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Natsuoto. Beautiful MV, great song.

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Just spotted the DVD of Hamlet (animated Shakespeare). I wonder if it's the DVD version of this. Because I watched the latter many years ago and always wanted a DVD copy of it...
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Glay - Blue Jean

Another Japan-related experience. I went to the Glay Expo 2004 at Universal Studios Japan, Oosaka with a friend. The day before the live we went to the expo bit, with absolutely no idea what we were going to find. It was basically Glay EVERYTHING from the moment we stepped out of the USJ train station. Merchandise, music, cosplayers everywhere. It was amazing.

After a long day we decided to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe there and after a while all these other people started filling up the restaurant, with people wanting to get in but couldn't - it turned out there was a live radio broadcast from Hard Rock, and naturally it was Glay songs only. We were a whole restaurant full of Glay fans. We voted on what songs should be played, there were games, and people just forgot about their dinner and got up and danced. Remember, this was Japan! This sort of thing should never happen! It was the strangest and most fannish and wonderful experience.

One of the hosts did the funniest Teru impression during the intro to "Stay Tuned". He was really good at it too. The other host said "Teru'd get angry if he finds out" and we all lol'd.

As for the song, Blue Jean was released when the expo started, and so it was played everywhere at USJ. It's not even a great song but I'm very fond of it.

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Keeping in mind that the questions "a song that reminds you of..." are coming up and so I should save some songs for those, this is a pretty hard question.

One would be Glay's Shutter Speeds no Tee-ma, and in particular, the Live in Big Egg version from 1999. Shutter Speeds is Jiro's song. Jiro is the bassist of Glay and my favourite man in the world. Live in Big Egg 99 was the first time I watched a (recorded) live of Glay's and I will never forget how Jiro waddled after Teru in his ridiculous outfit, and how he liked to kick his left foot to the music - which he still does. XD

Of course, Hisashi playing Pachelbel's Canon on guitar was pretty awesome too.

And just to make sure this is just an excuse to post Glay songs, Soul Love does have a really cute video that makes me smile. And there's the Jiro's Angle version as well.

Anddd I was just about to mention another song but I'll save that for Day 7.

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Hard to pick, of course. I think Glay's Zutto futari de... from their 1995 album Speed Pop is probably an all-time favourite. If I remember correctly, this song was written for Teru's sister's wedding. It's cheesy as hell, but also very heartfelt. Zutto futari de... lyrics )

Another favourite might be Glay's White Road. White Road lyrics )

Listening to these songs too much can make me cry. Especially White Road. It's because of this song that this fic exists.

(Ended up using dailymotion rather than youtube because Glay's official PVs get removed from youtube quite efficiently.)

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sewing the tailcoat )

Ended [In Plain Sight] ch.7, and now know how to write the epilogue! Started it on the train this morning, in fact. Thank you, Torgal. <3

I am so jealous of the American Glay fans. The reports of the San Francisco shows make me go *_*. COME TO EUROPE, GODDAMMIT.
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I spam because I've already done the work for today yesterday and I refuse to do the work for tomorrow.

1. Every time I hear Teru sing "you're Venus" I hear "your penis" instead.

2. "Let It Be" is Glay's latest single. I don't like it nearly as much as I normally do their ballads. :(

3. If David isn't a natural blond, then what is his natural colour? DISCUSS.

4. Come play with me, TLR people!

5. M&S has decided to put a little plastic tray to cradle their mini pork pies inside the packaging. They didn't have that before. WTH, M&S? I already fucking hate all the additional packaging that comes with buying stuff, but this tops the normal excess packaging because you try so hard to tell people you're green. You fail.


Apr. 9th, 2009 01:07 pm
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After showing the latest Cheese Fondue chapters to Liz...

Pez: now, the question.
Who tops, Dave or Rush?

Liz: Rush: *flips a coin*

Pez: Dave: Heads.
Rush: ....You said head. XDDDD

Liz: XD;;;;

Pez: Rush: is the winner topping or bottoming?

Liz: well I'm sure dave does want head.

Pez: Oh, I'm sure.
But who says Rush doesn't?



Liz: YES.


[edit] Glay's "Say Your Dream" music video makes me go WTF. Really hard.

Day Seven

Jan. 5th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Today's happy things:

1. THIS. He's my favourite man in the world. I cannot explain why, he just is, and has been for many years. The mook is packed full of interviews, pictures and info. I'll sit up all night just (trying) to read the interviews. (Ordered on the night of 31 Dec, arrived today. How quick was that, especially at this time of year?!)

2. I learned how to put a new fuse in a traditional fuse box.

Lights! Two bulbs blown. >> I think one of the bulb fittings is faulty since this is the third bulb that died on it now. Must be the cause of the problem.

I didn't realise how bad the weather was until watching the news just now. Guess it just reached that point where I just know it's bloody freezing but not exactly how freezing.

So it looks like the pilot of Being Human went down well! Apparently the series is coming soon on BBC Three. I really like the idea of it, though I didn't like how stereotypical their vampire was in the pilot episode. Hope he'll be different in the series.

