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I've just been alerted to the 59-59 match at Wimbledon.

O.o Isn't that even longer than the longest PoT match?
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Half an hour to go, but coverage has already started on BBC1.

For those who don't want to spam their own friends lists as it happens, feel free to spam comment this post instead!

(Sue Barker just said, "he's been on the receiving end of Roger Federer's barrage." I think I like this woman.)

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"Andy Roddick has been on the receiving end of Roger Federer for quite some time..."

*headtilt* I see...


Jun. 5th, 2009 11:20 pm
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Was going to start Star Ocean tonight, but spent the evening on watching Federer at Roland Garros instead. Exciting stuff. And then I finished reading The Angel's Game. The book left me with this face: o_o. I don't really understand what Vidal did there, towards the end. What was he really thinking?

Aaaaand [Siege/Surrender] Chapter 3 is here. A chapter a day, more or less, might exclude weekends. Don't get too excited over how this chapter ends - don't forget that Allan's there. Just don't forget about Allan. He doesn't like being forgotten. It makes him sad. XD
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If this weather continues I really will be snowed in tomorrow.

TLR fic continues to suck but I am having fun writing. Okay every now and then I yell "OH, SCREW THIS. ROCKS FALL. EVERYONE DIES. THE END," but I say that almost every time I write. Oh and the porn almost made me fall asleep, again.

[ profile] shiroibara, have you seen the news about Michael Phelps? :( Don't like the statement where it seems like he's trying to push half the blame onto his age. As if being a bit young (and not really that young that one can't make an intelligent decision!) is a good enough excuse to do stuff. It's "just" pot and it could be worse, but I really don't like the way people can't just say "I was wrong and I'm sorry."

I missed the epic Nadal vs Federer final. It seems like very time they play at a final it gets more epic, doesn't it? Despite missing it, I'm still glad.

Rain break

Jul. 6th, 2008 04:56 pm
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Wimbledon so far )

I'm (re-)uploading all the doujinshis I've scanned in the last few years, getting them ready to all be posted in one place.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:00 pm
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Wimbledon tickets are £84 (women's) or £91 (men's). Shit. I want to go so much. Even if these are top-of-the-hill tickets. If Zheng Jie makes it to the finals or if it's a Roger vs Rafa... Argh. Why must things be so expensive?
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Reading an article about a woman who got stuck up a tree trying to rescue a cat because the branch she was standing on broke. It says that firefighters used a triple extension ladder to get to her... this is when I get reminded how different some things are here. In HK, because everybody live in skyscrapers, fire engines are all fitted with ladders and hydraulic platforms that go up to 12 (or is it 15?) floors (edit: Wikipedia says 53m ladder). I suppose maybe an engine wasn't deployed in this case, but the fire engines here probably aren't that well equipped in comparison, overall. Yet, taller buildings are starting to appear around the capital... wonder if this is being addressed, or if some disaster is going to happen before someone realises equipment needs to evolve with society. Is this country proactive or reactive?

Nadal vs Murray is on. I'm backing Nadal because I want to see another Roger vs Rafa final. So very, very broke this year, so the option to buy last minute tickets to see the final probably isn't open to me. But I had such a great time with lpatobe last year! Really would love to go again. :(

I scored 20/20 in today's English test! \:D/
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Been getting terrible dreams lately. They make me wake up at odd hours of the night. So tired.

It's Nadal vs Murray tonight isn't it? I look forward to this so much. Not a Murray fan (haven't really looked at him since he pissed me off around 2 years ago with his terrible attitude) but if he plays the way he did Gasquet, then this match will be Something To Watch. But oh God, please don't rename Henman Hill to Murray Mound. Please.

The post didn't come yesterday, so I couldn't find out what my new salary is. Hope it'll get here today.

My computer's mouse's scrollwheel suddenly died. It worked fine and then suddenly it just doesn't click anymore when I turn it and the page doesn't turn. It still works when I use the "press down" function so I can still easily open new tabs/close tabs that way, but damn. It's a small, old USB mouse that just has 2 buttons and the wheel, it's simple, unlike all those horrible big things with more buttons than you have fingers for. I like this mouse. :(

Fic now has title! XD Nicked from a song, as always. The lyrics of the song has nothing to do with the fic really, but the name of the song sort of does, and the sound of the song makes me think of the mood of the story somehow... so there we go. And now that writing's done, I can finally go read all the fics I've been missing...
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How to p-p-p-pick out a penguin from thousands of others - one of them tarundorus, of course.

