May. 18th, 2012 02:48 am
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I just found out that Dokurodan are making doujinshi again. They stopped in 2007, not sure when they restarted but there's a new Moja Akaya book! Must get, somehow! Their website hasn't been updated except for the front page which has links to their twitter, where all their event information goes now, it seems. And a link to Amazon for their Moja Rikkai book that got published. WANT SO MUCH.

Dokurodan, active. I cannot explain how happy this makes me. (also, they seem to want to explore SanaYana, if I haven't misunderstood their tweets!?)
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[ profile] storme and I have moved to the new place after a day of no-move-due-to-snow and a day of epic-moving, which involved a mini episode of the lorry being stuck and needing help from a nearby JCB. But finally we're in and we're going through our mountains of boxes. I even managed to fill two shop orders admist the chaos.

Mocha is settling in extremely well. That stuff about cats being really anxious about moving house? Doesn't apply to my cat. It's not as if she was in any way distressed in the old place, but she seems SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY since Tuesday it's quite unnerving.

So today I need to ring BT about cutting the old phoneline, and try to get through to the delivery office about a redelivery that hasn't showed up (I think it's something from [ profile] solaas.)

Yesterday I met up with [ profile] thephoenixboy and [ profile] elyndys! Though for some reason it feels like it happened last week; I think my concept of time is all messed up. Anyway, we wandered around London and ate a lot of cake. It was a good day. :D
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First of all, I must draw you guys' attention to amazing Dave fanart fdsjkfhlaksfhsla!!!!!

In fact, check out [ profile] amei's TLR fanart (she doesn't seem to tag stuff so just click through the journal!) and [ profile] wredwrat's fanart here because, oh god oh god. *___*

And now, some non-fannish stuff.

I spent last Wednesday AM wondering why my back and hips felt misaligned and walked with my top half bent 20 degrees from the vertical. By the evening I finally realised that I damaged my back *again* and it wasn't my hips and thighs that have been hurt, it was sciatica. I therefore decided that 1) I was going to sleep downstairs (old sofa thrown away, have been using Liz's mattress as temporary sofa) because I couldn't bear the thought of going upstairs for bed and 2) I wasn't going to work on Thursday. Both of which were good decisions.

So, on Thursday I became friends with diclofenac and Final Fantasy 7. Movement, especially getting up after lying down/sitting down for a while resulted in OW OW OW OWWWWWW, stuff like that.

On Friday [ profile] storme ditched work to look after my broken self. ;; I mostly just lay there on the mattress in front of the TV and made pathetic noises.

On Saturday I felt okay enough to go out for some fresh air and sunshine. We went to the noodle bar near the top of North Hill, which turned out to have 1) tasty tasty kon chow beef ho fan :D and 2) wheat/gluten free options. Wish we knew that earlier! Did some shopping. Had amazing ice-cream. Made pasta and apple strudel at night. Collapsed again due to broken tiredness.

On Sunday my "new" sofa arrived. It's a perfectly good sofabed from my sister, who's recently moved house and wanted a different sofa. So we set that up, cleared up some stuff, moved around bits of furniture (well, I directed. Storme did the moving. ♥). Now the house is looking much better, except for my Faize cosplay stuff which is still everywhere. Made soup. Baked chocolate cake.

We discovered that we never actually played TLR together! But still we didn't get around to playing it. Again. orz I made loads of progress on the Faize cosplay and also fixed the Zidane one, though, thanks to having been stuck home.

We also watched some Yakitate! Japan and Bill Bailey, though I don't even remember which nights those were.

At the moment I still can't be standing up for very long without needing to sit down. Sigh. Still drugged with diclofenac.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off to get my dental crown fixed in the morning, then to go to the FFXIII launch event at HMV Oxford Street in the afternoon. To be honest I'm more excited about there being a new JRPG to play than there being a new FF to play, if you know what I mean. I'm also looking forward to Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity, despite it being produced by Tri-Ace (Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean: TLH. Urghhhh.) I don't care, I just want JRPG.

At work right now. Checking financial stuff and sending out invoices. Can I please have some engineering to do?
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[ profile] storme being industrious. Farfie on the wall. Cake. Hedgeworth. And what is that green thing?

Introducing... Hedgeworth! )
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Item 1

Due to 1) time constraints, 2) it was I who dragged her into this, 3) Dave would be very sad without Rush, I took it upon myself to help [ profile] storme with the sewing. Not quite done yet, but hey!