Day Two

Dec. 31st, 2008 10:04 pm
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Meringues. M&S's meringues, to be exact. They make me happy. I ate six already.

The Wisdom's Echo quest in TLR drove me nuts.

Glay's got a new section up on their website for their 15th anniversary. Not much to see yet, but hopefully there'll be more soon. *_*

I need this. My soul depends on it. Now, to order from HMV or from Amazon...?

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The VERB and Aka to Kuro no Matadora/I Love You wo Sagashiteru discs are ready to be shipped, but YesAsia are looking for the Trinity Blood novels right now, so no new GLAY-ness for me yet. :(

Went to read the US Live report on J-Ent. And of course the other reports on [ profile] glay. So, so want to see GLAY live again. It's weird how just reading the reports bring that feeling back, and heck, I've "only" ever been to two of their lives, but that feeling of being moved really stuck with me. (Heck, I cried the moment they started playing, although I was miles away from the stage. How embarrassing.)

And quite randomly, I really can believe "American Innovation" was a song that's far better live than on the album. It really didn't sound much on the CD.

Oops gotta go.
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VERB was okay, but I LOVE YOU wo sagashiteru totally has me. I need to buy this single. (Full length radio rip here.) This song is so, so GLAY. Listen to the tune and you just know Takuro wrote it. XD

Is anyone else on [ profile] tenipuri_myu sick of [ profile] shougoryoma and her questions? She only posts questions and requests. The only time she posted something else was when she reposted the scans someone else already shared and explicitly said "don't link back to me" and she went and did it.

Yagyuu/Yukimura. Mmmmmm~~~~ (Niou approves. >:].)
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Takuro. Yes. You're the tall one.

Teru's blog post is so... awww. I like how he isn't afraid of offending the fans and cares about the true meaning of a "tour".

It looks like they are making a second attempt in having an English site. The previous one was quite a few years ago and got closed down after a while. I hope this time it'll stay. Chances are better now that they've had a US Tour and even a MySpace page. Still no way to join the fan club though. If I ever join a fan club it'd be Glay's. One day...

Need to buy their recent releases. After moving house.

Oh a half-Japanese coworker who grew up here said that because his mum's from Oosaka and she's the only one who ever speaks Japanese at home, he can't understand any Japanese that's not spoken in the Kansai accent. XDDDDDDDDDDDD
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You'd think, after Dir en Grey had to provide a second date for their concert here in London due to popular demand last year, that they'd realise people here do like having Japanese bands coming over... but of course Laruku went to Paris, and Glay is going to San Francisco. Watch me weep.
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We just watched Shaolin Soccer on DVD. XD

How crap is it that there is no way to just play the extended version? It's when you see a mark on the screen during the film, you have to press enter on the remote to get the extended scene! We therefore missed the dance scene. D: I have to try and find it.

And I have Glay. Watching LiB Arena Tour now. I am happy fangirl.

(Hisashi has the most awesome hat ever.)

(I also like his skirt!)

(But his guitar is the best bit of him. XD)
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[edit] If you've received an email from me last week, replied and are awaiting further correspondence, please rest assured that it's going ahead and I'll get round to doing some work on it soon. In the meanwhile, do think about any friends you might want to invite. I trust your tastes. ♥

I keep writing myself into a corner. [Lullaby], [Worth] and [Skin Deep] are all stuck. I'm just soooo good at planning ahead... but with the first one, at least I've moved on a bit. Going back to Sanada's dreamscape was a good thing to do.

That said, the weekend had been constructive. I drew three pieces of fanart, none of which I can show yet, for various reasons. Which might be just as well since I usually find things to work on a bit more a week or so later, tarundoru.

Did I mention my payrise? I got a good one.

The Glay Re-birth: Rock'n Roll Swindle at Nippon Bakudan, and their 2007 Arena Tour DVDs are on their way to me. \o/ No way I'm going to download Glay concerts, it has to be the DVD! Also in the package are Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. I shall educate Liz on the wonders of Steven Chow. q(^_^q) (p^_^)p \(^0^)/

Ah, we followed [ profile] lpatobe's advice and made more custard tarts. It was very good advice.

Mystery box

Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:17 pm
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Glay - Sorry Love (mp3)

Weekend weekend weekend.

From [ profile] tokyostory: Roger has become Arthur. (article here) OH HAI, ARTHUR! ♥

I wrote a 700-words snapshot in yakuza-verse last night. It's sappy and wibbly and cute. Go me. Maybe I'll post it some day. Cute yakuza for the win.

A HUGE box arrived for me at work today. I suspect it's my Abel 1:8 figure. Maybe they wrapped it huge because of all the padding. Will open at lunch time.

Someone just said on a comm "don't write the arigatou in kanji, hardly anyone can recognize it" - er, not true. So not true. It's written with kanji on plenty of signs in Japan and the average Japanese student would learn what it looks like with kanji or just figure it out.

Not that I agree with writing in Japanese in a primarily English community, in the first place. Even if translation is provided. What's the point?

