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Now that there are more Chinese people in my town, two mini-marts have opened up (though another old one closed down), and there's a new noodle express place too. Today I managed to eat roast duck noodles, obtain bubble tea and even get tea eggs in town. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

In theory

Apr. 3rd, 2013 02:34 am
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My sleeping pattern became out of whack just before the clock moved forward, so now it's even worse than before. For no reason I don't seem to be able to sleep before 5am recently.

Today [ profile] storme and I went to our monthly cake meet with a bunch of friends. It's just something we do to make sure we don't only see each other at conventions or other events where everyone's too busy to chat. Also, we've become so reliant on Facebook these days it's too easy to think we're up to date with what's happening in our friends' lives when all we've seen are vignetted pictures of their dinners and posts about how much they all supposedly like cocks. XD;

Anyway, before we left home I was deciding on what to wear, and out of curiosity tried on a pair of shorts I bought from the motherland, size L, that had always been too small for me. They now fit!

This brings me to the topic of my diet. I'm a UK size 8/10, a pretty good size and weight for my height. Apparently I'm still too large for Chinese size L but Chinese women are typically shorter than me so hey. But anyway, I've been on a diet that's teaching my body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. At first it might seem like there is no reason for me to diet/lose weight, but there are really two.

One, and this is the shallow one, is that there's a cosplay I want to do this year that requires me to become a skinny boy.

Two, I've had a bad back since 2001 and it's only been getting worse. There had been times when I strained it and I wasn't able to walk or stand properly for days. Most recently, I did it in bending down to pick up something. I hadn't even touched anything yet and I wasn't bending very far down, but my back just went. The doctor told me before that to pick up anything at all, I should always use my knees because when you bend from your waist, the back muscles are supporting the weight of all your upper body, not just the thing you're picking up. But of course I forget about that, especially when all I wanted to do was pick up an empty plastic bag. >_>

But if I lose some weight, even if it's just a kilo or two, that's less weight my back has to carry.

So my diet involves eating a lot of vegetables and a lot of meat. Fat is also fine, because my body's learned to burn that for energy now. Loads of meat for muscle-building protein. I discovered that protein powder + instant coffee granules + water/almond milk + ice in a blender = pretty damn tasty drink. But there's practically no sugar or carbohydrates in my diet at the moment, so while I'm (hopefully) gaining muscle, I'm also losing body fat. This is a good thing.

Since the start of my diet I'm now about 4kg lighter. That's far easier on my back and when I exercise I shouldn't be tired as quickly because I'm not having to carry as much. I think I can't get much lighter than this (and I wouldn't look good if I do), in fact exercising will build muscles so that my weight would go up again. But that'd be /quality/ weight. Muscles on my back will hopefully get stronger so I won't break so easily.

But yes, the cake meet tonight broke my diet because of the scones. Ah well, I can get back into it.

On the writing front, I'm 43 chapters (!) into the TLR/RoF crossover and the end is in sight. I'll be very sad when it's all over. :( There is currently a dilemma because I don't want to split up a couple, but Storme said I'm not allowed "another OT3" because "there's already an OT3 in this fic" which... is and isn't correct. But one of them really can't choose, the other, because of personality and past events, would not force anyone to choose, and the third person, well, he has many very correct reasons for doing nothing about it as well. MAYBE NONE OF YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER, MON DIEU.

Storme and I have booked flights to go to HK at the end of May, where there will be Glay concert and lots and lots of tasty food. It's quite hard for me to imagine what sorts of things a tourist would want to see/experience in HK, but we're slowly compiling a list. Still, it's going to be pretty freeform I'm sure. We just aren't the kind of travellers who must have a fixed route with a fixed list of things to do, it's too constricting.

I think I'll go back to trying to find a way out for the OT3 now...


Aug. 18th, 2010 10:12 pm
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Dave's favourite shoes.

Tea! But not a cream tea because the scones sold out. The items at the bottom left corner, [ profile] sinistera, are toasted tea cakes. I'm not sure if they're called the same thing where you are. 8D
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I agree with everything [ profile] storme said here about Resonance of Fate so far. Perhaps I just liked getting my ass kicked. XD The fights are actually hard, you know? Like how The Last Remnant was. Unlike how the last few installments of FF were. And there aren't any forced elements like how FF felt obliged to insert the eidolons although they were hardly useful.

