again but didn't get any. Nightbloom's been taken by Irina, you see, so he can't have Tataraichi+Nightbloom. Will try to have 2xTataraichi instead. Or some other nice sword so that he can have two WAs.

Rush now needs to learn some dual-wielding arts.

Did a lot of customisations for Rush and for guild quests. I almost never had to farm for stuff, I already have what's needed in my inventory. Huh.

The game keeps refusing to let me see Bel'kwinith's Fury. Maybe it's Ghor's fault, he keeps wanting to use it at the turn when the mob's about to die.

Actually what I've been doing last night is add layers of primer to my in-progress Portal Gun. It was primer - battle - battle - primer - battle... etc. Doesn't seem to be working so well though, I think it's partly because the high build primer I bought is too cheap and crap. Perhaps I should go get some gesso.

I want to declare a EVERYBODY WRITES LIKE DAN BROWN day, but then realised that'd mean many, including myself, would have to reread his books to copy the style. Not such a good idea. XD

[ profile] solaas sent me kitten pictures. I have kitten envy.

There is a lot of site work coming up. By the end of next Tuesday I'll be in bed, crippled.
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Randomly played some TLR on PC again. I still haven't completed the PC version after all this time! Still at the point of Fallen/just before Undelwalt. Went around killing rares and generally levelling up. Had a chance to use Bel'kwinith's Fury but the mob died before Ghor unleashed it, woe. I've never seen that WA! Slightly boggled by how Lugh's Revenge and Megalore are also classified as "Weapon Art" when clearly it's from the Remnants Torgal and Pagus are carrying, not from their actual weapons. That means they'll end up with two WA each, I suppose.

For some reason I find playing TLR really soothing. >> Tried to get items for upgrading, but then I need to complete some guild quests for the dailys/weeklys for those things. And then I can farm for stuff. But bah, no necrotic metal until after Undelwalt, so there's quite a bit I can't do. I wonder if I can kill Fallen without using any WA, if I upgrade enough and make some awesome accessories for the characters. But by the time I get enough stuff to make awesome accessories maybe they'll be at a level that they'll keep pushing out WAs anyway...

But wait, apparently on PC they will only use WAs if the union morale is high...

Anyway. I need to kill Fallen, get through more of the story, hunt down Khrynia for more arts, and employ The Seven because I'm curious about them.

Might just be me being lucky last night, but rares spawned a lot easier than they did on the Box, it seemed...

Just to show that I know other games exist, twice I've tried to buy Castlevania (PS2 and DS), and twice Royal Mail ate it. The one on XBox Live looks too old, don't really want to play it. Portal on Steam would not work for me. Having checked the forums, it seems like I'm not the only one. At least I didn't have to pay for it, otherwise I'd be quite annoyed. And I'm going to play Loom and Monkey Island II later.

Listening to Eminem's "Recovery" album. I'm liking it a lot.

On the fic front, Dave seems to be changing his mind a lot. I need to go back and do some editing to highlight that he's just confused rather than inconsistent. I'm liking this fic a bit. The fact that I get to write about Qubine and Pagus helps. I don't write about them enough.
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Storme: And Dave goes down the list as he makes the booty calls and eventually he gets to the end of the list and it's the bartender.
Pez: It's so wrong but the sex is so good!
Storme: The down side is that the bartender will tell everyone.
Pez: But nobody will believe him. :D

Pez: Actually Dave is shagging the Pleasant Young Man.
Storme: He is very pleasant.
Pez: And very young.
Storme: And very man.

Storme: And Jager'd say, "you can't kill him, he's the goddamn h0 of Athlum!"

Pez: Gabriel was alright but then Dave decided he really couldn't stand that accent.

Pez: And Dave makes an emergency call to Royotia. "Paris, how long will it take you to get here?!"
Storme: "About six months?" "Dammit I need someone closer!"
Pez: How about Qubine?
Storme: Erm.
Pez: ...
Storme: It'll have to be phone sex with Ghor again won't it.

Storme: And Rush is also shagging the Pleasant Young Man. He really is very pleasant and is in fact the h0 of Athlum.

Storme: We still haven't solved the problem of who Dave can go to when he realises he needs to get laid.
Pez: I'm sure he can solve the problem himself?
Storme: How about Torgal?
Pez: "Torgal, would you lend me a hand?"

..........the above is our idea of pillow talk.
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Yesterday I walked from Wandsworth Town to Trafalgar Square. It was about 6 miles but with lots of stopping to take notes and photos etc, so the whole thing took 5.5 hours including lunch break. My back and my right foot did not appreciate the exercise.

This is for my own reference, in case I ever need screen beans. XD

AND. Listening to Within Temptation, and noticed one of their songs can be a very appropriate, but also the cheesiest Dave/Rush song EVER and should have a place in any fanmix. So I've uploaded both versions I have, because I like this song.

Somewhere [Feat Anneke Van Giersbergen] - Live In Eindhoven 2008
Somewhere [album version]

Within Temptation is one of the rare groups/bands who sound brilliant in live recordings. Personally I find that most other bands can sound great live, but not if live recorded.

and lyrics here )

...I'll go away and wibble now. ;;
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Could be worse. If only I could find a decent rendered picture of Capell... then there can be Dave!Capell and Dave!Sigmund doing what [ profile] storme termed "hot flute on flute action", otherwise known as "when I was in band camp, I once stuck a flute inside my flute!"


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