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In non-riot news, the last two days Storme and I counted all the wigs in stock, then I took lots of photos of wigs on the mannequin, edited them, sorted them, etc etc. Now I'm going to tidy my makeup and look for a free/trial presentation software like powerpoint to use at Aya.

Oh also! I got to play with mottled cat today (tortoishell cat in neighbourhood, we call her mottled cat) and there was an additional tortie kitten! 8 weeks old maybe, bouncing around trying to climb trees, chasing butterflies and playing with me! I ALMOST DIED OF GLEE.
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Online dating soars as temperatures plunge - a website which provides a platform for married people to conduct affairs - says it gained a record number of new members on Wednesday, with the majority coming from areas of the country worst hit by the extreme weather, including Hampshire, Berkshire, and the wider West Country.

1.! DUDE.

2. If you're stuck at home, then presumably your partner is also stuck at home. Because that's what being stuck means, you can't get out, generally there is no reason for one person to be able to go out and the other not. So how do you conduct online affairs with your partner also at home? Well, I guess you can, but...
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As the brothers Weather Condition and Driving Condition continue with their treachery, Temperature still refuses to admit to its ukeness and keeps struggling to get above Freezing, although Freezing is totally topping it in this Freezing/Temperature relationship.

How will this tale unfold? Keep your eyes peeled for the next weather forecast!
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......if I don't stay home to wait for parcel tomorrow (or rearrange delivery which will have to be a weekday anyway since they don't do weekends unless the sender specified it and I don't know who the sender is or if the parcel is even for me because the courier was too lazy to write down the name), I'll have to get the parcel from here. That's my "local" depot. IT'S NOT EVEN IN MY COUNTY.

Do I

1) Not go to work?
2) Leave the parcel alone until the sender does something about it?

I hate this bloody country. I really really do.
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I missed yet another parcel delivery. The Citylink card says they were here 13:55 but I got home at 13:50 and haven't seen them.

Apparently they don't redeliver on Saturdays and if I don't rearrange things before they make second attempt, then I'll have to pick it up from Ipswich.

But I can't rearrange delivery until their system registers that the delivery today has been unsuccessful.

Oh they didn't even say who the parcel's for, just left a card. It's a miracle they remembered to leave the consignment number.



Dec. 10th, 2009 05:20 pm
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This morning I missed a Parcel Force delivery because I was in the shower. ARGHHHH. In very illegible writing the card says something like "the parcel is left at Highwoods PO plz collect within 48hrs" and I go ARGHHH again because I'm going to London tonight and not back until Sunday. Checked online and the website wants to tell me the parcel is in Ipswich depot. Who to believe?

Then I went to the dentist. Dentist is a Kurdish lady who studied in Sweden. She's not all you-fail-at-life-for-messing-your-teeth-up, and is very confident about saving both of two horrible teeth! My dental insurance will be able to cover the majority of the costs, too. ;;

After dentist, I took the bus to the PO. As expected the parcel isn't there.

PO guy: Here, it says wait 24 hours before collection... the delivery hasn't come yet.
Pez: I know, I just wanted to try my luck because it says 48 hours and I can't come tomorrow.
PO guy: But you have to wait a day...
Pez: (Are you even listening to me?)

Sigh. Anyway. PO people assured me that they will keep the parcel for two weeks, which means I can go next Saturday to fetch it.
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No looking up answers!

1. Why did the Huguenots come to Britain?
A - To invade the country and seize land
B - To find jobs and a better life
C - To avoid religious persecution
D - To avoid a famine

2. In which year did married women get the right to divorce their husband?
A - 1837
B - 1857
C - 1875
D - 1882

3. The number of children and young people up to the age of 19 in the UK is
A - 13 million
B - 14 million
C - 15 million
D - 16 million

4. In the 1950s, textile and engineering firms sent agents to which TWO countries to find workers?
A - Russia
B - India
C - Vietnam
D - Pakistan

5. Life peers are appointed by
A - the monarch
B - the Prime Minister
C - the Speaker of the House of Commons
D - the Chief Whip

6. Which of the following countries is NOT a member of the Commonwealth?
A - Mozambique
B - Seychelles
C - Singapore
D - Indonesia

7. In 2001 the population of the UK was nearly
A - 56 million
B - 58 million
C - 60 million
D - 62 million

Answer )
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At work. Wearing tweed plus-twos. XD

I think the morning coffee has made me wildly energetic. Not sure if this will last.

[ profile] dystopiarcadia, (if you're reading this) will you be coming to Expo? It's the weekend after next, 24/25th. I thought you mentioned once that you might go. I'm going on both days (as Dave for both days, I think, since I don't have any other shiny costume ready) so if you do go we can meet up whenever!

