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[ profile] storme and I have moved to the new place after a day of no-move-due-to-snow and a day of epic-moving, which involved a mini episode of the lorry being stuck and needing help from a nearby JCB. But finally we're in and we're going through our mountains of boxes. I even managed to fill two shop orders admist the chaos.

Mocha is settling in extremely well. That stuff about cats being really anxious about moving house? Doesn't apply to my cat. It's not as if she was in any way distressed in the old place, but she seems SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY since Tuesday it's quite unnerving.

So today I need to ring BT about cutting the old phoneline, and try to get through to the delivery office about a redelivery that hasn't showed up (I think it's something from [ profile] solaas.)

Yesterday I met up with [ profile] thephoenixboy and [ profile] elyndys! Though for some reason it feels like it happened last week; I think my concept of time is all messed up. Anyway, we wandered around London and ate a lot of cake. It was a good day. :D
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"Stop pressing on my nail - you are making me strobe!"

"I'm suffering from glare," said David, shielding his eyes with one hand and rubbing his temples with the other. His officers looked at each other with a knowing smirk.

"Those relaxing herbs might be a little... too relaxing. Look at him - he is totally stoned!"

(Ask [ profile] storme.)


Sep. 24th, 2009 11:23 pm
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She almost looks intelligent! O_o

Gae Bolg progress )
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[ profile] giving_ground took a picture of the Tezmobile:

The old TV is still sitting on the floor of my living room because the eBay buyer pulled out last minute, claiming that he was selling something else in order to pay for it but PayPal was holding his money. Then my brother-in-law said he'd take it, but later decided he wanted a bigger one than that. Come on, people. Please be a little less annoying?

Today my shoes have become a bit too big for me. How come? They were fine the last time I wore them! What's this, shrinking feet?

My boss needs to realise that although I am awesome, I am, sadly, not omniscient. *headdesk headdesk headdesk* And my name is not S.

Randomly contemplating taking a day off tomorrow or next Monday.

Finally started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. About twenty pages in and my head is whirling, in a good way. THIS IS SO WONDERFUL.

In fic writing, I've forbidden Torgal from using archaic words (even though he actually said "mayhap" in the game), one, because I don't know enough old words to make it sound convincing, two, because YOU AREN'T REALLY THAT OLD, TORGAL. Even Wyngale doesn't speak like that and he's 1000+ years old. You're merely 200. I'm sure you're the type to move with the times and all that.

Eating Gu Rocky Road right now, and drinking tea. I'm only an occasional-chocolate person, but these are sooooo gooooood.
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It followed me all the way from the train station! And it's meowing and meowing and meowing! And it's so cute and fluffy!




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Want to be at home all day doing nothing constructive. (Well, hoover, clean, then scan stuff, xbox.) But have to go shopping with family instead and since it's weekend, the trains are only running part of the way. Urgh, I hate the coach.

Yesterday I finished chapter 10 of Cheese Fondue. It's an "interlude" chapter that's only 1k long but it's the most wonderful chapter in the story so far.

My cat is ultra fluffy today. It is wonderful. ♥

Every time I listen to this song I go, "lol, Oshitari."
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I'm in bed, but near the edge of it because my cat has decided to lie down in the middle and I don't want to move her.

Best caption ever.

Monopoles are refusing to spawn. Why?

Tried to run the PC demo but failed, as expected, since I couldn't even get the benchmark to run.

Need one more skull scavenger cranium for Deathmask. Spent an hour repeatedly killing skull scavangers in Blackdale and only caught it twice, neither time splitting into skulls. Arghhhhhh. To prevent hair-tearing, I'm going to start on that new story instead. Need to think about the best way to begin... I think "the phone in his hand exploded" would be a good starting sentence. Also need to decide whether this is normal adventure, (slightly) fantasy or gangster. So many ways it can go... one of the plot points is much harder to explain in a gangster scenario though. The tattoo thing can still work in the other two I suppose...

Finished reading Death and the Penguin today. I don't really know how I feel about it. Wasn't a bad read though. Enjoyable if satire is your thing.


