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LOL. More later. XD

(Not many people recognised who I am since the game's not that popular, but those who do... well, about half an hour ago I was standing there chatting about the game to someone for quite a while. I think our conclusion was that the game's just too hard for some people. >D Oh, and that Dave is awesome.)

(Oh, and I bumped into [ profile] sephirayne, but because I suck and am scared of meeting people unprepared... yeah. Sorry, hi there. XD; Maybe I'll see you later today or tomorrow?)
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[ profile] factorielle and [ profile] chinawolf got engaged! \o/

To celebrate, I've made an offer on [ profile] livelongnmarry, a fandom auction which aims to raise money for the fight against the California initiative which will legally destroy existing same-sex marriages and ban future ones. I know it's not the same continent as where Drae and Tine are, but it's still a step in the right direction?

Two Rikkai plushies are on offer, with a minimum bid of $10 each. Bidding ends on 15th July.

Please go to the comm and read up about it, and BID! I know you want one! Just look at how cute they are:

(And if you guys don't mind, please advertise this to other people, thanks!)
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  1. Syl came a few days ago. Cake happened.

  2. Posting has started at [ profile] 40point5, a scan+translation community for the Prince of Tennis 40.5 official fanbook.

  3. Today, there was carwash with Tezmobile.
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[ profile] lpatobe ♥! [ profile] tez_plush looks dashing in the piratey outfit. Fuji's coat will always remind me of you. And currently [ profile] tarundoru_kun is considering what to name his new pet. I hope Tez doesn't notice that it's a dinosaur... maybe I should lock up the chainsaw...

I live!

The shopping crowd failed to kill me. Shame on them.

Saw a book I bought for my sister from Amazon for £56.49 being sold for £75 at Waterstones.

Think I need to take two days off in January. The Christmas break's too short.

Am about half way through my first Pratchett novel (Guards! Guards!). Was expecting it to be notoriously funny (?) but I just go "hehe" at a few places, so far. Do enjoy the witty prose, in any case. I think it'll be better when my mood lightens up a bit.


......and that's about it.
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Hana wanted to see Tez with sparkly hat and purple purse!
I bet Atobe's jealous.

Pez 1, DHL automated telephone system 0. Or that's what the score will be if parcel does get redelivered today. And there's also a "normal" parcel I need to get from the post office tomorrow!

People liked the fic I posted last night! That's a bit O_O for me because I'm only okay-ish with it. Anyway, not complaining.

Writing list, now a little shorter! \o/

  • [Skin Deep] - ...........

  • [Lullaby] - has moved forward a bit!

  • [Megane Rangers] - Posted a chapter, another one in the works

  • [Worth] D1 AU

  • Troika AU - ALMOST DONE!!! *sparkles & twirls*

  • Higa KiteRin

  • ZukaFuji

  • That AU - in the works

It's all grey and depressing outside. =/


Dec. 17th, 2007 07:25 pm
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[ profile] tarundoru_kun tries to improve his sense of humour, and learns a few rules of battle on the side.

[ profile] solaas! Thank you so much! XD Soon I'll be able to speak Pratchett like you, [ profile] giving_ground, [ profile] chinawolf, [ profile] factorielle and everyone!
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  1. When left alone, Niou can drama like you would not believe.

  2. Yagyuu looked like this when he was little.

  3. The (figurative) explosion of hedgehogs on TV is to document the army of hedgehogs mobilised to help the red squirrels drive the grey squirrels away.

  4. D1's understanding of acrobatics is not the same as other PoT characters, and actually resembles what you'd get if you perform a image search on Google.

  5. In a Sanada-Yanagi-D1 pile, Sanada tops. Tarundoru!

  6. When Yagyuu is tempted to call yakuza!Niou "cute", it's time to stop writing and go to bed.
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I took a nap........

........and dreamt about my Rikkai plushies.


(btw, fuck you, Studiowarp. Also fuck you, MS Produce. Putting out another Yagami photobook already? You fucking money grabbers. This time I'm gonna wait till YesAsia stocks it. Or maybe I won't buy it at all. *flips at*)
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Had something intelligent to say here, realy. But CAD eated it.

