Feb. 3rd, 2014 11:44 pm
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Storme found translations for Grimoire Nier (info book accompanying the game Nier) and holyfuck is it an eye-opener. Drakengard (1, not 2) and Nier are both spectacular games, and the world creation is just... I have no words. There is a lot of stuff that hasn't made it into the games, but it's not in a JK Rowling "oh btw Dumbledore's gay" way, there are good reasons why they didn't include those things in the game and they put them into short stories and fit them into other formats. The games is just one part (the main part, yes, but just one part) of the whole thing.

It's just... the world view, how politics affected it all, people's fears, the things they do and sacrifice for what they loved, the fact that there are multiple endings but all of them are ultimately doom. I wouldn't even call it "dark", I think "despair" would be the word to describe it all. The story is so unapologetic and fearless and relentless and I have so much admiration for the creators. I liked what they did on the subject of sexualities too, but even without that, it's just a great piece of work. know, maybe I just like really doom-y things. >_>"

I think I need to restart Drakengard 2 and have it on easy mode and just quickly run through it. Or find a let's play. It'd been dull (the story was too slow) and I hadn't finished it, but it's still a Cavia game so I should give it another go.
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