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AO3 has >3500 things in the SnK category, I thought people wouldn't spot mine. But they did and now I gotta write part 2. Well, shit. XD;
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I've just finished Drakengard, a game in which nobody is good and the story gets increasingly twisted with each ending that is unlocked (there are five). Some bits were proper insane. For example, this happens towards the 4th ending.

(The background to that video is that Arioch, the elf woman, had her children taken from her by the Empire and thrown into the sea along with all the other elf children. She went mad, made a pact with some spirits in order to gain great power, and gave up her womb in exchange. Since then she always talked about fire and death and destruction and laughs manically and screams about her missing children. At the end of the game when all these babies appeared in the air to destroy the world... well. Her death did buy time for the rest of them to escape but who knows if that was her intention or if she was just proper mad and had no idea what was going on anymore.)

This game has children issues. Possessed children, child soldiers, grotesque giant babies floating in the sky. The story starts off basic enough and then you realise everybody's a bit (or very) twisted, with Seere being the only exception. Even the damsel in distress has skeletons in the closet, and eventually kills herself because of it. There isn't much character development per say, but each character has enough personality and background for it to all hold together.

I didn't play through the last bit because it was just so hard and yes I could, with persistence, win it but I couldn't be bothered, it wasn't the most riveting level to play. So I watched the final ending on youtube instead and I'm glad I didn't spend the time - the ending is pretty short. But it's also really full of WHATTTTT? I think the fact that we've played Nier and therefore know what the creator of Drakengard is like kind of helped, but still. Wow. That was sad and funny and brave of them to end it like that.

Just started the sequel, Drakengard 2. The game controls have drastically improved but the voices of two of the main characters are awfully bland and personality-less, and the story itself so far is pretty generic. But it's supposed to be better than the first game, and at one point there was a glimpse of Caim in his current location looking pretty psychotic, so there is hope yet. It's supposed to have some links to Nier too.

(Drakengard 3 is coming out in 2014 - it wasn't going to get an English release but the publisher changed their mind - and I'm going to need a PS3 to play it. Guess I'll need it to play the FFX/X2 HD remaster anyway.)


Storme wrote Dave/Qubine. Everybody go read Dave/Qubine.

It might shock many to read this but I want to write cheerful fic. [Some of Us], although it has a few moments, is decidedly sad. The SnK one I'm writing is dreary, and the other Dave/Qubine one I have is also full of woe. It seems like I just have the tendency to set things in very dire times (SnK: titans won, humanity lost. TLR: the war goes on, Hermeien has Irina and all the remnants). Why can't I have some cheerful highschool banter or people going shopping, stuff like that?
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So yeah, [Some of Us]. Posting is slowing because I haven't actually written chapter 31 yet (the rest is all done... well the last chapter needs a rewrite but that's ch.60). It can be pulled out as a standalone side story thing though so maybe I'll just skip over it for now...

Our washer dryer went kaput. We've had it for three years (it came new with the flat) but it's a six year old model. Since it's old and cheap, if we try to get it fixed they might just say they don't make the parts anymore, costs more money than it's worth, blah blah, and then have to pay 100 quid call out charge anyway. So we went and ordered a new one that has a long warranty and stuff. Money we didn't want to spend but have to.

Still, we're in a position where we *can* spend this amount of money on short notice even if we didn't want to. It's a good thing to know.
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Posted chapter 21. I'll be at my usual bomb shelter.

Still trying to write the Eruri. It's weird but it feels like I can only move it forward if I wrote it in Chinese - which would've been fine if my Chinese was up to scratch and I wouldn't pause every other word thinking "how does that word look again"?

The small triumph of the day is writing Levi telling Erwin to suck it, not in a sexual way, but as in "yeah deal with it".
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Anti-inflammatories are working! \o/ It's showing me though, now that the pain isn't just ALL OVER EVERYWHERE, that it's my right side this time, instead of the usual left side. Not sure if I should say "well at least now I'm symmetrical" or "well shit, now the other side's gone too."

So, I have this habit of writing at night and then reading through it the next day see if it was actually coherent or not. Today I find myself laughing at my own jokes...

