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I cannot describe how much I want this calendar.

It's available for pre-order now. Would anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on one, bar going to SMJ and pay a scary amount of fees? NVM FOUND IT ON YESASIA OMG.

[edit] I need about another $2 worth of shopping to get free shipping, so am browising around... YesAsia is telling me they can get Kokoro x Kokoro. O_O But I'm also thinking about NakaMasa's 1st Live... although apparently his songs aren't great? :(
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The photos are all mixed up. With random pictures of other people, too. These were taken with the camera borrowed from my sister, which is a bit broken and kept changing settings, so some photos turned out grainy. The effect added to the mood though. XD

There were huge amounts of people. We kinda did our best to avoid the big groups. >> If you want to see the rest of the cosplays just head to the London Expo forums!

Photos )
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[ profile] giving_ground performed a trial-run of creating the Hitsugaya style on my (newly cut) hair. I believe we can call it a success! We left it like that for around two hours, then I went to wash my hair. Bent over the bathtub and poured water all over it. Twice. And it stayed exactly as it was. Liz declared that this means it'd be safe to venture out with this hair even on a damp day.

In a few days I'll bleach the roots and dye it white.

Totally need a way to get hold of a good camera for use the coming weekend.

Bath now, and maybe catching up with comments if I don't drop dead in bed afterwards.
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I've made the gi and hakama. Haven't tried them on yet since I lack the white belt. Have got more white material to make it, then I can try the whole thing on.

The sword's ready, just needs an extra coat of clear spray. Liz tested it and getting it in and out of the scabbard means scratching the silver paint work. =/ But hopefully the clear layer would help protect it a bit.

The tabi and waraji have been purchased. I'm not making those thank you very much. It's sad because the waraji worn by Bleach characters are quite different from normal ones and it'd be so much better if I made them. But 1) I don't know how to, 2) I can't be bothered, 3) no one will notice them anyway.

The sash for carrying the sword, and the decorative thing on the sash are both ready. The hilt guard has been made, just waiting for the spraying first, and then the handle can be "roped" (bound?) and then the new hilt guard can go on.

In terms of hair... still waiting to get a haircut. I'm going to miss this long hair, but seriously, it's getting too warm for long hair anyway. Last year I almost melted in my flat, so might as well get the cut and try to survive this summer! Then I need to re-bleach the roots, then put on the white/silver dye I already have... oh and then I reckon there needs to be a trial-run of gelling the hair into Hitsugaya style.

Was going to get some contact lenses, but I'm feeling too stingey (sp) for that now.

Anyway - anyone else going to London Expo on bank holiday weekend?


Jan. 1st, 2008 04:40 pm
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*feels stupid*

No. Way.

Nov. 3rd, 2007 08:12 pm
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I spent hours gelling up a wig into Hitsugaya's style.

And then I tried to put it on, and it's way too small for me.

What the HELL? This is like, child size!

So annoyed. >EEEE

[edit] If I count all the unposted writing I've done this year, I have 100k words already. Now, to make some of those post-able...


Oct. 19th, 2007 01:09 am
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Made: gi, hakama, pink scarf

In the making: insignia, obi, necklace

In the post office ready for collection: bokken

Somewhere in postal backlog: hair, sandals, socks

... orz

The hakama I made is pretty good, I must say. And made it in one single night, too. Need to hem the bottom tomorrow, when Liz is awake and upright for me take some measurements.

The white hair has arrived, I suppose I'll go ahead and put it into Hitsugaya's style tomorrow. And pray that Matsumoto's hair arrive before Sunday.

In Fusion, Yagyuu has sensed Niou's growing distress and finally gave up and dropped him a lifeline hint. It's not difficult, Niou. If you fail even this, Yagyuu might have to rethink this whole "together" thing.


Oct. 10th, 2007 11:11 am
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There are rather pretty, ready-made Hyorinmarus on eBay, but the blade is made of steel. I don't know if the steel is sharp or not, but in any case I'd much prefer a wood one. =_= BUT, a ready-made one makes life much easier, I don't have to worry about the crossguard, hilt, grip colour or the carrying sash/strap... sigh.

Or I should just be school!Hitsugaya for now, considering time constraints. Does school!Hitsugaya wear the sleeveless yellow school sweater? *looks it up*

Um, [ profile] giving_ground? I'm listening to the PureBoys CD on repeat. Be prepared to hear me singing it when I get home. *Total failure! 10 points! XD*

There should totally be a PureBoys cosplay. BAD DANCING FTW. I'll be Minami Keisuke!


Keisuke. Keis-uke...

Oh, Kei-chan, it's in your name. XD ♥

(CAD just crashed on me. I just shruged and started again. I think I've gone beyond caring.)

[edit] I'm about half way to downloading all of Yuu Yuu Hakusho. It says DVDrip, but considering at the YYH time, the best quality video they ever released were on Laser Discs, the DVDs are probably bootlegs at rather bad quality. But I want to rewatch it anyway. Only watched it in Cantonese, back in those days...
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Cosplayers/sewing savvy people - help!

I'm thinking of making the Shinigami costume for a Bleach cosplay.