This has two layers of wadding inside. At least one of us will be warm. I'll probably freeze in my outfit.

Item 2
Because I promised to post these. These photos are from around three weeks ago and I keep them in a folder called wig madness. )


Nov. 15th, 2009 06:20 pm
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[ profile] dystopiarcadia, [ profile] storme and [ profile] huskyscotsman are wonderful and fabulous.

Now, how am I going to get home...?


Nov. 8th, 2009 07:45 pm
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  • Cake!

  • [ profile] storme visited and brought cake with her.

  • Dave is jealous of Rush's jacket

  • We finished making Rush's inner yellow/gold thing. It is very shiny.

  • Ball!Dave and Ball!Rush are totally engaged.

  • We bought matching rings for them, to wear at the ball.

  • Winter Pimms!

  • Storme introduced Liz and me to Pimms with warmed apple juice. *___*

  • Brownies!

  • Liz made them. 8D

  • Pumpkin! )
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Two main conclusions could be drawn from the weekend that's just past:
  1. Everything somehow goes back to the Dave.

  2. I need to buy more wigs.

  3. Although, if I were to include more, the following conclusions are also very important:

  4. Shiny cravat material is... mesmerising.

  5. There is only one copy of Home in the world and it's being passed between all Jason Liebrecht fangirls in the world. There is only one copy because it's such a boring film.

  6. Majestic wine warehouse near home = awesome.

  7. Shopping in Dunelm Mill is like using a computer with very, very little RAM.

  8. Rush sleeps between Dave and Emma.

  9. Dave's bed is apparently very comfy.

  10. Matsumoto wig = pervert wig.

  11. [ profile] storme can easily look like Near.

  12. She also makes a very cute Rush.

  13. [ profile] dystopiarcadia is actually a RoV character, who is a pervert.

  14. And maybe more as I remember them. And photos later. But overall:

  15. Fabulous weekend. \o/ Can I please have Storme and Syl as my live-in minions?

Other things: must get a move on with ball!Dave cosplay. Before Wednesday I will fix the waistcoat, make the cravat, test the shirt and look for trousers. Then I can finally concentrate on the Faize. Only a month left and Faize is very complicated. D:
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Posting from mobile. Today has been awesome and dramatic! Met up with Storme who's really really awesome. Apparently we sat at the pizza hut table for so long that we broke some record for the waiter serving us.

And now I'm at the hospital because my sister has given birth a few weeks earlier than expected. I'm now an aunt. O_O

Oh and I bought an amazing and amazingly expensive coat.
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Click for larger scan.

This was from two weeks ago, when Syl visited and we were having dim sum. I don't actually remember who said what, but anyway...

Syl: *talks about Lord Dave*
Liz: Yeah we decided if Dave was a tennis boy he has to be in Higa.
Pez: It's the tanned skin and the hair. *starts drawing on paper tablecloth* And he'd be the captain, much to Kite's dismay. The team'd love him, too. He and Rin can exchange hair care tips.
Liz: *looks at doodle* Is Dave wearing the captain pants?
Pez: Of course! :D *continues*
Syl: What's this tent thing you're drawing?
Pez: Yes. 8D *adds sparkles too*
Syl: It's like MiniDave is having a birthday party. There needs to be balloons!
Pez: Sure! *gives Dave Generals balloons*
Syl: Nobody ever goes to Lord David's birthday party...
Liz: *eyes the Gae Bolg* I wonder why...
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LOL. More later. XD

(Not many people recognised who I am since the game's not that popular, but those who do... well, about half an hour ago I was standing there chatting about the game to someone for quite a while. I think our conclusion was that the game's just too hard for some people. >D Oh, and that Dave is awesome.)

(Oh, and I bumped into [ profile] sephirayne, but because I suck and am scared of meeting people unprepared... yeah. Sorry, hi there. XD; Maybe I'll see you later today or tomorrow?)
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Yes, we are watching it.

[ profile] crystalusagi: Isn't this sort of gay?
[ profile] yuki_scorpio: What do you mean, "sort of"?


Emperor = the Dave
Shifu of the Emperor = Torgal
Hoi Goong-goong (primary eunuch) = Allan
Siu-Po (pretend eunuch) = Rush
Tak-whatshisface-who-got-imprisoned = Emma
Su-hak Zak Ha = Pagus
Ngo-Bai = Hermeien
Chan Kan-Nam = Qubine (*slain*)
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[ profile] dystopiarcadia, [ profile] kedi_kedi, [ profile] thephoenixboy, [ profile] elyndys, and of course [ profile] giving_ground, this Saturday in London is go!

