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A couple of friends dropped by today to help us move furniture, then we went out for late lunch/early dinner. Just before that, we did a quick stop at Sainsbury's where the girl at the checkout spotted [ profile] storme's Perfect Crime Party t-shirt, and we all enthused about Bakuman for a while. Then somehow we mentioned SnK and I said "oh yeah, we watched last night's episode just before coming here!" and the cashier girl was all "OMG don't tell me don't tell me I'm waiting to see it!" which is the exactly sort of thing SnK does to people.

About the furniture movement, the giant laser + table has now been moved into the office/stock room, and replaced by a little bookcase. The living room feels bigger, whee! Cleaning will be required since moving furniture always lead to dust bunnies being uncovered, but the situation isn't too bad.

Oh yeah, Kanesaki Kentaro is in a Phoenix Wright stage play, playing... Phoenix. My head is failing to process this.

2 things.

May. 30th, 2011 10:48 pm
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  1. Saitou Takumi has been cast as Miles Edgeworth in the new Phoenix Wright movie.


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Already spazzed about this on FB but...


Stealing links from others...
Official site: (opens tomorrow)
Description: (mostly the fact that it'll be written by Takumi Shu)
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Two questions:

one. Can I make a Daryan Crescend cosplay in 4 weeks?

two. Will [ profile] storme tolerate wearing this amount of frills?
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CSS. Oh, CSS. Spent a while trying to get one part of a website to look the way I wanted it to but oh no, it just would not work. Am now planning to cheat by using graphics instead. :P

[ profile] storme's at my place and I intend to keep her here for good at least until she recovers from David Bowie Syndrome. She was very amused at my pile of to-sell stuff and kept saying how people'd think she's the cause of my disinterest in PoT and selling of things. I think she's over-estimating her influence. :PPPP Going to crosspost to communities tonight, so if there's something you want, better say it now before the masses get their hands on it.

Oh, I showed her some Micchi stuff last night. The reaction of Micchi in amazing coat + cravat was: "Edgeworth would mug him if he saw that coat" and "this is what Edgeworth aspires to."
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Very random: Godot/Captain Falcon?

(Wow, that's one amazing Godot cosplay. The Captain Falcon is also really good.)

The flu-jab people are in the office today. It's amazing how many people come up with all sorts of excuse not to have it. I guess some are legitimate, but others are just plain "omg needle! Scared! Not getting it! Would rather catch the flu!" I can understand if people have an actual phobia and want to avoid it at all costs, but from what I can see, my coworkers are just being wusses.

There's a scene in the TLR fic I'm writing which reminds me of the Kwik-Fit TV ads. Kwik-Fit will fix it! Rush will fix it.......... oh wait.

♫ Rush the builder (CAN HE FIX IT?) ~ Rush the builder (YES HE CAN!) ♪


Said fic is so gratuitous I'm ashamed of it and I'm scrapping some of the worst ideas in there because they're on par with badness.

That said, I still want David to be drugged in some sort of situation. XDDDDDDDD NO. IT'S NOT DRUG RAPE. No, I wasn't going there. But still. The idea was bad. Unless I turn the whole thing into crackfic. Hey wait, that's an idea...
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Finally got the lens! £70 second hand mint condition with guarantee, as opposed to £90 brand new. I kept checking the local camera shop and finally spotted it. They said someone only sold it to them on Saturday. *strokes lens* Heeeeee.

My mind is not there. Keep typing wrong words. When I wanted to type "they" I typed "and" instead, when I wanted to type "to" it came out as "the"...

My bodies feels like jelly. But instead of bounce & wobble, I think I'm more likely to just go splat.

Can I go home now?

[edit] This is so unbelievably Miles Edgeworth.
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Coming to an NDS near you, this winter! BE READY FOR THE FRILLY PROSECUTOR!

I really can't wait. But... "EUREKA"??? O.o
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News: RPG pioneer dies

Phoenix Wright: HOLD IT! with your pinky extended

In other news, I never thought I'd say this but I'm starting to like using Windows Vista. A few years after release and most of those annoying bugs have been taken care of. On my new comp (uh, still named Torgal) it runs so fast and everything installs without a hitch, things that claim to be plug-and-play really are plug-and-play and they work within seconds.

Wonder how Windows 7 is going to be like.

Randomly, I'm using Screen Hunter 5.0 Free version for my games screencaps. But you must remember to start the programme before running the game, rather than run the game, alt+tab out and open Screen Hunter, otherwise every time you press your capture key the game'd minimise and you'd return to desktop.

Liz has been telling what happens when and all that and I keep forgetting** (and capslocking at her in chat asking her to tell me all over again), but I THINK there will be a [ profile] firescribble here tonight. >D

**This morning when I woke up I had a brief moment of forgetting even who I am.
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This is [ profile] giving_ground's fault.

