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A couple of friends dropped by today to help us move furniture, then we went out for late lunch/early dinner. Just before that, we did a quick stop at Sainsbury's where the girl at the checkout spotted [ profile] storme's Perfect Crime Party t-shirt, and we all enthused about Bakuman for a while. Then somehow we mentioned SnK and I said "oh yeah, we watched last night's episode just before coming here!" and the cashier girl was all "OMG don't tell me don't tell me I'm waiting to see it!" which is the exactly sort of thing SnK does to people.

About the furniture movement, the giant laser + table has now been moved into the office/stock room, and replaced by a little bookcase. The living room feels bigger, whee! Cleaning will be required since moving furniture always lead to dust bunnies being uncovered, but the situation isn't too bad.

Oh yeah, Kanesaki Kentaro is in a Phoenix Wright stage play, playing... Phoenix. My head is failing to process this.
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[ profile] dori_san saved me again. \o/ My fic probably won't end up with most of the things she suggested, but it was good to have someone to bounce ideas off with and she did say some things that were already on my mind but weren't sure if they were a good idea or not, so it's a confirmation, of sorts, that my ideas weren't so terrible after all. (OR WE CAN BE TERRIBLE TOGETHA. ♥) Uh, fic still not so ace, but what the hey. XD

*is killed by fic comments OMG ♥*

I'm not sure what I need to be doing today. Lots of things, and yet nothing at all. All mythical and stuff. I fly (again) on Thursday. Maybe I should just start allocating and delegating work to my mythical team...

...oh okay, apparently I'm working on bids again.

Kanesaki needs to lay off that crack - don't shoot me it's all Leah's fault!
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I should not be lusting after a PS3 (Devil May Cry 4 comes out in a week!) when I still have (cheap, pirated) games on the Wii that I have not yet even started.


Tried to find a good mobile phone + PS3 deal, but nothing so far...

[edit] Apparently Kane-chan used his face wash to brush his teeth this morning by mistake. His face wash tasted bitter. XDDDDDDDDDDDD <3
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I suppose nobody saw the "blog entry" that was deleted? It was gone even before Ameblo sent the blog update email, so I only just found out about it now that Kane-chan has deleted it and said "OMG SORRY THAT WASN'T MEANT TO BE UP THERE I ACCIDENTALLY UPLOADED AN EMAIL FROM MY BOSS ONTO THE BLOG!!111" Le sigh, I'd have loved to read that. Love letter from Kojiro...

Kane-chan, please continue to be dorktastic. ♥


Nov. 28th, 2007 10:07 am
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Mostly for [ profile] akina_love:

Today I has a 20% discount voucher for TOMORROW ONLY at all participating shops, bars, restaurants etc at the Carnaby area, London. There are over 100 participating stores, the list is here.

I also has 20% off at Selfridges 30 Nov - 2 Dec, and 10% off beauty & fragrance products!

And here is 20% off Warehouse 24 Nov - 3 Dec.

In other news:

  1. I feel all warm today. Walked around without wearing my coat when everyone else is in scarves and gloves. This is very unusual considering I'm the one who's always cold. Could it be because of the announcement of Kane-chan's Men's DVD making me all hot? Ah, I flail just imagining the possible scenes on the DVD. For the "silly" part, I hope he just stuff his face with a lot of rice balls, and not do anything as radical as what Masa did. =0=

  2. Yukimura is jealous, but he is trying to not angst. Life changes and he moves on, dammit!

  3. I want to go back to bed.
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Nov. 15th, 2007 03:34 pm
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[ profile] reposoir!!! Have you visited Kojiro's blog recently? THOSE PICTURES!!!!
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Baba~nzu Style (other cut version). I didn't actually think there could be any more ways for Studio Warp to annoy me, but it has found one.

But on happier news, I come bearing photo. Kane-chan )

Yet more other news: production of D1 fic may have to be put on halt for now, for my brother-in-law has got me the autobiography of Taoka Kazuo - the 3rd kumichou of Yamaguchi-gumi. Taoka was the kumichou who made Yamaguchi-gumi grow from only 100 or so members to its size today - the largest crime syndicate in the world with some 36000 members. So, yes, gonna be reading that, although the brother only managed to find the first and third volume. I'll try to hunt down vol.2.

AND? He also got me all 2 volumes of "Kabukicho-Annainin" ("A Guide of Kabukicho", though the book's official English name is "A Guide of the Sleepless Town") by Lee XiaoMu. This book has a lot of inside scoop (?) on the operation of a redlight district, which is Very Useful. *glee!* It's all very fascinating stuff. He said he'll be borrowing the two yakuza books I already have. XD

Ah, the books I got from him are all in Chinese. I don't know if they're available in English, sorry. :D;
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  1. Heard nothing about the Yagami DVD yet, although shop lady promised a refund if I don't want to wait for the post office. I think I'll stick it out for a while and hope it turns up. There's still time before I go back to HK anyway. In better news, my Kane photobook is now with a different seller in HK and she's mailing it to home, so it'll be there waiting for me when I get back. \(:D)/

  2. Totally ignoring the order of the writing list and worked more on the RE sequel. Been doing that since yesterday. Today, about 2 stops before getting to work, pieces suddenly fell into place and I suddenly have a very, very good feeling about this story. After about two weeks of complete stagnation, this feel good.

  3. Read Svengali [R, Sakaki/AtoZuka] by [ profile] pixxers, last night. It was brilliant, and that's coming from a die-hard ZukaFuji fan.

  4. Ah, [ profile] pixxers, I read in the free paper today that the kid who cried over Britney on YouTube has been invited to have his own reality TV show. TV is just all sorts of amazing and wonderful. Or something. I hope you Americans don't have to pay TV licence for that sort of stuff, because if BBC tries to put that on their screens I'd... I don't know what I'd do.

  5. But, I woke up too late and didn't have time to eat breakfast. D: Hungry. And I found very bad mistakes in the CAD drawings, woe.

  6. Don't like the way this boss creeps up behind me.
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Kanesaki's going to be on Ameba Studio live TV 18th September 5-6pm.

I'm going to be at work.

Is anyone nice enough to find a way to record it for me? T_____T PLEASE?
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What is Kane-chan's top saying? )



Sep. 4th, 2007 08:26 pm
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He is SO. PWNED.



Jun. 8th, 2007 11:53 pm
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Kane-chan is releasing DVD + Photobook.

Kane-chan is releasing DVD + Photobook.

Kane-chan is releasing DVD + Photobook.


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