I'm guessing we'll meet up at around lunch time, but whatever time you can come is good. ♥ Any suggestions on what to do/where to eat, fire away~
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I don't really like the smell of printing ink but *sniffs the two copies of Big Fat Report she just printed* ummmmm~ this smells like success!

Unni arrived first thing this morning because she got severely delayed at the airport and by the time she got to UK there was no transport running. Liz woke up extra early so she went to get her while I lay in bed. XD I did hear them come in, and thought, "maybe I should get up and say hi since I'm not gonna get back to slee..............." *falls asleep* XD; But hey that means I came to work this morning nice and rested. And Unni is probably still sleeping atm.

Boss is all worked up about a presentation he has to make next month to various official bodies and an MP. I'm preparing the powerpoint for him. This makes no sense to me since how can you present a powerpoint someone else made? But whatever, he's always like that. Anyway, why so worked up? It's just an MP. Or maybe I'm the only one who goes *shrug* at people in high government. XD

Trying to cut down snacking at work by eating fruit. The problem is I don't want to eat fruit. Sigh.

Random of random:

Maya: You know, it's pretty weird to address people by family name. You could try to call him "Nick" outside the courts. :D

Edgeworth: .......... *face twists*

Maya: Maybe "Nick" is too difficult to start with? >_> Try saying "Phoenix"! :D

Edgeworth: .......... *face twists* >_<

Maya: Poor Mr.Edgeworth...

Wright: *wanders over* Hey, Miles, Maya! What are you talking about?

Edgeworth: *weeps into his lace cuffs*

Maya: *kicks Wright* You're horrible! Poor Mr.Edgeworth!

Wright: Ow, what's that for??? O_O

(Currently on Episode 2, Game 2. Phoenix is angsting so much for his loffer, the poor guy.)
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[ profile] thephoenixboy: I think I need to convert to Rikkai for good now.


[ profile] kedi_kedi: We can make Sanada fart glitter!

[ profile] giving_ground: And you can illustrate for us. :D

[ profile] thephoenixboy, [ profile] kedi_kedi, [ profile] giving_ground, [ profile] yuki_scorpio: LOLOLOLOLOL.

[ profile] yuki_scorpio: I need to put this on my LJ!
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Takuro. Yes. You're the tall one.

Teru's blog post is so... awww. I like how he isn't afraid of offending the fans and cares about the true meaning of a "tour".

It looks like they are making a second attempt in having an English site. The previous one was quite a few years ago and got closed down after a while. I hope this time it'll stay. Chances are better now that they've had a US Tour and even a MySpace page. Still no way to join the fan club though. If I ever join a fan club it'd be Glay's. One day...

Need to buy their recent releases. After moving house.

Oh a half-Japanese coworker who grew up here said that because his mum's from Oosaka and she's the only one who ever speaks Japanese at home, he can't understand any Japanese that's not spoken in the Kansai accent. XDDDDDDDDDDDD


Aug. 9th, 2008 08:26 pm
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Thanks for the comments on the house-get! :D

[ profile] giving_ground and I met up with [ profile] thephoenixboy, [ profile] kedi_kedi and [ profile] dystopiarcadia today. We had edamame. XDDDDD And because we were at Wagamama, of course doodling happened. Lots and lots of fun. They dropped by my place, then after we sent them back to the station, on the way home I started wondering what internet people expect of each other the first time they meet up. Ayla certainly turned out different from what I expected, but I can't really say what I expected her to be like XD Really, I only had her added to the flist recently. But. Yes. Great fun today. (And I wonder what people expected when they meet me for the first time...)

Ah, so tired now, the good kind of tired. Tonight's plans: Fusion chatness with [ profile] sharpie, scanning doujinshi, and typing up Viking Cheese which I'd finished on the train this morning.

btw, Ayla standing next to Syl? SO CUTE.
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We are holding your t-shirt hostage. If you want to see it again...... come fetch it. >D


Jun. 10th, 2008 05:19 pm
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Still in Berlin, heading home tonight. We took a tonne of pictures, most of which feature plushies or food or landmarks or plushies with food or plushies with landmarks (but unfortunately we have no photo of plushies with food and landmarks). A brief summary of the trip can be found on Liz's entry. Photos to follow!

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time writing.

And......... that's about it!


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