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Have this character:

Go to highschool ... ☑
Get new outfit (apparently sexy and tight)... ☑
Go to a nightclub... ☑
Use guns... ☑
Hump his bestfriend... ☑
Turn a straight man gay... ☑
Have his name pronounced in a pretentious way... ☑

To do:
Sell himself for money
Smoke something
Get a piercing/tattoo
Have magical healing cock
Get a sex change
Lose his memory
Get wings (Also actually entirely possible)
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I'm going to make use of my DW account and archive all my TLR writing** there, so there'll be a sudden influx of posts. If that bothers you, unwatching for the time being might be a good idea. I'll give a shout when it's all done.

** might put other old writing there too, but we'll get to that eventually.

We filled in the 2011 Census the other day. My declared religion is "Dave".


Oct. 6th, 2010 05:19 pm
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Work is so infuriating I am amusing myself imagining Dave & co. doing the Thriller dance.

(It's working. Crotch-grabbing Dave does amuse me.)
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I laughed a little over this.

And then the artist uploaded this today and I nearly died.

To quote [ profile] storme: "See, Dave? That's why it's important that the eyepatch VANISH between gae-nesses!"


Aug. 18th, 2010 10:12 pm
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Dave's favourite shoes.

Tea! But not a cream tea because the scones sold out. The items at the bottom left corner, [ profile] sinistera, are toasted tea cakes. I'm not sure if they're called the same thing where you are. 8D
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It hailed last Friday. Today I'm wearing a jumper to work. Is it autumn already?

On Saturday we watched Toy Story 3, which was brilliant. I really enjoyed that, didn't have a single thing to complain about. Storme wants to watch Scott Pilgrim when that comes out, so I'll be borrowing her copy of the comic.

I'm so stuck on [ profile] switching_it_up it's not funny.

I made good progress on the Flynn cosplay over the weekend. Will post some pictures soon. Lessons I learned were: 1) When doing tests, do it on a nice, big piece of scrap. 2) Just mix the damn latex with the acrylic. It stops paint brushes from dying too early. 3) When latex-ing several pieces, make sure they are placed well away from each other and from other porous surfaces such as paper even though they seem dry. If they accidentally touch, you will cry. 4) I need an airbrush. One has already been recommended to me and now that I have two projects which I need it for, I should go ahead and buy it.

Going to place a big order of wigs from the US soon. Will soon be poor again!

There is an ongoing heated discussion regarding the proposed new team structure at work; the team disagrees with management and HR's proposed organogram. It's approaching the TLDR stage even for me although my job's on the line.

I'm trying to follow the written instructions from Darth, who I believe has an actual problem with reading comprehension and writing. He reads out loud, very slowly, but has to go over sentences a few times and can still read words wrong. He reads them out as what he THINKS they might be saying rather than what they're saying. What he writes down also deviates from what he says out loud as he is writing. "Casulties" for "consultees", for example. And I don't even know what "inepret" is supposed to be given the context of the sentence. But I know that I'm talking to the consultees not casulties, at least...

Last but not least, Storme and I decided that the boy from Colchester Franklins is called Frank and he is very man. He therefore is in the "Super Man" group which Dave and the Pleasant Young Man also belong to. Not that Frank knows he is in such illustrious company.

Of course, Super Man ≠ Superman the hero. Although I bet Dave, PYM and Frank also dick around a lot.
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"Stop pressing on my nail - you are making me strobe!"

"I'm suffering from glare," said David, shielding his eyes with one hand and rubbing his temples with the other. His officers looked at each other with a knowing smirk.

"Those relaxing herbs might be a little... too relaxing. Look at him - he is totally stoned!"

(Ask [ profile] storme.)
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Randomly played some TLR on PC again. I still haven't completed the PC version after all this time! Still at the point of Fallen/just before Undelwalt. Went around killing rares and generally levelling up. Had a chance to use Bel'kwinith's Fury but the mob died before Ghor unleashed it, woe. I've never seen that WA! Slightly boggled by how Lugh's Revenge and Megalore are also classified as "Weapon Art" when clearly it's from the Remnants Torgal and Pagus are carrying, not from their actual weapons. That means they'll end up with two WA each, I suppose.

