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Posting from mobile. Today has been awesome and dramatic! Met up with Storme who's really really awesome. Apparently we sat at the pizza hut table for so long that we broke some record for the waiter serving us.

And now I'm at the hospital because my sister has given birth a few weeks earlier than expected. I'm now an aunt. O_O

Oh and I bought an amazing and amazingly expensive coat.
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Ah-uh. AH-UH. *poses*

I have two tickets for 3rd Feb! [ profile] kedi_kedi, did you manage to get a ticket? If not, GO WITH ME!!!!

Progress of Cheese Fondue (which is known as Train Fic on my GoogleDocs because back when I started I didn't know it'd turn out this cheesy and the story began on a train):

Word count so far: 15001.
How much of it is actually interesting: 50 or so, mostly the bits where Rush thinks Dave is really hot.
How much of it reads like a fic written by a ten-year-old: 15001.
How much do I care: 0. :D/

Because I'm awesome like that.
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Not work safe.

Still writing. I'm completely giving up on trying to make the fic readable by people who are not me or Liz. If other people get it, very nice. If not, sorry about that, but I'm a bit busy having fun writing to care. It's one of those stories.

(Though earlier, I told Liz maybe I should prepare some York Notes. XD)

Ahhh btw, I scanned 100+ pages of the BradyGames guide today. Another 100+ pages to scan. >>
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Never talk about tea club." says the tea towel from [ profile] dystopiarcadia. XDDDD I also got a lovely lovely top (which I'll wear on Saturday!) inside wrapping paper that says "so many candles, so little cake". XD Thank you so much, Syl. ♥

Liz gave me a curry cook book. \o/ It's got curry recipes from all over the world and damn, everything in it looks so tasty. *_* CURRY.

Missed a parcel delivery today when I was out for haircut and lunch. No idea what it is, got it rearranged for Friday.


Yup, today is my birthday. :D I will have another birthday on Saturday. XDDDDD

In other news, I have literally just finished TLR fic no.2. Yay! Rocks fell!
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Liz brought home an art print. She also brought home gifts for me from her and Unni: emergency chocolate from Bloomsberry, a pot of narcissus, lots of noodles, Chinese New Year candies (it's been so long since I last had candied lotus roots ;;) and she even made turnip cake.


Day Seven

Jan. 5th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Today's happy things:

1. THIS. He's my favourite man in the world. I cannot explain why, he just is, and has been for many years. The mook is packed full of interviews, pictures and info. I'll sit up all night just (trying) to read the interviews. (Ordered on the night of 31 Dec, arrived today. How quick was that, especially at this time of year?!)

2. I learned how to put a new fuse in a traditional fuse box.

Lights! Two bulbs blown. >> I think one of the bulb fittings is faulty since this is the third bulb that died on it now. Must be the cause of the problem.

I didn't realise how bad the weather was until watching the news just now. Guess it just reached that point where I just know it's bloody freezing but not exactly how freezing.

So it looks like the pilot of Being Human went down well! Apparently the series is coming soon on BBC Three. I really like the idea of it, though I didn't like how stereotypical their vampire was in the pilot episode. Hope he'll be different in the series.


Dec. 26th, 2008 11:12 am
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My Christmas was great! Thank you so much for all the presents, cards and well wishes. ;; I've been spoiled rotten this year.

Marco, thank you for the DVDs. I can finally start watching the series from the beginning rather than having to catch random re-runs on TV!

Merry Yultide (is it Yultide or Yuletide?), Unni. ♥ Thank you for the books. *_* Finally, I don't have to rely on library copies anymore! And this will be my first Oscar Wilde book. XD

xs and Keigo, [ profile] tez_plush is really excited about "A Prickly Affair". He wanted me to read it as a bedtime story last night but I was completely conked out by then. (.......DUDE. Best book ever. We all laughed so hard when I opened the package - noting the royal wrapping! - and laughed harder when I read the back of the book out loud. And it's such a gorgeous-looking book too! I can't wait to start reading! Thank you. ♥)

Val and Crystal - THANK YOU. YAY. I've been wanting The Last Remnant for ages. ;; I think I'll start playing today!

