Jan. 13th, 2007 12:59 pm
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Whoever designed the Gludin port quest is a fucking wanker.

[edit] Scratch that. Her whole family are fucking wankers. I don't want to play this game anymore.
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Fuck, I'd rather do the ToI quest 20 times than have to do this bloody Oren quest.

Should probably go to bed instead and hope I never wake up.
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I haven't played L2 for about a week. Got fed up with plevelling and farming =/ trying to get cleather's a joke, and although I love playing Tez, his disability is so frustrating. It'd be alright if everyone else is the same, but everybody and their mothers can port except him, and those who can't port aren't at his level, so it's hard to party him with anyone. I suppose SHs are good for solo-ing but, I want to play with people!!! Suppose that means I'll have to wait for the market and the port quest to be set up. There isn't much "real value" to adena on Maustrap because there isn't an economy, so I've just been stock piling all the adena, using it only to buy ss, etc ^^""""""" would be good to be able to spend it on something, meaning general mob-killing, even if they only drop adena, would be useful, too.

I should go try rent-a-pet, though. It sounds fun 8D

Anyway, it doesn't matter much because I've got plenty of other things to do that even if I got the mats or the port, I prolly wouldn't have had time to play XD; Confirming some final details before I book flights for Christmas, for example. Thinking about it, it seems like I often don't spend Christmas or New Year at home anymore.

Another thing I'm busying on is cosplay. But it looks like I won't be able to get Cain done for London Expo - the fabric for the cape is at [livejournal.com profile] lina_lau's home and she wouldn't be home until the expo weekend. Unless if I go as Eiji** on Saturday and go to her place to get the cape done that night, to go as Cain on Sunday... there isn't a lot of work, practically just putting a collar on a large piece of fabric, really, and then attaching armor to it and making sure it fits me. To save time, I don't have to do make the pleats at the shoulders, although they make the fabric flow a little nicer. Dunno, need to check with Lina. ***

** I don't even know if that's still on. If it is, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR.

*** if that won't work, I prolly won't go on day 2 or will go as Ed again. I like my Ed outfit.

And job hunting.

[livejournal.com profile] lina_lau what's your email again? I've uploaded Death Note ep1 for you. Do you want Ouran 25&26 as well?
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1. Heh, so I'm not the only one getting annoyed at those posts at [livejournal.com profile] tenipuri. Was gonna check out that killfile thing, but it looks like matter's been solved.

2. Fusion newsletter - ooooh, we can put horioscopes there too!

3.1. Been looking at what I can get rid of, in my room. There are film DVDs I just want to give away but Sai is all "oh lemme watch them first" and of course, he never gets around to watching them. So screw it, I'm not waiting for him.

3.2. When you buy things (merchandise etc), do you prefer to bid for them or get it on a first-come-first-served basis? If bidding, do you prefer to bid for it on eBay or by LJ comments?

4. I fail as a buffer/healer on L2. Then again, there was only one of me and 7-8 people to look after. And Sorrell isn't really a healer ;___; Sometimes got so caught up healing/buffing/rezzing people that I didn't even see it when the mob was hitting me T_____T


6. There was a picture on Metro today showing a 15 year old boy being the carnival queen at Blackberry Carnival in Sommerset. Couldn't find it online (just a pic on The Sun but that's a bad pic), but yeah, not quite Princess Princess D, but made me go all "yeaaaah XDDDD" anyway. Apparently he fought off female competition to land the role.
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Or, I lied. Gonna have an hour's power nap and then logon L2 for boss raid...

Will be on MSN then.
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I haven't played any L2 this week so far D:

Okay, I lied. I hopped on quick for 10 minutes to get my aa (because I was going to forget and might have to wait another 2 weeks!), then located the merchant and bought A Crystals. I can't believe it, I could only buy around 20! I need almost 200 for Majestic Light, not to mention A Gemstones as well D: and of course I'll need the crystals for making ss... so I suppose the crystals I got last night will be used to make ss, which will help me earn aa/sealstones quicker in the cats. In other words, Akaya shall be living in the cats next week...

Still friggin' knackered; the stressful things last night just didn't help. I was supposed to go look at some bore holes being drilled, later today, but seeing the weather, and the fact that I never had to go look at the drilling in the first place, and also that I might not be able to stand the noise at my knackered state, I think I might not go.

I was listening to HC-IIIX and on the train, and I went dsfjklsdhfkashfksda Robocop Tres ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!! This, sadly, reminded me I still haven't finished the next chapter of RoboZuka [Skin Deep]. *hangs head in shame* Woe is me.

From today on I'm going to buy Lotto tickets every week. [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground, if I win anything more than £2000 before Christmas, I'm paying for yours and my plane ticket to see Rikkaimyu!

Am I ambitious, optimistic, or just plain desperate? ~_~"

Gonna go see if I can't get a cup of coffee. *snicker*

off to bed

Sep. 17th, 2006 01:17 am
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I think I played too much L2 today.

Too much L2? There is no such thing as too much L2...

Anyway, today's (unrelated) message:

YamaPi ♥ U-kun.

It's official. Kazuki, Aiba, step aside.


Sep. 13th, 2006 01:46 am
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[livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] interlinea, ha!

Smaller text is nicer, but I can't tell if things are bolded when it's smaller. Also can't figure out if it's possible to not replace the userinfo, community, synfeed etc mini-icon all with the same mini-icon/ Would be nice to have a different one for each... still loads of things to fiddle with, but that's it for today.

L2!Akaya got a 70% majestic earring rec. Oh and I finally added a zipper to my Cain outfit, and finished hemming it. Right now it looks like white!Neo outfit.
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...What the hell? XDDDD;;;;;;

A few new pictures in my L2 gallery 8D Akaya is now using Soul Bow~ *twirls* and um still Doom Light armour, but I'm not complaining. It looks pretty on him. Party mask is because he watched too much Seramyu ......because he has one XD Haven't played Sorrell, Mika or Tezuka for a while now. Might wait till Akaya is 70 or 75 first...

I thought I had a cap showing the pretty eye-moon, but I can't find it...

Peoples. COME PLAY.

[livejournal.com profile] tongari has more screencaps here.
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L2 progress: Akaya lvl60 (yay), 30% tnl. I'm SO bringing him up to 61 tomorrow so that he can use his shiny Soul Bow [critical poison]. But it also means I have to start looking for crystals to make ss-A and A-grade armour, as well >_>" I think I've got some bits and pieces ready, but it's been so long I can't remember anymore...

OMGGGG look at the time >_>

[livejournal.com profile] burnein I sent you something, has it arrived yet?


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