Actually that goes for everyone else... I know [ profile] digiguy_online and [ profile] sephirayne are going (which day? Or both days?) ...anyone else? It's being held at Custom House, as usual. I might not going inside the actual Expo itself, because it seems to be the same every year, so I might just hang around outside looking at cosplay and see if I bump into anyone I know. But if someone I know/wearing an exciting costume is participating in the masquerade or if someone tells me there's exciting stuff going on then I'll go inside. XD

In terms of transport, I don't know about buses but one can get to Custom House by DLR. And by some miracle, DLR will be running that weekend!

Question: if a suitcase is found outside Oxfam, do you...

1) Assume it's a donation and bring it inside the shop?
2) Call the police, create major havoc which ends up in the suitcase being blown up as a security precaution?

Apparently, in the town where my office used to be* before the move early this year, the answer was 2).

............erm, I guess they had their reasons............. but.....................

* town being a very small Essex town nobody's ever heard of with one high street filled mostly with estate agents, charity shops, pawn shops and funeral directors.

[edit] I'm bored enough that I've started a Google Calendar to note down the stuff I get to do in my ever-so-exciting life. orz

And for your daily dose of cute, fawn and bobcat taking shelter from wildfire. It's old news, but BOBCAT. SO CUTE.
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I told RM to redeliver the Special Delivery letter on Saturday, and of course they tried to do it Friday instead (although they did do the other parcel on Saturday). So now the letter is at the other side of town which is apparently my local-est sorting office and there's no way I can get to it unless I go at 7am. God knows what that letter is. A summon for jury service or something?

I feel so bloated since a few days ago that I can say, right now, I don't want to eat anything for the rest of my life apart from fruits and yoghurts. And maybe cake.

On the train, I was trying to come up with a "TLR in pre-, during or post-apocalyptic situation fic". And the first thing that came to mind? "TLR/Trinity Blood crossover".

Emmy: This is... *squirms*
David: It's in the rules, Emmy.
Torgal: But Father David! To force to Miss Emmy to wear a white spandex nun outfit...
David: I know. There is nothing I can do, I'm sorry. *tries to pace around, trips on the long hem of his priest outfit, falls on his pretty face*

..................somehow I think that crossover is just not going to happen. But. Torgal. Gunslinger. Oh yes.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 10:03 am
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Important question: what colour are Dave's earrings? Sometimes they seem blue/turquoise, other times they seem clear. O_o

Decent hotel in Clapham/Wandsworth area? Almost none. Any I do find, they don't take three people. In general it's hard to find places that do triple rooms. I've extended my search to Chelsea, Fulham/Earls Court and Kensington/Knightsbridge. (Also, sometimes there are special offers on amazing hotels but it's only available as double, not even twin. =/) I guess people generally don't travel in groups of three? Sigh. But whatever I find it won't be nearly as cheap as the Cardiff one.

VGL tickets via Ticketmaster: okay, I understand about the fee per ticket thing, that's how TM makes money. But to add £3 on top as "delivery charges" even when I chose e-ticket option? That's just out of order. But that's still the "cheapest" option and I don't want to lose things in the post. Sigh.

For VGL, in retrospect maybe I should have booked Park Inn because that's literally right across the road and if I really wanted to cosplay that's more convenient (although Radisson Blu is hardly another minutes' walk. XD) Anyway, now that there is a place to leave my stuff and get changed (and leave stuff with the following day until it's time to go home), I could cosplay if I really want to. I've got the hardest part of ballroom!Dave made anyway. the rest is just buying ready made stuff, so I've got plenty of time to prepare. Dave with Gae Bolg will be worn at October Expo, so maybe someone else? .................TONBERRY (stabbity stab)? MARIO (oooh, moustache)? A SAVE POINT (I'd be mobbed by FF cosplayers. XD)???? or make a spinny glowy crystal thing to wear on my head, wear sim-esque clothes, make speech-bubble cards and say I'm from Sims 3? I don't suppose anyone's got suggestions?

Hmm. I shall ponder on this. Not sure if I should or not. But guess I can still make whatever costume I might or might not end up taking, because making stuff is \o/. Realistically I can start on Zidane now and wear it there, since I need it early next year anyway...

Every time I type \o/ I can't help but imagine Rush throwing his hands in the air and shouting ACE! It's that bloody TLR/Heroes crossover's fault. I can almost see the word ACE! in tiny little letters above the head.