Cosplay things are progressing. I'm trying to get Flynn ready for Hyper Japan (and then wear again to Cosplay Ball) at the end of October, which should not be a problem unless something go horribly wrong with the armour. Armour making is surprisingly easy so far, I guess Flynn's one isn't complicated, which is good for a first-timer (because Ed's automail doesn't count.) For October Expo I already have Daryan almost ready, minus some white paint on his shoes and putting his hair together - I'm putting that off because I've got no place to store a cockhead without messing the hair up, so I'll just do it nearer the time. Storme and I also intended to be Beaker & Bunsen (The Muppets) at Expo, but unless we can find a spotter, we won't be doing it. Wearing bulky stuff with obscured vision is self-harm enough, if it's Expo where the crowds are manic, it's just absolute NO without help. (Unless we wear it just for the masquerade.)

The home purchase is going well. The deposit went to the solicitors today. My dad said that if I'm without a job come October, he'll help me pay my mortgage. How lucky am I? Then I'll live off Storme's rent and income from Coscraft until I find steady work (or if the shop starts making enough sales, then screw steady work!) It's doable.

I have plans for the shop. I know what people want to buy and where to source it from, it's a matter of having the money to make the investment first.

Hm. It's weird how almond nuts taste fine and ground almond also tastes fine in cakes, but when it's almond flakes or almond puddings, I really don't like the flavour. It's so... almondy. XD
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I baked blueberry & rosewater cake.

Also, [ profile] storme redyed my hair!

I love this colour. *___*

And the reason for my face in that picture is... )


May. 9th, 2010 10:26 pm
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That TLR Utena AU? It gets more and more disturbing in my head.

The chocolate fondant on Friday worked really well. Tonight's stem ginger puddings, not so well. Luckily I've only opened one of them, so I can put the rest back and steam them some more.

[edit] Mmmmmm now the pudding's perfect. /o/
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First of all, I must draw you guys' attention to amazing Dave fanart fdsjkfhlaksfhsla!!!!!

In fact, check out [ profile] amei's TLR fanart (she doesn't seem to tag stuff so just click through the journal!) and [ profile] wredwrat's fanart here because, oh god oh god. *___*

And now, some non-fannish stuff.

I spent last Wednesday AM wondering why my back and hips felt misaligned and walked with my top half bent 20 degrees from the vertical. By the evening I finally realised that I damaged my back *again* and it wasn't my hips and thighs that have been hurt, it was sciatica. I therefore decided that 1) I was going to sleep downstairs (old sofa thrown away, have been using Liz's mattress as temporary sofa) because I couldn't bear the thought of going upstairs for bed and 2) I wasn't going to work on Thursday. Both of which were good decisions.

So, on Thursday I became friends with diclofenac and Final Fantasy 7. Movement, especially getting up after lying down/sitting down for a while resulted in OW OW OW OWWWWWW, stuff like that.

On Friday [ profile] storme ditched work to look after my broken self. ;; I mostly just lay there on the mattress in front of the TV and made pathetic noises.

On Saturday I felt okay enough to go out for some fresh air and sunshine. We went to the noodle bar near the top of North Hill, which turned out to have 1) tasty tasty kon chow beef ho fan :D and 2) wheat/gluten free options. Wish we knew that earlier! Did some shopping. Had amazing ice-cream. Made pasta and apple strudel at night. Collapsed again due to broken tiredness.

On Sunday my "new" sofa arrived. It's a perfectly good sofabed from my sister, who's recently moved house and wanted a different sofa. So we set that up, cleared up some stuff, moved around bits of furniture (well, I directed. Storme did the moving. ♥). Now the house is looking much better, except for my Faize cosplay stuff which is still everywhere. Made soup. Baked chocolate cake.

We discovered that we never actually played TLR together! But still we didn't get around to playing it. Again. orz I made loads of progress on the Faize cosplay and also fixed the Zidane one, though, thanks to having been stuck home.

We also watched some Yakitate! Japan and Bill Bailey, though I don't even remember which nights those were.