Phoenix! 8DDDD Liz and I were both unsurprised that you chose to give us books for Christmas. XDDDDD Thank you! (and oh I gave Liz the penguin tissues XD)

HANAHANA, HAPPY FOOD TIMES. :D And next time I send you something in the post, you can be sure that it'll be wrapped prettily. XD

Liz gave me the most sparkly sewing box - well, I haven't decided if I'll make it a sewing box or to put my makeup in it and use my makeup thing for the sewing stuff. But oh, it's red and sparkly. There are also new glitter pens. XDDDD Liz's family gave me lots of nice chocolates and a BAD CAT book (XD) and stocking thingys and Animatrix DVD (which I still haven't seen!) and the most lovely lotus bowls and plates, and chopsticks too. They're so beautiful. And extremely zen. XD

My day was amazing. Actually I was quite sick yesterday, with a horrible cough, a cold and an allergy. >> But still. We had a walk at the nearby country park, had Brussels Sprout Soup and cheese and wine for lunch, then preparation for dinner started but I was too sick to be of much help. Only made the bread sauce. XD;;; The mince pies and Christmas pudding were awesome. I need to find out where the remains of the pudding has gone so that I can have some for tea later. And the dinner was so good. ;;

My allergy is gone now, phew (it lasted for two days; I think I was allergic to something Liz's family had with them. >>). But the cough remains, and I'm still sniffling a bit. Currently debating whether to go out to town and have a look at the sales or to stay home all day and read and watch DVDs and play games and eat turkey. XD
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That's not origami... THIS is origami.
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Slept around 10 hours. Wheeeeeeee~

The boss remarked today that I seem happier since moving hosue. Well, no long commute to already render me half dead by the time I get to the office really helps. Also, a weird cock-up means I won't have to pay for travel to work for the next 12 months! That's worth over £1100 OMG. I might even get around £600 back from National Rail on top of that! I can hardly believe it. Hey, I'll have money to spend on junk (and space to store it) AND money to save up, how cool is that?

Anddddd, my Glay & Trinity Blood package from YesAsia has finally been shipped. :D

On the down side, fanfic writing has been a drag. Currently my D1 Exchange fic feels like the worst thing I've ever written (ie even worse than my first fanfics) and I keep thinking I cannot possibly use it as my entry, because my recipient will be so disappointed. DX

But I'll tarundoru it, somehow...

Episode 1

Aug. 23rd, 2008 10:31 am
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Just started watching Sousei no Aquarion (Holy Genesis Aquarion) which [ profile] shiroibara burned for me a year or two ago.


More thoughts later.

[edit] Can has house! \o/ Letter just came to say credit check has gone through and we can sign the contract! :D
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I went to bed craving D1.

I wake up and there's D1.

Tracy is the best!
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Because I cleared the game twice, there are new items I can buy with the points gained in the game.


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You guys don't spam enough, so I'll have to do it for you.

Enpitsu Satsuga all Rikkai doujinshi is MINE! MINE! Oh my God. I never even DREAMT that I could get my hands on one of Enpitsu's Rikkai books. WATCH ME FLAIL. *FLAILLLLLLL*

Since this morning, work has decided that is evil and must be blocked. What the HELL.

Yesterday felt like a Friday. Today feels like a Friday too. If only it really was a Friday. Tomorrow I was going to be in London for a short day, but the weather's not good so it's been postponed.

Today at work, we talked about "man hole" and "hamburger crosses over A12 flyover". (that'd certainly distract the motorists... unless it's a new floating McDonald's branch.)
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Posting has begun at [ profile] balls_it_up! I'll post something to the comms maybe in a few days, with direct links to the fics, since there are only going to be nine stories.

I had something to say on patience, tolerance and behaviour within a community (not related to yesterday), but sometimes I feel I'm not actually interested in having a discussion. On the internet there are always people trying to pick apart my wording to find something wrong with it and goddamn, I'm not going to blame it on not having English as my first language, but I'm just not particularly masterful in its usage, and I hate having to try to explain myself. It sometimes feels like I contradict myself in my explanation when in fact I just didn't say it right the first time. Discussion that are actually useful, identifying points that I've missed? Brilliant. But being picked apart because I couldn't express myself right, urgh, no thanks. I prefer face-to-face discussion, it's so much easier to talk and explain.


Wrote more Weird Fic (Crystal, it hasn't got a name yet. Naming fics is one of hardest tasks in writing T_T Just ask Liz.) It's shaping up to something slightly closer to what I had in mind, though the writing is still a bit too simplistic.
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I don't know this circle, but something tells me I don't want to miss this auction. But bidding is fierce and it's already at 5000 yen. O_O 70 pages, 5000 yen! Must be a really sought-after book...


FujiSana OMG
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My head hurts more than hurting head thing. But!

[ profile] mayezinha, thank you so much for your presents and letter ;; I know what I'll be wearing to work tomorrow! And no chance of me being hungry in that horrible time between breakfast and lunch. >D

Thank you so much. ♥;;;
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Keigo, thank you. ♥ I can't believe you sent it at midnight! XD
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pls pls pls pls pls pls nobody outbid me nobody else bid nobody nobody LET ME WIN.

I came home to a huge Amazon UK box! Will wait till Monday, or at least weekend, before opening it.

Anyone who hasn't read today's LJ news post might want to do so. There's a new "Explore LJ" feature. All journals are included by default (won't bring up locked entries), if you want to be excluded you have to go and specifically opt out.


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