Tennis official Justin Gimelstob serves up sexist rant against top female players - wow. WOW. Whatever happened between him and Kournikova, or even if this is his warped sence of humour, this guy must have very little grey matter between his ears to say things like that in an interview. I hope someone's taken him into a dark room and beaten him up.

Federer playing tennis in a dressing gown is an imagery that makes me go just like my icon is going. These "as it happened" pages and BBC sports commentaries are always so hilarious and ridiculous. The grasping Frenchman? The fizzing tennis ball? WTH, frozen curry?


Nov. 17th, 2007 01:19 pm
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Anyone here seen the TVB drama 烈火雄心? I'm listening to this song and remember the bit where it came from and fshjkfhsfhskfhslkafh WAAAAAAAAAH. I don't think I ever cried so hard in my life. At least TV-induced crying, anyway.

The Federer vs Nadal match isn't shown on Freeview, and I'm too cheap to pay to watch it on the net. Wonder what the score is...
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Rafa Nadal's blog. He hasn't updated yet, I wonder if he will...

But most importantly, this question was asked and answered:

Is there a reason why a player is given 3 balls before serving? And how do you decide which ball to reject? Is there any specific reasons for declining a ball?

RN: It doesn't need to be 3. It can be 4, 5 , 2 or just one. I just look for the 2 that are less used so that they are well to play.

OMG he's a Nutella fan. XD And he's actually right-handed...? O_O

The question about his gay fanbase!!!

June 27th entry! He asked Roger to play doubles together! *___* Too bad it couldn't go ahead.

Roger had his pants on backwards.

I have 2 phonecalls to make. Even though they're non-work, I still don't like making formal calls..... x_x
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Jul. 7th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Because I can't be bothered to make several posts under several filters:

  1. Wimbledon: OMG OMG I HAVE TICKETS FOR TOMORROW'S FINAL. Row ZA. That's like, the 27th row. BUT HEY I WILL BE THERE. *does Mexican wave with [ profile] tez_plush!* It appears I have an extra ticket - anyone wanna meet me there tomorrow? It'll cost you £92 (£87 + 5 booking fee). Drop a comment!

  2. [ profile] solaas, [ profile] giving_ground & [ profile] elyndys: 12 August pm performance, got 3 tickets. The seller had 4, put them up in 4 auctions, and some fucker had to go and win one of them from me. We were gonna have 4 seats together! Will try to get another ticket, hopefully a nearby seat. Or we can have 4 people trying for one additional toujitsuken. On a normal day I'd guess we'd have to be extremely unlucky to not get one, but it's the first Sunday of summer break, so I won't count on it.

  3. FF12: got all Espers, killed Hell Wyrm, not sure if I'm ready for Yiazmat or whatever its name is. Should finish side quests. Except I can't be bothered to chase the cockatrice around Rabenastre.

  4. Someone should go beat Yamato up. Or beat Yukimura up.

  5. Fusion!Tez is about to participate in the Nippon League as a n00b. I'm wondering whether he should 1) do rather badly, 2) do rather well, 3) crash out due to injury, 4) win the damn thing and rock the Japanese tennis circle.

  6. The guy (whose name turned out to be Lucas not Lawrence) should be ringing me about taking the TV. I suppose he doesn't want it. *attempts to defenestrate*
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I think I'm gonna try to get a ticket for tomorrow's Wimbledon. Even though the chances are slim and it costs £87...

(Gasquet is playing really well, but I think he'll get tired soon, after such a long match with Roddick yesterday. He's already looking tired.)
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Wow. WOW. Did anyone else watch that?

I appear to be the only one in the world rooting for Gasquet, but his game just kept getting better and honestly, Roddick should've taken the match 3 sets ago. It's his own fault.

Gasquet vs Federer next time. I look forward to that!
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The Federbear photo turned out a bit blurry. Oh well!

Went searching for scans, and found the Men's Vogue pic of him at, guess where, the official site. The pics aren't small, too! I'm glad I didn't spend money buying the magazine.

And then I read about him warming-up with Tim Henman in the locker room.

Dot dot dot.
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Federer and Nadal are wearing matching colours today.

And then Pez finds the [ profile] fedal_fans community.


But then again, if [ profile] topgearslash exists, anything can exist.
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Fuck, is the French Open Men's Final only being shown here on Eurosport? I don't have that channel!



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