Work meeting again at 11. Fortunately I've delegated most of the work (!) so I'm only there to check the progress.
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Booked train tickets for Aya. They got here very quickly but I didn't check them until this morning...

Virgin Trains only sent me the tickets for the return journey.

I foresee long, annoying phonecalls. [edit] wow, it was painless! I can pick up the missing tickets at the train station.

(Lesson learnt: next time, print tickets at station or choose e-ticket option.)

Was in London for a meeting yesterday. Blah blah traffic counts blah flows blah modelling blah LINSIG TRANSYT ARCADY blah strategy blah, for hours. Yes, that's what Traffic people sound like to Highways people. I'm sure the reverse is true as well. It's a wonder I didn't fall asleep. I think I kept myself awake by staring at the project manager thinking, "she'd be a good Emmy cosplayer."


[edit] Forgot to mention this! Essex/East Anglia cosplay picnic, 31 August (bank holiday Monday). Anyone wanna come?

So, am I the only one keeping up with the news on Sakai Noriko?
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Star Ocean: The Last Hope has RRP £45 and pre-order price of £35 at GAME and Amazon. Should I pre-order or would that be the price anyway when I walk into a GAME on 5th June? I haven't pre-ordered a game before, not sure if it's worth the while.


(So, I'm the only person in the whole universe who noticed that Allan has split-end ears. How sad.)
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In case anybody wants it. 30% off starting this Thursday. UK only!

Actually this post is just an excuse for me to use my new icon.
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Ore-sama no icon ni yoi na!

MS Office 2007. @_@ Maybe I should've gone to the training presentation about it.

Got to work only 15 minutes later than usual. My train ran okay (although it seems it's getting worse - only hourly service now). Everyone at work is keeping an eye on the forecasts. The plan is to abandon ship if anything looks iffy. London's ground to a halt, I hear. No transport running at all. Even my sister can't get to work. Ah, wish that happened to me. I'm having fun looking at the photos though. Rarely does London get snow, and this much of it? It just doesn't happen. Right now the area around Houses of Parliament actually look like the way they do in Hollywood movies. Grim but pretty.

Of course, there's nothing but weather on this morning's news. Yes, this is England alright. ♥

There's stupidity at work, mostly coming from my boss, but I'm too hungry to care. XD; Should've stocked up on pot noodles and cup-a-soups.

That list I made of things to do last weekend? I did nothing from it. Apart from playing a bit of FFX. Oops. If only I could stay home today... I could do those stuff and finish that damn fic.

Someone on GamesFAQ said there's no obvious romance in TLR except "Dave and Rush apparently have something going on, but it's all very tastefully homoerotic; nothing explicit i'm afraid."

Tastefully homoerotic. I'm gonna go laugh my lungs out now, please excuse me. XDDDDDDD

( is still waiting for stock on the SE mook. They're giving me the option to cancel the order. Think I'll just wait...)

(Still haven't watched the last PoT OVAs. I'm a bad fangirl. D:)
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The Boss called and said, "Pez, it's a nice day out (although I'm stuck on the M25), why don't you take the student out to [site] and take some photos for the report?"


I have a million and five (soon to be a million and six) things to do, actually. So getting home early from work would be an excellent thing, as long as I stay off Sims 2 for the afternoon.

Silly, brave thinking or completely WTF, I do like his vision and forward thinking. This is the bold attitude that we sorely lack in this country which is needed to move anything forward.
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Team GB is for Great Britain, which means it doesn't include Northern Ireland, right? Otherwise it'd be team UK.

But looking at the photos, all the Team GB athletes are holding the Union Jack, which is the flag for the UK, not GB. Apparently there's a version of the flag that doesn't have the red diagonal cross, which is GB only, but they aren't using that.

Huh? O_o?
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Birmingham or Birmingham?

Someone used a picture they found on the internet, hmmm?

Maybe I should start an EPIC FAIL tag.
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Some drunk guy tried to make me talk to him on the train. Isn't it too early in the day to be drunk? Or maybe he was still drunk on Sunday night. Anyway, the first thing he remarked on, of course, was my hair. That settles it, I'm dyeing it brown tonight.

After having no success in striking up a conversation (me not answering to "do you know where this train is going?"; "what are you writing?"; "do you speak English?"; "do you want one *offers mini cigar*?"; "please smile at me, I'd die to see you smile," etc) he approached the only other person in the carriage, who said, the moment he tried to speak to her, "I'm a police officer. Stop harrassing other passengers and get off at the next station, (tarundoru)." (There was tarundoru-ness in her voice.) XD She was one tough-looking woman, too. I send her invisible hearts. XD

I hope your Monday starts off more normally than mine.



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