Sorry Love

Oct. 30th, 2007 01:43 pm
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I only have it as a PV avi file atm, will go home and rip the audio track out from it and force it on every single one of you guys.
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Wrote more for [ profile] their_white_day. The story is so fluffy!

Love Hisashi's outfit so much! *wants that hat*

About the Higa outfit, I contacted an eBay seller who makes costumes. I've bought from them before, see, and they can make it with jersey materials and such. Let's see what they'd say first. Chances are it'll be freakishly expensive and I'll cling to Nori instead. XD

Bought stuff online again last night x_x There are lots of things I still want to sell, though, so hopefully it'll all balance out...

I was listening to Kimeru's "You Got Game" on the train today, and remembered that video in the karaoke... I was probably stared at for my discreet laughing.

Random poll time! There hasn't been a poll for over 2 weeks and that is unacceptable!

[Poll #926288]

Finally, a little known fact of Kuchiki Byakuya: he hums "Valentine Kiss" in the shower.
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There is nothing better than spending the lunch hour watching Glay music videos *happy sigh*


Yuuwaku - the video was from god knows when, many many years ago, and I don't like it. Every time I see it I go WTF. But "Yuuwaku" is a song every person being introduced to Glay should listen to 8D

Natsuoto - their latest single. This video is pure animation, a bit like a fairy tale story. It's beautiful.

Special Thanks - I love this song. The video... I really like the colours and the pace of it, and how scenaries are put into it as well, especially towards the end. But some might find it boring?

Aitai Kimochi - although I love this song, the video really isn't much at all :/

Soul Love - them just mucking around on the set XDDDD It's adorable. There are also a special version for each member, you'll find it if you search for "glay soul love".

Koi - hardly any actual Glay in there, but the song is great and the colours of this video... seems like I die for colours and cinematography?

Be With You - a song that I think every Glay fan loves, and people who don't know Glay always like when they hear it. I think the video was shot in NYC.

Itsuka - another silly video. There are special versions for each member if you search for it.

Tenishi no Wakemae - the beginning... is a piss-take of T2???? XD?

Survival - once again, pure animation. No Glay in it XD

Blue Jean - silly video again! I like silly videos.

The Frustrated - a more... "traditional" rock video (?)



Aug. 7th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Alive. In Japan.At a net cafe above Shibuya Mandarake atm XD; (there has been daylight robbery at Animate and other related shops, but what's new...)

Anyway. HAVING A GREAT TIME. On the first day, Kat and hubby!Kat took me to a matsuri! The fireworks went on for over an hour and we had shaved ice :D :D :D The crowds were scary though, there were literally thousands of people and I still wonder why I hadn't died. XD And then we went to karaoke and sang loads of silly songs. They even had Tenimyu songs there!

Yesterday I went to Glay & Himuro Kyosuke concert. I went there early to get the concert goods (glad I did, they ran out soon after, but I still couldn't get the pretty wristband D:) sat in the shade for a while... it was SO HOT, but it was breezy so as long as I stayed in the shade I did't feel like I was gonna die XD the concert was AMAZING. It was... I don't know. I was just so happy and overwhelmed and sajkhsfjkahsjkfsal that I started crying at the second song (which was YUUWAKU, btw) ^^""" I was just HYSTERICAL. Glay played the first half and then Himuro came on and I did not know what OWN means until I saw him. He OWNNNNNNNNED the whole stadium by his sheer existence. The crowd was about 60% women, 40% men and the guys went WILD the moment Himuro came on. The girls too, of course. He was like, GOD.

But. Glay. GLAY. I had such a great time ^^v

Yesterday, before I went to the concert, I was at Shibuya and this random young guy with bleached hair ran up to me and started speaking rapidly in Japanese XD then I told him I'm actually from HK (most people can't tell I'm foreign) and then he kept saying I was kakkoii (mostly pointing at my hair the whole time) and then he shook hands with me and went away O.o

So, yeah, that's what's going on so far. Oh oh and Kat's new kitten! Train! He (she?) is SO. CUTE. So tiny, eats like a beast but still very very thin. But he eats so much, I can't imagine what he must've looked like when they first found him D:

Tomorrow is the myu!! 8D I really can't wait. But for today, I'm gonna hang around Shibuya mostly I think. I was gonna go to the OOO shop but forgot to bring my map 8D; so am gonna check on the net now how to get there. And I SWEAR I did't mean to come to Mandarake, I DID NOT FIND IT, IT FOUND ME. Last time I came to Japan with [ profile] vicky_guu_sama we spent like an hour finding the shop, but this time it just found me. Seriously.

Hope everyone's doing well. Might come online again tonight since I gotta wait for Kat to finish work before I can get home, so, yeah. Will try to check flist then <3


edit: oh and, Nermia Daikon Brothers = funniest thing on Earth!

oh and Hana!!! Those head nodding thingys, what colour(s) would you like? I've seen the four "normal" ones so far, yellow for money luck, red for love luck, blue for work and green for health (I think), but haven't seen any special editions yet.


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