1) Is it worth making? I could just buy online but with shipping, it seems rather expensive (although, buying material to make things here may end up costing the same as ebay >_>). And less fun. Online pictures are really small anyway, can't see if it's good quality...

2) If I do make it, what sorts of fabric do you suggest for the white outer "coat" and the black kimono?

Help appreciated, thanks!


Sep. 20th, 2007 04:06 pm
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Ban... KAI!

*is dead*
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Haven't watched Bleach anime for about 2-3 months and just catching up with it. Am at ep131 right now.


This not!Arrancar business is filler, right? Because it's so bloody predictable and BORING. And yet another "omg don't kill this monster, because he ate my sister but she's still alive inside him!!!1!!!111!!" trick. They must've done this in Bleach fillers at least 4 times now.
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Got sent links to some awesome Bleach cosplays: Byakuya, Gin, Matsumoto, Rukia!

Non-Chinese readers: just click on the numbers under the pictures to see more. Sorry if that's obvious. :D;;;

Gin, OMG, the Gin kills me.

And now I run around and get stuff and get ready to go out...!!!!!!!

[edit] shorts are allowed, right? *STUPID AND NOT SURE* there is no dress limitation, phew. I think I'd boil if I had to wear jeans/trousers.
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Wrote more for [ profile] their_white_day. The story is so fluffy!

Love Hisashi's outfit so much! *wants that hat*

About the Higa outfit, I contacted an eBay seller who makes costumes. I've bought from them before, see, and they can make it with jersey materials and such. Let's see what they'd say first. Chances are it'll be freakishly expensive and I'll cling to Nori instead. XD

Bought stuff online again last night x_x There are lots of things I still want to sell, though, so hopefully it'll all balance out...

I was listening to Kimeru's "You Got Game" on the train today, and remembered that video in the karaoke... I was probably stared at for my discreet laughing.

Random poll time! There hasn't been a poll for over 2 weeks and that is unacceptable!

[Poll #926288]

Finally, a little known fact of Kuchiki Byakuya: he hums "Valentine Kiss" in the shower.
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Bleach 113's Shinigami Illustration Book - Byakuya cracked a joke. BYAKUYA CRACKED A JOKE.

The plot is moving so slowly. They're determined to drag this out, I think.

I have to stop this "I feel so hungry I'm going to collapse" and then "I'm so full I'm going to be sick" sort of cycle.

SO FULL. x_x
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It has just occured to me that 2 remotes and 1 nunchak does not a 2-player-game make.

Looks like I'm getting another nunchak tomorrow, then.

Yoruichi is teaching me how to fight XD

[edit] my fire detector has been randomly beeping. Most of the time it's just a very short beep, suddenly, when there is no cooking or anything special going on, and it's infrequent, at random times - could be the middle of the night. I just pushed the battery back to make it shut up, which means I now have no working fire detector... which is no big deal, really - none of the places I've rented here before had fire detectors. But, um. I tried pushing the battery back but it made the alarm beep really loudly... maybe I'll try to do it in the morning when making noise is more natural...

I downloaded the Roddick vs Federer match. Go me!
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Tine: Drae said she'll need to give the Boy special love this weekend, and...

Pez: You know, that just sounds completely wrong.

......Drae, I think you better watch out for Fuji this weekend.

from [ profile] genkichuldich: Official (seiyuu-made) parody - if Bleach has a love simulation game... BRILLIANT. OMG BYAKUYA.
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I commented on how Byakuya has his brows all knotted and [ profile] giving_ground pointed out whoever has to stand this close to Gin would have the same worried expression.

Scans from Bleach the Best CD+DVD Boxset. Fear the pretty. )

I don't actually ship these pairings (Bleach is a series where I like het pairs a lot more), but... the day Renji got caught in the act )

......*goes to get more stuff to scan*


Sep. 6th, 2006 10:49 am
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[edit] I posted at [ profile] die_tezuka! Look!

Got to work late because the train track is screwed up (again). And I'm leaving early because we're go-karting at Milton Keynes. Apparently I'm getting a free ride there with someone from upstairs - was originally told I could get a ride from someone on this floor, but one person decided he isn't going to take his car afterall and now we have too large a group and after those people had their little chat, they decided to bum me out, haha XD I'm amused because I actually would prefer to ride in another car anyway. And it isn't like I'm not used to this sort of thing.

[ profile] tez_plush wanted to go too, but I told him he wouldn't satisfy the minimum height requirement. The poor boy.

Don't think I'll get back home until prolly, 10pm? =_= At 2:30am I'm going to have a telephone interview. I don't think I'll be very awake tomorrow.

Ooooh Bleach 95 torrent! Why must I be home late today T___T BYAKUYA vs KARIYA OMG I WANNA WATCH. (I like the "next episode" commentary from ep 94. I'd totally sell a kidney to get official goods and a front row seat for such a battle XD)

Still trying to come up with a workable RP premise. I fail at such things. If you ask me to write a fic with a similar AU premise I can get it to totally make sense. For an RP? It's so much harder. Can someone else please do it? >_> *fails* (btw, are we going to have problems attracting good players if we set it in UK? We all know how some people fail when they deliberately try to write anything British... *cringe*)


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