Don't suppose anyone here wants to/can take a look at some SnK Eruri stuff I'm in the middle of writing? >_> You need to be caught up with the manga though, or not mind spoilers.
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My back (and hips, yay transferred pain) hurt really bad. Seen the doctor and got anti-inflammatories*, but they don't seem to be working just yet. This means I've spent a lot of today being immobile, apart from going to the doctor and to the post office, because that needs to be done regardless of the situation. I spent some time writing a bit of SnK, just to see if I can get a feel for the voices. It's... okay so far, nothing to sing about though.

Going to watch Meganebu after Great British Bake Off.

*hot water bottle is helping, so it can't be that inflammed. Maybe I'm just being a wimp.
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We're looking for an office/storage space to move Coscraft into. I have very mixed feelings about this, since we have two shopfronts which makes stock level control a real chore. If I can't just pop into the stock room easily to check, it might cause problems. But I don't think we can just close the eBay store since that still does bring in a third of the sales. Anyway, we need space, so it's either move Coscraft out or move house altogether, and I don't think we can afford the latter.

Been reading a lot of SnK fan stuff from the Asian side. There is a general consensus on the crack side of fandom that:

1) the world of adults is scary (from poor, poor Eren's pov)
2) Hanji's sex is Hanji
3) Hanji will merrily cause shit
4) Levi will fuck your shit up
5) Erwin will occasionally do 3) and 4) as he pleases, and with him having the biggest authority, Levi will just have to suffer
6) Levi Squad ship themselves with Levi
7) But they also ship him with Erwin
8) Hanji knows far more than is appropriate
9) And will traumatise Eren with the info
10) Have I mentioned poor Eren?

The crack fandom is quite wonderful.

The non-crack... I'm not sure if it's the people who buy and scanlate the stuff, or if it's the fandom in general, but it seems to have a fixation on certain aspects of Levi's past. I'm guessing it's just the people who supply the scans having particular fetishes. >_> But apart from that, I like black-Erwin a lot. And I like how Levi's portrayed in general. And I'm very happy whenever Mike gets some attention. This (Chinese, very NSFW) remains the funniest blog post on a fangirl's journey into finding various male pairings in the series. I still have yet to poke at the yuri side of the fandom but, although I do like most of the female characters (this is a rare thing!) I have a suspicion I'm not going to enjoy the actual fandom... though I do like how everyone, from every corner of the fandom, addresses Mikasa with a nickname that basically salutes her as the boss.

There's tidying to do. But I don't want to do it. :(


Sep. 27th, 2013 12:02 am
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Apparently Henry Cavendish (as in the scientist) has a favourite coat that he wore all the time, and every year when it got too worn out he got tailors to make another one...

I didn't know this until just now. I swear.

In other news, I wonder if I cracked my left kneecap. Which sounds way dramatic but I mean probably just a hairline damage that'd heal itself in time. A while ago I was kneeling on the floor (again) doing stuff and suddenly had a sharp pain in a very small point on my knee that was taking most of the pressure. Now it just hurts, but I can't see any damage or bruising.
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I will not crossover the current [Some of Us] universe with SnK.

I will not crossover the current [Some of Us] universe with SnK.

That would just be too easy.

Oh god, I can see Rowen and Erwin and Mike hanging already. Oh god.
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There are fic chapters on my Drive that are called "Utena" and "Utena 2", but they aren't even Utena fics. ^^"

Been slowly putting stuff on AO3. Lots of read & run, no comments, no kudos. Apparently I'm just that shit!

We've had a major restock recently, and because it's only 1 month till October Expo, and Kitacon has just been announced, and people without wigs for Eurogamer are panicking, sales have suddenly shot up. This led to a busy few days and now I'm completely knackered.
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Finally got around to signing up for an AO3 account. Shall start uploading the old TLR stuff there since their TLR section is looking so sad and forlorn.

I was poking at my Google Drive and found a fic I started May last year, kept writing it until August, then I left it and started writing [Some of Us]. This one is called [Leverage] (fic that has a name before I finish writing? OMG?) and I stopped writing it partly because wah, it requires battle strategies and actual reasoning and stuff. But maybe I'll give this another go. The world needs more Qubine, after all.