For some reason I find playing TLR really soothing. >> Tried to get items for upgrading, but then I need to complete some guild quests for the dailys/weeklys for those things. And then I can farm for stuff. But bah, no necrotic metal until after Undelwalt, so there's quite a bit I can't do. I wonder if I can kill Fallen without using any WA, if I upgrade enough and make some awesome accessories for the characters. But by the time I get enough stuff to make awesome accessories maybe they'll be at a level that they'll keep pushing out WAs anyway...

But wait, apparently on PC they will only use WAs if the union morale is high...

Anyway. I need to kill Fallen, get through more of the story, hunt down Khrynia for more arts, and employ The Seven because I'm curious about them.

Might just be me being lucky last night, but rares spawned a lot easier than they did on the Box, it seemed...

Just to show that I know other games exist, twice I've tried to buy Castlevania (PS2 and DS), and twice Royal Mail ate it. The one on XBox Live looks too old, don't really want to play it. Portal on Steam would not work for me. Having checked the forums, it seems like I'm not the only one. At least I didn't have to pay for it, otherwise I'd be quite annoyed. And I'm going to play Loom and Monkey Island II later.

Listening to Eminem's "Recovery" album. I'm liking it a lot.

On the fic front, Dave seems to be changing his mind a lot. I need to go back and do some editing to highlight that he's just confused rather than inconsistent. I'm liking this fic a bit. The fact that I get to write about Qubine and Pagus helps. I don't write about them enough.
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Storme: And Dave goes down the list as he makes the booty calls and eventually he gets to the end of the list and it's the bartender.
Pez: It's so wrong but the sex is so good!
Storme: The down side is that the bartender will tell everyone.
Pez: But nobody will believe him. :D

Pez: Actually Dave is shagging the Pleasant Young Man.
Storme: He is very pleasant.
Pez: And very young.
Storme: And very man.

Storme: And Jager'd say, "you can't kill him, he's the goddamn h0 of Athlum!"

Pez: Gabriel was alright but then Dave decided he really couldn't stand that accent.

Pez: And Dave makes an emergency call to Royotia. "Paris, how long will it take you to get here?!"
Storme: "About six months?" "Dammit I need someone closer!"
Pez: How about Qubine?
Storme: Erm.
Pez: ...
Storme: It'll have to be phone sex with Ghor again won't it.

Storme: And Rush is also shagging the Pleasant Young Man. He really is very pleasant and is in fact the h0 of Athlum.

Storme: We still haven't solved the problem of who Dave can go to when he realises he needs to get laid.
Pez: I'm sure he can solve the problem himself?
Storme: How about Torgal?
Pez: "Torgal, would you lend me a hand?"

..........the above is our idea of pillow talk.
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Could be worse. If only I could find a decent rendered picture of Capell... then there can be Dave!Capell and Dave!Sigmund doing what [ profile] storme termed "hot flute on flute action", otherwise known as "when I was in band camp, I once stuck a flute inside my flute!"
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1. Dr Who 5.03...
Pez: Oh, I get it! It's like the Power Rangers!

Wow... (drunken knitting is in.)

Storme: Look, heated marquee!
Pez: You mean an inflamed Dave?
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Rush: Hey, pumpkin.

Dave: Yes? ♥


Also. I lost connection to Dave the other night and had to retune.

Dave Day

Mar. 1st, 2010 09:24 pm
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It's Saint David's Day Lord David's Day! \o/

If only I could make an animated gif of Dave spinning a leek. But at least Dave can give Rush one of those special daffodils.


Sort of related:

I lol'd.
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I've bought some white trousers for the ball and they will hopefully arrive in time. So please stop looking at these pages.

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Two main conclusions could be drawn from the weekend that's just past:
  1. Everything somehow goes back to the Dave.

  2. I need to buy more wigs.

  3. Although, if I were to include more, the following conclusions are also very important:

  4. Shiny cravat material is... mesmerising.

  5. There is only one copy of Home in the world and it's being passed between all Jason Liebrecht fangirls in the world. There is only one copy because it's such a boring film.

  6. Majestic wine warehouse near home = awesome.

  7. Shopping in Dunelm Mill is like using a computer with very, very little RAM.

  8. Rush sleeps between Dave and Emma.

  9. Dave's bed is apparently very comfy.

  10. Matsumoto wig = pervert wig.

  11. [ profile] storme can easily look like Near.