At the moment I still can't be standing up for very long without needing to sit down. Sigh. Still drugged with diclofenac.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off to get my dental crown fixed in the morning, then to go to the FFXIII launch event at HMV Oxford Street in the afternoon. To be honest I'm more excited about there being a new JRPG to play than there being a new FF to play, if you know what I mean. I'm also looking forward to Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity, despite it being produced by Tri-Ace (Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean: TLH. Urghhhh.) I don't care, I just want JRPG.

At work right now. Checking financial stuff and sending out invoices. Can I please have some engineering to do?


Nov. 8th, 2009 07:45 pm
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  • Cake!

  • [ profile] storme visited and brought cake with her.

  • Dave is jealous of Rush's jacket

  • We finished making Rush's inner yellow/gold thing. It is very shiny.

  • Ball!Dave and Ball!Rush are totally engaged.

  • We bought matching rings for them, to wear at the ball.

  • Winter Pimms!

  • Storme introduced Liz and me to Pimms with warmed apple juice. *___*

  • Brownies!

  • Liz made them. 8D

  • Pumpkin! )
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*wibbles at flist*

Also, I saw the tortie cat again today. She meowed at me and sniffed my finger, but I had to hurry to the train.

Haven't seen Thomas ** for a long time since I don't go that way these days, but maybe I should try to find her.

** Thomas is another tortie down the road and therefore a she. But I named her Thomas.
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So many things to do (fuck inflation forecasts), yet the day is going so slowly.

A few things.

Thing number 1: Allan ♥ Torgal ♥ Emma ♥ David ♥ Rush and they all love each other because none of them got enough love in their childhoods. </Chicago>


Dave: I shall not deny him the chance of vengeance. We can only kill Hermeien once, after all.
Rush: Wait, in TLR didn't we kill him twice?
Dave: *head tilt* What is TLR?
Rush: ...never mind. >>

Thing number 2: I pre-ordered The Angel's Game from the bookshop near work. :DDDDD

Thing number 3: I need to give The Gone-Away World another try. The narration annoyed me last time. But sometimes reading is like that. One needs to be in the right sort of mood to enjoy certain styles.

Thing number 4: For years (as in, until recent months) I thought "a couple of" means "a few/some/several"-ish sort of thing, ie, three or more. It never occurred to me that it really means "two" even though "a couple" (as in two people) is, well, two.

Thing number 5: I have apple strudel and it is delicious.
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[ profile] giving_ground took a picture of the Tezmobile:

The old TV is still sitting on the floor of my living room because the eBay buyer pulled out last minute, claiming that he was selling something else in order to pay for it but PayPal was holding his money. Then my brother-in-law said he'd take it, but later decided he wanted a bigger one than that. Come on, people. Please be a little less annoying?

Today my shoes have become a bit too big for me. How come? They were fine the last time I wore them! What's this, shrinking feet?

My boss needs to realise that although I am awesome, I am, sadly, not omniscient. *headdesk headdesk headdesk* And my name is not S.

Randomly contemplating taking a day off tomorrow or next Monday.

Finally started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. About twenty pages in and my head is whirling, in a good way. THIS IS SO WONDERFUL.

In fic writing, I've forbidden Torgal from using archaic words (even though he actually said "mayhap" in the game), one, because I don't know enough old words to make it sound convincing, two, because YOU AREN'T REALLY THAT OLD, TORGAL. Even Wyngale doesn't speak like that and he's 1000+ years old. You're merely 200. I'm sure you're the type to move with the times and all that.

Eating Gu Rocky Road right now, and drinking tea. I'm only an occasional-chocolate person, but these are sooooo gooooood.
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Finished fic. Not sure about this one, it doesn't have the intensity in words as it does in my head. And it doesn't have a title. :D/ Whatever. When Liz returns I shall throw it at her and see what she thinks and get her to transform it into readable English.

I have merigues. And white chocolate ice-cream. Should make more ice-cream, but I need cream for that. Wonder if the shop at the petrol station sells it...

Mmmmm~ gaming time. I love weekends.