There is also a SnK Levi fic brewing in my head. I'm wondering if I should get it out before seeing DVD vol.3 (which has Heichou's background stuff as a bonus). The issue of Aria this month will also have a Heichou story in it... there is no way to tell if all this canon will add to or kill off the writing mojo.
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Editing. Realised that at one point, the pov changed in the prose. And I don't know how to fix it. Wah.
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Getting sick of editing, so I'm going to try to put together some sort of background info instead! One day, this fic shall be posted!

Anyone here up to date with the latest chapter of Attack on Titan? Can we do some fhsjkdhfskaljfhsajkdfhsal-ing together? Because OMG? Erwin? Armin? Jean? YOU GUYS. OMG, YOU GUYS. And then that cliffhanger, holyfuckkkkkkkkkkkk.
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If I was to post a long fic which is a crossover of two games you've never played, would you read it?

Would it help if I provided background information to the two games, and character outlines?

How about if I linked you to a 2-hour video on Youtube which is basically all of one of the game's cutscenes put together?

Or is it a case of "unfortunately I've got too much other things to read/do already"?

If I wanted readers I couldn't have chosen worse fandoms to write for, but that'd be like cosplaying just for photographs, ie doing it wrong. But now that it's more-or-less done, I look at it and wish other people can tell me what they think. Hmmm.
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Got to the end of my fic. Wrote the ending, hate it - not the ending itself, but how I wrote it. Gave up, gone back to chapter 1 and began editing. By the time I've gone through 60 chapters maybe I can write actual readable paragraphs for the ending.

Reading through, I realise that the majority of the writing isn't as exceedingly bad as I remembered, just kind of lacklusterish. And the fic lacks excitement, which is hard to correct, unfortunately, because the story is about a bunch of people trying to make the best of their shitty lives. JP is good at picking things up a bit in general, and there are about 3 chapters where there is a proper sense of urgency, but the rest of it is of characters looking at what they've been given, look at what each other has been given, and saying, "right, we're going to make this work, somehow." The whole thing is just character development and interaction. Which is fine, but 60 chapters of it...? Argh what have I done?

I've been playing Tales of Vesperia. 5 years late, I know, but hey. And I hate to say this but I'm not enjoying it very much. Some reasoning behind parts of the story/character decisions are just paper-thin, that's if they actually bothered with reasoning at all. Estelle make me want to kill things, Karol's voice acting has the same effect. The skits are very, very badly drawn, as are the occasional "anime" cutscenes, the art is so bad it makes Weiss Kreuz look artistic. As for the gameplay, I don't enjoy the battle system at all and essentially, most of the time the game plays like this:

1. Cutscene
2.You make your character move from one room to the next
3. (sometimes it tells you if other characters have parted/joined your group at this point)
4. Another cutscene

This happens so often. They might as well just ditch the part where I get to move the character, and just show them do the walking. This game is in essence a visual novel with occasional fighting bits.

I also don't buy the Rita/Estelle interaction very much, but somehow a lot of people are like, "oh how cute, they have girly feelings for each other!!11" Having Rita there doesn't make Estelle more likeable.

If you ask why I'm still playing this, well, Yuri is okay (except when the character reasoning bit fails), and Flynn, although he's inflexible as hell, at least he's consistent. Their interaction is interesting to watch. Plot-wise, there has been one slightly clever bit with Don Whitehorse.

But still, I don't understand why people rave about this game. It's so inconsistent, there's no reasoning behind parts of it so when you just stop to think for a second, you realise it actually makes no sense. Is the bar this low now with RPGs? Are people actually happy with this? As long as you get cute character designs it doesn't matter if the whole thing is stupid? Or do people not actually realise how weak the game is because it's got pretty stuff in it?

Sigh. I'll see if I can keep playing, just for Yuri and Flynn.

In other gaming news, I found out that Drakengard 3/Drag-On Dragoon 3 is being developed by a team which had worked on The Last Story and Nier. Same director/writer as Nier, same artist as The Last Story, and same music composer as Nier. This means this game is a must-play, even though unfortunately it's only getting a PS3 Japan release. No Xbox, no international release. I'll still play it, somehow. But first I suppose I should get the previous 2 games on the PS2. (It seems like Drakengard 2 is quite hard to get hold of cheaply, though.)