Rush = Phoenix
Dave = Edgeworth
Wagram = Manfred Von Karma
Emma = Francisca Von Karma
Blocter = Gumshoe
Duke Ghor = Judge
Torgal = Pesu
Pagus = Mia

I'm going to make an icon of Dave wearing a cravat and pink suit.

.........oh marvellous. Now Dave is going to be rubbed. XD


Nov. 20th, 2008 09:51 pm
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In the last two days I've read lots of really.............. well, rather terrible Phoenix/Edgeworth fics.

I think I'm scarred. It's like the second coming of WK fandom.

Where are the good fics?
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I wrote 300-ish words of PW:AA lol-fic.

Was catching up with Vampire Knight Guilty last night and the following conversation ensued:

Pez: Look at them. They're basically saying: WE MUST EMO SOME MORE!!!!1!!111! This show is all about the emoangst!

[scene where Ruka's rose disintegrates because of Kaname's power]



[scene of... well, one of the many really emo scenes]

Pez: Right here, Yuuki's like: don't go, Zero! WE MUST EMO SOME MORE. LET'S EMO TOGETHA.

Liz: They've already destroyed all the roses, so we must emo more because these are the only two things we have!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Vampire Knight. But yeah.

I think I want a picture of Edgeworth with a rose in his mouth.
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A couple of people at [ profile] gyakuten_saiban have asked for the download for my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Sims 2 set, so here it is!

Pics, explanation and download link )
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Some more pics of the court room and prosecutor's office. Include screencaps with Nick and Edgey!

I am now finishing the lot with:
! The Detention Centre
! The Criminal Affairs Department
! The Wright & Co. Offices
! The Court Room Lobby.

The Detention Centre is right behind the Court Room, Wright & Co. is above the Detention Centre, which is next to Criminal Affairs, which is opposite the Prosecutor's Office. And the Lobby is in front of the Court Room. It's all very badly planned out, with the whole lot extending to the walkway outside and all that, because I never intended to do this much in the first place - only thought I'd build the court room! And then it got bigger and I couldn't be bothered to move things because that meant having to rebuild. But anyway, now everything is on the same lot so it's easier to make picture stories and such.

The building work is not finished yet... I need to download the right double doors for the lobby, for example. It seems like not many people make custom double doors, and those who do make really fancy ones, not just plain wood ones.

But heh, I've discovered a way to show ceiling tiles but not ceiling lights! Now everything can be lit nicely without the lights getting in the way of the pictures.

[ profile] switching_it_up very very soon! Ahhhhhhhh~

Currently reading Trinity Blood: ROM V. I haven't got ROM IV. >> And as usual, I'm rather x_x with all the names; I've never been good with foreign names made into Chinese. My eyes always just skim over them and I recognise them as a bunch of characters (sort of like a picture) instead of a name, so that by the end of the book, I know what's happened to who but if you ask me to say the name of the character, I go blank. Also, the translation is not bad, but it's probably following the Japanese too faithfully. The sentence order for some bits could be swapped around to make it easier to understand. Or maybe it's just the style? In any case, it's throwing me off a bit. Still, I like the stories, so I'll keep reading.
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Went to register with the dentist this morning. Their website lied; it wasn't open at 8am. But apparently it's open on Saturday. Argh, I really need to get my teeth done AGAIN. It's always those three teeth that bother me. How many times have they been done over the years? I need to stock up on painkillers and clove oil, just in case.

Reading the game scripts of PW, because I'm THAT bored. And the script's so funny. I love how in some instances, if Phoenix had a choice of responses, one of the (silly) responses might be exactly what Edgeworth would also say seconds later. XDDDDDDDDDD And I wouldn't know that if I didn't read the script, because I wasn't going to save and reload every time I get a multiple choice just to test out every outcome. The script also helps me with getting the characters' voices.

Speaking of voices, in Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra Edgeworth has Yanagi Renji's voice. Oh, I die. I want to hear Renji yell "objection!"

Two more days until D1 Exchange... I need my dose of D1 now! With lots of porn!

I wonder if there are any Koenma/Mukuro YYH fics out there......................... >>


Nov. 10th, 2008 09:48 pm
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This conversation on Allelujah of Gundam 00 made me think.

So, the original (Japanese version) of Phoenix Wright, Phoenix's name is Naruhodou Ryuuichi, right?

So when he and Edgeworth (Mitsurugi) are going at it, Edgeworth'd say "Naruhodou".

............I think my mind just broke.
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I'm on the last episode of Apollo Justice. I know this episode will solve a lot of mysteries surrounding what's happened to Phoenix in the last seven years, but...

I'm not liking it that much )

[edit] So, reading the very last paragraph... what's the point of giving communities more than one icon space?


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