  12. She also makes a very cute Rush.

  13. [ profile] dystopiarcadia is actually a RoV character, who is a pervert.

  14. And maybe more as I remember them. And photos later. But overall:

  15. Fabulous weekend. \o/ Can I please have Storme and Syl as my live-in minions?

Other things: must get a move on with ball!Dave cosplay. Before Wednesday I will fix the waistcoat, make the cravat, test the shirt and look for trousers. Then I can finally concentrate on the Faize. Only a month left and Faize is very complicated. D:
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Sorry, gonna die now. Do not revive. XDDDDDDDDDDD
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Click for larger scan.

This was from two weeks ago, when Syl visited and we were having dim sum. I don't actually remember who said what, but anyway...

Syl: *talks about Lord Dave*
Liz: Yeah we decided if Dave was a tennis boy he has to be in Higa.
Pez: It's the tanned skin and the hair. *starts drawing on paper tablecloth* And he'd be the captain, much to Kite's dismay. The team'd love him, too. He and Rin can exchange hair care tips.
Liz: *looks at doodle* Is Dave wearing the captain pants?
Pez: Of course! :D *continues*
Syl: What's this tent thing you're drawing?
Pez: Yes. 8D *adds sparkles too*
Syl: It's like MiniDave is having a birthday party. There needs to be balloons!
Pez: Sure! *gives Dave Generals balloons*
Syl: Nobody ever goes to Lord David's birthday party...
Liz: *eyes the Gae Bolg* I wonder why...
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I was educated on Fry & Laurie yesterday. :D

Search for brown string failed today. Shall go to nearby Dunelm Mill and DIY store tonight.

It seems like [ profile] dystopiarcadia has been well and truly bitten by the TLR bug. Success!

I wonder when they last hoovered the carpet here at the office. Why is it that when I'm here my nose gets worse? The air con isn't even on. I'm allergic to work! Help me!

In chat this morning:
me: bet they hadn't hoovered the carpet since January or something
I console myself by writing David giving Torgal a royal telling off
(I wanted to say bollocking but that might lead to misunderstanding)
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My old mobile phone number is working again. :D

Syl visited. :D She made pizza and we also had dim sum and alcohol and other good things. But the most amazing thing was that she saw my cosplay, asked what character it was, I showed her a Dave picture, and she wanted to see more. So somehow we ended up sitting around for hours watching all the TLR cutscene videos on YouTube and talking about the game. This was the first time I got asked to show TLR rather than me having to shove it at people's faces. :D/ Our conclusions were that nobody cares about Rush (he collapses during flashback and Nagapur and other places and NOBODY CARES. And everybody's thinking about Irina and NOBODY CARES ABOUT RUSH OMG) and that Dave is very pretty.

For the cosplay, the boots are more or less ready. The vest needs a zipper since I've made it really tight.

I bleached my hair today. The bleach wasn't as strong as I remembered it to be... need to bleach another time, maybe on Wednesday, to get it to the level of blondness I want.

Due to inability to breathe through nose, I slept really badly last night. There were a few times when I felt I couldn't breathe at all, through nose or mouth. >> Lots of jerking awake and sort-of sleep paralysis stuff, which is extremely scary when you can't breathe. Let's hope it goes better tonight. Hayfever medicine isn't helping; tomorrow I'm going to overdose on cold & flu stuff.
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Got around to playing some TLR on PC again. Just finished the bases battles.

- On PC, I'm allowed to save between base assault and boss battle! Not that it really matters because the outside assault has always been easy for me. And with turbo mode, it doesn't take too long.

- Am I getting really good at this or did the Hinnah-Hannah battle got easier? They seem to have less HP.

- Ludope is still really hard for me.

- Irina wanted Nightbloom. O_O I let her have it.


Beg, Dave! I don't want you to use the Frostblade but if you don't beg, that makes me worry about you! IS THIS DAVE BROKEN???? CAN IT BE FIXED?



I took screencap of all the conversations that led to Rush becoming chummy with him. Gonna post those to [ profile] warriors_honor at some point.

About to get chummy with Maddox. Maybe he'll finally tell me why (he claims) Qubine is after his life. Apparently he found out a secret or something...

Rush is also chummy with Caedmon and Baulson. Rush is a little... loose, wouldn't you say...


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