I've already looked at the character designs for this, and they look pretty nice. Unfortunately there aren't enough pictures out for me to start planning a cosplay. Can't make anything when you can't see what the back looks like. :(


Aug. 23rd, 2013 01:06 am
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Recovering from a busy few months. Discovered that it'll be bank holiday Monday next week. Hurray! Icon is to illustrate my reaction. Being self-employed often means you don't notice these things. There was once when Storme and I waited for quite a while at the bus stop wondering why there was no bus before realising it was a bank holiday... XD;

I did crazy cosplay things this past week, but posting pictures is so much easier to do on Tumblr than LJ. Go look there!

Fic is almost finished. Literally the last little section to write. I just can't figure out whose point of view it should be written from. ..........perhaps everybody's? Or just the three amigos should each get their ending. Hmmm.
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My immediate plans for day to day life in general appear to be categorised under "before Ayacon" and "after Ayacon", which is terribly strange considering I'm only an attendee and occasional helper.

Before Ayacon:
  • Finish extra costume for Pete

  • Finish Yurick's bum bag, which I would've done already if I hadn't damaged both my hands cutting worbla and punching holes in leather (I've managed to hurt my hands, yes. Specifically, I haven't been able to grip things properly without pain because of the base of my thumbs and the muscles that go up the arm from there are refusing to cooperate. It's been in this semi-RSI state for nearly a week now and after much resting they seem to be returning to normal. Still, punching holes in fabric, using pliers or lifting our big bench sellotape holder by grabbing it from the top? No.)

  • Do some cleaning before we leave because oh my god the state of this place

After Ayacon:

  • Finish cleaning the flat

  • Hermitise and play all the games that have piled up (a quick look at the pile reveals Assassin's Creed series, Mass Effect series, Nier, The Last Story, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia, amongst others)

  • Retake a lot of wig photos for Coscraft, since the old ones really aren't up to scratch. Order more stock.

  • Do VAT return, and maybe even gather up all the accounts information so that the accountant can get things done for us

Lately I feel as though I'm all socialised-out. The need to hermitise is strong. I think for at least 3 weeks, preferably longer, I'd like to just be at home or go out and do things without friends. The sort of meetups where everyone sits around watching TV is fine, but there's been quite a lot of... intensive friendship days and it's time for me to recharge.

At the shop we ran a week of sales, which ended on Saturday. Monday are usually our busiest day in terms of processing the orders and getting them sent, because it includes Friday afternoon and all of Saturday and Sunday's orders. Today, because of the sales, we must have taken our biggest load ever to the post office. I still don't know how we managed it.

Randomly, a wig shipment from Shanghai, China seemed to have travelled to Memphis, Tennessee before arriving at Stansted, Essex, if the tracking information is to be believed.

How odd

Aug. 10th, 2013 09:17 pm
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Today's oddness: sitting in a room watching Phoenix Wright live action movie (fansub) with a guy who voiced a video game character Storme and I used to relentlessly mock.

O_o" XD;

(Nothing wrong with the voice actor - he seems nice - or his voice acting - he does a good job - but whoever wrote the script/story... seriously...)
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We watched Swan Lake Reloaded today. While the dancing was great (and the opening was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time), one or two of the things just didn't join up well and the ending made me go "really, that's what you're going for?" Still, I can watch Rothbart dance all day.

Off to do some writing and wig spiking.
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It occurred to me that I keep making new icons but not posting and therefore unable to use aforementioned new icons.

The latest news is that we've booked a trip to Japan at the end of the year. Not sure what we'll be doing there yet, but ideas will come.

I've been doing a bit of exercise lately, mostly weights and floor work, and have been considering joining the gym in town... but have just changed my mind and will try to use the kinect to get some cardio instead, since we already have that at home!

My never-ending story is still never-ending... actually the end is in sight, sort of. But I think I said that 10 chapters ago as well...

Has it ever occurred to anyone that calling the picture on the desktop "wallpaper" doesn't make sense? Shouldn't it be "desk cover" or "table covering" or "table cloth"?


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