Feb. 12th, 2009 01:17 pm
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I've given myself a day off today. Slept more, had rice pudding, got ice-cream recipe book in the mail (part 2 of birthday present from [ profile] eolo! ♥), watched some telly, had bacon and eggs. In that order.

The Tezmobile has ran out of food, so I've been giving her poached fish until I can get more of the hypoallergenic stuff for her. She... doesn't seem to like poached haddock. A huge surprise since she eats anything, cooked or raw or inorganic.

I thought about taking tomorrow off too and have a really long weekend, but I'm trying to save up the holidays and this morning I literally sent my boss a text asking if it's okay to be off today. Normally I have to give them a form beforehand etc, but my boss is nice like that. So I shouldn't push it. Because of training I was only in the office one day this week and god knows what kind of disastors have happened since Monday. Hope they haven't tried to send out hard copies of a particular report. They always get it wrong when I'm not there. orz

But anyway, day off today is a Very Good Idea.

..........still hungry.

Day Five

Jan. 3rd, 2009 05:13 pm
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Today's happy thing is hearing David say, "come forth if you want to be struck down!"

....................Actually, I'm still pissed off at him for taking the Frostblade and then FAILING at using it because he hasn't yet got any two-handed sword skills. Gimme back my damn sword if you're gonna suck so bad! No, exchanging meaningful looks with Rush is not going to make me forgive you. Not even the way you say in a rather sad voice "am I doing my father proud?" every time I check your stats is going to.......... awww, Dave. ♥

So, a differnt happy thing... maybe it was defeating all six bases plus surprise!boss. Must've taken me more than 10+ hours all together, which isn't a bad time considering what people say at GameSpot. Am now at Koenigsdorf pwning Ala Melvilana & friends.

I'm having hot honey + lemon. Delicious.

Tezmobile has been sleeping on top of me last night and walking all over me today. She has now blobbed (ie kittyloaf-ed) on my lap. >> If one remembers that Tezmobile is not a lapmobile, one would see that this is a very strange occurance indeed. Probably the appearance of the rucksack last night worried her.
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Ran out of things to do on Fable II. Only have to make enough money to buy Castle Fairfax now. DLC please come out soon. (Heard it'll come out on 22 Dec.) Haven't tried the Westcliff Crucible because my fighting techniques suck - I could finish the man game simply by mashing the X button, so I never learned how to do head shots etc... not that they actually tell you how... there is only the one X button for melee actions. They also only say "by timing your strikes perfectly, you can chain strikes together", but no other details. I don't know how to time my strikes for this game. Through the whole game I only managed to make ONE chain. By accident. >> My camera angles also suck half the time and I don't know why. Tried everything already. The whole game seems to have been made assuming that the player would sit quite up close to the TV, too. I sit... 10 feet away? Took me ages to get used to reading the text on the screen; almost had to reach for my glasses! No, my TV isn't small - 26 inch widescreen. It's the text that's small, really! Still, I really enjoy playing the game (despite the bleh storyline. But hey it's not FF or LO). Simple button mashing is cool. XD

Failed at making plushies again last weekend. Didn't want to be bent over a desk, sewing. But I haven't forgotten.

Last night's Royal Variety Show had way too much crossdressing. I understand it all came from reputable West End shows but the in-your-face-ness of it puts me off. Not to mention it's all comedy, with the guys making fun of the fact that they were in women's clothes. Balance, please get some!

Oh, last night:

Pez: *abed*

Liz: *abed*

Thing in a bag: *thunders up the stairs, jumps onto Pez's bed, almost lands on Pez's face, jumps off, thunders down the stairs*

Liz: sdhjfhsafkjash WHAT WAS THAT.

Pez: *goes to check*

Tezmobile: *hiding somewhere*

Kitchen: *stuff pushed off counters and onto the floor, and a bag missing*

Pez: I believe Tezmobile found the bag that the takeaway came in, got stuck in it, ran all the way upstairs in the bag, jumped onto my bed in the bag, then ran down again, still in the bag.

Liz: .................

Pez: I can't find her now. The cat may still be in the bag.


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