Feb. 16th, 2009 10:38 pm
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[ profile] eolo~~~ Marco honey, happy birthday. <3 I might be out all day tomorrow so I'm posting this now. Hope you have a really great day! Er, your present from Liz and I is currently sitting in my living room because we fail. And we can't send it tomorrow because I have the going out thing and Liz has the interview thing. orz But! I'll send it on Wednesday and hopefully it'll get to you very soon! It's only a short hop between here and Portugal. :D

Today there was home made white chocolate and chilli ice-cream. *_* Actually I made it on Sunday using the ice-cream maker and recipe book from [ profile] eolo. It's absolutely delicious. I'm not much of a white chocolate fan but it definitely goes well in ice-cream. The chilli adds a really good kick to it.

On the writing front, 3000 words into the fic and I have no idea what Rush is thinking. Oh dear. This does not bode well...


Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:30 pm
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I'm not hungry. But I want to eat. Lots and lots of food. Stuff myself silly. Lots of "bad" food like instant noodles, pizzas, chips, onion rings!

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Liz brought home an art print. She also brought home gifts for me from her and Unni: emergency chocolate from Bloomsberry, a pot of narcissus, lots of noodles, Chinese New Year candies (it's been so long since I last had candied lotus roots ;;) and she even made turnip cake.

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1. Christmas pressie from [ profile] thephoenixboy! ♥;; I was suck and unprepared.

2. This morning's attempt to have a mince pie got thwarted because mince pies don't heat up well in microwaves. In fact, they turn into uneatable, disgusting things. Wasted a perfectly good mince pie.

3. [ profile] switching_it_up reveals are up! Sorry [ profile] reddwarfer, I didn't really mean to rush you. ♥ My fic was... Signal. :D/ Ta-da~! Surprised? I tried to write an "alternative" vampire fic at first, but it didn't work out.

Also, I r masterful @ guessing!

4. The first thing I did once out of bed this morning was to check if the Fable II DLC is available yet. I'm not even that attached to the game but it's got that nice MMORPG feel to it, without the MMO part. But no, the DLC isn't out yet. I might start on Infinite Undiscovery instead, a Christmas gift from brother-in-law. We had our gift unwrapping done on Saturday because I won't be seeing him or my sister at Christmas.

5. Writing is fun. :) A slow one this time, at least for the first half. And the actual writing will be slow too if I keep on doing what I've been doing: poking at every single dialogue wondering if it sounds right for the character. I do this a lot when I write. For instance, I ask myself, "hmmm, in this situation and setting, would this character ask 'will you do this?', 'will you be doing this?' or 'are you going to do this?' or even 'you will do this?'" For this fic I seem to be doing it even more.

Working title is [Ghosts]. AU with SanaNiou, YanaSana and D1. It's not as horrific as it sounds; it will work, I'm sure of it!

And then there's That AU...

6. I have oshiruko (ie azuki beans) KitKat. It's tasty. Reminds me of red beans desserts, and the azuki frappuccino I had in a Tokyo Starbucks one summer afternoon whilst waiting for [ profile] giving_ground and [ profile] elyndys. My sister says the lavendar KitKat one isn't good though.

The box of the oshiruko KitKat (they come in little boxes, as any self-respecting KitKat do, even though there are only 2 double fingers inside) has a picture of KitKat fingers next a bowl of oshiruko dessert. At the corner it says "shashin wa ime-ji desu". No shit, Sherlock. orz

7. [ profile] giving_ground just sent me a message saying she's in pre-Christmas retail hell. I suggested to imagine everyone as Niou in disguise. Look, that's the best I can come up with, okay? Personally I think it's really good advice...

8. I drew a Yagyuu but I can't be bothered to colour him. >>
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[ profile] yuki_scorpio - Only changed the top banner. Again.

Also, Edgeworth wants more lace. )

Made soya milk. Now I just need congee and some of that dough thing and life will be complete.
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Got this from Leila.

1. There are 27 questions. (this is a different meme from the previous one)
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits
3. Answer each question using someone's name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

Meme )

ASK ME FOR THE QUESTIONS. More people should do this meme. It's a fun way to tell people how you appreciate them and encourage others to do the same, I think.

In other news, "Turnip Cake" happened yesterday and it didn't taste bad! Wish I could get better turnips, though.


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