[edit] to avoid post being boring, I decorate with picture.

Everybody wants some Jackal.
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Dead now. Bed.
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[ profile] tarundoru_kun would like to draw your attention to his first LJ post.

I will make sure he gets some icons and a decent layout soon.
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new!Seiichi's new pyjamas )

I'm going to have problems letting go of these plushes. ;_______;


Jul. 28th, 2007 09:32 pm
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I made banana bread and it is gooood.
DL4 torrent is up and I'm 40+% into downloading.

Couldn't find material for plushie Rikkai shirt. Attempted to make it from the material I used to make T-kun's shirt, but 1) there isn't enough to make so many shirts and 2) I can't hem it well, it looks so messy I wouldn't give or sell it to anyone. WHAT TO DO. orz Yes this is stressing me out incredibly.

...screw this I'm going to write fic.
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Seiichi: I hope we get some clothes soon.

T-kun: *lends Seiichi his cap*

Renji: *amused by lovey dovey-ness*

Akaya: I have shorts! I AM WIN! \o/

Niou: Who needs clothes anyway? *feels Yagyuu up*

Yagyuu: I just want my face. Pez says no face for me until my megane arrives.

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Bunta-plush is almost ready, but I can't decide whether his face should be :) or :3...

[ profile] reposoir is bad. She said making plushies to give to Rikkaimyu cast is a good thing to do. (There's a box to collect presents for the cast in the venue.) I'm just thinking about 1) the effort involved, 2) how I can't possibly make a Jackal (unless he gets a woolly hat) and 3) how the cast would just go "BUH? WTF?" when they get them. If they get them.

Maybe I should make a poll on this. Or make a poll to decide if I should make a poll on this... *shot* orz


Jul. 20th, 2007 11:31 pm
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Niou: Let's take a picture!

Akaya: Okay! *shoves buchou off chair, steals fukubuchou's cap and throws self carelessly into chair*

Niou & Akaya: :D :D

Pez: (you could've at least sat down properly first... and put some clothes on...)

(Also, Niou does have a rat tail.)

I caved.

Jul. 19th, 2007 05:44 pm
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Yukimura still needs clothes. But I'm making a new one with wired limbs (and a different facial expression) anyway...

(T-kun's hat is actually navy, not black, but it's not that obvious...)
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[ profile] tarundoru_kun had a nightmare about the [ profile] tez_plush Chainsaw Massacre...

I feel better after some rest, but the filter stays for now. Figured it's easier to remove people from view than to remove myself from LJ, and it's also going to help in stopping me blowing up at people. It's not "OMG I HATE J00 GET OUTTA MY LJ" because I'd have (even temporarily) used the defriending button. And I still want to entertain you all with non-sensical plushie photos.

Results of this poll suggests that the majority of us believe bitchslapping and the yelling of TARUNDORU! solves London's problems better than what Ken's done and whatever Boris might do (Just tarundoru it.). Or it just says that we think Tarundoru-kun is cuter than both Ken and Boris. It's probably a bit of both?

It's amazing how a copy of HP7 is already floating around the internet. Somebody had obtained a copy and photographed/scanned the whole thing? That's really some effort.

Writing a side-story to my Rikkai Exchange story. >_> I actually want to write something super-hero-y (serious, not crack), but...

It needs to be pay day soon. My bank accounts are looking horrifyingly skinny.
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His ears are at the same level; it's just the photo's problem.

Er, I hope he looks slightly evil?

His hair is curly, not afro-y. Because I say so. Might make the front a bit longer... if I find more black yarn. He used a whole damn ball of yarn.
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New!Tarundoru-kun meets unfinished!Akaya and freaks out a bit, with good reasons.

This T-kun still needs ears. Akaya has over 100m of yarn on his head. orz

They both have/will have slightly pose-able limbs.

If anyone finds a place that sells mini plain black baseball caps (approx 5 inches diameter), please let me know. :D;


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