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Storme: Why does he have breasts?
Me: That is what you ask, out of everything on this cover?
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Scans are being reuploaded to [ profile] devil_mode. Not everything is working yet, I'll upload the rest and fix some links tomorrow. But it should all be up and working by Sanada's birthday. 8D

Today I got my hair cut shorter. The skin around my ears, especially the area just in front of them, has been dry and flaky for ages now. (Last year it was the place just behind my ears being flaky and eventually weepy and sore) Saw the doctor who thinks it's because of my hair dye. Battled with it for a long time using eczema creams etc, but finally I got the hair around there chopped off today, which should help get rid of the itching. If I let this go on it might eventually scar and I really don't want that. =/

Wigs are selling well at the shop. I'm quite pleased with my business's progress! Sales are slower than last month though, mostly because I was starting to sell out on styles/colours and was waiting for new stock to come in. Lesson learned. Now that I have more cash I can place orders sooner though so things should be better.

I've been poking at old, unfinished fics and trying to get them finished! Maybe one day I'll finally succeed in writing a troika OT3. First of all I want to tackle [Lullaby] - growing-up stories are not my forte but I do like that one. Chapter 9 was started years ago but I'm starting afresh. The way I'd written it might be why the fic never got finished... =_=

Another thing I've been doing is designing wedding invitation. It is a grand, 8-page affair of beautiful, beautiful geekness. Most of our family and friends won't get it but we're pleased regardless.


May. 18th, 2012 02:48 am
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I just found out that Dokurodan are making doujinshi again. They stopped in 2007, not sure when they restarted but there's a new Moja Akaya book! Must get, somehow! Their website hasn't been updated except for the front page which has links to their twitter, where all their event information goes now, it seems. And a link to Amazon for their Moja Rikkai book that got published. WANT SO MUCH.

Dokurodan, active. I cannot explain how happy this makes me. (also, they seem to want to explore SanaYana, if I haven't misunderstood their tweets!?)
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Photos show the things I've already bought for this cosplay. Any guesses?
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Where are all the good Rikkai fics?


Mar. 8th, 2012 08:21 pm
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For the purposes of [ profile] storme's continual PoT development, where can I find:

  • Negahyst (and other) doujinshi translations

  • Shitenhouji myu backstage (since I have the main musical)

  • DL5

  • DL6

  • National Hyouteimyu

Wonder where the fuck my copy of DL5 is.

Recently we came to the conclusion that Daisuke!Tezuka is how Tezuka would be in a old-fashioned shoujo manga.
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I am suddely overwhelmed by the want to listen to "Valentine Kiss".
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Need Prince of Tennis fic recs! I know where to find Rikkai ones and some ZukaFuji ones, but also need other schools so that [ profile] storme can read about them all. Recs of individual fics, of writers, or even entire exchanges, are welcome. Fics don't have to be OMGAMAZING, just have to be at least a nice read. 8D Exchanges are good because it's a collection of authors and you can then go and look at their journals if you like what you read.

So far I have:

General info stuff:

[ profile] 40point5
...where to find 10.5 and 20.5 translations?
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We've finished watching Madoka a while ago. It's good, I enjoyed most of the art and plot, but it wasn't anything surprising - half way through the story we already guessed most of the rest of the plot. I think within the first 2 episodes we already decided which one was the "bad guy", and pegged who was going to die as the story developed. I wish there were more surprises. And some bits of the story could have benefited if they had more time. Maybe one more episode on Sayaka and Kyoko, because as it is now, it's all very sudden how things changed.

And we're watching Tenimyu! Finished Hyoutei and DL3, and half of Rokkaku. So much madness.

I've been reading my old fics and thinking, damn, I wish I have PoT things to write. Maybe I should look up some prompt communities.

Storme has not tried to burn down the flat again. So far.


Jan. 21st, 2012 06:44 pm
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I've been reading 1Q84 - bought the two books in Chinese a long long time ago but never got around to reading them. Almost at the end of book 1 now, and I don't know how I feel about it yet. It felt pretty unusual for Murakami, but it does have the really familiar references to day-to-day life alongside very, very odd similies that are typical of Murakami.

So I've been thinking about writing again, which means I should've picked up 1Q84 sooner because I'd forgotten how reading Murakami (especially in Chinese) helps me write. Last time it was Yanagi. This time maybe I'll do PoT again too. *gasp*

Having said that, I'd really love to read a Princess Tutu/The Last Remnant crossover. It'd work, very easily too.

Just read a (well, two) PoT Inception AU. Someone who can write prose in PoT fandom! Need to keep my eye on this author.

Lastly, I have a Mytho cosplay planned. This one:

This will either be fabulous or disastrous or a bit of both. Time will tell.
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Wedding preparations are coming along. Today Storme and I went to give Notice of Intent to form a Civil Partnership (that's quite a mouthful). We have a venue booked, and we have the date! 1st October is when we will form a civil parsnip!

To help with finances I've taken on cosplay commission work. At the moment I seem to be making the costumes for the entire cast of Sengoku Basara. Right, I exaggerate, but you get my drift. Also doing other bits and pieces. So I've been pretty busy.

Storme is being shown PoT. We're about 9 episodes in so far. It's kind of fun to rewatch actually! We've been told that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is worth watching, that it's a magical girl series that pretty unusual. Of course not like Utena but still, worth giving it a try.

Not impressed that there won't be more Sherlock on BBC for a long time.

Kind of feel like writing fic again. Now, if only I have ideas...
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*only just finds out that Yamato is in Shin Tenipuri*

*frantically looks for scans*

*finds some*

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[ profile] storme and I did some major unpacking and furniture moving over the weekend - yes we still haven't finished unpacking! But I finally got some more shelves etc. Because of the additional furniture, the office now feels a bit smaller but much much tidier and far more usable. I also went and reorganised the shop's stock and ordered new stuff to sell as well as more packaging.

We also went to get shiny new bedding! (Some of the) curtains are being delivered as well. The flats feels great now - not that it wasn't before, but now it's extra great.

Currently writing a fee estimate and imagining a PoT/TLR crossover and dying of amusement. Every time Dave returns Wilfred's finishing shot, Wilfred's gonna shout INCONCEIVABLE! Rush has a move called OMNISTRIKE. And I want to watch a match between Chinen and Torgal.


Dec. 9th, 2010 10:54 pm
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Struck by a random urge to read PoT fic, I clicked on an old one that a lot of people said is brilliant but I never read because I wasn't interested in the pairing.'s okay. It's fine. There's plot and characterisation and grammar. But the pace is slack and the build up quite weak and the plot not very exciting. And perhaps I have longer memory than others or actually read more carefully because I spotted repeated phrasings and descriptions which were not done intentionally to make a point, more like the author didn't have enough of a range of ways to talk about things. I wouldn't call the fic brilliant. Am I expecting too much? Or maybe that pairing - not a major one but not unpopular either - simply didn't have great authors so anything that's "fairly good" automatically is "amazing"?
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I... I just remembered that Tezuka has a bonsai tree and it's called Marilyn. And this fact is so old it shouldn't be funny, but it is. What's happening to me?


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